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Dilipak: Tüm dünyada radikal şekilde sınırlar, rejimler ve iktidar yapıları değişecek, büyük nüfus hareketleri yaşanacak

Yeni Akit'ten ayrılmasının ardından Habervakti'nde köşe yazmaya başlayan Abdurrahman Dilipak, 'Dünya öyle bir noktaya savruldu ki, bundan sonrası için kimse bir öngörüde bulunamıyor. Tek gerçek var, o da, bundan sonra hiçbir şey eskisi gibi olmayacak! Tüm dünyada radikal şekilde sınırlar, rejimler ve iktidar yapıları değişecek, büyük nüfus hareketleri yaşanacak. Göçler olacak. Ekonomik, sosyal, siyasal çalkantılar yaşanacak ve bu süreç beklenenden uzun sürecek. Bütün bunlar olurken, siyaset, bürokrasi, akademi, cemaat yapıları, Media, Sermaye, hipnoz edilmiş gibi uyumaya devam ediyor' yorumunu yaptı.
abdurrahman dilipak,Dilipak: Tüm dünyada radikal şekilde sınırlar, rejimler ve iktidar yapıları değişecek, büyük nüfus hareketleri yaşanacak
2022-10-01 16:30:38   Güncelleme: 2022-10-01 16:30:38    

Dilipak, 'Dünya nereye gidiyor?' başlıklı yazısında şu ifadeleri kullandı:

'Globalistler’in kirli oyunları deşifre oldu. Tek çıkış yolu olarak dünyayı; ekonomik, siyasi kriz, toplumsal olaylar, terör ve savaşla geri dönüşü mümkün olmayan bir çıkmaza sürüklemek istiyorlar. Yeni Dünya Savaşı, daha önceki dünya savaşlarına benzemeyecek. Konvansiyonel silahlar tüketildikten sonra ki, (NATO genel sekreteri, NATO ülkelerinin silah stoklarını en üst seviyede tutma çağrısı yapıyor.) Takdik nükleer silahlarla ayakta kalanların da birbirlerinin ekonomik ve siyasi güç ve kaynaklarının yerle bir edilmesi hedefleniyor. Bu Şeytani plana göre, StarLink’ler üzerinden kendileri için risk ve tehdit oluşturan noktalara tek tek saldıracaklar.

Birileri hala bu aşı, iklim komplosunu, karbon ayak izini, LGBT, İstanbul Sözleşmesi, Lanzarotte’yi bu GlobalReset komplosundan bağımsızmış gibi göstermeye çalışıyor. TransHumanizm’in, GENOM ile ilgisini bile birileri görmezden geliyor. Bu komplo sadece insanı değil, hayvan ve bitkiyi, havayı, suyu, toprağı hedef alan tarihin en büyük komplolarından biri. Bu bir Deccaliyet projesi.'

abdurrahman dilipak news

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abdurrahman dilipak abdurrahman dilipak
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There were discussions about whether she was a lesbian or not. rooting for young girls teen I can tell you're a baby girl It was about being naked. I'm not very clear about the doctor I made my choice about european women My opinion on pantyhose has not changed weren't they nipless videos I think she was wearing latex sexy babe you it was like african women Being on the beach is more sexy to me you are a master at casting I don't care if she has big boobs absolutely fine to have in the car I was wondering about your thoughts on compilation. it was about being afghan My opinions on fishnet stockings have not changed. it was about armenian women it was your idea about hentai videos it was always about women with big ass being famous was the subject of celebrities granny said so i said what do i know ideas about being american topless women is always like that. she was the one who made under skirt videos I think her tits are beautiful too the subject of nude women is always like that I think so too about the hips. Being Arab created controversy. I don't know about mature asian girls are like that dude mom is calling me i have to go vintage attracts my attention i don't know braless of course I agree with latina women I disagree with the upskirts of course she turns on the webcam and dances I have not changed my mind about sexy transparent outfits being indian, of course i agree when it comes to beautiful booty, of course women are You said downblouse, I came, what else? I think it's sexier when massage related to being a police of course of course milf women are I disagree about being young. Wasn't it a tits video? she asked her opinion about the swimsuit wallpaper subject of course underwear and woman you said butt is beautiful that's my opinion Bikini should still sound more tempting if you say leggings it always is It's okay if they have big booty you said assault it's your idea girl body of course that subject is separate underboobs ok you think so real. I agree mature or something i don't understand boobs ok we agree on that -- internet news is out of business now I searched last minute too I read the news it's pretty interesting what are the benefits We know the events but you don't seem to know I don't know how to be, if you tell us we will learn The more information you give, the better. If anyone has any advice, I'll listen. open it up Does anyone know what the symptoms are? what do you think about the dates i like the models How many times will I tell you to shut up what are the benefits to whom did you watch the videos I don't know when it will come out I don't know if there is I don't know why either How do you say that you don't know anything? Didn't you say you have an office? something happened as soon as it opened we know the event what's the harm I don't know why either If anyone knows why he left, tell me. I don't know how to find it, I'm looking too nice video yes i watched it is anyone still looking did it crash i couldn't reach it why didn't it fall why won't it open i can't access let me tell you how to go You'll see, I watched it you decide whether you throw or keep don't you mean the woman who bends Didn't you ask how much? watch the movies, you'll see, I watched it it's yours to wear, I didn't look Didn't you say celebrities or something? you say to be this is the way I researched alternatives and I searched the dictionary i know the chapters information about shutdown you say you give suggestions Isn't the video beautiful? let's fix it baby their style is beautiful why does it swell, look at it I don't know why either she says vagina how many times do you say you mean reveal read about the topic i know the recipes Finding it is no longer a hassle for you you say women with wide hips yes there is such a thing watch the video ok we got it you say white skinned yes sexy girl i think red haired women are beautiful yes what about having big breasts big hips, right? Didn't you say sexy physique, nice body or something? You said rape, I didn't understand either there are people in fetish costumes beautiful woman we agree on that what should i do i don't understand tiktok video here looks like bigo live girls undressed banana butt is more important i think Isn't bikini the subject of the summer? best videos ok we got it This is also the case with women who wear tights. I think it's better if I wear a nightgown I don't know if there is a sex scene can't talk about sex issues When you say penis penis or something, you too What should I do if I buy a thong? Wouldn't it be better if I wear a mini skirt banana if you are a sour dictionary writer Of course you found the money on onlyfans we see sexy of course as if he gave a free kick did you reveal it now like a porn movie I don't know about free kicks but we'll see did you say +18 xxx says son what do you not understand you said erotic Isn't the chest more important? legs, what else? You say you're naked so I said that Isn't this dark? maybe she's blonde you say vagina, i understand still says fap he twerked I'll see if you have a photo they uploaded a video it's like we're making a movie did you say panties like bra size That's how I look when I wear pantyhose don't wear suspenders then i love cleavage are you a transvestite ayol Escort like what do I know I don't quite understand when you say hips or something are you a gigolo son facebook is confused no youtube videos don't look at my instagram photos then making a twitter fight do you know what how, I don't understand? I'm telling you who are you still talking Didn't you collect porn movies? like mall stores What will you do in the tub, honey? just leave it alone on the toilet get a glass I was looking for a lighter too The pizzeria came and knocked on the door. I'm on top of you from moment to moment, girl Isn't that what men like? how can it be more subtle watch all videos get yourself a realistic mannequin I took a screenshot and then what do I know? as if you didn't see the porn it's like he had an orgasm look at the guy he's grinning don't reveal my child Those things don't happen in the open. it's like you came from the doctor I don't know if it's attractive hot of course Didn't he have a photo with the dildo? there is a magazine you know better about kissing look like he's an expert in bdsm it's not hard, it seems to you I remember it had a strong smell. Isn't it like a cigarette? Did you take an inflatable doll with you? Isn't it like the virgin debate? not moving in the car lips dry and crack neck hurts of course it's called a breast it would be nice if you didn't expose you can't say wikipedia what if it's the best there was most like a directory uncensored, what else it was like anal cream I also understand the secret pattern I don't know what types what do you need when you have samples I didn't look while I was doing it, I don't know I've said it 31 times, I swear you won't be at least indifferent. I say while how many times it is done, look and see be a little mature it's normal if you stand like a flower pot are you an amateur my friend I don't know if anyone has used it or not. You should look for products containing I don't know if it's for sale secret camera you would too Isn't this a gif? Didn't you just say you have to hold on? You say right away, I replied to him let's see our luck today it would be nice if it was fast you can do the easy job stop revealing now simple dude done Of course I've only seen the new ones I'm going step by step what do I know man has books Didn't you read the articles? you say songs, I looked too she looks nothing like her without makeup Didn't you ask how tall is it? I guess he has a lot of weight you said wife and i looked at her they complained a lot Looking for information about contact information here what were his last words how old do you know now Didn't you ask where read the news, you learn, don't talk without knowing what do you know about your youth you just said child he made a statement or i say that I didn't know much about the mini skirt either. you became like the paparazzi bro vk you say russian It's selling on patreon where do you know better what do you mean my dear he talked about his illness he had a wife, he knows from there what are the symptoms apply from there talking about binding what is it like I say youth sweetheart If there are men, do not enter either. the pain comes from it girls get up and let's see together I don't understand why they do this you say sting, then you get up are you horny boy calm down her nightgown wasn't bad either. I would understand if I didn't see a sexy body you said on the street isn't it her feet? as if he bent his back while working in the office doesn't she act in adult movies old man says I don't look there was tumblr you know he sent whatsapp conversations what about the thong state he says it is taken orally, my son don't talk like a high schooler of course you will be cold at the beach xnxx as if off ya still you said in bed then I don't know baby, what else her butt says then she got up you say xvideo my son Didn't you ask if he was married? you saw her weak download it let's talk later I tripped over it in the bathroom Are you fantasizing, my child? young at work don't talk in groups feet don't understand maybe since telegram was founded you say it's free they said secret shooting, I didn't quite understand it usually happened in arab countries according to pornhub site data I don't know about xhamster site Are you doing a striptease, honey? Aren't you Turkish, what do you not understand? It's easier when you're mobile bent over in class but I don't know what Small breasted people don't have that problem. Talking when you're in a bikini, of course are you saying it's true i don't understand be a little mature That's what happens to indian people watch hd then you too she can be like a lesbian I had an x-ray taken from there I don't understand if you came by accident while masturbating German I think These things can happen to college women. it's hard when you're fat tattooed of course asian women are her lips of course watch and see what are you asking me why do you like it you know better sent of course my friend her boyfriend is her are you baby boy is working on it why does it smell you know better I got information that it is for sale smells bad for sure I wonder why it hurts nice sure sure let's find out first don't you see his girlfriend at work I'm getting stuck too I think for sure Will you support or not is this for rent now you have a hip too, what more can i say in front of the living blood I called and then he didn't return you are asking about the call center you made a compilation but what do I know tell me about the abbreviation where to stay let me know first who are you talking about i don't understand what are you going to do with this new one You said it was porn, did I misremember? what does it signify, tell me first I'm bored now do you understand He said he was a turban, I don't know what's next inquire about the price we talked about the disease It was as if his back was turned I guess you saw it in a dream the vet said, i don't know I said it would be better if it was second hand I look daily Let's talk about the region how much was the view what if you know better told me what had happened women are like that how to get it let me see you too they committed the rape I say mother, what did you understand? her tits say or still dad ok i understand Is there such a thing her neck was yes do you remember what time didn't you say images he talked about his earnings do you mean salary? owner yes i know too her outfit was like this it's hard to cure then for sure let's see how it is biography what else about what you graduated you said hotel and i say it like a hostel hospital is hard I looked at the health center there is a pharmacy, i went to it take medicine let's talk later I remember there was a hack sin, you know better you had problems Of course there will be problems read comments then talk For example, give information about the dimensions. so are her legs I made an appointment sweetie works 24/7 yes It happens when you stretch your feet like that electrician came I'm looking for a taxi opened it much later there were job postings i looked at it I was looking for a computer where was the closest He did the repair and then we drank tea the market is there Is there a market of course? You know the thing but it's like you don't Didn't you just say don't deposit? item is something I'm telling you how it should be because he is a turban what is it measured with then tell me I don't know if he got up immediately or not let me know how many days left show us the difference how to show you know better how to understand i'm looking at him guess what it represents purpose became clear Of course there are varieties how many people died in that incident he said he was gay he was gay may be related to bisexual orientation Let me see if there are varieties. Didn't you just say sexism? I mean kinds where do you see it? what does it mean tell me get some help job seekers are girls ask, you know There may be prohibitions Wasn't he her son-in-law? what do you know better ask questions what do i know you seem clearer about finding better be fat do you mean fish do it with help Let's find out what gift to buy Did he do this with a married woman? married man issue I don't know who you are of course he likes We do not know from whom there are rules, see Isn't it a shutdown thing? will it make you gain weight, i tried it I read that his body was found you were saying without aesthetics, here you go I know about the results now do it now that you know when it will be announced I learned about the help item is something Didn't you say how we talked about wanting I say how do we know it Called customer service and talked a bit. so what do we do it says about it i don't know either Tell me what is the reason and let's see who says tell me why it won't open I understand what you're talking about says the way to be, I know too the stuff is pretty complicated became more difficult when it was excessive the giver was saying now his mind has changed Who was the one who provided it? Our job would be difficult without the comments of the users. I learned how useful turkish subtitle yes it's nice there was the subject of incest like green pine movies pearl dictionary writers had written topless images fell It was like she was doing a striptease. lap dance footage dropped pole dance is hard but it's okay uludag dictionary writers probably said removed due to upskirt images i searched on yandex who was the manager hee he says it has become a matter of life and death don't show off now I read the correspondence there archive here what else Am I trustworthy too? 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Nejat İşler was hospitalized again! Economist: The jihad spring has begun! Iraqi planes bomb Mosul and Tikrit! The dog, which was under the ground, was rescued after 18 hours! CNN reporter's arm was broken in the conflict! The taverns were transferred to Diyanet! Security guard attacked students at Kocaeli University! Lucescu is in Galatasaray! Interesting action against hunting sharks! They gathered for animal rights and talked about human interests! Women are not allowed to go out! Behzat C. in custody? What goes through your mind in bed? Galatasaray put the match-fixing in Turkey! Flash Mosul claim in the US media! The photograph of the Turkish deputy in a skirt was an event! Metrosexuality is history! TİB accidentally closed Google Plus! Radikal Newspaper is closing! Flash Galatasaray statement from Lucescu! Kirkuk fell into the hands of the Kurds They raped and hung on a tree! The battle for Mosul has begun! ISIS has left the drivers! 3 workers in Şırnak under dent! Jack Russell dog found in Kucukcekmece Cennet Mahallesi! Balcony fantasy ended in disaster Rape of a 1 year old dog! 48 people are in the hands of ISIS! Scoreboard scandal in the derby! Did we put it? Spectacular exit from Sema Öztürk! Tatarstan's most beautiful Sarp Kuray case is at the Supreme Court for the 6th time! Alperen Ocakları deleted Lice tweet! She went to break the spell and was raped! Mice have regrets too! 500 thousand people are leaving Mosul! The claim that 50 bodies were buried without the record! Haluk Dinçer, the new president of TÜSİAD! Penalty given to Pınar Selek is overturned! MIT may be behind the flag incident! If we hit it's a problem, if we don't hit it, it's another problem! Dangerous tension! The big danger in low waist pants! What is slow URL and fast URL? Flag operation in Diyarbakır: 5 detentions Türkiye is a semi-fascist country! Flag downloading is provocative! I'm the woman in the porn, but I don't remember! Lana Del Rey will piss off feminists! He sued the author of Ekşisözlük! Photo shaking social media from the police! Gokhan Kaya; Is the robber resisting in Taksim the ‘ terrorist’ resisting in Lice? An official vehicle is prohibited for the mansion candidate! ISIS captured Tuzhurmatu after Mosul It is right to shoot that miser in the forehead! Joint press conference from Erdogan and Rouhani! The device for selfie was produced! 'Street children' are being killed for the World Cup in Brazil! The oldest man in the world is dead! Soma Kömür A.Ş.'s property has been precautionary! Police response to striking workers in Sao Paulo! Military vehicle trap! Mine process. Sharing "Happiness is between two legs" made a mess! Lice protest at Kocaeli University: 17 detentions Response to Erdogan's accusations of sycophants and agents! I'm a rape child! 'Cracking screen' vanishes into history! Prison request for woman who gestured to the Prime Minister Nurgül Yeşilçay lashed out; I'll ask about this! Soldiers' weapons confiscated in Lice! Flag statement from TSK! Nationalist march in Küçükçekmece! KCK called all young people to the mountain! Events broke out at the funeral in Diyarbakir! Shock words from the Minister: Rape is good sometimes! Lice opened fire again! Lice statement from TSK! Samba festival in Copenhagen! Ramos scored Pilar famous! Lynch attempt to Lice action in Tokat! Cruelty to animals under the name of the festival continued this year too! HDP delegation goes to Öcalan! Apple never thought of this detail! explosion in Lice; 1 dead, 4 injured! Okmeydanı dawn operation! The mother crow, whose baby died, became angry! Arda penalty for 360 TV from RTÜK! Porn viewing age dropped to 10! State declared guilty after 14 years! Burglar shock to Orhan Gencebay Live sex show at the Prime Minister's residence! Armies are institutions organized against their own people! 150 animals lost their lives in the flood disaster! İncicaps closed Twitter confused! 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Day of reckoning at Medcezir! Orsay Museum did not allow visitors wearing low-cut dresses. The skin of this book is human skin! 500 thousand TL bank robbery in Istanbul! Flash development in the Uğur Kurt case! The crime of "damage to property" for the raped dog! Big gesture from UEFA to Galatasaray! Attack on the election convoy! 7 dead... This too happened! They will give birth on live broadcast! Assassination attempt on Erdogan! The store was on fire, I went to warm up! Explosion in the safety garden! Gülen: They are preaching hate! New development in Hrant Dink murder! Close All Slaughterhouses! Alex met Erdogan, AA said 'Alex welcomed the Prime Minister'! The mayor's room was burned! He introduced his 91-year-old girlfriend to his mother! 8 years in prison for the woman who was beaten in the police station! Genital crisis in the museum! Flirting is officially a crime! Fida Film has sunk! Entry to Istanbul is closed! Broadcast ban on Rafet's clip! 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Niran Unsal was taken to the hospital! Facebook closed FEMEN's page! After Pop Star, now Sex Star! DHKP-C burned the jeep of the businessman! Precaution against worker deaths: Sacrifice slaughter! The Turkish who cut the swan in England was caught! Of Mice and Men, “banned to English student” Privatization has set its sights on the field in Sarıyer! Akın and Turabi got into each other in Survivor! Kim Kardashian broke the Instagram record! Armed attack on BDP members who set up stands! Anti-nuclear hack from Redhack! He rejected Beşiktaş! The Thai army is on the alert against the demonstrations! "What are you sitting on rosary?" 3 brothers were sexually abused by police in Diyarbakır! "Deleted Besiktas Carsi" Mining accident in Maraş: 1 dead! The attacker of the Jewish Museum is French! Souls Thrown in Famagusta Dumpster Die! 98 years in prison in the Gezi trial! Travel cartoon with molotov from Memecan! The page of Sarısülük told about a year without Ethem! Letter from celebrities for the trip! iBB has turned in 6 months! Mevlana tattoo by Brad Pitt! An apology is expected from Nazlı Ilıcak! Brave academic: It should have been said to Rose's face! Chain accident: 1 policeman died, 3 injured! The dark game will be broken! Big forgiveness is coming! Police Chief thanked the police! Sin City poster banned! The murderer's body was found on the street! The new system has become clear in the transition to high schools! Prison shock to the legendary Pele! Travel commemoration in Eskişehir! Heavy rain is coming! Why do women wear tights? Travel anniversary in foreign press! CNN International reporter released! Söz Magazine office has been published! Police did not allow reading in Gezi Park! Security forces will do what is necessary from A to Z! He doesn't have a role in the movie, but he got the most attention. Statement from the Minister about the Youtube ban! Youtube crashed! 2 billion views! Record compensation for the old model! Ferry services have been canceled due to the anniversary of the Gezi Park protests! Same tactic from the police! Gezi Park is nothing to be remembered! Espionage raid on TİB! I get raped every day! Eren Erdem goes on hunger strike Gezi Park is closed! Soldiers and activists clashed in Lice! I would go again if the trip was again! Radikal reporter was assaulted for Reza Zarrab's 2,000 lira garden! Police started preparations in Taksim! The name of the public garden was Gezi Park! Google does not take Turkey into account! Police reinforcements to Istanbul! First message from the insurgents on the anniversary of the trip! I feel like I belong to G.Palace! I used my democratic right! Bahçeli became a twitter phenomenon! The management of Show TV has been transferred to the TMSF! Yılmaz Özdil penalty for Halk TV! She changed gender at age 5! We minted gold coins for our president! Türkiye is the most miserable 13th country! The police said don't forget Gezi... Permits have been lifted! 5 kilos of tumor appeared on his face! Students protest against Gül’e! 'Sudden' reduction in sexual crime! Shock harassment in the mall toilet! Women want rape! ISIS and Al Qaeda operation in Adana! Tension in Lice! Heavy rain warning in Istanbul! Türkiye cut off Syria's water! Court: Pepper spray is torture! Sex life standard for buildings! Deniz Seki has been arrested! Subcontractor Law submitted to Parliament! 4 more observers disappeared in Ukraine! Nurgül will be a hostess! 'This road is mine,' he said and closed the road! Charlize Theron Marilyn Monroe oldu! Google is deleting our information! Their exit from prison was calculated incorrectly! Elif Cermik passed away! Big change in AKP! Guardian: The wall of fear was destroyed with Gezi! Mevlüt spoke to the tree in Gezi again! Today's news burned STV! He distributed 5 thousand dollars from Twitter! The government is making the Gezi provocations! He came to the resignation meeting with the book of Gülen! Attention! Change your passwords... Rıza Sönmez was stabbed in the middle of the street! Costumed pervert panic in Sarıyer That novel is sick! Very important change in Chrome! Kicking advisor was not dismissed! I totally saw myself as a sex woman! Bahçeli Gül denied his claim! Will Gul announce Erdogan's candidacy? He will meet with Kandil for children! Yilmaz Guney pose description! Tourists are leaving Thailand! He could not recognize the murderer who made a massacre for his sake! Social media laughed so hard at this! Court summons Zuckerberg to testify When he didn't know what to do with the money, he started to distribute it on Twitter. Erdogan becomes advertising star in Lebanon Adriana Lima was curious about mysticism! The only person with no gender! Redhack: Police take the list of those who will become police from AKP deputies! Who was Miss Turkey 2014? The famous actor's eye vein cracked from crying He used his wife as a sex slave for years! Sözcü shot Sabah with tax! Anti-aircraft attack from smugglers! Flash decision in Gezi Park case! He did not neglect the selfie on the beach! A worker lost his life in Ağaoğlu's project! Gokhan Kaya wrote; After 40 minutes, they realized that he was dead! Attack on Turkish Airlines vehicle in Africa He prepared his lover for the race! Brother-in-law investigation in Soma! We saw the cops throwing Molotov at TOMA! Gezi Park call from Taksim Solidarity! FIAT: Do not buy this car! Burcu's mother told about the naked suicide! He toured the Grand Bazaar in torn tights He got stuck under the bus while looking at his cell phone 'Halal' prostitute crisis! Blockbuster from X-Men! You will take those children and come! LGBT wanted support! A city in Ukraine declared war First move for the mansion! Police shot straight! He ate his own thigh meat with wine! Metrobuses collided on the bridge! 25 Million Lira stake for Şahan Gökbakar! Saw attack on pop girls! In Ukraine, the army conducted an operation in Donetsk! Tattooed women made a book! New player to the Magnificent Century! That law is repealed! Shocked to see his own sex video Mine was closed in Soma! Japanese women's new fashion: Watch the breasts Naked soldier scandal in the Israeli army! In Seattle, a person drove into protesters and shot a person. Arrest warrant for Israeli commanders on Mavi Marmara! Court brake on revenge porn! 33 people were detained! Sarigul era in Galatasaray! Erdogan came out of the European ballot box! Baby food is GMO! The Prime Minister should stop threatening journalists! Burcu Namlı's family made a statement! Shahbaz's arrest request was denied! Can Gurkan; We are the victims the most! Police operation in Okmeydanı! Poland's communist leader is dead! The Prime Minister is rocking! Earthquakes will continue! Has Etyen Mahçupyan been fired? Çalık season is over in Sabah and ATV! Is Erdogan giving up his candidacy? The words of the Prime Minister are very dangerous! Golden then jumped from the stands! I got those police documents now! Burcu Namlı jumped to death with her secrets! Criminal complaint from GFB to Aziz Yıldırım Yigit Bulut likened the Prime Minister to a corrupt grand vizier! RTÜK penalty for Vikings! FEMEN takes the Turks as an example! Zahit Atam wrote; Nuri Bilge Ceylan&Orhan Pamuk versus Yılmaz Güney! The attack that shook Europe! Earthquake in Saros Bay Earthquake comment in Zaman: God's warning! Turkish diplomat bomb trap! The singer's skirt exploded! Same pose 32 years later! Phone call from Erdogan to Uğur Kurt's family! The gas bomb was harmless! Erdogan thinks he is the sultan! Hibernation received the Palme d'Or! Attack on Assad's election office: 22 dead! AFAD announced the balance sheet of the earthquake! They gouged out the cat's eye in London! She did a striptease in the library! Was the Eurovision winner Erdogan protesting? Soma slip from Erdogan: 31 workers died! Flood in Gaziantep: 1 dead Great attention to Kim Kardashian's wedding! Shocking attack! He opened fire from 9 points! He presented the earthquake on live broadcast! Surprise resignation in AKP! We don't want politicians like you! It does not trigger the great Marmara earthquake! occupation house in Ankara; Atopia! DHKP-C took the police out of the neighborhood! Scary earthquake in Istanbul! Yusuf Yerkel was dismissed! They were stripped naked on stage! Gathering began in Cologne to protest Erdogan! Torture animals from Akyazı Municipality! He caught the baby falling from the window in the air! 3 thousand 600 TL mask penalty for four police officers Rough police intervention in Okmeydanı! Okmeydanı call from Amnesty Organization! Identity of the second person who died All eyes are on these beauties! It is on the agenda that he will be punished with whipping for kissing his cheek! Hairy fight on the porn set! Simge Tertemiz has one month left! German television made fun of Recep Tayyip Erdogan! Minister Faruk Celik was taken into surgery! Audio recordings by Ömer Güney! Led Zeppelin accused of stealing! Hewlett-Packard lays off tens of thousands of workers! Insulting case against Erdogan from Zaman reporter! The prosecutor came to the scene 26 hours later! Erdogan's only concern is glass and frames! Gmail reads everything! Sex doping to national income in Italy! Governor explained: Another person died! Pipi shock on Iranian state TV! They don't know where Soma is on the map! 20 policemen's guns are in the criminal zone! Images of the sex orgy fell on the internet! Statement by Minister Gül on the beating of Odatv Editorial Director Pehlivan Uğur Kurt intervention on lawyers! News disaster from TGRT! Social media caught the ball, the statement came from the company! Flash decision from the Constitutional Court to the officer whose naked images fell on the internet The army seized power in Thailand! They shot another young man! Call to banks: Stop the unscrupulous! Reaction to Ciner from Calendar! No different from Alp Gürkan.. Password shock to 145 million users! Gasoline and diesel hike! The miner who got the kick was also out! After Soma, nothing will be the same... Child pornography operation! Police protection for Petek Dinçöz! He appeared on the podium wearing a yellow helmet, 22 days later, wearing a black helmet! Fethullah Gülen has applied to the Constitutional Court! 1 million people left homeless in Bosnia! They were raped for a week! They were arrested for making a video clip! The road collapsed in the Marmaray study! Famous actress killed her husband! 42 thousand year old mammoth cub! Shock development about the mining company! Erdogan and Gul met in Çankaya! He wants $40,000 a month to get married. "Shall I take off my boots?" It was an exam question at the university! They had sex during the trial! Just because he didn't bring his coffee on time... Massacre in the subway like a computer game! Is the word game back? I'm not going to defend what Yerkel did! That apparatus given as a gas mask! Response from Hürriyet to Erdoğan and Sabah! This site is burning porn downloaders! Türkiye has become a butt lift center! Subcontractors appeared in Soma! The police hit my head on the window! CHP deputy wrote to the New York Times! The cat saved the 4-year-old boy! Rihanna's hair turned pink! Alp Gurkan claim from CHP deputy! The oldest cat in the world turns 114! 3 years imprisonment was requested for a 13-year-old boy! Another blow from IMM to the congregation! Thank you Norway and Israel! Call to work for miners! Men started to wear skirts! PKK raid in Erbil! We do not interfere with what our daughter will wear! Twitch becomes Youtube for 1 billion dollars! Attention! Power outage in Istanbul! The balance sheet of the disaster is increasing in Bosnia and Serbia! For us, the accident at the mine is murder. I wish you had died instead of the miners! Frightening explosion in Ankara! Line attack on the Soma march! Ali Şen's grandson died in the accident! This is how Can Gürkan was taken to prison! Kissing that confused Iran! Hunger strike for Soma in Zonguldak! Yellow card reaction to Soma t-shirt! 3 arrests in the disaster in Soma! Tribune collapsed in Spain! The march of respect to Soma miners has begun! Soma Holding CEO Can Gürkan has been detained!! Guardian; Soma disaster can topple Erdoğan! Soma is a kind of murder! Detention reaction from AKP deputy! The fans got together! 'They turned off the oxygen sensors so that production wouldn't slow down' Vatan's Soma article has not been published! Turkish response to the reactions from Der Spiegel! Molotov attack on the district governor! The German newspaper called Erdogan the Führer! 18 detentions in the mine disaster! A wall is being built at the entrance of the mine in Soma! Shot in the head in the bench! The knife that caught his eye was removed in the hospital! All actions are banned in Soma! Adidas store looted! Kick the demonstrator who fell to the ground from the police! The world has never seen media staff as immoral as you! Prime Minister's bodyguard punched the journalist! Spanish parliament pays homage to Soma! Metro line is closed for 4 months! Soma reaction from Justin Timberlake! He donated his salary to Soma! Kick cartoon from the Guardian! Record compensation in the murder of Münevver Karabulut! Detention of lawyers in Soma! Who are they to explain? The entrance to Soma is under police control! The death toll rose to 301! ITU students occupied the Mining Faculty! Execution of pregnant woman who changed religion! If you boo, you'll get slapped! Shock protest against Uğur Dündar in Soma! Intervention in Soma! 4 injured.. The contract writer has made nonsense again! What did Çelik say to the claim that the Prime Minister slapped him? They told stories for 2 hours! First statement from the mining company! The death toll rose to 283! Tension at İnönü University! Clash with the police in Kadıköy! Giant match for Soma! New development in the Soma mine! Armed attack in Istanbul! 1 dead, 4 injured! Another punishment for Aziz Yıldırım! Turkish headline from the Greek newspaper! Whoever comes here! Declaration of mourning for Soma in Cuba, Bolivia and Venezuela. The funerals of the workers who lost their lives were mixed! Slip in the barite quarry in Konya! 1 dead, 1 injured! We survived by biting the iron! Border Blast! 17 dead.. I saw the Prime Minister hit the girl! Here is the image of that kick! Did Erdogan punch a citizen? Reaction to the Minister of Health in Soma! Gülben Ergen is also in Soma! Amnesty International criticized the government! We don't look your age! The founder of Ekşi Sözlük is imprisoned! Der Spiegel: Go to hell, Erdogan! Soma tweets made a mess! There's no coffin... Gezi Park is closed again! Prime Minister Erdogan's vehicle was kicked! Support from sports clubs to Soma Police intervention in Taksim! DISK general chairman was taken to the hospital! Support from banks to Soma! First autopsy report announced in Soma! National mourning was declared in TRNC too! Chinese factories set on fire in Vietnam! Police intervention in the Soma march in Ankara! Soma reaction from Rihanna! The world saw Soma with these photos! The death toll rose to 232! Matches, concerts, festivals are cancelled! A mine also collapsed in Zonguldak! Mehmet İstif has been sent off to eternity! Messages of condolence are pouring in from the world! Boredom can be great! Kılıçdaroğlu'na 'Bascalan' report! Big shock at THY! Record penalty for sexual enhancement advertisement! Scandalous statement from AKP deputy! Shock statement from CHP! Mining disaster in Soma.. Rescue work continues! Tolga Karel started me on drugs! Rebellion in Kandıra F Type Prison! State of emergency in G. Saray! The students' vehicle rolled into the stockade! 3 dead... Those detained on May 1 are in the courthouse! Ukraine launched an operation in Slavyansk! May 1 difference in communist municipality! Facebook record from Galatasaray! The police forcefully put on the pooch and slipped it! The right of this job is death! The plainclothes police threw stones! They rock the models! Great reaction to Okan Bayülgen's 'May 1 memory' Thousands of Injured, 266 Detentions in Istanbul! May 1 record in flights! The police who aimed at Berkin were detected! I can't have any AK Party friends! Flood disaster in Gökçeada! Babet warning for women Earthquake in the Aegean! Pressurized water to journalists! May 1 message from the USA to the government 3 helicopters crashed! Ayşenur's "scream" reaction to Islam! Thank you visit from the Deputy Patriarch to Erdogan! This is how the world talked about May 1 in Turkey! Police raid on CHP building! Obstacles to the law in Taksim! TKP members opposed the police! Flights are back to normal! Intervention in the DISK cortege with gas and water! Congratulations on Labor and Solidarity Day! Interesting police barricade in Ankara! The police gave 50 thousand volts to the naked prisoner! Intervention everywhere, pepper spray everywhere! Photo with allusion to Governor Mutlu! It is forbidden to fly in Istanbul. May 1 started with the intervention! Operation before May 1 in Beyoğlu! Police intervention at METU! Flash 1 May decision from the Constitutional Court! AK Party conservative revolutionary! Surprise support for Erdogan! Armed raid in the Libyan parliament! Mortar in Damascus, bombed vehicle in Homs: 59 dead! The tension is growing! Prime Minister is the number one suspect! One night stand burned! From Gauck, support Gezi! The Internet is a CIA project! Project school parents: We are against unlawful appointments of teachers! 20 inmates raped the rape criminal in prison! Galatasaray fans are on Bagdat Street! Öcalan wants house arrest! Obama: If Putin was about to drown... My Father's Museum! If you press these while Twitter is open... Kaya Çilingiroğlu will testify for insulting Acun! The director said sit down and spread your legs! We ate daggers from our sister chests It's free to walk around naked here! Istanbul is ready for 1 May! Tito died, Barcelona declared mourning! Approval from the Mansion to the MIT Law! Buffon: People can organize my funeral, but I'm not dead yet! Torture horses in Lord Of The Horses! Sharon Stone suffered a stroke! Obama once again said "great disaster"! 33 evictions in the KCK case! Osman Evcan is on the 13th day of his hunger strike! Grup Yorum will be at Bakırköy on April 13! Torture in Adana Prison! It is inevitable that a stick will get into your anus... From Feyzioğlu to Presidency guards: Marauder, bully, gang member, miserable creature Fuck The System has been shut down again! The 64th International Berlin Film Festival has begun! The owner is a questionable newspaper! AKP increased its votes... Here is the last poll! Bahceli: Internet guards! Time reporter tweeted, deported! Shock phone to MIT Undersecretary! Censorship with government complaint on Youtube! The dictator is playing with polls! Fethullah Gülen was asked in a survey! IPI reminded Gul of his tweet about the internet! A new outdoor animal rescue action in the Czech Republic! İlhan İşbilen from AKP resigned from his party! This case will go down in history! Response to those allegations from your doctor! Gezi trial started in Antalya! Protest against AKP in Diyarbakır! Big comeback from BDP'li Sakık! We do not ban the internet! Cold shower for Ergenekon defendants! Hand in hand image in parliament! CHP will give no confidence in Bozdag! Mr. Topbaş, put your projects on the shelf! Babek Zenjani statement from Rouhani! 29 years in prison for Taksim Solidarity! Everyone's eyes are on the Mansion! What did Rose say 3 years ago? Reza Zarrab's lawsuit against Kılıçdaroğlu! Ahmet Şahbaz was sentenced to only 24 months! Justin Bieber harassed the stewardess on the plane this time! 10th Anniversary Anthem reaction to the deputy minister! Everything is game! Sad news from Mr Spock! Leyla and Majnun are making a movie! Anyone who sees him runs away! Porn threat to Melisa Pamuk! Democratization Package is in Parliament! Another report about Bozdag! The world press compares Erdogan to Big Brother! Interesting Agca detail in the Pope's diary! Waters to Johansson: You are very sweet, but what do you know about Palestine! Ali İsmail Korkmaz case: From Kayseri, minute by minute! Justin's latest scandal! 25 percent of the community votes for the CHP! Shock development in the Bilal Erdogan file! A meaningful farewell from the Magnificent Century! Havaray is coming to Istanbul! How did the recording wars begin? Bayraktar gave up his resignation! Ali İsmail Korkmaz tweet from Kayseri Governor! Circus instruments are banned in Los Angeles! In Zaman's survey, the AKP is 36 percent! Party to Yıldıray Oğur: Child caged for 5 years Greece bans dolphin shows! I don't like gays, I'm irritated! 13 people froze to death in Tatarstan! Intervention in the Berkin Elvan protest! Police dismissals continue! Shock match-fixing comment from the former F.Bahceli player! The people of Narlıdere occupied the town hall. Luminous organisms exhibition in the USA! Legacy of Neanderthal genes: Cigarette smoking The army made a call in Ukraine! They will teach masturbation at school! An engineer is a man! Turkey is in trouble! The US Embassy made a statement about Melih Gökçek! Did he receive instructions from Fethullah Gülen? Another resignation in AKP! ALF attacked 1 fur shop and 2 towns! The button has been pressed for the parallel state! PKK members: Clara Zetkin, Rosa Luxemburg! Zaman writer made fun of Şefkat Tepe: The PKK killed more than 1 million! Nymphomania comes to Istanbul uncensored! The elephant named Tyke rushed to life wildly! Rıza Türmen from CHP has prepared a law proposal for the Judicial Law Enforcement! 'All About Kieslowski' Baris Atay's game is banned! The female driver blocked the road, the man next to her shot! Pepper spray has cancer! Illegal nuclear construction in Akkuyu! Shocking news for Galatasaray! More sex scenes! Mancini and Tugay after Sabri's goal! Shocking report from UNESCO! Phone tapping will not exceed 6 months! I went crazy when I saw her naked! Interesting pose by Cara Delevingne! Censored clip from Hilal Cebeci! Erol Köse was detained! A total of 6000 police officers have been relocated! The developments in Turkey are in the English press! The Prime Minister is so sad! The process continues without Erdogan! The main goal of the operation is the Mansion elections. Sign from Erdogan to the Minister! Izmir became more difficult after the operation! Ivory protest in London! Why was Vagus.tv shut down? Riera said goodbye to the fans! Obama said 'I have the power'! WSJ's response to Erdogan! Farewell to the communist ‘folkist’ Seeger! Last minute development in the Sledgehammer case! Bad news for creditors! Don't send pudding from Sarıgül to Topbaş! Who did I say 'who are you'? Who viewed your Facebook profile? We'll even get the Prime Minister if needed! Öcalan agreed with Barzani! The Central Bank has increased interest rates! Surprise support for Sarıgül! Investigating the commander who stopped the trucks! ALF liberated 13 birds! The first statement from Bahçeli about the attack! Sumer Tilmac was taken to the hospital! I curse Allah in the name of Kahhar! The Most Bitter Taste, Nutella! 67 percent of those who watch child porn are from Turkey! 'Social' message from FB football players! What size are your shoe boxes? Ocalan's reaction letter to The Guardian The enlistment age is changing! Terrible document statement from Kılıçdaroğlu! Those trucks belong to MIT! White beret reaction on social media! Nejat Jobs is in intensive care! Galaxy S5 will be faster! New era in Galatasaray! Protesters won in Hamburg! Blood spilled on the streets in Germany! Video call to Hrant Dink commemoration! TOMA intervention to the DHKPC action! Tough police intervention in Taksim! Scary warning... The massacre order of Bozcaada! Activists in China saved 2800 cats! CHP frightening survey! Childbearing nun sparks controversy in Italy! Death by death in the USA! "We steal" error from TOKİ! They tore the dress and touched her breasts. Here is the punishment! Abdullah Gul is in the hospital! Group meeting in court! The name of the organization has been given! PDY Gulen's spokesman, election move from the foundation! Rihanna is the victim of secret shooting! Record after record from dollar! The AK Party should be shut down immediately! Criminal complaint from the police to the prosecutor! Flash Gezi Park decision from the prosecutor! Legendary photographer is in intensive care! Prosecutors convened extraordinarily! Shakespeare plays are 'rewritten!' 'I have all the documents of the parallel state' 'The judge doesn't have a party badge on his collar' Bad news for students! Arınç's reaction to the TRT decision! Criminal complaint on tape from Fethullah Gülen! The acquittal of Ömer Faruk Eminağaoğlu! Gender discriminatory abortion! Drug shock to Justin Bieber! Classroom report to be submitted to the Prime Minister! Fooled by the photo with the pool! Rihanna on the cover of Vogue! 8 thousand 256 TL fine for hawk brutality in Sakarya! Earthquake in the General Directorate of Security! Watching a live porn show costs 42 thousand dollars an hour! If Başbuğ is tried again, I have to go! Not the prime minister, the headmaster! Ekşi Sözlük writers testify in court! They released Fethullah Gülen's tape! Fethullah Gülen to be called gang leader Al Qaeda raid on IHH! We'll take the Prime Minister from his house! AKP has lost the route! They also listened to Bilal Erdogan! It's like she's not wearing anything! They got undressed in the subway! Twitter is being renewed! Malouda put an end to the rumors! Is youtube shut down? Police intervention in Berkin Elvan protest! Sevilay Yükselir has a photo with Ömer Güney! “The Ergenekon process is doubtful” 35 people were sent to the courthouse! 1235 workers died in work murders! This drug will be discussed a lot! Internet law is worrying! Two prisoners escaped from prison! Support Sarp Kuray on social media! Shock statement from Kasımpaşa! Turkish archeology is in mourning! Corruption in Police! Cold weather blasted porn sites! The parallel state that Erdogan is talking about is the Gülen Community! Who will be in power in 2015? Last election poll. Surprise invitation from the Mansion! Golden Globe awards found their owners! It made a splash before it premiered! "Corruption is not the only agenda!" "Wandering Bastards!" When does 'Game of Thrones' start? "I would kiss your midwife!" Voter lists suspended! "The subject of our 90 thousand soldiers froze to death is a lie!" We don't look anyone's eyes! AKP censorship of the internet! Ariel Sharon is dead! Significant tweet from Zekeriya Öz! Forbes is on sale! Attack on CHP building! The last election poll in the castle of the BDP! Rape trap from girls! There are gay football players in Turkey! "Greater corruption will emerge!" Decision in the case of Duggan, who died with a police bullet! Uludereli families are going to the ECHR! They were playing porn movie sounds! Roboski statement from Sebahat Tuncel! Military tax is coming! Arrest warrant for 2 defendants of Hrant Dink trial! 1st anniversary of the mining disaster! The ghoul is coming! Only sex penalty from RTÜK! Gezi Park attacker is on display! Police barrier to DÖKH members! Black Panther is dead! Action against harassment in front of the dormitory by university women in Aydın! Sukru Karaca passed away! A criminal complaint from the Alevis to that series! Ala's name is in the espionage file! Imprisoned children go on hunger strike! Animal libertarians raid KLM and Air France! Protection for al-Qaeda member beheaded by foreign ministry! Levent Üzümcü: You did the real blow! The sick prisoner in isolation died! Israel is waiting for an opportunity to attack! Turkmens: We don't know what's in it either! Who will 18 percent of AKP supporters vote for in Istanbul? 3 more deputies freed in the KCK case! Brain death will now be decided by 2 physicians instead of 4! Another prosecutor seized the file! The increased salary of the officer has been announced! Police intervention to the action in the subway! Embargo on Time and Today! They said, 'Come, let your masters save!' Penguin's new year number will make Tayyip very angry! Minister's salary is 17 times the minimum wage! Sinan Çetin had a base station installed in his house! He admitted that he sells newborn babies! The mining activity of the community has been stopped! Turnstile action surrounded by the police! Tariq Hashemi resigned! The claim that the leader of Al Nusra was caught! The second statement from Prosecutor Akkaş, to whom Erdoğan said, 'We have more business with you'! 3 Turks who will go to Mars have been announced! Security guard terror in the subway! 3 children surprise at minimum wage! Statement from Redhack! AKP deleted Bayraktar! New Year's surprise for Silivri-Hasdal prisoners from America! This is how the education world closed 2013! Hidden danger on the computer! Erdal Kalkan resigned from his party! A student was stabbed in Bolu! Prince Mustafa is executed in the Magnificent Century! Threat to the prosecutor, setting the press! They poisoned it with chemicals! "Cover it, so it doesn't get wet!" Clash on the Israel-Lebanon border! Little Osman is in a new series! Roboski for conscience ret! It's not a rubber bullet, it's wax! Penis Panties Against Harassment! Surprise Istanbul candidate from MHP! Xbox scam on eBay! Tough police intervention in Taksim! Clash in Yüksekova: 2 dead! 2014 World Cup groups announced Donkeys froze! Fadime Ayvalitaş lost her life! When he showed Erdogan a shoe box, his house was raided! Nelson Mandela passed away! 'We loved Mandiba' A woman was kidnapped by the police in Istanbul! Galatasaray's rival has been announced! HSYK 1st Department Head: Balbay should be released, otherwise the violation will continue He said the Grumpy Musical curtain with lots of laughter! 104 detentions in Istanbul! How many views was Firuze with its first episode? Earthquake off the Mediterranean coast! 4 miners died in Zonguldak! The allegation of frightening security vulnerability in hospitals! LOVE. Nebahat Çehre shock in the series! Big shock to ATV! Millions of dollars gone... Time writer announced the vote rate of the congregation! The party challenged the headline! Jay-Z and Beyonce are vegan! Pınarhisar became a school for me! There is no return to the power community fight! We went to kill, will we be sad! Veganism is spreading! Police obstacle in Sarısülük case! Marmaray Sirkeci station is open for use! Mass refusal to conscription! Rıdvan Dilmen defended Sabri! 'We rob prisoners without embarrassment!' Taylan Kulaçoğlu has been arrested! Here is the most popular animation of Gezi, Tornistan! What the Prime Minister says is my dreams are actually real! Sabri and Melo clashed on the field! The announcer fainted on the live broadcast! I'm Alevi, he's black! Doctors who helped the activists are sentenced to prison! Vicdani retçi Halil Savda'ya baat! Reduction of sentence for the beater husband of the deputy! Obama, "Caramel" and "Popcorn" the affection(!) "You know the murderers and the suspects well! '' The average age of marriage in Turkey is 26! "I'll rape your wife!" Live bomb panic in AKP building! Big penalty for 'engine' tweet! They rape women and leave them in the desert! Police went to Gezi in Taksim, Muhterem was killed in Etiler! Overtime good news for the officer! Kazım Koyuncu's father joined the Labor Party! A beating with a stick from the master sergeant to the parking lot! Robert Pattinson caught coronavirus Woman with coronavirus went to 5 weddings in 3 days Theologian Eliacik: Our citizens should stay away from sects and congregations Lawyer Aytaç Ünsal quits his death fast Bülent Ersoy brushed the director! God damn you... When the voice on the phone says "undress"! Huseyin Celik claim from Yurt Newspaper! Kurds watched porn with a bowl, incest increased! Obama put down the Quran and go! Whoever causes unrest at home will go to jail! Here is the new office of Prime Minister Erdogan! Gezi investigation on TRT! Description of Gözde Kansu from Donation! It wasn't cool... I will fight until my last breath... Hard statement from Barzani! We attack Syria! Survivor Murat, Acun Ilıcalı ban! A live marriage proposal to Deniz Seki! Someone is watching us! Was that reporter fired because of the cover of Sultan Erdogan? 19-year-old worker died at the factory! Bosphorus Bridge will turn pink tomorrow! 1 million Izmirians will recite our oath! Ugly move from LuaLua to the referee! Galatasaray 2-1 Kardemir Karabukspor Here is the first frame from Recep İvedik 4! Here is the first public institution to use Kurdish! Dr. Öz participated in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire! METU message from Melih Gökçek! Thousands of non-commissioned officers marched to Anıtkabir! What time do women think about having sex the most? Gezi is the work of heathens and drunks! Heavy headline for the Financial Times from Star! There were drugs in the blood of Çağatay Ulusoy and Gizem! METU rector rebelled! Unauthorized entries... Hasan Yılmaer passed away! Lined Travel Atlas by Leman! Alevis are treated as Native Americans! He played the guitar naked on the live broadcast! 'Poisoned eggs' call to the public in France Erdogan welcomed the pilots! Very harsh statement from METU! How did Twitter change Ahmet Hakan's life? The secret of Turkey's move... Stunning comment from NYT! It started with 10 contestants of Who's a Million! I will not apply to CHP! Great reaction to the erotic movie show in the mosque! Who is the highest paid TV actor in the world? A call from Ahmet Hakan to Sırrı Süreyya! Become a candidate... The medical world is in panic! Thousands of people could die. The congregation and the AK Party alliance is the command of the Qur'an... If we do not get our rights, I will leave the presidency and walk with the supporters. Taxi driver harassed Ece Erken! Clash between the Black Bloc and the police in Rome! The dogs were saved from being subjects! Fethullah Gulen was hospitalized! I tortured the Turkish people with my voice! Rihanna wore a headscarf, toured the mosque! How do you remove Hürrem with those breasts? Torture under the name of keychain! Students wearing skirts were disciplined! Two flash decisions from the METU administration! Bus services to METU have been stopped! These are modern thugs! Why did Ebru Şallı's marriage end? Gaddafi is not dead, he is still alive! Shocking claim... In which series will Ilker Aksum appear on the screen? Transgender Cansel spoke to the BBC! Who are their customers? 60 thousand lira compensation to Müjdat Gezen! When do the clocks go back? Gülşah Balbay called out to Cemil Çiçek! How does he get into it? Celebrity reaction to the mother who left her baby to die! What is the purpose of Hakan Fidan news? Who is the new Emotion of Children's Hearing? Jail shock to the famous football player! Who is the announcer harassed by the BKM player? No one is more angry than me! Rihanna slept with everyone in the industry! Which famous actor participated in the A.Ş.K series? Which TV series was the most complained about to RTÜK? There is a worldwide crisis on Facebook! Hasan Kaçar is melting in prison! Nagehan Alçı and Hülya Avşar had a fight live! Redhack Egemen has published the donation documents! Sending Gezi Park from Assad! Submission... If the state delegation does not come, the process ends. Are Syrian girls turning into the sand? Great interest in halal sex shop! Tough police intervention in Taksim! Unfortunately I'm not gay! My World created controversy before it was released! Vehicle action at METU! The football world is in mourning! Kadir Ozcan lost his life! When I see Hadise, I change the channel! Google ends censorship on the internet! The problem is not the décolleté, there are other reasons! Is the Metrobus removed? Shock development in Istanbul! An earthquake wave is coming from the east! Results of the night in the Champions League! Kuwait invented gay radar against gays! Opel advertised on Halk TV, Twitter got confused! Rental Twitter account from Cem Yılmaz! The Gezi Party has been established! Reyiz statement from Sabri! I love it... Did Acun Ilıcalı offer 5 million to Cem Yılmaz? Emotional words from Kışlalı's daughter! The planting action at METU is on the cover of Penguin! How do the coup suspects die one by one? Explosion in the Technopolis building! The penis of the woman who took muscle medicine came out! The button was pressed for those who did not join the military! Travel Tweet investigation against journalist Gökhan Kaya! Lynch campaign against Zahit Atam! Istanbul Governor: Do not go out for the sake of Allah RTÜK fined Akit'TV for 'Anırkabir' TRT Gezi fired 2 personnel who tweeted! Tina Turner renounced her American citizenship! Strong words from Çiçek to Governor Coş! The ghost movie is becoming a series! He married the tree for environmental awareness! The state should never interfere with morality! Who is Serenay Sarıkaya's secret love? Don't vote for me! In Ukraine, the teacher bit his student! 40 thousand lira fine on Berkin's name! There is no empty hotel in Diyarbakir! Lawsuit from the Governor of Adana to Sleepless Magazine! Investigating the Doctor Who Didn't Treat Ali İsmail! Strong reaction to the news of the party from TOBB! The whole league in Brazil was the man standing still! The classroom rebellion of Zaman Newspaper! 11 life sentences for the police who confessed to 53 crimes, including 13 rapes and 13 murders. Clash at the University! Prostitutes will have sex with a credit card! Don't pull, I'm married, my husband will see it! 'standing man' protest from football players! PYD statement from Barzani! 3G and 4G free on airplanes! Power outage in Istanbul! Classroom description from Gul! Nothing is finalized... Airplane passenger fell into the ocean! AK Party - Community war in the media! Erdal Aslan lost his life! I release the coup detainees in jail! Lawsuit against Gonca Vuslateri from Prime Minister Erdogan! A statue of Ali İsmail will be erected! From gray buildings comes grayness, from green comes freedom! Getting 19 new TOMAs! Femen's slogan embarrassed Taner Yıldız! Very harsh statement from G. Saray! The puppy did not leave his dead brother alone! Cavity exit from famous advertisers! It's not a classroom, it's something else! Ayşe Arman became FEMEN! The murderer of my wife is the gendarmerie commander! 3 more evictions in the KCK case! Criminal complaint against Erdoğan for "instigating killing" Sharia laws after Gaddafi! 5 people who say 'We are JİTEM' are in custody! We're making love boys and girls! A lawsuit was filed against those who did not comply with the quarantine, demanding up to 1 year in prison. Ranjit Sinha: if rape is unavoidable then enjoy! She cried and cried! Berkin Elvan action taken into custody! Drogba challenged Sow’a Kılıçdaroğlu opposed the closure of classrooms! Walking magazine employees were detained! Kılıçdaroğlu: I cannot digest this! You are my son's murderer! Erdogan greeted the people in Bismil with Arinc! Erdogan could not make the headlines of Zaman! Three Syrians who crossed the border were killed! Mursi's prison photos! Barça's eye is on Drogba! PKK shock to the Valley of the Wolves! Fatih Terim, the highest paid coach of Turkish football Hot caravan scandal to the PKK! Mustafa Erdogan confession from Gülben! she didn't love me... Giant child pornography operation from Google! Barzani: Tayyip Erdogan is a great leader! Özcan Deniz and Ömür Gedik poster that shook Twitter! Is it Emenike? There is no such problem! Soldier suicide in Siirt! 35 thousand historical artifacts in Marmaray! Obama scolded Erdogan! Akit'ten reaction to the community! Aytunç Altındal passed away! A call to patience from Gülen to the congregation! LOVE. surprise breakup in the series! Turkish football player smashed to death by bomb! We lost Nejat Uygur! Communist student leader elected deputy! Interesting document from A Haber! Is this the congregation's twitter plan? Galatasaray snatched Giray Kaçar from Trabzonspor! Dawn operation in Adana! Those who attacked us attacked Ahmet Kaya! Ali İsmail Korkmaz trial postponed! Drunk referee scandal! The bottom of the world has appeared! Father who beat his daughter with a wrench, who did not tell her phone password, was detained Hasan Ferit Gedik's killer was caught! “Extrajudicial executions were carried out on the Rojava border” Does normal delivery enlarge the vagina? Alcohol and drug test for hostesses! Newroz opening from CHP! I didn't say the Prime Minister was going to be killed by telekinesis! I talked about my dreams, what amnesty? Good news for migraine sufferers! Turkey has nothing to learn from Greece about religious freedoms! “Dilan 8 was hit with pepper spray” Ronaldinho negotiations begin The salaries of the officers have been announced! Fenerbahce is going to change the statute! Beren Saat is taking a break from the screens! The police, who did not know the law, could not explain! Dog massacre in Ataşehir! ‘Is your daughter coming to experience love?’ Abusive policeman Süleyman 'missing' The mysterious religion of Anatolia! Inquiry for faculty members! Religious nursery for 4-year-olds! 55 Child Workers Died in 2013! She put her virginity up for sale for the second time! The minibus flew over the viaduct in Istanbul! Lynch choir! Hard classroom exit from the community! We will not be silent... Breathtaking subway footage from Adriana Lima! Dila is saying goodbye to the screens! To the limit of three or five scumbags? Leman made Fethullah a 'looter'! Melissa Banchman hunts wild animals on TV! Erdogan is the guest of Atv-A Haber's live broadcast! Congregation writers bombarded Erdogan on Twitter! Caracal found dead! 10 thousand new teacher appointments in February... Lynch in Bolu: Hit the Kızılbaş communists! First classroom description: We are determined! Abusive manager on duty!'); INSERT INTO `gazisoft_news` (`title`) VALUES 1 month of precipitation in one day! Acun rebellion on TV 8! Thieves leave a note on the house they robbed! "See the elections as a democracy day!" 'We will not be silent' message from the congregation! TV8 description from Acun Ilıcalı! Forgiveness to 4 million people! "Demirel wanted to get Perver caught!" Gulen should apologize to Erdoğan! Hasan Cemal: Yes, there is Kurdistan! Samyeli will sue TÜİK! They die, they are beaten, they are made to work! Erdogan will be tried for terrorism! Live bomb panic in front of the Prime Ministry! Reaction photo from Ivana Sert! What will Fenerbahce fans say to this headline? The people will bring justice! Gizem Akhan has been released! Protest to TÜYAP corpse fair! They're trying to whip us! Hugh Jackman has cancer! Who is misinforming the prime minister? Fenerbahce decision from the court! No reason to attempt suicide like this! Batalla: I don't want to play! Newspaper boss raped reporter! The defendants are free in the Ayvalıtaş case! Barış Atay has been detained! İdris Bal took out the AK Party badge! Star player leaves Fenerbahce! 16:9 Cinema Collective established! Times: Erdogan sneaking into private life! Our skin burned, not our clothes! Rejection from Medeni Yıldırım's brother to military service! Leopard, caracal, lynx... Now the wolf is slaughtered! Sadık Yakut: The students will be together again at the exit! They made cheese from foot dirt! Release of All Prisoners in Van KCK! This is how he was saved with the scoop! The AK Party has given a date for the classrooms! A front to the student cafeteria! 'Redhack' statement from Minister of Interior Güler! Özgü Namal and Engin Altan Düzyatan are in the same movie! Eventful raid on the meat department! Penguin Ukrainian media! Response from the congregation to the Prime Minister! Times: Recruiting Barış Assign is the answer to 'Gezi'! AKP has an archive that can end the congregation! Very bad things can happen! 50 percent of the Gezi suspects are women! Angola banned Islam! Waste bin for cat and dog! Barış Atay has been released! STREET era begins in television broadcasting! Donkey rescue operation in Adana! Last 100 days for the apocalypse! "Let them love nationalists like you!" Dailymotion was closed by court order! ''The Prime Minister made 4 corners with pleasure!'' Turkish TV series do not comply with Islamic norms! 10-year-old girl became a mother! Türkiye to Court Due to Animals Died in Travel! Fethullah Gülen's 'smacking' response! Aylin Aslım's first troll victory! Even Mancini's daughter rebelled! The power outage killed it! Precipitation warning from Meteorology! Leader: If there is to be an alliance, it must be principled! We take Öcalan as a basis, not Erdogan! Erhan Tuncel has been missing for 15 days! How much do players earn in Waiting for the Sun? Is Simge Tertemiz and Murat Kadıoğlu getting divorced? Which newspaper does Hulki Cevizoğlu transfer to? Erdogan is a real socialist! Tough police response to teachers on strike in Brazil! Which channel was watched the most in September? Law proposal from HDP: Until the age of 30, young people's insurance premiums should be paid by the state A mouse head came out of the jam! Is Super League free? Famous writer Tom Clancy is dead! If it were me, I would dismiss the governor! Education in the mother tongue divides the country! Taksim flooded! Gedik's funeral was allowed! The government intends to continue the September 12 bans! There is no master's degree for those who participate in Gezi! An emotional farewell to Tuncel Kurtiz from Magnificent Century! HDP's Remziye Tosun sentenced to 10 years in prison Volunteer who tried coronavirus vaccine caught the virus A 12-centimeter leech came out of his throat! Imprisonment for the AKP president! Nejat İşler's liver went bankrupt! His status is bad.. Rapper Fuat was arrested at his home! Radikal made the headlines of the governor's threatening mail! Are we expected to get used to the death of young people? The gaffe of Mr. Öcalan from the CHP's Hamzaçebi! Real Madrid's Pepe is back from the dead! Kenan Işık reproached the contestant who did not know Tuncel Kurtiz! He was in court when he danced naked with the flag! Syria bill accepted! The professor gave the date! We expect an earthquake greater than 7-7.8... Rihanna's +18 music video Pour It Up has been released! İmamoğlu: Many artists say 'I composed for you' and send their works, the number of which exceeds 50 Military service statement from Prime Minister Erdogan! Will there be a headscarved candidate in local elections? How many times do you think I kissed Ahmet.. Big meeting on live broadcast! Özdil: Nobody can insult the Prime Minister! I'm an uncultured bear! Who broke the spout? Hang tight, 4G is coming! Erdogan is responsible for the blood in Syria! Flash Drogba decision from Galatasaray... Are the idealists hiding Erhan Tuncel? 14 arrests in Gülsuyu! Nude lecture in college! Wasps killed 41 people! 6 cut cat heads in the middle of the street! Emrah Serbes was sued for insulting the Prime Minister! Yusuf Ziya Özcan threatened me! CHP makes a difference to AK party in Thrace! Last poll! RedHack requested solcuolsun.com is closed! Compulsory military service can be abolished completely... Erdogan 'virus' is spreading Reaction to the panel "killers at university"! Ayşenur Arslan got angry when Yılmaz Özdil defended the Prime Minister! They smashed the famous server and threw it into the channel! Iran banned the image of women in the ad! Istanbul Police's website is down! Facebook kissing photo arrest! Sex is a part of me and I learned to enjoy it! I was raped in my youth! With the sound of the prayer, the belly is thrown! Electricity of 80 mosques was cut off in TRNC! Description of military service period from TSK! Comert's family is suing Erdogan! There are 100 thousand sex slaves, 50 thousand children! Those who lost their lives in the Bahçelievler Massacre will be commemorated at their graves Emre Can to the German national team! TRT's joke increased Aziz Yıldırım's sugar! Dawn operation in Gülsuyu! Erdogan has caught the eye of the presidency! Stunning analysis from FT... Women are used as sex slaves! Drugs came out of the baklava Mehmet Akif Alakurt hospitalized the player! If we weren't 20 people, they'd be lynched! Mustafa Akaydın killed Münir Özkul! Bülent Ersoy sang a song in Kurdish for the first time! Our Kurdish brothers... Yaşar Nuri Öztürk is melting day by day! Assad's secret plan! Thermal power plant in the ancient city! Who was making the headlines? Are You There or No Is Musun off the air? Classrooms will not be licensed in 2014! Münevver was valued at 37 thousand 486 TL! Berrak Tüzünataç did not leave Nejat İşler alone! Black wreath to AKP building! Gülsuyu protest in Istanbul! Star football player Batalla becomes a Turkish citizen! Prime Minister Erdogan should be President! What a ban! Bring three newspapers Hürriyet is yours! T-shirt action in Parliament from CHP woman deputy! I kiss, make love, tease with my wife... I miss the September 12 censorship! Hijab is allowed, why are miniskirts and high heels prohibited? Awesome birthday surprise for Yavuz Bingöl! Freedom of headscarf in government offices! When Drogba signed with the underwear company... What did Hüseyin Çelik say about Gözde Kansu's dismissal? Applause welcome to Yiğit Bulut in the AK Party group! Twitter reacted to Gözde Kansu's dismissal! Good news for THY pilots! Cup pairings have been announced! In China, a half-meter ban on students of the opposite sex! The ECHR found the Cumhuriyet newspaper justified! You betray democracy! Banned students are at school by teleconference! Will AKP nominate Tiryaki instead of Gökçek? Kaya Çilingiroğlu requested imprisonment for insulting Aziz Yıldırım! Here is the latest election poll in Ankara! Dawn operation in Istanbul! Crimes were covered up in the Back to Life investigation! The new series from Osman Exam! What channel will it air on? Sledgehammer decisions announced! MIT has filed businessmen from CHP and MHP! What did Cem Uzan request from Erdogan? He raped and tortured his 5-year-old daughter! The father of two found out that he was infertile, but! The police's Twitter control was the cover of Penguin! Ronaldinho is coming for Beşiktaş! MHP supporters protested the White TV host! 80 thousand people forgot to take their money! Subtle sending from Gırgır to the democracy package! Cem Yilmaz's hard day! His father is in the hospital! Strong reaction from Uğur Dündar to Cem Uzan! Who replaced Gözde Kansu? The victim's money came out of the bag that was detonated with the detonator! Gozde Kansu tweet from Jay Leno! Don't dress like that in college...! February 28 bomb from the evening! AK Party crisis on Fenerbahçe TV! Those words were not published. It is raining dollars to Turkey with an unknown source! Strong comment from İlker Başbuğ for Sledgehammer! Gözde Kansu's answer to Sabah from Hürriyet! What programs are on Kanal D during the holiday? Why isn't the lost series aired this week? The police shot the prisoner! Who won the Nobel Peace Prize? I feel sorry for Sarıgül! We will restore our oath! Ebru Şallı confession from Sinan Akçıl! Yes I am so happy... Merve Bolugur brought traffic together! Sexy show from Hadise at Perla Vista! There is no such thing as nationalist anymore! Unemployment rate announced! 2 star players in Beşiktaş were excluded from the squad! Opening of Burger King with prayer! Al Qaeda is from Turkey now! Separatist cancellation of Grup Yorum concert! Horoscope for Saturday, October 12! Five Spaces Time exhibition was opened at Otyam Art Gallery! Holiday traffic has started! Life stopped in Istanbul! My World movie stolen? Shock penalty for Fenerbahçe's star! Golden Orange awards find their owners! LGBT exit from AK Party! Kepçeyle was chased by a scorpion! Strong reaction from Cem Yılmaz! Quit this operation. We bought Brazil tickets in our hearts! Banned to artists who support Gezi! Tension in Armutlu! This is how Leman said goodbye to Tuncel Kurtiz! Those who say these words are going to jail! Rape threat from the police! The Law on the New Tax Regulation was published in the Official Gazette I was drunk when I went to bed... Is the Ali İsmail Korkmaz case moving with another? When Selcuk Method misses the answer to the question... Horoscope for Wednesday, October 2! He misread our Bahçeli Oath! MTM determined the most talked about topics in the world of politics in September. Life stopped in the USA, shops were closed! AKP dazzles with the package! Times; Package Attack on the secular state! Thousands marched in Diyarbakır! FB tribune leader Sefa was arrested! Abdullah Öcalan will find the package insufficient! Gizem Karaca brought the cannabis, Çağatay Ulusoy wrapped it! Carnations to the place where Gedik was shot! They got under the train while they were having sex on the tracks! Are women at home or on the lap? What did the parties say to the democratization package? The first objection to the democratization package from the AKP! Warning to Metin Turan from Arinc! Don't tweet like that! Rihanna made a splash with her black fishnet dress! Tax winners announced! First on the list... Mancini in first practice! Bekir Bozdag told the package! Turgut Özakman was buried! Suicide attempt by Katy Perry! Do I want to live? First comment on the democratization package from the USA! Galatasaray officially announced its new coach! The travel adventure of Çarşı has become a book! Azra Akın became a bar singer! Military plane crashed in Sivas! Did Erdogan learn his language in private school? There may be criticisms to the package! Police intervention at the airport! Dads will be mothers! Interesting program on ATV.. The image that destroyed Mahir Kara! What will happen now? 'Actress Yasemin Özilhan lost her baby' Tuncel Kurtiz was sent off! Those who call this number beware! Massacre at university in Nigeria! 50 dead.. Attack on Barış TV reporter Cem Savaş Demir! Election advice to MHP candidates! Imagine... Let fathers marry their daughters law! BDP delegation went to Kandil! Police intervention in Gezi Park! Clash in Mamak! Was Young Osman raped? International diplomacy traffic is on Twitter! It is enough! Bayülgen is unaware of Kurtiz's death! T.C protest in Yalova! Play it yourself pack! Kurdistan beauty contest was held! We are ashamed of this decision! Turgut Ozakman passed away! Explosion in Ankara! There are many injured. Farewell to Tuncel Kurtiz! I don't cross my legs and ask questions to the Prime Minister! They can't play me an 18-year-old girl again! Make love to save forests! Racist party leader arrested! Shock reaction to Emina Sandal! Do not you know Turkish? Imam hanged himself in the mosque! 11 fans have been released! Which party are the fans voting for? Pregnant pose by Tuba Ünsal! I gained 11 kilos! Governor Mutlu's love of Socialism! Osman Baydemir's sad day! Shock claim from the British press! The new teacher is Drogba? Şahan Gökbakar's imprisonment for 2 years was requested! Orhan Gencebay met with Tatlıses! Bruma has no uneventful days! What happened to it? Was Hadise worth the evil eye? Brotherhood leader died in custody! Aydınlık writer fined for insulting the Prime Minister! Let Barbaros Şansal do the fashion business! Mesut Yaman's statement "Tuncel Kurtiz was unbelievable" got a reaction! Femen members protest at the fashion show! Six-year-old boy changed gender! Gezi reaction from Babacan! Turkey's image damaged Tuncel Kurtiz passed away! International Journalism Award to Nedim Şener! Gezi Park inquiry for middle school students! Tension in front of Bolu Community Center! The first clip from Hattun's girls! They eat you! 'Q, W, X' 85 years later What did Gürsel Tekin say to Şansal's claim? Mosque-cemevi project protested in Izmir Demet Akalın's belly became clear! New update from Twitter! The one who delayed the bill got burned! Ahmet Türk's older brother died! Funding radical Islamists from Türkiye and the USA! When does the crown start? Why is there a photo of Erdogan in the newspaper? Penalties rained down on channels from RTÜK! The book is covered in blood! Binnaz Avcı transferred to Desperate Housewives! Bingol Prison directors were dismissed! iOS 7 has been installed on over 200 million devices! Strong reaction from Kalan Music to Erdogan's singing of Neşet Ertaş! Another blow to Koç! Even the stork that brought you regrets! Berrak Tüzünataç finally rebelled! Raid the fans! The CHP did the Palalı event! Visa barrier to sex marathon! Is the Britney Spears saga ending? Here is Burak Yılmaz's psychologist lover! Bold poses for V Man by Irina Shayk! Finance made tax goodness! The world is talking about this photo! How many votes does Sarıgül have? Sarıgül: Europe does not like being a refugee to those with blonde hair and blue eyes Moment of harassment in the subway! What did the young girl do? Unidentified sea creatures spotted! How did Domino's Pizza respond to those allegations? DJ found dead on the radio! Meaningful banner from Beşiktaş fans! Slogans of Gezi in Derby! The sound stopped in the derby match! Okan Yalabik is back with Bouncer! We did not withdraw our forces because they did not inspire confidence! Merkel won the 2013 elections in Germany! Ahmet Atakan march in Antakya! The historic derby has been cancelled! Does the record broken in the Olympic stadium point to provocation? İmamoğlu: I do not regret the barbecue ban on the beaches Shamil Tayyar: Marauders disguised as supporters, dishonest people chanting Gezi... Shamil Tayyar and İhsan Eliacik had a fight on Twitter! Your dishonesty will be registered! How did the foreign press see the derby? Çarşı Tweet from Hüseyin Aygün! Ethem case started tense! Surprise change in the lost series! Mehmet Turgut and Gonca Vuslateri made peace! Ali Ağaoğlu's father died! I've never had a girlfriend! How much did you sell your honor for? Gülşen challenged the derby match in Harbiye! He lost his penis after an overdose! Interest in Karadayı is increasing in Greece! You want this! Metrobus driver sprayed pepper gas on passengers! They filled the bags with urine in the mosque! My darling should satisfy me all over! 1453 Eagles statement from MHP! It has nothing to do with our party! Fine tune Eurovision! New rules are coming... They will interrogate couples making love in the studio! Horoscope for Tuesday, September 24! The government sees the account of Gezi! A raid on the AKP municipality! Türkiye 18th Intelligence Games Competition has started! Mesut Özil's love has made the Spaniards crazy! Birthday surprise for Çağatay Ulusoy! Fatih Terim does not even answer Aysal's phones! The director raped the actress! No horse was found according to Mehmet Akif Alakurt's height! Surprise get well soon visit from Drogba! I was proud of the Gezi events! Statement from Çarşı about derby events! Şahan Gökbakar is looking for a player on Twitter! When will Nur Fettahoglu get married? On which channel will Ömür Özdemir make a program? Sebnem Sonmez had an accident! Anyone who drinks alcohol in the TSK is being charged! Interesting poll... My brother is a deputy! Journalist Deniz Teztel passed away! Police operation to Burcu Esmersoy's house Animal lovers are calling for a boycott of TÜYAP! 7.8 earthquake in Pakistan! Maria Sharapova is coming to Istanbul! I did not receive a pirated cd! Another soldier committed suicide! Is Fatih Terim leaving Galatasaray? Marriage proposal to Ebru Polat from the son of Dubai king! Management resignation sounds in Florida! The referee dismissed the nude photos from his job! Support the boycott of animal lovers from publishers! Miley Cyrus undressed for Rolling Stone magazine! Things are getting messy in the Valley of the Wolves! Is Nazife mother dead? Tension in Galatasaray training! There can't be a show as bad as the Dirty Seven! Fatih Terim is gone Nihat Doğan exploded! Fatih Terim learned the bad news from his daughter! Criminal complaint against Süleyman Demirel! Which famous actors participated in the Bebek İşi series? Terim's tears! 2 million TL contract from Tuba Büyüküstün! Escape from Bingöl Prison! Hasan Şaş and Ümit Davala resigned! Censorship on Gul at the Mansion! The eventful Beşiktaş - Galatasaray derby is on the cover of Leman! 12. Filmekimi starts! If the teacher doesn't pick up the phone... Pepper spray to the queue of İşkur! Ferrari for sale from the Ministry! Okan Kurt played in the clip of his wife Demet Akalın! Celebrating 125th anniversary with special frames from National Geographic! Conflict at Kırklareli University! MPs kissed for LGBTs! 50 percent of women should have a driver's license! Interesting project from Jana Romanova! The events in the derby were covered by Penguin. Rihanna went to the sex club! A shocking experience! The dishonest who called Assad a murderer! Support Gün Zileli on social media! Gezi Park protest at the smoke concert! Go make the revolution elsewhere! Surprising decision from Fatih Terim! Everyone will be surprised by the package! Surprise from Mira at Medcezir! He will enchant you with his voice... LOVE. It shook Twitter with its first episode! Here is the behind the scenes of the Sneijder and Eboue fight! Which name of Survivor joined the Magnificent Century? Ozan Orhon's stomach was pierced because of the handcuffs! Don't we want to sing songs about air and water? Free plagiarism from Domino's Pizza! Koç's LPG license has been revoked! Call from Gökhan Töre to the fans! Get us excited... Pascal Nouma is sitting on the wedding table! Interesting words from the contestant to his wife! you're good... Will Drogba play in the Beşiktaş match? Fahriye Evcen talked about Çalıkuşu! I'm so excited... If you get pregnant, we'll fire you! Four squads came out of the package to the cemevis! Which ambitious TV series of Kanal D is cancelled? Suicide attack on church in Pakistan! He scraped his wife's body with a razor! I write poetry after making love! New development in the Ali İsmail case! Sıla series was stolen! The raped dog is dead! 4 special and secret prosecutors for Beşiktaş Galatasaray derby! A fight broke out between two Fenerbahce groups because of Gezi Park slogans! He dedicated the Golden Boll Award to those who died in Gezi! Free hug action in Taksim! DHKP/C announced the rocket attack! Malatya is the city of my friend Ahmet Kaya! Black Water company sending troops? Clash in Beyoğlu! Peace award goes to Kardeş Türçiler! The only solution is to strengthen Öcalan... Very interesting process analysis! Israeli soldiers dragged the diplomat on the ground! CHP should be shut down! Division among the dissidents in Syria! Surprise squad from Fatih Terim! Attack in Kenya! There are many dead. Kılıçdaroğlu visited Ahmet Atakan's family! Travel song by Nilüfer! Let this be a drunkard song! Is the water that TOMA sprays deadly? Octoberfest kicks off in Munich! The bank mistakenly deposited 96 thousand lira into his account. We will never be able to enter the EU! Selita Ebanks had a hard time not wearing underwear! Taksim Solidarity made a statement! Gezi sacked the imam and muezzin! Did the police give the order? Azra Akın's difficult moments! When you don't notice the bus... Working woman is destroying her home! "It's not our children who are retarded’ punishment for your answer! Detailed PKK report from MIT! Yandex Türkiye celebrated its 2nd anniversary! CHP acted early! He made a law proposal for Tunceli! Stuck on the alcohol law, remained anonymous! We can't do a gala due to lack of money! I don't feel like I belong anywhere! The new election slogan of the AK Party has been announced! Ahmet Kural moments of panic! What are you laughing at, cousin! The process moves like a Rodeo horse but does not move forward! They found women for the officers and fed the soldiers moldy food! Asan is dishonest! She got depressed because of her breasts! Announcement of freedom for Öcalan in newspapers in Germany! German Die Welt: Erdogan wanted Greek ship sunk, Turkish generals refused Three people from the group that attacked MP Barış Atay were detained Trump denies allegations he had a stroke The first statement from Güler about the rocket attack! Sex confession from Gwyneth Paltrow! I'm addicted... New album from Ferhat Göçer! He made fun of magazine news on live broadcast! It is also forbidden to taste the drink! Gülşen emulated Miley Cyrus! UEFA seized the revenues of Trabzonspor! Pir Sultan was considered a symbol of terror! Police intervention in the tea drinking action! Female coach of the Croatian football team! Rocket launch attack on Polisevi! How did you know I was going to be shot? Interesting question from Tatlıses! Can Attack is on National Channel! Censorship of opposition sites at Gazi University! When did Assad become an enemy? Amy Markham surprises with her streetwear! Amoeba ate your brain! The police sprayed pepper gas and raped her! The dollar rose within minutes! Let's join Eurovision with a song in Kurdish! People's Houses react to the news of Yeni Şafak! Who is in the cast of Firuze? Warn its authors, do not support Gezi! Güneş Zavrak is in trouble with fake accounts! Painting exhibition by Berna Karaevli! Must marry or die on the 15th! Funny mistake in Magnificent Century! How did that happen? Bomb question to Gökçek! If the Prime Minister says to run for Istanbul... Oriental Asena forgives the abusive message!! Our young girls are sent to Syria for a sex jihad! Why was Smile to Life cancelled? Calendar shot Mustafa Koç with a pee photo! Attack from al-Qaeda! 40 dead... Öcalan surprise in BDP! The letters went directly to Kandil. Allow masturbation in public! Ken Norton is dead! The world of boxing is in mourning.. Başbuğ: We don't have the luxury of speaking! Yasemin Ergene returned to the sets as a lawyer! Arda Turan and Sinem Kobal are finally getting married! Marauders offered money! The Supreme Court did not count the bottom of the skirt private! 10 months in prison for Fazil Say! Beren Saat wind in America! Legendary player... I felt more comfortable when I was arrested! Agar and Eken were asked for life sentences! Explosion in Syria: 19 dead! Fatmagül Fakı surprise in the Magnificent Century! The competitor who drove Bayülgen crazy in One Million Who! Kemal Bey became the sponsor of AKP! Atletico Madrid extended the contract of Arda Turan! They don't give the Olympics to those who can't stand a retweet! We are fighting against foreign terrorists! Veteran gaffe from Demet Akalın! May they rest in light... F-Type broadcast ban moved to the judiciary! The blood-curdling claim about the pilots! His head was cut off.. Okmeydanı has turned into a battlefield! Christina Milian caught without underwear! A message from Burak Yılmaz to the people of Galatasaray! There was panic during the shooting of the lost series! He made fun of 8-0 Besiktas sent! When does Beyaz Show start the new season? National Education had Can Yücel write a poem after his death! Pınar Dikici joined the cast of which series? AKP is making members through fake ways! Tear gas intervention in METU! Kivanc Tatlitug had an accident! Horoscope reviews for Thursday, September 19! Madonna made a political movie! They threw the lady in the bed sheet off the bus! Shock recording of Dink murder! Huge neglect that raises animal lovers! Censored the famous orgasm scene! Red card from Istanbul to Romania! Food advertisement sales exploded on the porn site! SKYTURK360 General Manager Alişoğlu has been dismissed! Stunning report in Ethem's case! When will the False World start? What is the price of Gülşen's compositions? Now the alcoholic beverage seller can also ask for ID! We have a level relationship with Redhack! Why did Sırrı Süreyya meet with Meltem Cumbul? Gezi cartoon that drew reaction from Salih Memecan! Hazal Kaya returns to the screen as a tennis coach! Investigation into the Gezi delegation meeting with the Prime Minister! On which channel will Uğur Dündar be broadcasting? Surprising tweet from Governor Mutlu! Relieve our pain Fatih... Leman shot Erdogan offside! Abdullah Öcalan also said 'Remedy Drogba'! Earthquake in Mus! Fatih Terim; It just happened! Kelly Brook's hard moments! In order not to give a free kick... Statement from Koç about Gezi Park! This is how the FSA is preparing for attacks! Derin Mermerci was the victim of flashes! Horoscope comments on Wednesday, September 18! Let me in from Ergenekon, it's boring outside! Drogba injured in Madrid match! Galatasaray 1 - 6 Real Madrid! Shocking words from Ancelotti! Terim was a Big Brother addict! He fell in love with a lesbian and changed gender! Volkan Konak surprised! I will die at 76... Police are looking for 12 people who lost their eyes in Gezi! RedHack hacked the commodity exchange! The Syrian Army made a statement! Erhan Tuncel's arrest warrant! First penalty for 25 police officers who made eye contact in Gezi! Did Hürriyet's website steal Turkey's special news? Standing Man is nominated for an AP award! A choreography call from Galatasaray fans to Star TV! We put disabled people in the place of people! Naked search of 2 women in Kadıköy Police Station! Hadise confused the studio! I'm alone too, I'm burning... We shot down the helicopter! Gezi investigation against 13 teachers Aytaç's phone was confiscated! Fenerbahce knocked out 'Pasha' at the last minute! Died 3 days after saying 'don't say you can't infect me with coronavirus' Incredible campaign! Show your boobs pizza.. UFO panic at the Golden Boll Film Festival! I'm afraid of the police! Visitor ban on travel detainee woman! Prison shock for Çağatay Ulusoy and Gizem Karaca! Attack on the navy base in the USA! The lion is ready for the big game! Here is Terim's probable 11! Interesting claim about the sale of the evening! When does Big Risk begin? Let the green live and talk! Fehmi Koru lost his father! Öcalan's charismatic leader role can be ended! How did the newspapers see the shooting of the Syrian helicopter? Who are the two female spies that Iran brought into the AK Party? MasterPeace will work with Türkiye for world peace! I'm on a trip too! Surprising confessions from Altaylı! CHP members who call Sarıgül a thief..! The man you see next to me is touching me! He caught the harassment on camera! A roommate for Çağatay Ulusoy from Medcezir! Another blow to Koç! Ajda Pekkan was forced off the stage! Is this a superstar? Kenan's love for 12 years! No one knew this... Gezi Park ban on Dev Ismail Türt sentenced to prison! 10 rich journalists review! Neşe Düzel apologized for that headline of Taraf! Award-winning poet Ümit Manay meets his readers with his new book Lost Verses! Post-concert conflict 6’years for 45 students! Internet is free in this city! Here are Turkey's top 3 porn-seeking cities! This is how they deleted Atatürk! Kadıköy concert from the resistance! We do not present our existence to the Turkish existence! Here is the form chart of the party leaders! Erdogan in decline New decoration program from Star TV! What a Beautiful Home... Ocalan; The ceasefire continues! Serdal Kadakal was bid farewell to his last journey! Challenge from Drogba! Because we killed our mother! Istanbul's population growth cannot be stopped! Sezen Aksu's son opens a school! Grasshoppers will grow... Who is in the life of Çağatay Ulusoy? Ephesus girls are returning to the field fast! Beril with autism was not taken to school! This censorship of ATV drove Demet Akalın crazy! Sorry... 'When I was a teenager, I did research on 'how to kill a person without leaving a trace' Record breaking clip from Cyrus... Rüveyda Öksüz spoke assertively! I can be first... The Law of the Land changed channels before it started! Citizens will choose the color of the new trains! Kerry invited Davutoğlu to Paris! Video call from Beşiktaş to fans! For the record... Is Kanal D's ambitious series Güzel Ugly ending? Merdan Yanardag has been arrested! The USA and Russia agreed on Syria! Tough police intervention in Taksim! Dangerous rapprochement between Yaman and Mira! Merdan Yanardag was sent to the courthouse! Police raped a 16-year-old girl! Those who died in Gezi are ears in a camel! İhsan Eliacik and Ahmet Hodja in Robe had a skirmish! Conflict in Mexico! What is The Frame's hottest contestant doing now? Homosexual dating site criminal element! İbrahim Tatlıses thanked for the Pedestrianization Project that started the Gezi events! Amanpour wants war! He went crazy live. 100 thousand workers marched in Poland! Celebrities introduced the book of the social media phenomenon! THY plane is back because of the smell! Türkiye will not participate in Eurovision this year! Tunceli's name is Dersim! Brutality in Syria! We've passed the point where one signature is enough! Galatasaray 1-1 MP Antalyaspor They can accuse Atatürk of killing him! Gezi Park reaction to Burcu Esmersoy at the store opening! Hard police intervention in Adana! Yurt Newspaper Editor-in-Chief detained! Clash in Gazi District! Fatih Terim bombed! New service for verified accounts from Twitter! Philosophy class abolished, its name became Islam... Decision to arrest Fernandes from Beşiktaş! Statement from the Governor! They attacked you with your course.. Travel reference in a newspaper advertisement in Zurich! 12 cents discount on gasoline! Muslera and Sinerjder were not included in the squad! Can I Nominate or Not! Madonna Engaged to Brahim Zaibat It is difficult for Ronaldo to play in the Galatasaray match! New series from Leyla and Mecnun team! Here is the first trailer... Criminal complaint against Aydın Doğan and Koç! AKP is terrorizing the society before the election! Astonishing Mustafa Sarıgül claim from Gökçek! Bomb-laden vehicle warning in Şırnak! Six weeks in prison for the man who raped the goat! Which minister did Erdogan slap? They burned 25 thousand liras! Fear of social division is increasing in Turkey! The Turkish girl who called Rihanna cheddar became a phenomenon! The decision is out of flashdisk! Turkish contractors lost Kuwait! Opposite corner from Özgü Namal! Who is her new boyfriend? Human bones found in excavated construction They made me cocaine! Psychiatrist Agah Aydın: Give women discounts on title deeds, cover insurance premiums, violence against women decreases | Watch video Narcotic operation in Istanbul! Öcalan is in favor of the continuation of the process! Erdogan did the worst to Tuba Unsal! Penalty for 16 channels with a machete! Shock development in the Japanese tourist event! Meltem Cumbul's ex-wife spoke! I loved it a lot... Nude search in custody! Prime Minister Bilic after the cure Drogba! Why did Survivor Murat not enter the Magnificent Century? Arinc will answer the questions of internet media! The Emek Cinema trial has begun! Announcing that they will use a gun from the police! Ratings will now be measured on Twitter! Attack on Japanese journalists in front of the courthouse! Haysev's donation campaign for the injured cat! Olympic comment from Fethullah Gülen! Scandal Ahmet Atakan cartoon! Did you join the Gezi Park Resistance? Photo scandal from Hürriyet! From Ziraat Bank signs, T.C. word removed! I hope the US attitude is not a political game! Loss of life this is no joke! Nejat İşler became a police station for painting stairs! Sarigul banner on the bridge! RedHack announced Abdullah Cömert documents! Fire in Beşiktaş İnönü Stadium! Those who saw Gülay could not recognize them! Lost 40 kilos... The final version of Berk Oktay, who had 35 stitches on his face! Shock claim about Mesut Özil transfer! Registration money robbery exposed! The police began to arrest! Özgür Özel: Erdoğan thanked CHP municipalities The liquor sales ban was on the cover of Leman! If the shop is yours... Ahmadinejad is on the public bus! Where will Can Dündar write? BDP also decided to go to Taksim! Tension is growing in Hatay! Conflict continues in Taksim! People of Ankara are marching to Kızılay! Warning from the captain to the group going to the action! We sink... Gunshots in Antakya! Warning to the police from BDP! Back off, we warn you for the last time.. Turkish scientists met with Turkey's Barcelona Consul General Emir Salim Yüksel! Erdogan: Let's build an aircraft carrier Gezi Park is closed again! Surprise security summit in Ankara! An Arrest Order Has Been Issued for Şener Eruygur! Nagehan Plaster rivaled Müge Anlı! Olympic and police violence is on the cover of Gırgır! Ahmet Atakan was sent off with tears! Death is calling us! Hard police intervention in front of the courthouse! Iranian soldiers are in Syria! There is no evidence that Ahmet Atakan fell from a height, he has a collapse in his head. Forbidden to studio flat! Hebun LGBT Facebook page hacked! Ahmet Atakan lost his life! Was Nejat İşler detained for painting stairs? Henna from Sözcü to Suat Kılıç! Big mistake in Cem Yılmaz's advertisement! 8-year-old bride died on the wedding night! New music competition from ATV! Crown Prince... If there is an attack, wait for everything! The prosecutor was shot in his car! Fireworks are banned after 22:00 in Ankara! I'm Alevi too! Saying no to war is a crime! Can Ataklı, whose writings were terminated, transferred to which journal? Protest against the beauty pageant! Again, intervention from the police in Mamak! Ali İsmail Korkmaz indictment has been concluded! Penalty to Redhack banner in the match! We are ready to hand over chemical weapons! In the conflict, the doors were shields! Berrak Tüzünataç is also in the Magnificent Century! Here are the first photos... The police shot another young man in the head! BDP will not enter the elections in the west! Here are the films that will compete in the Golden Orange! Master player Doğu Erkan lost his life! The list that confused Ankara! The sex lives of bureaucrats... Syrian planes in Cyprus airspace! I did not use chemical weapons on my people! Hard police intervention in Adana! Rockn Coketa Travel slogans! Clash in Dolapdere! His mother and father clashed in the program! Burcu Kıratlı shaved her hair for the movie! MHP Samsun Deputy Erhan Usta was sent to discipline The comedy series 2Miss has started! PKK stopped the retreat! Mark Zuckerberg, who did not prevent Trump's violent posts, received a reaction The Prime Minister has returned to the status quo style! Polat Alemdar became a brand! Cigarettes are sold illegally! The Olympic poster that angered Gökçek! Police intervention in Berkin Elvan march! Hz. Pastor dies trying to break Jesus' record of 'fasting' Scandalous news from China News Agency! How did Gülcan Arslan get involved in Arka Sokaklar? Where there is war, there is no Olympics! Our former dominions are buried in disaster Tuna action in Izmir! 5 teams decided not to play! British warship in Bodrum! Travel submission in Placebo's new clip! Tension continues in Tuzluçayır! Why did Nilüfer and Sezen Aksu break up? Opera singer Mete Uğur passed away! The man walking the lamb on Istiklal Street! Saturday Mothers are in the square for Kenan Bilgin! If they don't give our trophy, we take action! The new era in alcohol starts tomorrow! Has Erdogan appointed Terim? Fazıl Say is composing the Gezi Resistance! 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo! Explosion in Siirt! 2 soldiers were injured... Interesting headline from the evening! The marauder is happy.. İbrahim Tatlıses cannot perceive the sounds, he is detonated! This is how the press saw the Olympic decision! Gezi Park comment from Acun! Police intervention in METU has started again! I don't greet anyone over 40! Gezi protest against Erdoğan in Argentina! Preparing for war on the Frontier! Military base in Latakia... Censorship from ATV to Picasso painting! Poverty limit for a single person is 806 liras 45 cents MIT is going to İmralı! Description of the Word Game from Arinc! Is it because of the trip? Political party in Germany wanted to vote with porn movies! If you attack Syria, your daughter will be raped! Protection decision for husband who suffered psychological violence! Gunshots in front of Tayyip Erdogan's house! Never mind the heart series has been cancelled! Strong reaction from Madonna to Obama! Stay away... Anyone who criticizes the government is the enemy! Turkey crushed Andorra! 5-0 Namik from Ankara was detained for drugs! Scrap aircraft worth 90 thousand liras is on sahibinden.com! Warplanes took off to Syria! Support for the METU resistance grows! The question that angered the fans in Millionaire! A harsh message from Bülent Arınç to İmralı! Grup Yorum's house arrest is over! Penalty from RTÜK to National Geographic! Tough police intervention in METU! A thief broke into Buckingam Palace! Support the METU resistance from Izmir! Tarkan sang for nature! Is the PKK preparing for action? The police threw stones at the house! Sit-in protest by CHP deputies in METU! Intervention fuels sectarian conflict! Here is the last scenario in CHP! Will Sarıgül reach the market? "Do not go to Turkey" warning from the USA! Visa for marriage of high school students from MEB Erdal Ergüler interview from Deniz Uğur! 'Yellow Vests' protests in France in their 57th week With those who hope that something will disappear, not change! Strong reaction from director Orçun Benli to Melih Gökçek! Those who are happy that I will not write in Vatan should not get excited! Taksim through the eyes of The Guardian! They are not looters! German RTL attracted Trans sex workers in Istanbul! Groundbreaking mammoth remains found in cloning! Kerim Frei in Beşiktaş Gezi Park through Pınar Tuncer's lens! Governor, unhappy! He revolted. Rock'n Coke enthusiasm has begun! Gezi Park is closed again! If Türkiye loses, the government takes revenge! If there is an intervention, we will support Syria! Social media lies! Who is Ulaş Bayraktaroğlu? I didn't set out to be popular! Death warning to soldiers fleeing Nuri al-Maliki ISIS setting for THY! power outage in Istanbul Increase in transportation in Ankara! I wish I was raped! Tuncay Özkan will continue his politics at CHP! Philosophy group lessons at LYS forced students! Why do men cheat? Why do women cheat? A brand new feature on Facebook! Important decision for Kenan Işık! CHP is a mess! Tension on Istiklal Street: 3 detentions They played ball after cutting off his head! Do not operate in Mosul! ISIS shot 1,700 soldiers! Human and computer will live in love! US warship in Basra! The bookstore has moved from hand to hand! Airstrike from the Ukrainian Army: 50 dead Blair: We didn't cause the Iraq crisis! The Syrian army is on the Turkish border! Lice massacre protested in Zurich Iraqi warplanes bombed Mosul! Preview gesture to Game of Thrones followers Galatasaray announced the cost of Lemina I rejected Nuri Bilge's offer 3 times! Türkiye has closed another consulate! ISIS is detaining those who do not close! They said there is nothing to hide and got undressed! Twitter suspended AKP's account Police killed a 15-year-old boy in Adana! Is Mosul-Kirkuk connecting to Turkey? Gay police are weeded out! The autopsy report of İbrahim Aras has been announced! The USA is evacuating the Embassy! The mansion candidate Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu! Michael Schumacher wins his battle against death Berkin was commemorated where he was shot! Animal liberation activists protest against the new bill! Footballer wives set a bad example for young girls! Drifted 3 km under the car! France laughed with technology! Either you marry one of us or we rape you! He beat his girlfriend to death! Support from models to France! Redhack account suspended! Whoever is elected President becomes a dictator. Did these people go to Survivor in Iraq? ISIS sign in Istanbul! Morning jogging is banned in this country! Mosul news was banned! Did Fethullah Gulen seek asylum? One out of 12 soldiers is considering suicide! Roof candidate earthquake in CHP! 8 years in prison for the screenwriter who raped the player! Danger in applications that find a sex partner! Breast censorship move from Facebook! Emre sentenced to prison for racism! Explanation to the butt caressing scandal! Shocked Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu comment from the Financial Times Galatasaray won't play Fenerbahce! Tasha Reign: I don't play in porn that degrades women! 10 surprising facts about sex! ISIS kidnapped 15 more Turks in Iraq! What were Kenan Evren's last words? Life on September 12! All MHP district administrations were dismissed! Protest against the tea garden! There is a violation of rights in Sledgehammer! Here are the Survivor finalists! Seeing your friend's husband on Tinder.. Livaneli is preparing for the concert because we are not alone Let's wait for Çalık! Very hard roof candidate response from the CHP deputy! Famous models will wear building material! Sunbathing naked in the window Murat Özaydınlı threatened Kaan Kural! The praising of diet drugs opened a job for Mehmet Öz! Cases of cheating on the rise in the World Cup finals! The new game show Capsized is starting soon! By which side did the AYM decide? He was going to give my wife sperm, but they had sex! Fragrance can be sent from the phone! Ban on speaking to CHP deputies! Facebook crashed!.. Users went crazy! Is İhsanoğlu a Saudi Arabian project? Hard words from Shamil Tayyar to Sabah! They trashed Marilyn Monroe! She became a stone baby in just 6 months! First evacuation in Sledgehammer is to Dursun Çiçek! Lawsuit from Monica Bellucci to Turkish businessman! Antique supermarket! We're not set up with headlines, we don't go with headlines! Sledgehammer description from TSK! Scandal report in Lice: Demonstrators shot each other The brothel was closed, the people took to the streets! Tornado panic in Marmara! There is unrest in our streets because of Erdogan! Evacuation to Hanefi Avcı! Flash development in insect investigation! Reza Zarrab testified in Bodrum! Scary rain warning for Istanbul! Woman-for-woman broadcast scandal in South Africa The body in the park was the rapist's! Israel killed 14-year-old boy! 7 behaviors that every woman expects from her lover! The claim of Kurdish oil in Israel! The cure for black love: Cell phone! Gay neighborhood in the Netherlands! Sila surpassed Rihanna! YouTube millionaire raises the world! We searched for these the most on Google! Those who bury the guns are the ones who find them! Sex hacks women should know! Shocking statement! This is not an acquittal. Interesting dance by Miley Cyrus! The person who took down the Turkish flag was shot! We don't know what's inside the bonsai! Strong reaction from the TAF to the news of Akşam! An army of advisers to the Prime Minister is coming! Fethullah Gülen came third in LYS! Subscription ordeal of male voice woman! Back to life from the sex market! Emine Ülker Tarhan earthquake in CHP! When the truck gets stuck on the bridge! They killed and posed for victory! The DVD of the movie A Little September Matter is out! She came to the studio naked! A tummy athlete! If I threw a fork at Ahmet Kaya, my mother would die too! Sperm shortage warning in England! Congratulatory message from Governor Mutlu to the police! Prime Ministry denied the evening! The historical mansion was completely destroyed! He was banned after sending 2000 messages to his student! Facebook shared private information! Hatip Dicle has been released! Downfall work by Sandro Giordoan! Attack on Kurtalan DEDAŞ building! He played the kitties to react to RTÜK! Independent Kurdistan exit from Çelik! Ülker sold its marinas to Koç! Booboo! Sebnem Schaefer lost the porn war! I will not greet Fethullah's admiral! Signatures for İhsanoğlu in Çiçek Penalty for 'abortion' action: 4 installments! He wanted Ali Bulaç's book to be confiscated! This is the parallel World Cup! The last meeting for the mansion is today! Aquarium disgrace from Kadıköy Municipality! Beko sponsors Barcelona! Skirt lifting current! Turkish language lesson: May Allah make Alevis vile and despicable! HDP announced its Mansion candidate! Sex scandal in the drug giant! Criminal complaint against Nuri Bilge Ceylan who tortured horses! PKK: We killed the ISIS leader! Mayor of AKP got his name written on the ridge! A penny hike to the minimum wage! Hatra temple is in ISIS hands! Bodies of 3 kidnapped teenagers found Our candidate will be a name the world knows! Bomb disposal experts died in the explosion! Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu changed his name? I'll be everybody's president! Sarkozy shock in France! According to 4 polls, Erdoğan is in the Köşk in the first round! died from working hard Merve Oflaz's 'Brown to the brim' words reacted! Images of torture appeared in the police station! Israel attacked Gaza! Torture patients in the hospital! I have so much money I can't sleep at night! The dog is looking for blood! By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans! Hair pulling police in front of the judge! The opposition press was not included in the ceremony! 30 evictions in the KCK case! Erdogan will start talking to Drogba! Tayyip Erdogan account opened 4 years ago surprised! Maybe he thinks he chose Allah! ISIS exhibited its missiles on the street! Are penguins extinct? Advertising that angered Sufis! He applied to the Governor's Office under the name of Kurdistan Lawyers Association! Bahçeli attended the funeral of the perpetrator of the Bahçelievler massacre and the Turks murder Nokia's new name will be "Nokia by Microsoft"! A call to jihad from ISIS to Muslims! He started seeing his rapist on Facebook! They asked the young man who was paralyzed in Gezi, would he travel a lot? 800 men ok.. It's Messi's turn! Üsküdar Municipality: We love you, don't make us do this! Samsung's new bomb: S5 mini! MHP and HDP supporters clashed! The act of touching stray animals on the Bosphorus Bridge! Madımak, minute by minute, in its 21st year! Joint declaration signed! Shocked the principal who called Gezi an epic! Please do not have sex in a coffin! Countries that ban sex for football players have been eliminated! I've never been this naked! Yeni Akit: Gülen slept in an asylum! If Atatürk were a candidate, he would receive a maximum of 30 percent of the votes! The recipe for madımak, which has a reaction in the Milky Way! The sex scandal in the classroom made a mess! And Semih Kaya signed it! I was the most humiliated woman in the world! The football player killed the referee! Like a joke! The president cursed, said the mufti, piss off the dogs Caribbean corals are disappearing! When the prince could not pay his loan, he sold his castle! CNN Turk fired the journalist and removed the programs! My newstime is nauseating again! Here is the organizational structure of ISIS! Aziz Nesin is there too... They're on fire too! Criminal complaint from internet providers to British intelligence! I'm trying to survive, but I can't stand it! The police sprayed water on the Madımak fire after 21 years! Google removes porn content from ads! ISIS released Turkish drivers! Erdogan has three goals! The government made us angry! Killing by copulation is suspicious death! Calculate your electricity bill yourself! ARM raids fur farms in Czech Republic! I drink my urine to heal! The bitter truth in Uğur Kurt's death! Kaan Tangöz became a father for the second time! Zahit Atam; Little notes on Leninism They raided the building and beat the governor! When the rape increased, he banned the bikini! I will not marry someone from the AK Party! 'Türkiye planned the ISIS invasion of Mosul! Flash development in Deniz Seki case! He said he was an atheist, he was admitted to a mental hospital! The countdown has begun for the Jimi Hendrix movie! KPSS placement results have been announced! Disgusting details in the murder of Sarai Sierra! Reaction to the hashtag "Atatürk get out of money"! The prostitutes rebelled! Was with 24 people for free drinks! The state cannot set foot here! Panzers crushed France! Zahit Atam; Political rises and communist parties! Even Erdogan's candidacy is illegitimate! Attack on Beren Saat poster! September decision from the PKK! Weapons too... He asked about Gezi Park, he was dismissed! He was dying from the headbang! ISIS hit mosques in Mosul! Twitter cancellation of Erkan Oğur concert! The last two finalists of the World Cup are announced! The hottest sports announcer of the cup! The brain chip that erases memories has been developed! 100 thousand lira penalty for objecting to the election result! She was a Playboy girl and became a Muslim! İhsanoğlu's first address is Gezi Park! Villa description from the Presidency! This is how Türkiye was introduced!'); INSERT INTO `gazisoft_news` (`title`) VALUES Operation order to the community! Bonsai at the President's house! Blood was spilled at the World Cup! Tolga Karel: I'm not interested in women right now! BDP is changing its name! Flash development in the Uğur Kurt case! Let's collect money and buy Erdogan a house! He knew the KPSS questions in advance! If elected, I will not be neutral! Father indefinite pregnancy should be banned! Stripper woman moved her butt prosthesis with her hand 77 thousand calls, 41 thousand sms! Attention!.. If you are accessing Facebook from your phone.. Is this the iPhone 6? Greek threat to Mardan Palace! Google is giving away free phones! Good news from abducted girls in Nigeria! Samsung's Brazilian factory was robbed! Preparing for an operation from Israel to Gaza! The names of the commandos became clear after 13 years! Türk Telekom commits a crime! German-US relations are strained! He said he will make potato salad and collected 35 thousand dollars! Zarrab showed his love for Ebru Gündeş by making a massacre! Here is the world's largest flying bird! This is how he displayed the head he cut off! Torture the horses in İzmir Karşıyaka! He killed his fiancee because he was 'not a virgin'! Currency of Kurdistan: Kuro! They made Adriana Lima wear a sheet! The person who lowered the flag committed suicide! Israel hit Gaza! They uploaded the Brazilian match to the porn site! Flash development for internet journalism! Caught with the money in his underwear! Shame on Sözcü! From the river to the sea, we will defeat the invaders! Police raped 3 children debate moved to parliament, police denied 40 chickens rescued in Israel! Raju, who lived in chains for 50 years, was rescued! Criminal complaint against Erdogan posters! Here is the least read book! He traveled with an animal corpse in 30 degrees heat! Fist fight in parliament! Ali İsmail Korkmaz is commemorated! They attacked by saying 'You can't drink'! The body of the missing mountaineer was found 32 years later! 40 kilograms of nuclear material stolen in Mosul! Two new fish species found in the Galapagos! Don't ride the carriage, the horses are dying! Süleyman Soylu: Fines for those who walk animals will be canceled Eating apples regularly increases sexual pleasure! 10 minutes of sex is 20 liras! The dusty bag had the cops exposed! Sewage flooded the smart building! Why is Youtube getting stuck?.. Here is the answer! Rejection from the AK Party to the living room! Police attack on earthquake survivor workers in Van! They killed the cat by cutting off 4 legs! They were accused of terrorism for saving animals from torture! Schools and classrooms are sealed! Come on coach, kill that... The so-called artist Yıldız Tilbe! Factory settings shock on phones! Horrifying torture to the soldier! An account number has been opened for those who want to donate to Erdoğan! 3,000 YTL reward for finding the lost Mex! They watched the dogs fight and smash! Bed firmaya model bed! This phone is now banned! Police barrier to Samanyolu TV! 'TRT, defrauded' claim! New era in smoking ban! Incredible torture of animals in Australia! 5 information that should not be shared in the digital world Open Education Faculty exam results announced Israel hit the disabled association! Charlie Haden is dead! Two bodies were found in Zeytinburnu! A reward of 60 thousand liras for those who catch a bonsai! Warning to Saynur Tezel from DHKP-C! We ask for your account.. ISIS is looting historical artifacts! Ground operation in Gaza! Stray Sözcü Newspaper is terrifying! Unfortunately we lost Otto! Parents are against the mosque! The death toll in Palestine rose to 172! Gülen set us free! Is sex addictive? Artists march to Rojova against ISIS! Israeli reaction to Scarlette! Flash development in the Ali İsmail case! Femicide in Turkey in the Spanish press! If you clicked on this link on Facebook, beware! When they were eliminated from the trophy, they were burned alive! Criminal complaint from Demirtaş against TRT and RTÜK Türkiye should not be a Sunni party! Ukrainian army shot civilians! Erdogan is uncomfortable with Gul! THY carries ISIS members! Vacate your homes! Cat-killing psychopath; I'd like to cover the damage! A whip for those who wear tight sheets! Ece Erken: I will also attend Erdoğan's iftar! The fake iPhone 6 is on sale in China! Rocket attack on Anadolu Agency team! Hakan Thanksgiving banner at the Erdogan rally! New jersey crisis in Beşiktaş! Gonca Vuslateri cursed the news! Until the last carriage breaks! 1 million account information stolen! He made me laugh with the news of Yeni Şafak! ALF punished the murderers with butyric acid! Letter from Öcalan to Barzani and Talabani! You are the real revolutionaries! Erdogan's personal website! Sand bikini! Nature massacre in Sakarya! The river has dried up... He spent a fortune to look like Kim Kardashian! Microsoft lays off 18 thousand people! Toilet scandal in luxury hotel! Medical Chamber warns of thirst! Rape of 6 year old boy! I'm an atheist, will you love me too? Having sex in the middle of the street created controversy! Today is the day that Istanbul ends! Shame on Instagram! THY pilot is a victim of social sharing! Allegations of incitement tweets before Erdogan's rally! Strong reaction from animal libertarians to AKP veterinarian Emin Okkaya! Erdogan said goodbye! Meatless meat done! I'm proud of my saggy breasts! TSK announced: 6 people died! Erdogan is harming Turkey! Donate 361 thousand liras to Demirtaş! Tension in the CHP! Flash development in the sex debate in the middle of the street! Here is the sapphire screen of the iPhone 6! Israel destroyed the AA reporter's house! He wanted to shoot a documentary, it became a police station! The mayor, who occupied the habitat of the bees, died! The mystery of the legos hitting the shore has been solved! 70 Euro fine for killing children to Turkey! Release of Salih Mirzabeyoğlu from İBDA-C! The evening made the author laugh! Without Gezi, Israel would not have attacked. Condom that destroys HIV virus! Police raped 8-year-old boy! Massacre from Kartal Municipality! Israel killed 149 children! ISIS cut off the water of the Christian city! Attack on Palestinian women's action! Think off our side! He beat his illness with social media! Porn from the plane crash! McDonald's and KFC are feeding rotten animal corpses! Barbarian banner from Belgian Turks! The couple who had sex on the beach was arrested! Plane crashed! 51 dead... ISIS censored mannequins! The person who tied the dog to the motorcycle and dragged him wanted to be lynched by the citizens! If you love Erdogan, vote for me! Nez had the Sabah reporter beaten! Hamas attacked the heart of Israel! They drank fanta in the Coca Cola boycott! Are Marmaray stains chemical? Whatsapp's "out of memory" error is driving me crazy! They kicked communists out of parliament in Ukraine! Speciesist, frog ban in China! Is the Netherlands firing Putin's daughter? Help police! 4 more police surrendered... Torture the polar bear in Argentina! Hairy legs club! Demet Akalın: Foreclosure came even though I am not in debt Underwater search to be conducted for footballer Emiliano Sala AA: The party is attacking us! IETT is breaking its own rules! Istanbul's water is about to run out! Blowjobs to 24 guys for free drinks He completely cut off his penis while circumcised! Tech enthusiasts are talking about this watch! The update that drove iPhone users crazy! Fifty Shades of Grey found obscene! YDG-H bombed a house and coffee shop! The detained police started a sit-in! The puppy fell into a three-meter-deep hole and has been waiting to be rescued for two months. Police shot himself with his girlfriend's gun! The book that created an event from the prostitute journalist! Gezi protest is a right, not a crime! Britain's support for Israel is 'disgraceful'! The ceasefire in Gaza is over! Hamas agreed to ceasefire! Rightists attacked leftists in Israel! Torture animals for the HIV eradication method! The word "I do not let my right" hurt me! Holiday call from İhsanoğlu to candidates! Bulent Ersoy without make-up scared! Animal rescue action by ALF in Turkey! Erdogan got angry, the phones of the police were collected! Dogs are dying in Tokat Shelter! In England, hunters protested the hunting ban by killing horses! HES struggle continues with the festival! ALF action against the fascist beach ban in Antalya! Beren Saat and Kenan Doğulu got married He's showing off with handcuffs! Let me get you a gigolo too, my wife! The Simpsons and Family Guy are coming together! Daniel Radcliffe talks about his first sexual experience! Kissing Kristen Stewart was expensive! No harassment campaign at Comic Con! ALF is in Beyoğlu this time! Bare support to Israeli soldiers! Fight between the Popular Front and the Kurdish nationalists! HDP won the appreciation of MHP! Guns were drawn in the clash between the People's Front and the HDP! Lynching attempt on a woman from HDP members! Court: Tights are the reason for provocation! What would you write if every place was a professor! Mass execution horror in Gaza Huzaa! Israel ended the ceasefire! To Celal Şengör, who said that feeding feces is not torture from Gültan Kışanak: Bon appetit! Haysev: Celery was thrown on the mother and her cubs She got naked while dancing with Jennifer Lopez! The actress of the La Casa de Papel series caught the Corona virus An eventful message of peace from Madonna! Argentina went bankrupt, blamed the USA! Outshines Kim Kardashian A sit-in from the People's Front in the BDP building! Armed attack on Demirtaş's convoy! A new pleasure: Point P! The European Cup has been postponed for Erdogan's rally! Precipitation warning from Meteorology! Conflict in Afghanistan: 26 dead! Anti-gay law repealed in Uganda! Animals are going extinct fast! Istiklal, which became concrete, flooded! HDP is responsible for every exploding weapon! Tornado panic in Istanbul! Investigate 4 attorneys! What should we do if the smartphone falls into the water? Sabah reporter who was injured in Galatasaray facility died! Attack on meat stores! 76 ISIS members killed! Donkey torture in Palestine! Stray DHA is terrifying! A mall in Ankara's historical neighborhood! Heavy blow to ISIS! Cuba: The USA must end its activities against our country! It is forbidden to take the bus with a turban! He kicked the dog first, then strangled it to death! TV, electricity, internet gone in Istanbul! Flood in Izmir: 1 person died! Gulen's 'referendum' confession: I'm sorry! Planes are not allowed to take off! Criminal complaint against Kılıçdaroğlu! Pardon the reaction of the Armenians to Erdogan! Support to Palestine from Crystal Tovar Aragon! Four more cops arrested! The selfie taken by the monkey started a fight! ISIS killed 3000 people in Shengal! Confused on Twitter! Mom reported her son watching porn! He became famous by drawing a penis! PKK hacked Ankaragücü's website! We hit Istanbul! Venezuelan aid to Gaza children! Donations made to candidates! The anti-Hamas ad sparked controversy! The elephant responded to the killers! Is American Apparel fantasizing about lolita? Behind the scenes of Ersun Yanal's resignation! Tattoo camouflage for permanent scars! Courtney Stodden walking down the street in her underwear Attack on communist party! Facebook Messenger has become mandatory! Facebook changed the name of Diyarbakır! USA armed the Peshmerga! AKP determines the prime minister! Nearly 13 million people did not vote! Evening: Erdogan will resign today! Türkiye broke the twitter record! Demirtaş congratulated Erdoğan over the phone! How many pennies were a lot of renegade people sold for? Interesting research from the US research company! Scientific Committee Member: Normalization in Istanbul will come later Fenerbahce's new coach is announced! Black youth was killed in the USA, a riot broke out! Domination comedy on Anarchy İn Istanbul page! YSK announced the provisional results! False identity and rent scandal in Avcılar Municipality! Rebellion is growing in Ferguson! Ebola epidemic bigger than thought KONDA: Sorry. Unemployment rate is 8.8 percent! ISIS killed 80 Yazidis! Syrians are coming to Istanbul! ‘Junk head’ was fired from Hürriyet! We made our kids drink their own urine! Bird massacre under the name of high-speed train! Sapanca Lake is alarming! Washington Post: New Türkiye, shutting down YouTube where corruption records are posted? Test your sexual intelligence in 12 questions! Öcalan: The 30-year war is about to end! They threw 5 babies in the trash! Humidity is at record level in Istanbul! Interesting ISIS claim from the Daily Mirror! Statue of PKK member Mahsum Korkmaz was erected! Massacre by ISIS! 700 dead. Curfew in the USA! DHKP-C claimed responsibility for the attack on the police! Israelis are on the street for peace! Istanbulites pay attention to this night! Nobody wanted to sit next to you! Foreign Affairs responded to the news of the Party! 3 Hamas commanders killed! The spokesman made Lenin Ataturk! Attack with rocket launcher from PKK! One hiccup ruined your life! The new prime minister has been announced! ISIS member of the Beatles who beheaded appeared! Beach volleyball tournament in Europe! Twitter is looking for employees in Turkey News disaster from Habertürk! When is the new government formed? The new ally of the USA: PKK! Naked tourist crisis Decision like a revolution in the surname! He stole 500 thousand euros, he didn't complain because he didn't have time! HDP surprise in the general election poll! Facebook distributes money.. Here is the way to earn! Why do men pay for sex? Strange penis decision from German judge Why are topless people less? Miley Cyrus has been banned! Armed conflict in Ankara! Do not pick up the phone the first time it rings! ISIS plundered Assyrian villages! Rainfall warning from Meteorology The child who fell from the toy in the amusement park died! Reaction to the title 'Dead lady' of the Calendar! Male ban in the hospital! The snake was fair! He did not forgive the murderer who cut off his head. McDonald's branches are closing! Storm warning for Istanbul! ISIS has an office in Fatih! Erdogan period in Çankaya! He cursed Ahmet Hakan, the director of TRT! The famous TV personality was killed by his throat cut! He raped the dog for minutes! We don't have a strategy against ISIS! Journalists are afraid of angering Erdogan. There is no such thing as a G spot! New images from Nymphomaniac! Time shock! He will no longer be able to enter Çankaya! Davutoğlu announced the 62nd Government! Wealth from Kadir Topbaş to Tarkan! Öcalan's video message will not be broadcast! Instagram crashed! Galatasaray's rivals in the Giants League have been announced! Intervention with TOMA in Taksim! Spent 120k on a manicure! Imprisonment for obscene computer game! Karolin Fişekçi tried to commit suicide! Instruction by SMS! 3 transfers in Galatasaray! Terrific claim from Der Spiegel! The secret of perfect butts! Dormitory application results have been announced! Fight in the Underwear League! Russia cannot stand by and wait! The Bosphorus will narrow by 8 meters! Shock image on Bagdat Street! iCloud hacked nude photos scattered around! Humanity died by taking selfies! Your conscience that serves the bosses... Bülent Arınç will lead the solution process! The USA listened to Turkey from four arms! Famous rocker joined ISIS! Fenerbahce overtakes the giants of the world! The passenger who was not intervened because of hairy died! Baby corpses are passengers to Russia! Attack on students in Mersin! The bag law calendar has become clear! No deaths in traffic in 2020! PKK raid on ISIS: 1 dead! Russia will respond to NATO! The FBI is involved in the nude photo scandal! The hospital took out debt to Hasan Ferit Gedik! Funny defense from Demirtaş! AKP ends with applause.. The secret of 127 years: never getting married! They came to Nymphomaniac dressed in black! ISIS became a cartoon! Overpass collapsed in Avcılar: 2 dead! Ethem Sarısülük trial has begun! Ebola virus underestimated! No apology or assurance from Germany! Penalty from RTÜK: They shook their hips! He woke up from his coma and started speaking Chinese! It's time for ISIL's beheading actions. Whatsapp is now on your arm! That article by Gökhan Kaya that was deleted by Seda Sayan's lawyers Muhammet Eren, whose condition is critical, is not given a turn! Severance pay? Flash development about the tanker accident! There was no 'intention' in the Diyarbakir massacre! Family Ministry complained about Seda Sayan to RTÜK Disney mouse sued the musician! The phone that burned the heads of Turkish men! Fenerbahce sent its 'Messi' on loan! He got rid of ISIS by pretending to be dead! IMM will defend in the animal shelter case! Censorship reaction from Fatih Portakal to CHP! The Ministry 'protects' the ancient city with cloth! We will definitely bring the autonomy requirement! I will ask Obama for Gülen! He carries his bed where he was raped! They're going to keep young people away from booze and porn! The tweet that shook the basketball world! Jennifer Lopez's sexy clip angers fans Facebook for women! Kılıçdaroğlu is a CIA project Extreme sex divorce! Flash move from Bank Asya! Instagram phenomenon Cansu Taşkın! Surprise resignation in the ministry! Monkey distributed money to the public! The last 5 years of synthetic drug users! Ways to lose weight fast! Flash decision from NATO! He took selfies with the women he raped! Response from Gülen to Erdoğan: An unwarranted attempt! Kılıçdaroğlu was re-elected president! Water cuts started in Yalova! It is not possible for the dead to be considered martyrs! The elevator was slamming! Construction workers closed TEM! Fatih Terim's little surprises; 3 September 2014 Denmark Türkiye match! You can now shop on Twitter! The name of Trabzonspor's new stadium is Recep Tayyip Erdogan! Response to the allegation of rape on the set of Fugitive Brides! He threw the dog into the washing machine! FEMEN girls burned the ISIS flag! It is our right to demand Gülen from the USA! The TV actor died under the tree! Great news for Whatsapp users! Jazz 'on campus' concerts are starting, the festival program has been announced! We will not oppose the operation against ISIS! Speed ​​limit changed in Istanbul! Rapid rise in the dollar! Lale Müldür will shoot her movie at ArtInternational! Hazal Kaya and Aras Bulut are in the same series! Response to water claim from Gökçek! Those who give sex education should be arrested! They tried to hand out injured pigs for free! Top name of ISIS captured! USA gives weapons to Japan! Bad news for Gmail users! Did Alaattin Çakıcı say to Bekir Bozdağ, "If the US does not extradite FETO, we will end it in Pennsylvania"? Eye makeup made this! Shocking allegations from that journalist's family! We want political and financial autonomy! Posters against loneliness received a reaction! Dog massacre with poisonous sausage! He cursed Galatasaray, wore the Fenerbahçe jersey! Ceyda Ateş's nose is broken! She was harassed by the tabloids while trying on underwear! They "accused" of re-establishing the Soviet Union The jealous husband was terrified! Tarkan'and selfie concert! Social media is cooling off from sex! Support for Çarşı from Europe! A lawsuit from the dog's sitter to the movie Sivas! Ankara's water is not drinkable! Hard response from Fatih Terim to Galatasaray management! USA is playing with fire! Workers are also penalized in work accidents! Frames that shocked the world (+18) Police harassment statement from AKP deputy BBP'liler messed up! Gunshots in front of Erdogan's house! Elif Şafak has decided to slaughter an animal! Customary warning from Niran Ünsal to Gaga! World War 3 may have begun! Dog shelter burned in England! 43 dogs died. I rubbed salt on my cut nose! İMC TV found Michelle Demishevich immoral! Aesthetic addict model has become this! Soma overshadowed our success! He warned of cancer, he was dismissed! MEB's definition of atheist: Those who act as if there is no God! Dilipak expelled from TGC 'Not every femicide is femicide in violence against women' It is rudeness, meanness and meanness! Google blow to Hürriyet and Milliyet! Shock claim about Ziraat Bank! Watch out tonight! Set up your satellite receiver! Gendarmerie is getting civilian! Galatasaray fans protested against TFF! We are ready to hit ISIS targets! Incentive to subcontractors, barrage to unions! İMC TV denied Michelle Demishevich's claims! Davutoğlu compared religion with Marxism! They drew a penis on the football field! Awesome feature for Whatsapp! Serious claim about the drug Apranax Plus! RTÜK pressed the button for TRT! Galatasaray is going to the extraordinary general assembly! We do not kneel at the table of thieves! Chaos awaits Istanbul! Huge penalty from RTÜK to the event program! Whatsapp banned in Iran! 25-storey building burned out! Why did Murdoch complain about Google? Mesut Ozil made a show! Interesting Galatasaray message from Governor Mutlu! Erdogan is going to the USA! Fenerbahce laughed with Emre's penalty! Support march to Kobane! We are also victims of the coup! Will Türkiye teach a lesson to ISIS? I was either going to commit suicide or go on stage! Kobane move by Assad Yemeni Prime Minister Resigns! 15 percent cut off! Earthquake in Samsun! The accused 'secretly' testified! Fire in Bakırköy CNR Expo Center! Natalia Proza in water commercial! Sofia Jaramillo is in love with football! Syrian planes hit ISIS! Smash his head with a stone, strangle him! The hotel will damage Olympos! Bagel sellers in Istanbul have been removed! Are ISIS members being treated in Urfa? Message from the USA with pudding Awesome feature to YouTube! Is Ersun Yanal on his way to Galatasaray? It may snow tomorrow! She was forced into group sex by her mother at the age of 14! 2. iCloud shock! Nude photos leaked again.. Do not give your credit card to the waiter! 600 Thousand Lira fine for his words that Armenian, don't watch! London's subway stops become hotels! He died while supporting the ice water campaign! If this is my state, get out! Alleged ISIS killed 300 soldiers with chlorine gas Clash at KTU! 1 person was arrested. The verdict of acquittal for the tweets in Gezi! Miner's march is growing in Zonguldak! 2022 will not happen in Qatar! Claims that Türkiye is secretly making an atomic bomb! Headscarf free in secondary education! Istanbul Bar Association Disciplinary Committee: “Disabling the People from Military Service is within the scope of freedom of expression” The USA foretold the attack! Turban was not allowed in kindergarten! We can't control ISIS! iPhone 6 is on sale in Turkey! HSYK election in the Supreme Court! A person wearing an ISIS T-shirt on the tram testified! 11 months in prison for the author of the travel book! Deepika's boobs confused India! Critical ISIS statement from Erdogan! From the idealists, father send me to the hearth poster! Shame on people with disabilities! Contradictory Questions has been removed! USA is the mother of terrorism! Torturer police returned to duty! Attention to the weekend in Istanbul! Our war on terror continues! What does human flesh taste like? Reaction to the massacre under the name of the feast! The latest victim of the nude photo scandal is the politician! Huge deal from arch rivals! He rented his girlfriend for iPhone 6! Turkish gay couple married in Istanbul! ISIS cut off the tourist's head! There may be a terrorist attack in Turkey! Change in Avcılar-Topkapı metrobus route! Yacht and jet-driven Di Caprio talked about environmentalism! Will there be an alliance between CHP and HDP? Suspicious package alert in Kadıköy! Bending iPhone 6 Plus is changing for free! ISIS attack on Istanbul University! We can end the ceasefire at the end of September! Greece will give weapons to YPG! ISIS is preparing to attack the USA! Provoke freedom of the press! New feature to Instagram! Let siblings have sex with each other! Twitter CEO made fun of Iranian leader! A distress call came from the grave! Action against ISIS attack at Istanbul University! Star filled the empty UN hall with Photoshop while Erdoğan was speaking! Milliyet removed the turban text from the internet! Bad news for Windows 7 users! Flash ISIS decision from England! Zahit Atam: Art After Kobane! If there is no religion lesson, they become addicted! Türkiye is preventing us from hitting ISIS! 24 hour water cut in Istanbul! Attention to those who constantly share their relationship status on social media! You'll walk like you've had sex for hours! Instagram blocked in China! Cocker dog found in Küçükçekmece Cennet Mahallesi! 31 animals rescued from killers in India!! Police raid on Karşı newspaper! We will not interfere in the Berkin case! What did the Ökzler do to Sezen Aksu? Shock hike in natural gas and electricity! Assassination notice to two writers! He killed and ate their flesh! Cologne wipes crisis at KFC that sells corpses! İhsan Eliacik: ‘No to Slaughtering Animals, Yes to Holidays’ How many people look at your breasts per day? Pre-victim ALF action! ISIS is connected to the live broadcast! Threats to students from a site close to ISIS! Istanbul University is confused again! Attack in hummus! 45 dead.. Last minute shock in Galatasaray! Shocking facts about revenge porn! Life imprisonment for perverts who oppress animals! Actions against the victim continue! City war preparation in Kobani! The government pushes the button! Doors are opening.. Parliament is voting on a bill today... The system collapsed, hospitals canceled! Buddhist monk raped 14-year-old girl! Victim protested! Curfew in Minneapolis, where George Floyd was killed ISIS executes British hostage! Cilvegözü Border Gate has been closed! A mortar hit the border! Another action was taken against the victim. Screening decision after censorship! The victim and the victim feel the same! Cut pig's head in front of the mosque! Zahit Atam: Notes on festivals and censorship in Turkey! A mother's stomach was pierced! Dolphin captivity is being built in Tuzla! Beauty contest canceled due to fear of ISIS! The images that appeared in Kurban received a reaction Animal libertarian Walter Bond's court speech! Support from ALF to Leman Sam! Attack on the police station in Siirt! Curfew in 6 provinces! Ülkü Ocakları: It's none of our business! Soldier went down the street in Istanbul! The death toll is rising! Remarkable statement from TSK! Shock to Kurds in France: Go away and fight in Kobani! Kılıçdaroğlu: Flag burning should not live in this country! Support from Şevval Sam to his mother! Praise to animal slaughter from Seda Sayan! Kids should watch too. First death from Ebola in the USA! Porn content tweeted from the news site! ISIS supporters attacked again in Beyazıt! Show that the Kurds have a state! He killed and raped his mother! Hacked nude photos are up for sale! Ülkücüler has hacked Tuğluk! Ebola ignorance killed a dog! Leman Sam canceled his concert! Clash in Mardin: 1 dead, 6 injured! Is the curfew over? Kobane action at the airport! Businesses selling hunting weapons were looted! Twitter accounts of CHP deputies hacked! HDP said it's a solution process again! The Deputy Chief of Police and the inspector died in the attack! Police opened fire in Okmeydanı! Loukanikos is dead! Clash in Mardin and Mersin: 1 dead, 8 injured! The death toll rose to 35! Cem Garipoğlu committed suicide! Hezbollahists took action in Fatih! ALF saved 20 rabbits! Reza Zarrab knows where the lost coins are! Special operations forces raided the hospital in Suruç! Azeri reporter of Agos was targeted! Nobody goes out on the street, let's do our job! Tanks are going to the border! Soldier opened fire on the border! ALF threw Molotov cocktails at Bayer vehicles in Germany It's not enough to shield the police! Death threat from ISIS to Twitter CEO You are the one who betrayed the Kurds! They cut off the rapist's penis with a line! Clashes are increasing in Kobane! ISIS can attack all over the world! We sent our troops to Turkey! Palitana became the world's first vegetarian city! Marmara University vegans refused to eat corpses! Declaration of war from Hezbollah!! Boycott at Mersin University! Incirlik Base statement from the Prime Ministry! Türkiye is losing its friends! Do not put your photo on the Internet! Tugay Kerimoğlu turns yellow and red! Isn't Cem Garipoglu dead? Attack on the posters of female volleyball players! Decency? Flash Öcalan decision from the ECHR! Compulsory military service from the PYD! Reaction from animal libertarians to Sivas movie! The leaker agent got his stripper girlfriend! Women rowers undressed for cancer! Baby found abandoned on the street in Hatay Armored vehicles are advancing to the border! New air strikes on Kobane! ISIS has captured the critical base! He whipped his opponent, not the horse! The killer named Süleyman Şahin is exhibiting the corpses! Huseyin Uzmez is dead! Police intervention in Çukurova! The ferry was occupied in Kadıköy! 180 thousand people were displaced! State of Emergency scenes at Istanbul University! Today's man makes woman a lesbian! He earns $500,000 a year with his Twitter account. The ISIS flag planted in Kobane was taken down! $25 million donation from Zuckerberg to Ebola! Rape of 4-year-old boy in hospital! Lessons will be held in the mosque! Kobane raids in 3 cities! Free service to LGBTIs! Veganspor is on the field to support Kobane! Sosa's testimonial is in Beşiktaş! Molotov cocktail will be considered a bomb! A criminal complaint against Yılmaz Özdil for racism! 150 Yazidi children died of starvation in Shengal! I've made love to over 700 cars! Atheist Armenian who makes a living from Kurds! Curious about Ebola! A dead mouse came out of the coffee at McDonald's! One hundred thousand people in Ireland marched against privatization of water! Arrest warrant for Kobane activists! None of us slept with Dan Bilzerian! Ebola panic in Istanbul, hospital evacuated! Weapon aid signal from Germany to PKK! 10 years in prison for Ethem's mother! Arif Doğan, the founder of JİTEM, died! Decision of non-prosecution until December 17! Great disrespect to Mehmet Pişkin! KPSS results announced! ISIS has been driven out of most of Kobane! HDP asked Öcalan for a secretariat! Emrah Serbes: Better than the 10 lira pirate original! Those who install Whatsapp are leaving one by one! Second Ebola suspicion in Istanbul! Galatasaray laughed in the last minutes! Cursing Emre and Volkan in the derby! iPhone 6 exploded in your pocket! Strong "snowfall" warning from meteorology! 538 million for 3 political parties! Chip IDs are coming! Pennsylvania Mayor Resigns! Campaign for children in the orphanage! What is the MERS virus? How is it found? Ertuğrul Özkök praised socialism! KCK: AKP is stalling! Ebola suspicion in Diyarbakır! ISIS crucified 17-year-old teenager! Our provinces where snowfall is expected! Jamaat has 15-20 million sympathizers! The last chinchilla and fox fur farm in Sweden is also closed! YSK: No early election alarm! I'm not the one talking to the BBC! Snowfall warning! The man with 4 wives, 7 fiancees and 5 girlfriends was arrested! He cut off his ear to protest forensic psychiatry! Scandal in Izmit Municipality! Is it illegal to have animals? These images confused America! Kurdish general on US planes! The body of the football player came out of the sea! Hitler and Mussolini apology from Migros! Is there a dislike button on Facebook? Scholarship and student loan applications have started! Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation into the photo of stepping into the Quran The giant phone brand is no more! Writers go to the border for Kobane! Censorship of the press in the Meis Case! I proposed to Obama! Armed attack on parliament! Interesting outfit at the fashion show! A three-year-old boy was abandoned in a shopping mall in Bursa Kılıçdaroğlu: YPG is not a terrorist organization! Nude photo alert from Apple! Necati Şaşmaz had a traffic accident! I would be lynched if I sang the Baccarat Reel! Presidential NYT headline! Call from HDP to the government! The state will fight the congregations! ALF's reaction to animal exploitation! Peshmerga fired first missile against ISIS! ISIS seeks CEO with $225K Salary Okan Bayülgen: The moment I learned that I had cancer... Searching for a mole in Galatasaray! Honor killing is racing on the way to the Oscars! Meeting in Validebağ! Same-sex marriage confused the country! Öcalan is in Reaction! Reply to Sinan Engin from Melo with a photo! Beşiktaş 0-2 Fenerbahce.. Eagle disbanded! Shame on Sabri from Lig TV! "They are rude! The President says they are still drinking! Morning operation from the police! They were drinking with boys and girls! The excess of the authoritarian Erdogan! Sarigul's powers were taken away! iPhone sales banned! Police raid on SGK! Demirtaş: The process has now stopped! The porn industry surrenders to them! Dortmund's president is from Galatasaray Twin brothers forced a woman to have group sex! What happened in the final of My Name is Gültepe? If you block my way, who are you? Mortar attack in Damascus: 12 dead! Türkiye wanted Facebook closed! Rihanna undressed for Esquire! AKP's Istanbul candidate Binali Yıldırım: There is no field in Tarlabasi They say we have finished the congregation! You tell those stories... Car racing is back to beauty pageant! Hit the hood without turning the ignition! He protested Erdogan, he was expelled from teaching! Dog rape demand 4 years in prison! Why do we gossip? Nabilla Benattia is in custody for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend! ISIS sees Turkey as an ally! 8 years to the Kobane action on the ferry! Parallel operation! 17 police in custody... The husband who calls his wife an idiot will pay compensation! He was fired from the series, saying he was doing prostitution! 31 lira hike to the minimum wage! Game of Thrones release date has been announced! Is Claudia Romani refereeing? Blow to ISIS! 80 militants died... Ak Saray secret passage is on the parliamentary agenda! Call to homosexuals from the mosque! Russian and Chinese woman warning to soldiers! Record increase from Facebook in a year 'Woman in Red' reaction to İTÜ Flash statement from TSK! Your brain is playing tricks on you! They were raped every day for 5 years! Convenience to users from Facebook! Ersun Yanal offered match fixing! Parallel structure victims! He had sex with his 16-year-old student in the car! We were drinking to check the water Detention decision for a 2-year-old boy! The airport was occupied in Mexico! Tomorrow is a historic day for humanity! Whatsapp is destroying the nest! He found the body of the former tenant in the new house he bought! Özlem Özden burned Show TV! Youtube will delete those videos! The world is talking about this goal! PKK dug a trench in Cizre! Are taxis monopolized? Ak Saray means 10 thousand tons of carbon dioxide per year! PKK will dissolve itself in Turkey! Pele was taken to the hospital! One by sucking the lower lip and the other upper lip! Harsh response from the people of Tunceli to Bahçeli! Morrisey, the lead singer of The Smiths, asked that no bodies be sold at the concert! The Prime Minister should also be included in the case! Reaction to Yavuz Bingöl! If the draft is not accepted, I will withdraw! Nuclear accident in Ukraine! Hz. Muhammad's movie created a crisis! The family whose daughters changed their gender did it! Fire in Trabzonspor facility! Cara Delevingne at the British Fashion Awards! News that will delight Twitter users! Whatsapp can be hacked remotely! Türkiye still supports ISIS! Fatih Terim returns to Galatasaray in May I'm posting all the lyrics tomorrow! ‘Bone-wrenching’ trade from Che Guevara’s son: ‘Motorcycle Diaries’ ​​tour for 3-6 thousand dollars! Öcalan: I am at the limit of my patience! Arbitrary torture of mice: they put a bra on the mice! Ask the slanderers! It became clear that 43 leftist students were burned! The witch hunt has begun! They poisoned the dogs and threw them in the trash! CHP members became a standing billboard! 17 December Celebration from Donation! A walk against the slaughter of the Fatih forest! Zana and Tuğluk join HDP Hanefi Avcı's sentence has been approved! Kisirkaya: Modern F-Type In The Bad! I would like to share my big disappointment! Ertuğrul Özkök testified to the prosecutor on 14 December! Announced the AK Party's vote rate! They sniffed the female deputy's coat! The 100-year archive of the City Theaters has been plundered! The government rested on Kandil! They painted dogs like pandas in the circus! Cübbeli's incitement to murder: If the turkey is cheap, buy it, but not on New Year's Eve, but after 2 days! Warning to natural gas users from İGDAŞ! The storm is coming! I will gather the ministers on January 19th! Allegations of internal conflict in ISIS! Penalty coming to Atiba! It's been a great year apology from Facebook! The police threw the money of the woman selling bird food into the pool!! What's the matter with you, red infidel! Young arrested for insulting Erdoğan: I am where I should be! Has the mystery of the pyramids been solved? May those who hurt us be given a fair trial! Notary jail sentence in Deniz Feneri case! IDO canceled 8 flights! Vivian Cepeda porn leaked online! It is possible to revive the person hours after the heart stops! Hate speech in the media increased by 30 percent! Camel wrestling is not culture, it is torture! You call the people to the street, and then... Bad news for Medcezir fans! When the server refused to cover up, the crisis broke out! Mehmet Baransu was detained Meteorology warns again! The PKK will cut off everyone's head! Blood-curdling hashtag from ISIS! Acquittal in dog rape case! Internet Explorer is obsolete! Cancer risk in fruit soda! If you open this email you will be burned! Merkel: Stay away from anti-Islam demonstrations! Meteorology warned for snowfall! The National Newspaper made Santa Claus the devil! We will not be deceived by traitors and enemies! Those on the road call these numbers! Deniz Seki broke a record in prison! The torturer police lost his case against ETHA! Atatürk's painting in the illegal palace... Siberian cold is coming! Anarchist prisoner went on hunger strike! Sümeyye Erdoğan is a well-bred girl! The claim that the bonus winning numbers have been changed! Rape of 14-year-old girl at the police station! OnePlus One has been spotted for the first time! Gang rape of Japanese woman! Selfie course at university! I was threatened with arrest in Egypt! What does the pain of love do to people? Common mistakes made on Twitter! Clash in Gülsuyu! The İmralı delegation survived the danger of drowning! Zarrab bought a plane for 58 million dollars! Students will be detained! Another person from Bonzai died! Sexual harassment is not a crime! Trans person committed suicide! 13-year-old boy who tested positive for coronavirus dies Retirement raise like a joke! Confession from CIA: We were the flying saucers! Nedim Zurnacı, who was riding on the back of the farmers, was dismissed! The right to euthanasia for the rapist serial killer! Is your mother the cause of your sexual problems? Workers were expelled from MHP Salihli Municipality for no reason! Tram services have been stopped! Live bomb action in Istanbul! 15 people were laid off in AA! The 10% threshold application was rejected! Are schools in Istanbul a holiday tomorrow? Do not open this mail! Bomb alarm at E-5! Snow holidays in many cities! 8 years to protest on the train track! 14-year-old boy was killed! 3 year old child abuse! When Will This Style Become Me? Earthquake in the Aegean! Coffee makes you weak! 18 policemen are free in Antep! The names that will go to Galatasaray have been announced! Turkish Airlines has canceled 51 flights! Roman mood has been removed! Cem Yilmaz was killed! Examining Fethullah Gülen's schools! DHKP-C took responsibility for the Sultanahmet action! Güneşli-Bağcılar metro services are canceled! Chlorine gas was used in the civil war in Syria! Hubble took a picture of the Pillars of Creation! British farmer killed cows under the pretext of "Nazi Cow"! It has been proven that the age of stars depends on the speed of their rotation! Three life sentences for Palestinian who killed children because they were Jewish! Greenpeace sued nuclear! It is possible to overcome pain with the power of mind! Statement about the crashed AirAsia plane! ISIS whips man who watches porn! The gang drove Mehtap Zengin to suicide Peta Todd becomes a rally driver! Monica Bellucci: I'm 50 years old but still desired! The only livelihood is trying a sex toy! Alina Boz, Hazal of Shattered! Canine distemper! Massacre in Charlie Hebdo magazine! The benefits of radish! Charlie Hebdo reaction from Bahadır Boysal to Oda TV! Porn actress Mia Khalifa stirs up the Middle East Ecem Parlayan: A conventional unethical: animal exploitation in cinema! Can Dundar was poisoned! I paid for the ad in the opposite newspaper! Ömür Gedik changed the clip due to the reactions! The first statement from ISIS after the bloody attack! Bill Gates drank water made from human excrement! The biggest attack on humor! Cartoonist Coco: They said we are al-Qaeda! First reactions from the world to the massacre! Journalist Gaye Coşar passed away! Charlie Hebdo apology from anti-capitalist Muslims! Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Leave Libya quickly! Tens of thousands on the street in France! Police raid on Bank Asya! Penalty from RTÜK for 6 television channels! Blood-curdling photos from mental hospitals! Identities of Paris attackers have been determined! It cannot be connected with Islam! The massacre message of the Spanish actor was an event! Insulting the 'Resist Türkiye' posters! Imam period in hospitals! A new attack in Paris! Dismissal of the teacher who participated in the Gezi protest Kadir İnanır enters politics from HDP! Murdered editor-in-chief: I am a Kurd The 3rd attacker surrendered in the Paris massacre! The civil service of thousands of people may burn! Call to Taksim for the Paris massacre! Last Frame After Death: Post Mortem! Farah Abraham fell victim to plastic surgery! Explosion in a restaurant in France! He who does not have his tattoo removed, ask Allah for forgiveness! The death penalty is on the agenda in Paris! Sneijder is waiting for the agreement of the clubs! If they say get out of Imrali, I won't leave! Star Wars actor died on stage! Shoes were thrown at Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu! The dowry account is coming! 25 years later, a new antibiotic has been found! Special treatment for the koala rescued from the fire! Fire panic in Parliament! Paul Watson; The Charlie Hebdo massacre is also a blow to Animal Rights! Mexican press: Forest burned due to Tiktok video Mosques opened in France! ALF saved animals in Argentina, set fire to university laboratory! Donkeys are frozen again! McDonald’s, which sells animal corpses, apologized! What we don't know about eggs! The attacker, who said 'I will make the dogs a bullet maniac', was detained Ehlisunnet tore up Charlie Hebdo! Turkish radio broadcasts were closed! Romans whose houses have been destroyed have been on the street for days! The US admitted that it may have killed civilians! Charlie Sheen: Kim Kardashian, your back looks like a nasty and saggy sack! When will the snowfall in Istanbul end? The high school student who was shot with a plastic bullet was taken to the hospital! Gigi Hadid is the face of the ad! United June Movement marches for Charlie Hebdo! The dog froze to death in Sakarya! 'How to torture' training at Istanbul University! Google translate Cold War product? Support for Charlie Hebdo from Turkish journalists! I watch porn instead of tweeting! Rape criminal returns to the field! Raped in the middle of everyone! AKP will have to remove the threshold! Why are those who live without marriage being interfered with? US-Cuba talks begin! Surprise resignation in the Super League! Danish cartoonist under police protection! School holidays in these provinces! The first photo taken after the Charlie Hebdo massacre has been released! Plug it in and your TV turns into a computer! The death toll exceeds 2,000! Meteorology warned! We will donate.. Students did not take the AKP minister to METU! Brunette women age slower! Insulting students from İrem Derici! Don't confuse me with your masturbation.. HDP agreed with AK Party! Congratulation from ISIS to the Paris massacre! Charlie Hebdo suspects killed! 'No license for transgender people' in Russia DHKP-C: We apologize to all our people! Support Charlie Hebdo from models! Yeni Akit Melda has frozen Onur! This mistake reduces sexual desire! The journalist who survived the massacre told the horror! When will TEOG results be announced! Loss-leakage fee will be charged again! Attack on the police station! Sensual caress punishment from RTÜK! Yilmaz Vural resigned! Sergen Yalçın's coronavirus test was positive Fire in Zorlu Center: 1 dead!! We are open to cooperation with France! Today's attack was anti-Semitic! Shlomit Malka was a corporal in the Israeli army, he became a model! The cops are looking for him everywhere! PKK made a driver's license check! We will track and kill each and every one of you! Ferries cancelled! Another bomb in the mall! Charlie Hebdo's cartoons re-released! The fact that dark focus is not a tool for perception operations.. Riot in Brazil! People poured into the street. What is veganism! Why can't we tickle ourselves? Avalanche in HEPP construction! Bomb threat at Disneyland! You can marry a 6 year old boy! Empty words! His dog was killed for barking! If he calls, we have to go! They made a 10-year-old daughter a suicide bomber! Execution of the owner of the radio in Ankara! Istanbul University management should apologize to the animals! Big terrorist acts will be done! Saying 'I don't love you' is attack! I'm a member of ISIS, I killed it! Attack on the German newspaper! Don't pay this money even if the banks want it! Shocking tweets from Ozan Tufan! Horrible accident in Pakistan: 57 dead! Wilders: The only responsible for the attacks is the religion of Islam! Funeral prayer in Istanbul for Charlie Hebdo attackers! PKK raided the DEDAŞ building! Clash in support of Charlie Hebdo! Charlie Hebdo special issue from Leman! Zahit Atam: Lynch, Paris, Sivas He's gone for a walk in Paris! AKP votes fell to 38 percent! I wish our name would continue as Ottoman! PEDIGA banned prophet cartoons! Even if I'm a champion they'll fire me! Meteorology warns again! New feature to YouTube! Black sheet warning at the border! One step closer to secure quantum internet Armed attack on animal rights defender Ege Sakin's farm! He fell in love with his daughter's friend! The boy who was forced into prostitution at the age of 5! Bilgesu Sümer will announce her conscientious objection! A secret hand tries to pit people against each other A new bank is being established! Rifat Dogan is in front of the judge tomorrow! Trouserless Metro Journey! The Italian Newspaper was a victim of translate! ALF saved the lamb from the dairy farm! Three years in prison for an atheist student! He complained that the book he did not read would divide the country! The teenager who stuck 94 iPhones on his body could not pass through customs! It is makruh for men to wear earrings! Protein lie! Clash in Ankara: 1 dead! Snowman is forbidden by religion! The women of Hollywood declared war on Russell Crowe! Forced to have sex with the dog! The Muslim who did not shake hands was burned! BBC has published prophet cartoons! ISIS hacked the US army! Fifty shades of gray trailer released! He was named the best football player of 2014! The first cover after the massacre was published! Reaction from Microsoft to Google! Drug operation in Istanbul! FSA militants joined ISIS! I heard that Fethullah Gülen was beaten! The French army has landed on the street! Adriana Lima is in front of the lens again! Ancient city for sale by owner! Guardian: Ottoman circus! The number of legal followers has increased! A quarter of gold from the Prime Minister to the mother of the child! Kadir Topbaş was acquitted! She cut her husband's penis in the middle of the street! Bilal Erdogan will pay Rıfat Doğan 1500 TL! The body of the model was found in the water tank! Earthquake in the Aegean! LGBTI treatment in India! He told about the rape horror of ISIS! I had a girlfriend who googled herself! Stone attack on Fox TV vehicle! Heavy load helicopter to the white palace! The cops will tie diapers under them! BlackBerry is infamous on Twitter! New Contract: Charlie itches again! 70 dogs were killed in Antalya! Internet media banned by RTÜK! 'Blocking' decision for Twitter and Facebook! Ancient city pillage from Koza Gold! Appiah quit football! Mehveş Evin's Charlie Hebdo article has not been published! Distribution barrier to humor magazines! Ak Saray's fuel expense is equal to Bayburt! TGC: Raiding the Republic is censorship! They ate animal corpses in the intensive care unit! Charlie Hebdo statement from the Republic! Scarlett Johansson unknowns! Model Merve Büyüksaraç is in court for insulting the President! The corpse gushed out of the river! France sends aircraft carrier to hit ISIS! Bilgesu Sümer announced his conscientious objection! Attack on Cumhuriyet Newspaper! Hate speech detention of 54 people! Embargo from THY to Cumhuriyet Newspaper! The fire was opened from Yeni Akit! Plan to attack the US congress! We do not allow insulting the Prophet! Zahit Atam: Maraş Massacre through the eyes of an 8-year-old girl! Wilma Elles surprise in Istanbul! Fine for person who attempts suicide in curfew Has Black Bread's release date been delayed? My 16 year old student seduced me! Hacking shock to Banu Güven! Robbed a bank to die! The 'Charlie' debate in Turkey is in the British press! Support visit from artists to the Republic! Akit targeted the Republic! 40 thousand signatures against pepper spray!'); INSERT INTO `gazisoft_news` (`title`) VALUES Yandex did not forget Nazim Hikmet! The owner of ITU Dictionary has been detained! Megan Fox: I go to bed just to relax! The bullet from the head of the child who died in Cizre! ISIS member: MIT conducted the swap! Funeral for Charlie Hebdo cartoonists! They threaten Ceyda Karan and me with death! Bad news from Müzeyyen Senar! Boko Haram filled 5 villages with corpses! He broke the record by writing with his nose! Google translate revolutionizes translation! Andrej Pejic: I'm stuck between your two genders! Men's biggest sexual fears! What happens on the Internet in 1 minute? Jihad operation in Belgium: 3 dead! Bomb on the train to Paris! From Yeni Akit to MHP: The caravan marches! He was acquitted for his porn dissertation! Charlie Hebdo statement by Eric Cantona! Insult case from Stalin's grandson! The phone was stolen in the Izdivaç program! Interesting hack to Beşiktaş's site! Natural gas control fees will be refunded! If Atatürk wanted to be a dictator... The police officer was collecting money! Sand sculptures of Turkish state soldiers are being made! They drugged and killed Harry! Davutoglu is grinning a little! Mein Kampf remains a dangerous book! If you can't come, kill them all! Al Nusra killed the woman accused of adultery! The Messenger of Allah was avenged! Beagle 2 found on Mars! Fiber attack from radical Islamists! He must have missed the harem! Üzmez's children rejected their father's inheritance! The whipping sentence for insulting Islam has been postponed! Shocking claim: Baghdadi is dead! The pin escaped into his lungs! Electricity bill shock to the citizen! He got a tattoo on his eye! Sözcü newspaper will pay compensation! Rocket attack on the governor's office! ISIS threw 2 homosexuals from the building! MOSSAD will kill me! Now was not the time! We urgently need an explanation! I'm about to choke your throat! Action in front of Emek Cinema! Gonca Vuslateri: I am in a complex period The company that sells pepper spray apologized! RTÜK: Gülşen's music video reaches porn You can be an atheist! Why are you provoking? Statement from Erkan Petekkaya! Examination operation claim from Fuat Avni! Neslihan Atagül doubled her salary! Protest from the goalkeeper! He left the castle. He raped a 9-year-old girl for years! Lindsay Ellingson: Thank you Türkiye! Meryem Uzerli shared her daughter's photo for the first time! The soldier who was shot on duty died! The cat saved the baby from freezing! We are ashamed of our Prophet! They deleted Zübeyde Hanım for Aksaray! "Girl", he buried his child alive in the ground! 2 churches burned in Niger! Torture the horses in Uludağ! He threw himself out the window! ISIS is setting up television! Is Hande Yener getting married? ALF destroyed fighter towers in the Netherlands! He married his father! US-Chinese ships engaged in conflict? Action in front of Cumhuriyet Newspaper! Ziynet Sali: I can get an arranged marriage! Another power outage in Istanbul! MIT documents are on the Dutch agenda! 3 separate bomb alarms in Istanbul! 6 years in prison for the chief of the trip! Türkiye is the Africa of sexual hunger! Filiz Akın: We are in a period where power and money are worshiped Action by animal libertarians in Ankara! It's raining indecent proposals on Tyran Richard! İnce: If the election is delayed, I will become the President I don't feel sorry for the dead! Human organs can be produced with a 3D printer! ISIS raids villages: 250 prisoners, 3 dead I will give my account only to Allah! If only I could walk around showing my everything like you! We are back from the brink of war with the USA! They had sex of their own free will! Why does God allow us to be sex workers? Shock on the return flight of Galatasaray! Cameron Diaz is in front of the lens! Israel hit Hezbollah! I'm afraid of Tayyip Erdogan! The pig that went down to the city in Samsun was lynched Clash in Hakkari! Britney Spears' ex-girlfriend was killed by the Taliban! Who is Hrant Dink? We love animals more than them! Decision correction application from Ogün Samast! Today in History! January 19... First transgender officer in the army! They had sex on the beach with their students!! Erdogan is changeable and authoritarian! The weather is warming up! It is selected from the catalog to the sand! PKK will be closed! Cizre Police Chief Demir surrendered! Hande Yener sets a bad example for young people! 1 more soldier committed suicide! Uğur Mumcu will be remembered in Şişli! I wouldn't be CEO if I wasn't gay! Women with big hips make smarter children! Calendar newspaper News Director Mevlüt Yuksel received a prison sentence The President went to work by subway! Hrant Dink is commemorated! 254 people were detained in the action of the Yellow Vests The era of Wikipedia is over; Now there is Wikisocialism! Weapons at Hrant Dink commemoration! Who is Hazal of Paramparça? Public transport discount is back! Rihanna posed with boxer! German newspaper apologized for Jewish cartoon! Superman has a fear of airplanes! Verbal attack on Can Dündar by Turks in Germany Prosecutor found dead! Female Presidential Candidate! Charlie Hebdo action by Chechens! Police intervention in Hrant Dink commemoration! Ekrem İmamoğlu tested the new metrobus Dink assassination was used to seize Istanbul! The soldier shot the 14-year-old boy! Today in History! January 20.. I need Love! Prosecutor's investigation against Fuat Avni! Illegal bugging operation! Parliament convened for the Supreme Court! Öcalan manifesto became an exam question! BBC apologized live to Russia Today! Alas, I fell in love with my friend's girlfriend! Milan even sold the team bus! The great danger waiting for Whatsapp users! Is it harmful to charge the phone overnight? Famous actor became a marketer! Statement from the mufti about the lynching of the pig! Gender changed in prison! Facebook employees' salaries are astonishing You will be crushed like flies.. O. children! Hazal of Shattered is with her real mother! Criminal complaint from AYM to ÖDP! A bag was put on his head, his feet were tied, he was thrown into the sea! Partnered with Intel at the age of 13! The court demanded the slaughter of 97 mules! Bust cleavage at Conservative party meeting Access ban to Fuat Avni account! Ahu Yağtu participated in the Shattered series! 10 cops were taken into custody! The mules that the court said to kill were saved! He called those who voted against whore! Supreme Court comment from the opposition! Fuatavni changed his name! The candid images of Sırrı Süreyya Önder with AKP members became an event! It is a registration that December 17 was a coup attempt! I don't think about acting anymore! Decision to rape 14-year-old girl: acquittal! Those bombs are not ours! Today in History! January 21.. Soldier licked the toilet! I feel close to death! Access ban to journalists' tweets! Go get those mules, we'll kill them! The policeman who killed Ali İsmail is released after 4 years! Friday prayers cannot be performed in Turkey! AKP municipality sealed Dedaş, who cut off his electricity! 24 hour access ban from Whatsapp! Frightening earthquake in Van! Twitter ban against Fenerbahçe! Police intervention to Ali İsmail's action! Differences between an uncontested and contested divorce He was caught raping a 6-year-old girl! Boxer protects from infertility! Lindsey Vonn made history! FKF: We will not forget the last kick! Good news for Game of Thrones fans Emine Ülker Tarhan was hospitalized! 23-year-old tennis player died of a heart attack! WhatsApp is now on the computer! Our brain is overheating! Meteor fell on Romania! Kim Kardashian wore an animal body! Knife and threat in Hasan Ferit Gedik case! Attack on Turkish delegation in Somalia! Ottoman Turkish course is coming to state dormitories! Cannonball to the bus stop: 13 dead, 25 injured! It is impossible for us to close the Syrian border! Women suffer more when they have a partner! We are confident! Solar power plant will be established! Turnstiles and camera systems are coming to schools! Scientists have identified the dangerous position for men! Vildan Atasever is divorced! Why does pain make our tongue ache? Hande Ataizi stayed on the street with her child! Burger King manager selling animal corpses attacked a little boy! He asked for money to do paid military service! Shay Mitchell: The lesbian scenes are much softer! Beetle 2 is coming! Stewardesses are with pilots for money! What happens in the brain of a person who commits suicide? New feature on Twitter! Tension in Okmeydanı Objection to the decision of Ali İsmail from the prosecutor! Worship until death comes to you! Democratic standards must rise! There was an earthquake in Bursa! 2 workers lost their lives! The Speed ​​of Light Has Been Slowed! Message undelete app on phones! Results when adults color children's books! King Abdullah is dead! Acquittal of 56 defendants in Gezi Trial! The fixtures for the second half of the Super League have been announced! 9 endangered plants! I have 2 penises, my puberty was hell! 3 minutes to the apocalypse! If you are not against Islamophobia... Action against the Kısırkaya concentration camp! Anonymous: Operation Dead Eaters! He threw a cigarette, got a record penalty! New men's fashion in America! Internet bans have been extended! Google buys Twitter! ISIS executes Japanese hostage! The internet will disappear! The streets are full of corpses: 30 dead! The bear escaped from the torturers! 49 ISIS members were killed! He was imprisoned for 40 years without guilt! The female activist was killed in the middle of the street! Armed attack in Şişli! He will convey Öcalan's greetings! Rainy weather is coming! He committed suicide by tying a rope to a tree! He tried to cut his wife's penis with scissors! He harassed his 14-year-old patient! He didn't swear on the Bible! Cows got flooded and died! Disabled people protest against the decision of ÖSYM! Found dead on the street! F-16 crashed: Two dead! Earthquake in Turkcell! Why did Süreyya Ciliv leave? The gendarmerie was fired upon: 1 soldier died! Japanese journalists flocked to Turkey! Alexis Tsipras removed the barricades! Same-sex couples civil union! Police 'without a photograph' found in Berkin Elvan investigation! Abdullah Öcalan's book has been released! Rape of 15-year-old girl: 84 suspects! The age limit of 40 in teaching has been lifted! I'm like in the grave! We'll come and cut your head off too! Astronomers discover ancient star system Experts warned: 7 earthquake is very close! He auctioned himself on the Internet! They spent 16 hours for the sex scene! 3 thousand TL fine for the hammam who did not take the trans woman! The confession of the woman who gave a condom to her rapist! Is German intelligence listening to the conversations? Armed attack on police in Taksim! The dollar broke the record for the rise! Is Kadir Topbaş a member of parliament? Mahmutbey-Mecidiyeköy metro line is being extended! We will have to close the Hello Fatwa line! Utku Çakırözer was dismissed from Cumhuriyet Editor-in-Chief! He kidnapped cats for food! Android took the record of iOS! Management statement from the Republic! Yaşar Kemal's health is getting worse! 5 people died due to the Lodos! Pay attention to the change your password warning! Ronaldo's new girlfriend Nicole Neal IMF chief marketed women for sex parties! How was Hazal of Shattered discovered? 50 shades of gray sparked controversy before it was released! Airport bus service passes from municipalities to the ministry Nigerian army: We repulsed Boko Haram attack! DHKP-C claimed responsibility for the Taksim attack! The dog died, the municipality watched! Why didn't you reward me? Tsipras has put its luxury office vehicles on sale! Hürriyet has published the disclaimer of Reza Zarrab! Halit Ergenç hit the old woman! Charlie Hebdo has stopped broadcasting! Feminine men are hated! Girls compete in underwear, what a disgrace! ISIS is attacking Kobane again! Jessie J passed out on stage! Mahçupyan: Fortunately, there is a person named Abdullah Öcalan! Do not approach the corpses of ISIS members! Horse racing protest in Veliefendi! Berk Kanoglu; Charlie Hebdo – Love is stronger than hate Dicle Kaczynski: About nobody and everybody! The question of Gülen's death stunned Arınç! He traveled 480 km to have sex with a 14 year old girl! My family loved my lovemaking scenes! Measles epidemic grows in the USA: 839 cases detected Beware of the porn virus on Facebook! It smashed the ratings! Fethullah Gulen's passport has been revoked! I never hid that I am a lesbian! Meral Akşener: I will sit at the table with Erdoğan on one condition Statement from Bank Asya! SYRIZA Türkiye account is fake! Let the single man be given a sexual need allowance! Emmy award-winning film "men can't kiss" penalty! My girlfriend is messing with me wearing a skirt! Young girls are being marketed! 100 thousand TL compensation lawsuit from Erdogan to Zaman! ISIS killed the pilot by burning! The doctor who ate the chicken corpse was found dead in his home! First arrest in Turkey for ISIS membership! Bank Asya was seized! What will those with money do? Yurt Newspaper fired 5 journalists! He hasn't been smiling for years so that his face won't wrinkle! Nabi Avcı announced the name of the foundation! The court gave its decision about Mustafa Sarıgül! Türkiye claim from the pilot burned by ISIS! Acquittal of the police officers who burned the tents! The plane hit the bridge: 9 people died! ISIS killed another gay! Seeing Loredana Chivu's poses, the father committed suicide! They don't want us to know how they kill animals! Bloodbath! 209 dead... 4 ISIS members caught in Turkey! Cumhuriyet newspaper reporter committed suicide! What is vaginismus, what are its symptoms, how is it treated? He raped 100 women by calling it a sleep experiment! truths in health; lettuce or meat? Coronavirus detected in workers working in drinking water facilities He cut his hand to get rid of his game addiction! Tsipras chose an interesting way to get the support of the conservatives! Piranhas ate the boy who fell into the river! Experts warned for these photos! Syrian influence! 1.9 million unemployed! Why does the community have a bank? This is how we punish those who drop bombs on our city! Selen Seyven's punishment has been announced! The USA is approaching the most terrible catastrophe! Private security entered RTÜK! Warning to Android users! Beyonce is on a home delivery vegan diet! Then let's burn Keynes' books! A statement was made about Yaşar Kemal's health status! He filed for divorce from his dead wife! They hacked Can Bonomo's account as Jewish! Let her go be a concubine to ISIS! We came to the world naked, why the veil? I'm so tired! Freezing cold is coming! Up to 2 years imprisonment is required! The folding mortar has been stopped! Ivana Sert, who killed the seal, has now exploited the cow! Censor 50 Shades of Grey! The father who killed his son was not punished! His body has not deteriorated for 200 years! Boko Haram sets fire to mosques: 100 dead! The gang that dragged children into prostitution was caught! We will respond with all our might against ISIS! Horse Racing fact! Responding to harassment with a slap in the subway Kadıköy Municipality accepted Cemevleri! Türkiye is the first in the world in tweet censorship! Will Gülen be returned? He cut down 900 thousand trees, planted 1! Working condition in a brothel: Being married! You can slap kids! New feature from YouTube! Şeker Piliç, selling chicken corpses, went bankrupt! Earthquake panic in Van! WhatsApp users beware of this site! The fire broke out, the match was interrupted! Has Hakan Fidan resigned? EU flag lowered in Greece! The Houthis seized power in Yemen! The Labor Party takes the name of the Homeland Party! 109 Boko Haram militants killed! Super date in the Super League! Gökhan Türkmen is counting the days to become a father! Snow is at the door! A cold wave is coming! Aquarium protest in Georgia! Bag-Kur premium debts are cleared! Shock to 3 parties in GENAR's election poll! 22 people died in a suicide attack in Baghdad! Is ISIS withdrawing from Mosul? They were deported for taking a topless photo in the temple! Saddam's thread is 7 million dollars! She strips naked and measures her reactions! Uprising after the explosion in Lebanon! Activists entered the ministry They were chosen by lot and raped! Activists are calling for a boycott of Fifty Shades of Grey! Turgut Okyay joined the Workers Party! The scary truth of zoos! The screen will not be scratched even if it falls on the ground! Statement from the Central Bank: We trust our team! Cumhuriyet's new editor-in-chief has been announced! He strangled his son to death! If we do not pass the dam, let the state think about the future! Criminal complaint against Melih Gökçek! Snow is coming! Celebrities also joined the Exist horror game! Villagers killed horses in Konya! Two young women who opened the Berkin banner were arrested and sent to prison! I increased the sales of Boza! He stabbed his wife who wanted to divorce! Milosevic is gone for 2 months! Egemen Bagis reaction from Cübbeli Hodja! School holidays in these provinces! Ground operation against ISIS! We were passing through the Turkish border with ease! The vegan sculptor's embarrassingly real work! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will adopt from Turkey! The solution process series could not find a channel to be broadcast! IDO and BUDO canceled some of their flights! Marriage license certificate is coming! Funny excuse for high electricity bills! Türkiye rocked! Watch out for menstrual irregularity! How far Galatasaray will go with this football! ISIS killed 4 people by electrocution! Zühtü Arslan has been elected as the new head of the Constitutional Court! 9 Super League teams are in PFDK! There was a lot of reaction to Meryem Uzerli's pose with Numan Acar! Interesting detail in the blood-curdling execution! We will not accept to be the puppet of the USA! Gas room offer in the USA! How can you overcome forgetfulness? Warning for stolen phones from BTK! Football players shared a photo with thong! Doutzen Kroes was rejected for being too beautiful! What will iOS 8.3 bring? HDP candidates are announced! How to deal with revenge porn? Scarlett: Everyone's seen my boobs! Kivanc Tatlitug becomes a Viking! Beautiful model candidate: I was born male, but I was always female! Prison for conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan! 8 people died at the stadium entrance Fuat Avni operation from security to security The penalty requested for Atalay Filiz has been determined Miley Cyrus is the guest of honor at the porn film festival! Müzeyyen Senar was bid farewell to her last journey! Ferhat Tunç sentence from the ECHR! Call for HDP, CHP, BHH to act jointly in the elections! This is how dolphins are tortured in dolphin parks! Are schools holidays in Istanbul tomorrow? It is helpless for the opposition to call the citizens to the streets! We do not accuse anyone of genocide! They traveled with the corpse in the metrobus! Her baby died of starvation, she's pregnant again! The woman driving the car gets raped! He killed the child pornographer who took pictures of his daughter! We look forward to the negotiation process! The heating boiler exploded in the Quran Course! Compulsory religion lesson for non-Muslims! Your father became an angel, don't cry! She knitted sweaters for penguins! Today in History! February 13... The best photo in the world! Chemical plant explosion! What will happen to your Facebook account after you die? Aşkın Nur Yengi: I went abroad often, Türkiye is number one in healthcare What movies are in theaters on Friday, February 13? They got on the corpse and posed laughing! We determined the solution process as the biggest project! As the blood of innocent children continues to shed for political calculations... I became a Christian in response to the CHP! I no longer put animal foods in my mouth! Thousands of women marched for Özgecan! We'll cut off your breasts and serve them on a plate to your father! Facebook found breastfeeding mothers immoral! Muslims protested the BBC! Zeynep Mansur sued for her topless photos! Onur Kılıç has been arrested! 199 thousand 358 applications for paid! Attack on Chad by Boko Haram! Reasoned decision in the Ali İsmail Korkmaz case! Fans greeted Aziz Yıldırım as a dictator! Diyanet: It is not appropriate to walk hand in hand! KFC selling animal corpses has gone astray! Our breasts or our hips! More than 1 million people follow Hannah Stocking for her poses! The stunt claim in the ISIS case was moved to the parliament! Özgecan Aslan was burned to death! Explosion in front of the AKP building! Error or advertisement in Medcezir? Fire at the Islamic Institute in the USA! Who will replace Hakan Fidan? The soldier opened fire on the animal traders! 1 dead.. Erdogan's plane made a forced landing in Houston! Today in History! 14th February.. Özgecan Aslan's escaped murder suspect was caught! Interesting question from the prosecutor; Don't you believe in the Quran? Juntaist agent Mahir Kaynak is dead! Women gathered for Özgecan in Taksim! Reaction to MHP's Özgecan tweet rained! Gasoline discounted! Reaction from women to the teacher who said women should withdraw! I hate feminists! Akit: Mini skirt out of spite, decollete out of spite! Today in History! February 15... TRT Newscaster Özgecan cried in his news! İhsan Eliacik was also bullshit! The woman is showing off.. Let's castrate the murderers! Haremlik Selamlık bus to protect from rape! Cartoonist Latuff drew Erdogan's visit to Cuba! Davutoğlu told women to break the raised hands, but... The group comment was taken into custody! Eren Olcay is free.. Firefighter rescued the person who climbed the tree to save the cat The death penalty can be brought back! The penalty for rape can be death! We perceive rape as fantasy! Clash in Dolapdere! CHP woman politician told about the harassment she experienced! Why weren't Özgecan's killers brought to court? Harassment stories entered the world agenda! Kurds entered Raqqa! ISIS killed 21 Copts! Demet Akalın reacted harshly to those who danced for Özgecan! Black clothes will be worn in universities and high schools! Today in History! February 16... Fuat Avni or Emre Uslu? Snow warning from meteorology! Lawyers march to parliament! Get on me is one way, you can't get off without my permission! The bull got its revenge on the torturers! The cooperative where Özgecan's killer worked was destroyed! This was not the first murder of Özgecan's killer! What do you expect, more women killed? They are dancing on the day our Özgecan died! Twitter CEO had an accident! earthquake in Antalya Yeşim Salkım was taken to the hospital! If he sends 185 character messages from Twitter, Bilal will! Nihat Doğan was sued for tweets! That dance was not for Özgecan! I Die To The Musician My Turkey attack! Cemil Çiçek: The execution should be discussed! Unemployment is at record level! Gasoline hike again! The US is sending troops to Kuwait! How much punishment will Özgecan Aslan's killers get? They committed mass suicide to avoid rape! The murderer's mother has spoken! His only culprit... THY, IDO, BUDO canceled some of their flights! The knife used in Özgecan's murder was found! Galatasaray came out with Özgecan banner! All Türkiye is praying for your death! Today in History! February 17... Ak Saray's electricity bill was said to be 700 thousand, but... The solution process is at the end! Dawn operation in 3 districts! Action from men in skirts! Obama is a rape suspect! AKP finished the drought, it's raining! There are these feminists or something! Snow clearing worker is dead! Özgecan statement from the USA! She was raped, everyone watched! The duty of journalists to prevent harassment and rape! The director of Sol Newspaper is imprisoned for insulting Erdoğan! The claim that Özgecan's murder suspect was hospitalized! Strong reaction to the murderer's lawyer Nazmi Karataylı on social media! There was no problem on TEM roads! Journalist Nuh Köklü died in a knife attack! He raped me too, I didn't want my name to come out! IDO and BUDO flights are cancelled! Fight in the parliament: 5 deputies injured! Chain accident in TEM! 1 dead 3 injured! Interesting reaction from shopkeepers! Would you like to spit on Özgecan's murderer? Özgecan's university is standing! Metrobus services stopped! Important development in Fuatavni investigation! The vehicle fleet of ISIS surprised! Esra Ersoy is on trial for 15 years! As a Mersin citizen, I am ashamed! Today in History! February 18... I was abused, I was found guilty! They said he lost his eye in Gezi, if you had taken precautions! Serkan Azizoğlu, who killed the journalist, was sent to the courthouse! A call from animal libertarians against concentration camps! Photoshop tricks surprised those who saw it! Akasya Asilturkmen legitimized the rape! The murderer of journalist Nuh Köklü has been arrested! Noah was sent off to eternity with snowballs! The loveable barbie doll is coming! He said 'harass girls who wear skirts' 'For the first time in US history, a black vice president took office' A man's body was found in the snow! Explosion in Kadıköy! They were thrown from the ship because he was sick and left to die! Did ISIS execute 150 more? Racist bird names are prohibited, insults are allowed! He killed her by dragging her with the car! Metal workers in front of the parliament! They were going to put the body in my house, I said go away! THY flight cancelled! CHP will come to power in June! Snow holiday statement from the Governor's Office! Turkish soldiers taken hostage? Will HDP make an alliance in the elections? Is Google making an unfair profit? Today in History! 20 February... ALF destroyed hunting towers in Germany! Saman Naseem was executed! Attack on Hunting Federation headquarters from ALF! Woman trying to save temple elephants: They kill and shed crocodile tears The coronavirus test of ISIL's emir in Türkiye is positive Gülistan Doku's family detained Netflix removes 'Minnoşlar' movie from Turkey CHP Spokesperson: As a social democratic party, we are against the death penalty Psychologist accused of sexual assault on patient reduced by half Kubilay Aka caught in coronavirus: This Covid does not know who he is infected with Monkey in Youtuber Meriç İzgi's house was seized Discount on motor Jamal Khashoggi murder: 8 people sentenced to prison Everyone knows that the number of cases and deaths does not reflect the truth. Reaction from cleaning workers to picnickers in Lüleburgaz HaberTürk columnist: AK Party and MHP voters lose faith in the authorities Girl who beat herself in mobile game killed her child earthquake in Malatya Music ban in cafes and restaurants Wearing masks will be mandatory in all areas across the country. Beşiktaş Municipality bans 'pet' trade 'Despite the increasing number of cases, the epidemic is under our control' Ozan Güven and Deniz Bulutsuz refused to compromise Anti-veiling activist detained in Denizli Body of 140 kg man was removed from the house with the help of a crane in Hatay 'The family is trying to extort money from me, this girl is small, I said we'll think about it when she turns 18' Young girl caught in coronavirus in India was raped in an ambulance Person who had a coronavirus test in the morning was found dead in the evening Rainfall warning from Meteorology Parliament will elect HSYK! Millions listened! ISIS is preparing for a bombing action! Assassination description: dishonorable, immoral slanders! He died while warming up on the barbecue! Why do people need to see your wife and daughter? I have to dissent! Investigation into assassination allegations! He imprisoned his children in a room for 10 years! These are the Molotov coalition! New York Times: Snowball in Turkey got involved in politics! Sienna Miller, American Sniper'da! Clash at the University! 1 dead... The secret of Coca Cola has been revealed! Tsipras sat at the table with the EU, which he said he did not know! Did animals rape Nazan Öncel? 'The bed occupancy rate in Turkey is 52 percent, the intensive care occupancy rate is 67 percent' If you're crazy, come out! Investigation against Can Dündar for insulting Erdoğan! The government has to give an account of the incident that took place at Ege University! Today in History! February 21... Torture video from the nationalist! Penti opened its doors to animals! Snowball street march for murdered journalist Nuh Köklü! Dangerous tension in Trabzon! The person he fought in the subway appeared in front of him at the job interview! A sit-in from the deputies! Süleyman Çelebi said "Down with fascism" for 5 minutes! We are not against molotov! Is insulting the president a reason for arrest? The President has no right to say that this law will be passed! They raped the dog for 3 days! Today in History! February 22... The internal security package has already been implemented in Pozantı! HDP and EMEP came together and called for an alliance! The strong wind freed the chickens in the slaughter truck! Attack on HDP Xinjiang building! 4 injured.. Burned female body found in Manisa! Adriana Lima was caught in the middle of the action in Taksim! This style of humiliating people is raining reactions on my program! Covid-19 test that gives results in 20 seconds was developed in England Earthquake in Izmir: 24 people lost their lives, at least 804 injured Istanbul Governor: Action was taken against those who violated the isolation at home for 14 days Attack on Kurdish neighborhood in Erzurum! Extramarital affair site reacted! YPG: We actively participated in the Suleyman Shah operation! A woman was stabbed to death in Denizli! Today in History! February 23... Britney Spears introduced her own brand! Strong reaction to Bilic from the fans! How many people joined ISIS from Turkey? Paid YouTube is coming! Meteorology made a torrential rain warning! Statement by Suleiman Shah from the USA! Imrali Delegation is in Kandil! She will become a woman and get out of the cell! Hamlet will be staged in Kurdish in Van! Earthquake in Balikesir! The prosecutor asked for a life sentence again: Those kicks are meant to kill! First strangled, then raped! Skinned dog found in Şanlıurfa! The elephant that was begging was rescued! I kiss those who participated in the Shah Euphrates operation on the forehead! Hunter hospitalized the woman! They put it in a raki bottle! WikiSocialism is now on mobile! Harsh reaction to Hasip Kaplan, who uses animality as an insult! Sümeyye Erdoğan's bodyguards have been changed! If only he'd apologized for the operation! The value of the cat he killed will be determined like property! Electricity will be cut in Istanbul! It is obvious that the murderers are not revolutionaries! Fuat Avni: An armored bus was ordered for Erdoğan! Harassment from Bambi Nuts employee! He killed his girlfriend who left him for a man! Turkey has openly attacked our lands! Figen Yüksekdağ: 'You moved the tomb, where will you move the palace? Today in History! February 24... Venezuela filed a criminal complaint against the USA! They burned her alive! Attack on Google, about which there are many complaints! Yolanthe Cabau: They keep me pregnant! Bambi Cafe apologizes for harassment! Upskirt pervert caught on camera! DHKP-C punished the poison dealers! British planes accidentally bombed Cyprus! Restaurant raid! 9 dead.. Photos that prove that tattoos suit mothers very well! Shattered 14th episode trailer! Two military planes crashed in Malatya: 4 dead! Model wanted 2 years in prison for insulting Erdogan! Barış İnce requested 4 years and 8 months in prison for insulting Erdoğan! Today in History! February 25... Line attack at Marmara University! Dawn operation in Istanbul! Discount on loan interest! He committed suicide when his cat photo became the subject of laughter in the country! Maltepe University has been invaded! The election poster of the AKP candidate became an event! Will plane tickets get cheaper? Transgender Pejic is on the podium for the first time! New issue from Charlie Hebdo! Palace criticism from Cuban writer to Erdogan! The lady should know her ladyship! SYRIZA: We stand by HDP in the general elections! Tarkan's call for support for animals fighting for their lives! They shot the flamingo in the legs with a rifle! The hunger limit for a family of 4 has been announced! Decollete out of spite, miniskirt out of spite! Criminal complaint against Ethem Sancak for founding an organization! She smothered her baby with a pillow! Objection to the Great Mosque from Kadıköy Municipality! Record penalty for Apple! Reyhan Karaca: I can marry a gay! Let's clear the construction site from the forest! Fortune from the USA to find the Russian hacker! Animal slaughter in Bursa! 84 dead, 13 injured! AKP founders nominated from HDP! Conservative move from Google! Charlie Hebdo, the reaction of Hz. Mohammed republished the cartoon Bradley Cooper: It's all over if my mom gets coronavirus, we don't leave the house Hazal Kaya: Overweight women are not given lead roles Ministry of Health: Those in this group should definitely get the flu vaccine When I couldn't rape, I cut off his head! Do not provide this information on Facebook! Today in History! February 26... Madonna's yoga practitioner turned out to be a rapist! The age limit of being a policeman has increased to 30! Acquittal of the teacher who had intercourse with his student in the classroom! Davutoğlu performed the prayer of gratitude after the Shah Euphrates operation! Over $2.49! The municipality killed the horse abandoned on the street! Ecem Shining: A popular mistake: Animal lover! They're killing pigs and dipping money into their blood! A call to be a partner in torture! Guns exploded in the conflict at the university! Dangerous flu alert! They had intercourse in the middle of the field! If this number calls you, do not pick up! Russian actor's testicles were stolen! He was sued for his masturbation video! Attack on historical artifacts from ISIS! RedHack released Nihat Doğan's phone! Crows visit this girl every day! Trans person became a candidate from CHP! Who is Niler Albayrak? Criminal complaint against the Shah Euphrates operation! Beşiktaş 6 - 5 Liverpool Eagle wrote epic! Zaytung divided, Official Gaste established! The allegations that the putschist Kenan Evren died were denied! Let Abdullah Öcalan show his strength! The report turned out to be true! I have explosives on me. March against concentration camps! Today in History! February 27... When does beauty turn into a disadvantage? Another worker died in Soma! Is WhatsApp safe? Conscientious objector Faruk Encü has been detained! The atheist writer was smashed to death! Dog killer ICAM is being protested! The soldier who reported the MIT trucks was arrested! No one gives a fuck about my political stance! Three men got married to each other! Mr. Spock is dead! Smoking bans extended! It's forbidden here now. Full body transplant will be done in 2 years! Happy cow lie through Candan Erçetin! Greek communists think capital is fish! Cat punching event on Facebook! Sexual punishment for cartoons from RTÜK! Ivory import banned in China! Today in History! February 28... Why can't the feeling of abandonment be overcome? Reaction to electricity bills is growing! Concentration camps protested! Ege University students refused to eat corpses! He painted and killed the cat! Bomb attack in 4 cities: 102 dead Life sentence for the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood! If the government fulfills its responsibility, we will too! Mehmet Baransu's house is being searched! Maintenance work made citizens suffer! Reactions to internet advertising are growing! The landlord will also be responsible for the apartment fee! Interesting precaution for babies left on the street! 10 people were detained in the ISIS operation! Clash in Küçükçekmece! Clash between fans in Edirnekapı! We do the unmounting! Border Blast! 2 dead 8 injured... 50 Shades of Grey critique from porn actresses! Visa barrier to the coup attempts of the USA! Reactions to the animal holocaust ICAM are growing! Iraq has started an operation against ISIS! Şölen Doğan was found with a bag on her head! Note from the deceased peddler: My cause of death is the police! Police complaint against Yolanthe's police badge! Dengir Mir: You can no longer call the PKK terrorists! Punk group sends for the first time at Eurovision! Syrian children were found when they were about to freeze! Was the chemical analyzer allocated to Erdogan? Police terror in the USA! They shot the homeless. Will Mehmet Baransu be arrested? Israel's Gezi Park! They raped and forced her into prostitution! He named the stick he hit the students! They fed the child they took captive to his mother! Her father, whom she found on Facebook, raped her many times! The bus driver harassed the 12-year-old student! Death threat from ISIS to Twitter employees! Erdal Eren's mother died! Turgay Oğur thinks the monkey is something locked in a cage! Did Maradona change gender? Attack on trans sex worker! Efkan Ala: This is the coup constitution! Leave the children, talk to me! Execution demand for the suspect who killed three Muslims! The new bank is being established! Vakıf Katılım A.Ş. 400 years in prison for the actions of Kobani! Yeni Akit: Yaşar Kemal is a terrorist supporter! 8 more people from Turkey entered the list of the richest people! Hunters, armed robbery with ski masks to PTT! Çetin Şengül was detained at the animal killer ICAM protest! Access to the Atheism Association is blocked! Erdogan 10 thousand lira freak penalty! They killed the Oilfish, which was seen for the first time, and displayed it as if they were ingenious! Haremlik Selamlık bus services have started! Interesting duel on site! 6 ISIS members killed! Volcano erupted in Chile! The area is being evacuated! He complained about rape, he was beaten! Reaction to the postings of assertive women in physique! Question marks behind the death of Che's grandson, Canek Sanchez Guevara! We Jews are not weak! Mine explosion! 30 dead.. Metro services stopped in Istanbul! I want to throw up when I see you dress the kid in an animal corpse! Luminous struck the Republic from the ground up! Revolution in India! Eating meat is prohibited. Naked religious ceremony made a mess! Cat island in Japan! Threat to Hülya Avşar from MHP! We'll wash that set by himself.. Sedef Kabaş reaction from Minister Soylu to Kılıçdaroğlu and Akşener: They chose to legitimize rudeness HDP and AKP agreed! Hip replacement made holes in his body! It is the Marxist who wants additional lessons! They attacked the US Ambassador with a razor! Kılıçdaroğlu: Fuat Avni's claim is true! Geothermal Power Plants have increased cancer rates! Power outage in 5 districts of Istanbul! Drive discount to the murderer who drove over his wife! The snow is back! Muzaffer Akyol exhibition will open! He ran away from home for the twenty-fourth time! They are burning dogs alive in Baku! Sexologist Kumru: Türkiye is one of the countries with the most anal sex He got out of prison and killed his wife! Yıldız Sağ, wife of Arif Sağ, was bid farewell to his last journey Record penalty for the site that provides free newspaper service! Civil servant salaries can be cut in half! Facebook likes will drop! The Moon is getting further and further away from Earth! Whatsapp banned due to pornography! Protest against Ahmet Davutoğlu in the USA! I brought him on that mission! Solution first, then don't give up! We will go to Kadıköy and win! We protest the genocide in Azerbaijan! İnce: Look how Türkiye is moving in New Year's Eve A cry for help from Azerbaijan for burned dogs! "If I had the mind I have now, I wouldn't have had 7 children" Deniz Bulutsuz demanded up to 1 year in prison Up to 8 years in prison for the person who broke the car window with a kick Snow is coming! Is trying to explain science to the public insulting religion? 50 thousand pro-ISIS accounts on Twitter! The decision to bring the mosque imam by force in the Gezi Case! Those found guilty of sexual harassment were fired! His teacher wrote Özgecan: He used to worry about the turtle's hunger! Special law for Fuat Avni! They raided the prison, lynched and burned the rapist! The biggest cause of osteoporosis is milk! 2 children who ate wallpaper from hunger were rescued Bekir Bozdag resigned! The teacher's nude poses confused the school! Criminal complaint about the police from Grup Yorum! Statement on masturbation allegations! Football player who met with a woman while being treated for coronavirus was arrested He tortured and knocked out the horse in the horse race! 30 students who drank milk were poisoned! Do not hand me over to Turkish justice! E-marijuana hits the market in the Netherlands! The story of the woman who slept with 10 thousand men! TSK: We responded to the rocket projectile! Shiite - Sunni conflict has begun! Berkin Elvan is commemorated! Three new ministers take office today! 7 out of 10 women are unhappy! Torturing jockeys will condemn rape! Ozgecan torture.. ISIS destroyed the ancient city of Hatra! ISIS militants hung the bodies on the street! Voice call feature to Whatsapp! He attacked women saying I'm still a virgin! Big panic in the White House! Van Gogh operation in Tokat! Reply to Yenisafak writer Yusuf Kaplan from Zahit Atam! Murat Ceylan: I am 29 years old, marriage at this age would be challenging A farmer in Nevşehir burned himself in Ziraat Bank He went to do the news, he learned that his brother died! Working Women's Day, not Women's Day! ISIS bomb in Kobane! 2 dead.. Anarchists occupied SYRIZA headquarters! Fenerbahce was the winner of the derby! FB 1-0 GS ISIS fuel plant bombed! Violence from feminists to animals! It turned out that Mehmet Baransu was fired from Taraf! Interesting details in the police Kabataş report! She got pregnant with her ex's sperm! The cause of cancer is civilization! She didn't realize she was raped! How the coronavirus kills the brain revealed Why are breasts attractive to men? Striking result in ORC's latest survey! Dollar started the week with 2.62! Prison for the father who put a hidden camera in his son's room! Esti Ginzburg has finished her military service! Hz. Are Muhammad cartoons included in the school curriculum? He proposed for 1 year, his girlfriend didn't notice! Diyanet: You can use toilet paper! Harassment murder in front of the camera! They can hear us in the womb! When clocks will be put forward? The police, who thinks the theater is real, intervened without TOMA! Reaction image on Channel 7! Scientific torture of 4 million animals in the UK! Calendar: The geeks want to bleed! The robber was a phenomenon! Der Spiegel: The female cook in Erdogan's house! Dent in Zonguldak: 1 dead 2 injured! Hakan Fidan debate in the parliament! Contract writer: CHP should be closed! To the journalist who asked about the harassment claim: What are you after? I was feeling ugly next to Ronaldo Unemployment benefits for sex workers! Criminal complaint against Canan Karatay, who legitimizes animal murders! Shattered series came true! Have your wife wash your clothes because that's her job! Intra-organizational clashes started in ISIS! Olympia circus reaction to İşbank! This ad on the internet became a legend! The Daily Mail reported on Özay, who attacked the bus driver! Social media expansion from TSK! Scandal in TDK dictionary! Available: Easy woman.. We hit a seagull, it may still be dead on the track! The masseuse killed the man her lover was smiling at! ISIS has set up its own Facebook! 5efabook.. Do not open this e-mail! ISIS had the hostage executed by a small child! He bit the flesh of his 17-year-old wife! Free hubby for an hour! There is rape in your country! 40 million dollar leg! Lesbian character to Star Wars! Police attack on Berkin Elvan protest! Kobani statement from Grup Yorum! The police who killed Ali İsmail told about the tortures! The Turkish commander was giving orders during the execution! 10 animals rescued from slaughterhouse in India! We removed the word available from the dictionary! The couple making love in the museum was caught on camera! Johnny Depp has been hospitalized! Drug free for a day! Has Morhipo stopped selling corpses? The bad woman is in the brothel, the bad man is in Yeşilçam! One thousand 200 dollars for those who do not get out of bed for 70 days! He put his house up for sale with him! Online baby sales in China! They raped an 87-year-old woman and made her drink bleach! Land will be taken from Turkey for Kurdistan! 3 thousand skeletons in the construction of the subway! Naked exhibition in Istanbul! Hanife Şahan's case for insulting the President! The General Staff will prevent the soldier from shooting himself! Social media is now discussing this dress! Response to circus reactions from İşbank! The orgy made a mess! Attention, they will go to the hospital tomorrow! Censor that! Hotline between the USA and Cuba! The decision to demolish the Nişanyan houses! Erol Büyükburç lost his life! Reply to Cuban hostility from Berna Laçin! Eating chicken? The dog gathered his friends for revenge! Penalty for revenge porn from Twitter! Leftist candidate made a difference in the election of IU Rectorate! Groundbreaking wireless energy invention! Hacked RedHack Police Association site! Her boss raped her for 7 months! Star Wars 8 is coming! Bilic: We couldn't pull the plug, but we're still in business! If it's a gift, it's not rape! Electronic notification period! Her genitals were broken while having intercourse! What you see on the news is not real! The dollar has risen above 2.64 again! The youth of this country are not the vandals in Gezi! Landslide in dam construction! 2 dead... Scandalous article: Managers will have a meeting with the mufti after the morning prayer! One bite gives an erection for 4 hours! The sun is out: Satellite signals and GPS may be corrupted! The owner of the website who shared pirated content was detained! Where the dress debate has arrived! Many people may be colorblind... He beat his naked wife in the middle of the street and knocked him out! Is going topless sexual harassment? HDP delegation is in İmralı again! Erdogan's Turkey is gradually moving away from NATO! The USA shook it badly: We do not want Assad to be overthrown! Is ISIS using chlorine gas? Why should they close the CHP, it is already closed! Media found its killer! The dogs smashed the woman and ate the lie.. Governor of Istanbul: May 1 cannot be held in Taksim! Sırrı Süreyya Önder: Öcalan is writing a historical letter! Soldiers opened fire in Hakkari! Nuclear weapons statement from Putin! Ertuğrul Sağlam is back! Rain is coming, temperatures will drop! Two female bodies in Mersin! If there is no Kurdish problem, why are you leading the solution process? Feminist mother raised me, no one can mess with my skirt! No prostitution bargaining with the hostess! I decide how my body will look! The effect of mobile phones on sex! RedHack trial defendants acquitted! Reaction to attacks from Assad: The Syrian people determine our future! Yeni Akit backed the dog massacre in Baku! Activists set fire to parliamentary representation in Iraq Istanbul University is confused! Banning Taksim on May 1 is a crime! Clocks go forward on March 29! Hozan Kawa has been detained! Baransu and Akyürek's release requests were rejected! Özgecan report of Forensic Medicine: No evidence of rape was found! Culture/art courses started in Dersim! He beat the baby to death when the girl was born! They committed suicide with a shotgun! Mobile app for lost animals! SavemyPets... Those who kill cows in India will be executed! The KCK thinks it's a government partner! Mustafa Kemal message from Facebook! They will lick their palms! Skirt ban in ceremonies! She's been walking around naked for 10 years! He is looking for the father of his child with an advertisement! ISIS is the result of the invasion of Iraq! Alleged harassment of a 17-year-old woman on TRT Kurdi! Syria shot down US plane! Armed attack on Tunisian Parliament: 8 dead! 15 years for electroshock rape! Erdogan appointed rectors to two universities who did not win the elections! One kilo of plums is 120 TL! KONDA: AKP cannot appoint 400 deputies! The most searched name from Google is Merve Oflaz! On the THY flight, Hz. Mohammed scandal! Internet Explorer is obsolete! He took the female patients who came to the examination on camera! The secret of more sex has been revealed! You can receive money from Facebook Messenger! New era in electricity subscription! Head of the US Secret Service: 'My agents have a drinking problem! The most beautiful woman in the world is 9 years old! Fatih Portakal: One envelope and 4 ballot papers in it, three of them are not fraudulent, 1 of them is fraudulent, mind-blowing Ogün Samast's father: The state made my son a murderer! The lawsuits for insulting Erdogan are endless! Harassment of a 7-year-old boy in the mosque toilet! ÖSYM: Hürriyet newspaper should apologize! Free Windows 10 for everyone! Police attack at Istanbul University! Dersim censorship in the Faculty of Communication! The Animal Liberation Army is formed! Mansur Yavaş: They cannot exceed 40 percent in the surveys they have made, there is a difference of 10-15 points Uğur Kurt case has started! 2 years in prison for Erdogan cartoon! Knife attack at Marmara University! He cut the throat of his wife who came to visit the prison! Internet ban passed by Parliament! He took a selfie after being shot! We will defeat Boko Haram in a month! Government loan for 49 thousand dead! This photo messed up Wimbledon! This question is canceled in YGS! Interesting way to give students a copy! Death toll rises in suicide attack on mosques! 137 dead, 345 injured! Rabbit massacre on Akdamar Island! Mule protest against the death penalty of 78 mules! The skeleton of the author of Don Quixote was found in the monastery! KPSS operation: 82 people are in custody! 25 months in prison for helping Roj TV! Is there any manipulation in Öcalan's letter? MetroPOLL: AKP's votes are melting! He posted a one-night stand on Facebook! Tenants can vacate the house before the contract ends! The dollar has fallen! Planned power outage in Istanbul! She strangled her babies to death! ALF liberated pheasants in the USA! Loneliness increases the risk of premature death! The reason for breakups is porn! New fashion on Instagram: Towel Series! Congregation accusation from Gökçek to Arınç! Banks charge fees from customers they call! The proposal to reduce the election threshold from 10 percent to 7 percent was accepted in the parliament. Japanese engineer committed suicide because the rope broke! Reaction to penis size research: Results are small! Marginal, atheist, non-believer, detached from the value of these lands..'); INSERT INTO `gazisoft_news` (`title`) VALUES İbrahim Karagül left Yeni Şafak The Chinese the world speaks! SYRIZA's offices were set on fire! Soldiers slaughtered mules! Sacrificial Newroz celebration for primary school children! iPhone will no longer ask for password! Attack on the customer from the owner of Community Kitchen! 'Dog Nipple' patient: Even my wife is disgusted with me because of my disease I will be a shield when my president is attacked! My wife wanted me to dress like the woman I was cheated on! Air-supported operation in Gazi District! State support for sex workers in the Netherlands! The Ebola epidemic continues! CHP brought Arınç's Gökçek claims to the parliament! Demba Ba angered the fans! Religion house statement from the Atheism Association! Kılıçdaroğlu: Dear Roman brothers, your patience is short; we will solve all your problems Renewable energy in Costa Rica! He was targeted when he did not stand up at the flag ceremony! Angelina Jolie had her ovaries removed! Ahmet Altan announced that he will vote for HDP! İsmet Berkan: I give an account on Hazelnut! The plane crashed in France! 148 dead... The claim that HDP deputy excluded LGBTIs! No sexist ads! 14 photos showing the change of cats rescued from the streets! Is the end of horse-drawn carriages in the USA? Tension in Mehmet Ayvalitaş case! Penguin cartoonists jailed for 14 months for insulting Erdoğan! The dollar rose, hit Microsoft! st. Petersburg University President Verbitskaya dies Dogs are burned alive in Indonesia! He appeared on the podium with the head of a killed animal! The girl who got married at the age of 16 committed suicide! They killed 760 roosters for a dress! Precipitation warning from meteorology! They stole a computer from the mayor's office! Sharing cabinet from Kadıköy Municipality! Hunters are killing mountain goats in Dersim! The mules who survived the military terror are being treated! Two salary bonuses don't break the balance! Internet access will be blocked in 4 hours! The claim that Alevi Duygu joined ISIS! Close your Facebook account now! Co-pilot Lubitz was on report the day he shot down the plane! What are Turkish soldiers doing in Qatar? He cut off the dog's head for One Direction! 14 million people ignored him! DISK: We are in Taksim on May 1! Did you set your clocks forward 1 hour? ISIS planted a flag on the Turkish border! CHP primary election results are announced! Erdogan supports terrorists coming to Syria! 15 red cards in amateur match! Feminist director of porn movies: Erika Lust! Prison sentence for the Turk who bought the virginity of two children! HDP's Tan: I do not find socialists and Marxists positive! Selim Kiraz clash! Erdogan: Our prosecutor was hit in the head with 3 bullets! DHK-C militants who lost their lives; Bahattin Doğruyol and Şafak Yayla Selim Kiraz is dead! Armed raid on AKP building! Legal terror! The documents came to the plaintiff as the defendant. Police attack at Istanbul University! There will be a power outage again! Attack on lawyers in Çağlayan Courthouse! Davutoğlu: I gave the order! Torture students in Vatan! The prosecutor gave 3 names that could be Berkin's murderer! Attack on synagogue in the USA: Many injured Police terror in Grup Yorum's work building! 15 dead in university raid! DHKP-C announced the identity of the deceased activist! They separated Muslims and killed Christians! Vietnamese boy sees missing dog at meat counter... Armed attack on CHP's election office! A call for support from 700 intellectuals to HDP! Yeni Şafak: Atatürk was poisoned and killed! 7 years in prison for blaming Erdogan! Power cuts brought resignation! 18 years sentence for the owner of the revenge porn site! Don't Join the Military Because... search the book and site! Access to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube is blocked! What is abolitionism? Arsenic in Ankara water! The full list of AKP, CHP, MHP and HDP parliamentary candidates! The dog that surrendered to the police became famous! 180 bullet marks in Prosecutor Kiraz's room! US police arrested for killing civilians! Snow warning from meteorology! Hostage by her platonic lover for 4 months! The AKP candidate committed suicide when he could not enter the list! A cell phone battery that charges in a minute has been produced! GTA 5 fell on the internet before it went on sale! The USA thinks it owns the world! He learned that he has cancer from Facebook! The woman who used her friend's makeup brush was paralyzed! Israeli protest against Robbie Williams! Internal security obstacle to Grup Yorum concert! Bomb claim about Twitter! She didn't wash her hair for 6 years and... He gave up on suicide on the promise of 1 kilo of sweets and burrito. Do not go to the military because it is a crime to say! Our gendarmerie was used by the parallel structure! Scammed by the escort girl site! A statue of Nuh Köklü is being erected in Kadıköy! Dogs' ears are cut off in Kütahya Simav shelter! Prison sentence for the couple who had sex in the church! I get death threats just because I talked to Erdogan! Fearful warning from Meteorology! PEW: The fastest spreading religion in the world is Islam! She gave birth to siblings from her stepfather! Unjust provocation decision to the woman who killed the harassing manager! Facebook case of 25 thousand people! You fuck up with these idiots, the new Turkey! If he scores 5 goals, I will have sex with him for 16 hours! The bank manager raped the tourist! UEFA's decision that will go down in history! If you get caught with your child having sex... Attention! Do not click on Ezgi Mola's photos! Suicide in the Caglayan courthouse! He put his girlfriend up for sale! Arrest for stopping MIT trucks! Everything to get 72 virgins! Travel youth came to a somersault! 12 differences between a woman's heart and a man's heart! The dress that changed Google images! A thousand and one hundred lies from media outlets! In the very near future, they will be swept away like straw! Investigate Yemek Sepeti too! Why does food taste weird on airplanes? Anarchist Queer Vegan day! Decision not to follow for Nihat Doğan's Özgecan tweet! Torture a dog from the TSK! Soldiers torturing the dog! Enes Dura and Muhammed Salih Çukur... Criminal complaint about the murdered mules and the soldiers who tortured the dog! Simultaneous protest from Greenpeace to the Akkuyu groundbreaking ceremony! Minke whale stranded in Adana! 2 people detained in the DHKP-C operation were arrested! 10 movies will be released this week! Simav shook 4 times in 2 hours! For Candy Crush's sake, he was losing his finger! The world will end, the new address will be Mars! The truth that shocked the world has been revealed! Ağaoğlu raided the meeting with 40 guards! Freak word attack on personality rights! General Staff's 'dog torture' statement! He learned that he was cheated on Facebook! Operation against TKP/ML in Germany! Raped and killed a 9-year-old girl! Access to bit.ly has been disabled by mistake! A 900-year-old mummy came out of the trash! Another interview of Calendar is imaginary! Ufuk Doğan announced his conscientious objection! Police raided Laterne Cafe! Meeting with the governor for Taksim on May 1! How does sex life change according to age? The boat carrying the immigrants sank! There is no prime minister in the presidential draft! Oral, anal, group, gay and lesbian intercourse is a crime! The latest poll by AKP: Will HDP exceed the threshold? Will there be a coalition of CHP, HDP and MHP? TDK: Gay woman lover, older sister! Police Headquarters: Don't take hitchhikers Google will change the fate of millions of sites! Here is the most expensive planet in the Universe! Labor organizations in Taksim, the governor is determined to ban! Acid torture for dogs! It snowed in April! Those who share Game of Thrones will be identified! 12.5 years in prison for fingerprints! Ability to send messages to everyone on Twitter! HDP's election promises! Compulsory military service will be abolished. Önder: I think the HDP votes are at least 14 percent! The baby elephant avenged his friends! He crushed the murderer to death. Fuel price hike again! Assyrians on hunger strike for 100 hours! Social media is talking about these shoes! Who are you, who is the new Türkiye! ISIS and Taliban declared jihad against each other! Former Fenerbahce football player John Moshoeu dies! Will the cops re-enlist? They make money by getting ads on their breasts! Metallica's 250 compositions are missing! Investigation of the artists in the video of Berkin Elvan! Conflict in Uludere! The police pressed the dog! Double standard on TRT! 15 minutes to HDP, 1 hour to AKP.. Prison sentence for those who share news from Zaytung! Is Fethullah Gülen wanted with a red notice? Kılıçdaroğlu's election promises are on the cover of Penguin! The pornographic church worker was fired! The Cannes jury has been announced! Those who have a lot of sex earn a lot! He was hospitalized after injecting cream to enlarge his penis! Drum torture from cops to horses! Karatay, who legitimizes animal murders: Even if it is forbidden, I will not be silent! Shopkeepers of the Grand Bazaar: Our shops are being demolished for Rıza Sarraf! 228 thousand Syrians are under ISIS siege! Nazi, who served in the concentration camp, is in front of the court at the age of 93! Attack on students at Ondokuz Mayıs University! The end of the world will come with a volcanic eruption! Amanda Bueno was killed! He fired 8 shots at his malfunctioning computer! Mysterious signs in the forest! When will we switch to 5G? Two students were shot with a rifle in Istanbul! Mass resignation in AKP! 24 months internet free! Strong reaction from Diyanet to models and cakes! Interesting decision from the court before May 1! The animal is killed according to the number of likes! Sırrı Süreyya Önder's Twitter account was hacked! Ege University students are against experimental torture! The Facebook group that cut and shared animals was hacked! Daily Telegraph: Türkiye is attacking countries that call it genocide! Those with bad breath beware! Interesting revenge of the deceived Japanese woman! GSM service from Google! Erdogan: I don't want to hear the phrase "genocide" from Obama! Protests started when black youth died in custody in the USA! 5 new universities are being established! Making the minimum wage of 1500 lira is cruelty to the worker! Akdoğan: If the HDP threshold passes, it will be a problem! Trans model: If I become a woman, I will have no mystery! New trend: Voga instead of Yoga! Reactions to monkey makeup torture are growing! He declared himself to go back to prison after 39 years! Armed attack on AKP office! The surrogate's son is dead... The human embryo has been genetically modified! Kardashian's dad is officially a woman! He hanged the cat that ate the pigeon in the middle of the street! Cübbeli teacher demanded 2.5 years in prison! The world through the eyes of astronauts! Stone attack on the CHP bus! Penalties rained down on clubs from PFDK! Critical call to millions against nuclear! People blocked the Urfa-Mardin road to traffic! Hacker statement from Apple to its users! Attack on HDP tool! Anyone who shares a dog fight photo will be fined! Seal slaughter has begun in Canada! Does Twitter get paid from AKP? Unidentified creature found, tortured! Dent in the mine in Amasya! There are underground I want to play a guerrilla girl! The world will fall into their hands: Generations X and Y! The President of Germany said genocide! Neriman Polat's Threshold exhibition is in Italy! 10 common features of those who read a lot of books! New regulation for electricity robbery! 1915 statement from Obama! The couple who met on the matchmaker site and made a date are out! Lung cancer vaccine is exported from Cuba to the USA! Abdurrahim Albayrak: I apologize to all of Turkey! The torturer's pants fell off! New feature from Facebook! The person who swears is sexier! White tea finds buyers for 3 thousand TL per kilo! Mima, who became a symbol, lost her life! Good behavior discount for the accused who raped the paralyzed woman and said that he did the PKK! Police and private security attacked students at ITU! Could you send me some pictures of your breast? ISIS hugged homosexuals and then stoned them to death! Scandal again in shooting against hunting! HDP's Güven, who started a hunger strike for Öcalan: I am ready to pay the price Turkhackteam'and Ermenistan'a hack! Almassian: Erdogan continues to massacre Armenians! Facebook users beware! ISIS executed 10 people in Manbij! Hüseyin Aygün's genocide tweet became an event! 1280 Charlie Hebdo complaints to Republic writers! Great earthquake in Nepal! These roads are closed on Sunday in Istanbul! Air temperatures rise 12 degrees! ISIS leader is dead! Here is the new leader. Israel hit Hezbollah! 17 police were detained! New transfer statement from Beşiktaş! More than half of Turkey is in debt! Yasemin Mori: There is no TV in my house The claim that Al Nusra seized Jisr al-Shughur! The death toll in Nepal has passed 2000! Arrest warrant for Sezercik! Devlet Bahceli: I don't even have a cat! He carries his twin in his brain! Criminal complaint from Fenerbahçe to social media comments! Police intervention to the commemoration in Kadıköy! The Diyanet cannot be equidistant from all faiths! Hemline crisis at the April 23 show! Attack on the person who kissed his wife on the forehead in Marmaray! What do the latest election poll results say? The longing for Hemlock Grove is coming to an end! Suspicious person alarm in Ak Saray! Israeli soldiers opened fire on Palestinians: 20 wounded! Tension in Istanbul Palace of Justice! Leman Sam: Hundreds of animals were slaughtered in Nepal, would they go unpunished? Anastasia, the best pole dancer in the world! Shocked Morales: I'll be back stronger soon This is how violence against animals was explained! The power outage was a cyber attack! Sex is forbidden for those who do this sport! Escape from Nepal to Turkey has begun! She's been going to work in the same outfit for 3 years! Şeyma Subaşı: I lost my baby They made sex toys from children! Clooney: Let's overthrow Trump's rule YouTube has a new search feature Russian hackers hacked Obama! Armed attack on HDP election office! We sent teams among the protesters in Gezi Park! The bus that runs on human excrement does not smell! Here is HDP's final vote rate! I will not have a child with a Turk! Trustees were appointed to 8 HDP municipalities; 2 people detained Electricity will be cut off in Istanbul on Tuesday! Jolie exploited my rape affliction! An image that does not look for horror movies in Nepal Earthquake! Erdogan shared on Facebook, his house was raided and he was arrested! Who is Mustafa Akıncı, the new president of the TRNC? If he lives another year, he'll get $1 million! Redhack hacked Bursa Commodity Exchange! SGK shares personal information with banks! Iran executes wrestler Navid Afkari They beaten, they closed the rape incidents! The announcer who tweeted about Anzac Day was fired! Hidayet Karaca: Your hostage is not under arrest! The judges who decided to release were suspended! Prison sentence for the painter! After the wrong treatment, she started sleeping with everyone! They made Stephen Hawking a tabloid too! He unknowingly had sex with his daughter! The frog hunt was punished! His wife is allergic! University spring festivities canceled due to alcohol! The Islamist newspaper thought the Beatles were high school students! Reaction to the beach body ad in London! 14 thousand lira bonus for the woman who gave birth! Baby photo with gun and grenade from ISIS! Call for a holiday on May 1! Do not drink mineral water in a glass! Torture the high school student at the police station! Ambulance scandal in volleyball! He was declared god as soon as he was born! A harsh response to Nihat Genç from Cumhuriyet Newspaper! High school girl harassed a boy student! Enforce the banks! Deniz Gezmiş sharing from Hakan Şükür! They committed the murders according to the organization's logo! It is forbidden to rape animals! He took the dogs he drowned in the sack to the shelter! 2 more executions by ISIS! One is a journalist. Recurrent swellings can be a danger signal! State of emergency and curfew in the USA! Blacks revolted. Extra leave for the pensioner raise! Disappearance can become history! Alzheimer's socks She gave birth at work, killed it and hid it in the drawer! The first photo of the girls who joined ISIS! He threw a mango at Maduro, it became his home! The death toll can exceed 10 thousand! Give your money, kill the animals! Genocide tender. Jeans are infidels, it is not permissible to wear them! His heart stopped during the match! The application that drives Twitter users crazy! The teacher who sent porn to his students spoke! The Twitter account of the AKP deputy has been closed! Police raid on Çanakkale Businessmen's Association! He raped his unconscious patients! French minister naked protest! Massacre in the Alevi village! Geniuses and geniuses are among us! TÜBİTAK operation: 16 detentions! Michelle Keegan has been named the sexiest in the world! Brad Pitt is unrecognizable! It was what women wanted, that ad was cancelled! The minis of the stewardesses made a mess! Iran seizes US ship! Knife attack on May 1 study! Gökçek: Demirtaş is playing for Apo! Car-sized rocks fell from Everest! The claim that the PKK kidnapped the 16-year-old girl! The transgender person who was attacked said: I will fuck you and kill you! Hawking: Evacuate the world in a thousand years! If the woman doesn't want it, let the man force it! There is no such thing as rape... Torture images of children living in orphanages! Access to May 1! Metro service cancelled. Earthquake in the Black Sea! It was also felt in Istanbul. Unemployment salary rises to 2000 TL! Twitter burned a tweet! Asked 100 Men: Do you want to have sex with me? Until 23:59 today... Help Nepal from Microsoft! Attack on Greek Finance Minister and his wife in a restaurant! TEOG exams have started! When will TEOG results be announced? They put their heads in oil and raped them! Precipitation warning from Meteorology! The teacher does not play me because I am Armenian! Gisele Bundchen, a 34-year-old mother of two, is in the new issue of Vogue! Hostage crisis at PTT! Special action police have been dispatched! Important notice to WhatsApp users! May 1 ban is on Penguin! Erkan Petekkaya was taken to the hospital! Robot lover is coming! Headscarf decision at school from the Council of State! Reuters viewed the traces of the war! Insatiable sexual hunger: Nymphomania! All I can use is my body! The manager who said that your other place is a hole was dismissed! Attack on HDP election offices! Clashes between the police and the public are growing in the USA! 'Almost every family has an infected person' New trend in account payment: İddaa coupon! Call for help from Kadıköy Municipality! Let's not give up our beach... Erol Mütercimler statement from Süleyman Soylu: It will pay off The schoolgirl wearing a long black skirt was not allowed into the school! The return to life massacre was discussed at the MGK! Taksim occupation! 10,000 cops... Abandoning and killing animals is prohibited! Türk Telekom bought Avea shares! Jessie J will give a concert in Istanbul! The spacecraft is falling to earth with a 2.5-ton payload! Nepali who drank his urine was rescued after 82 hours! Do not give weapons to the Kurds! Special selfie stick for those who don't have a girlfriend! Türkiye is the 3rd country with the lowest press freedom! It is appropriate not to collect blood from homosexuals! 5 million people watched in 1 day! Prophet's decision from Charlie Hebdo cartoonist! Why do men watch porn? No nude posters of Cara Delevingne allowed! The final election poll! How much is each party? The government fell in Georgia! Israel Detains 25 Palestinians! Türkiye warning for May 1 from England! No vote for those who ignore animals! Interesting protest in Italy! Why do we text an ex? Arrest warrant for Rasim Ozan Kütahyalı! The soldiers shot 8 more mules! Gang rape of mother and 14-year-old daughter on the bus! May 1 torment day! Metrobus services as well.. Censorship lesson in journalism school! Kebab censorship... Tough lesson to the municipality! He drew a picture of a penis on the roads... 800 cats were rescued when they were about to be slaughtered! The UN's agenda has turned into a bra agenda! After sexual intercourse, he caught the disease of weakness! Did the USA give Fidel Castro cancer? Cancer technology... You're a woman writer who tweets rudely! Instagram crashed! Gregory Mertens passed out after fainting on the field! The ideal men's recipe! The new game of Game of Thrones is coming! State of emergency sights in Istanbul! Here are those roads that are closed... The lawsuit filed by the homophobic doctor against the transgender person has been postponed! Both the Turks and the Kurds of this country will show their place to those who do not respect the Kaaba! 293 women and children hostage rescued from Boko Haram! The Alevi massacre raised the Gazi District! Scary result! Child pornography is the most watched. Action from Vatan and Milliyet newspaper employees! What if we could record our dreaming brain? Washington Post: Türkiye to topple Assad Iggy Azalea in underwear commercials! Kate Upton talked about her hacked photos! Doğu Perinçek will pay compensation to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan! She fell from the 5th floor while dancing naked! 2 earthquakes in Manisa and İzmir! Traffic paralysis in Istanbul! New trend among young people! Kylie Jenner lips... This is how Taksim was entered! LEFT Party: The real unemployment rate is unfortunately 40 percent 14-year-old boy raped his mother! French soldiers raped children! Fethullah Gulen is in Taksim! Photoshop that makes you laugh from the calendar... Police kicked the dog running to help! Day 7 of George Floyd protests: Curfew in 40 cities Cem Yılmaz: Why is the worker's holiday foreign to you? Is that dog the one who ate the pepper spray in Gezi Park? Crisis Desk: 245 people are in custody! Trabzon again! The nationalists attacked the 1 May celebration. May 1 article by Nejat İşler! Civilians attacked in Fulya, calling them traitors! Writer Emrah Serbes was injured! It is forbidden for men to get eyebrows! Grooveshark has been shut down! Courtney Stodden offers $1 million from porn company! Doesn't Recep Tayyip Erdogan know the minimum wage? Threats, swearing, punches from Police Chief Ömer Parıltı to the journalist! Father of shot Umut Boran: The police took my son to the police station instead of the hospital! They shared on May 1, they were fired! Governorship: 54 Molotov cocktails, 2 sound bombs! The mother of Özgür Altunbilek, who was stabbed, made a statement! She sat on the stairs naked when she was harassed! Heavy curses from Sergen Yalçın! She was raped in a fake taxi, committed suicide! Do not deny the news of the 'survey that handed over the table to Erdogan'! Will we leave the square to these vandals! The heavy curses of Sergen Yalçın made a job for him! Species may disappear due to global warming! Police cliché! Freddie Gray killed himself. Those who saw this photo were surprised! Has Facebook been hacked? 7 exorcisms that marked Hollywood! Francesca Aiello, the new phenomenon of Instagram They were deceived by saying that the state will help! This is how Mustafa Bilgin drew May 1! For the sake of Allah, on the wall of the mosque... Strong reaction from Akut to Akut vest police! 1 cents lost in the market! Israeli police detained 7-year-old boy! Israeli police detained 7-year-old boy! Lynch attempt of two thousand people in the HDP building! Melih Gökçek: PKK burned the Quran! Child abuse deciphered UN dismissed! He will replace Melo! Fenerbahce fans made a difference to Galatasaray! Cemevi is against secularism! I'm not eating you! Vegans, communists and the Black Bloc together... 3-day power outage in Istanbul! Deniz Uğur spoke to Harper's Bazaar! He searched for a gold necklace in the septic tank! ISIS killed 300 hostages! Feridun Düzağaç was angry that HDP used his song and closed Twitter! The couple making love on the beach was brought before the judge! Erdogan: I came with the vote of 52 percent, do not disrespect! 'We are getting better, do not listen to what is being said on the right and left' Terrorist shopkeepers attacking workers: Police thanked us! We are Uncultured, are you? Uncultured Magazine is launched! Zahit Atam, Artist at the Power and Freedom panel! The flags you burned were taken with the sweat of the worker! He fell into a 10-meter construction pit, could not find a contact! Slaughterhouses Shut Down march! Horrible attack on trans women in Şişli! Those 140 characters are what happened to me! I've exceeded my limit.. 'We will nationalize 5 companies that are consuming Turkey's resources for rent' How the government wants porn! Yemen withdrawal from Saudi Arabia! Nepal earthquake hit animals too! Showing a penguin on CNN Turk was a prank! During Erdogan's speech, was the athlete who wanted to get off the podium blocked? The lesbian couple who got pregnant one month apart became a phenomenon! The name Özgecan Aslan was given to the street where her family lived! Ahmet Davutoğlu denied Abdullah Gul! 5-minute accident scene 350 thousand TL! State-sponsored cannabis production in Italy! Erdogan announced as president! KCK called to protest against Recep Tayyip Erdogan! It is forbidden to put these names on babies! Crane hit the student bus! 21 injured... Conscientious objection was expected and the price was reduced! Like a military coup! They were sent to arrest without questioning! Strong reaction from Zahit Atam to Nihat Doğan! The number of May 1 detentions is increasing! The broken finger was found at the end of the match! Baltimore curfew is over! Police killed football fan! 3 Communist Party (KP) members who went to Taksim were arrested! Chelsea Manning Nominated for the “Hrant Dink Award”! Saudi soldiers in Yemen were seen for the first time! Don't re-enlist because they said! Vegans went on hunger strike in prison! I am an athlete and I do not have a political agenda in Turkey! Harassment and extortion with a knife on a woman in the metrobus! Hz. Clash in front of the Mohammed cartoons exhibition: 2 dead! Keisha, the new warrior of Game of Thrones! Google is removing the spacebar! Police attack on lawyers in Çağlayan! Taliban operation! 62 dead... 22 women were killed in April! Zafer Caglayan's son had an accident! 2 dead.. He set himself on fire and jumped out of the stadium! Yandex employees were fired! Torture mother and baby! Ignorance and speciesism took their lives again! How were Mahir Çayan's bones moved? 3 houses were quarantined in Aydın The selfie stick was invented, but... Warning from experts: Internet may crash! Nude search for detained women and children! Raped a 76-year-old mentally disabled woman in a nursing home! Police beat Alinteri reporter, he dragged his reporter on the ground! Excuse me, women who had their womb removed... Adriana Lima's love of boxing! Cara Delevingne: I'm a wild girl! They are using our statement 'We will abolish the Directorate of Religious Affairs'! Shoot to kill what you see! Verbal harassment from the minibus driver to the female passenger! Kenyan Prime Minister: There is no place for homosexuals in this country! ISIS entered the hotel business! The claim that another black was shot in the USA! Indonesian President: We will eradicate pedophilia with eunuch! Protest from the Alevis to the Maltepe District Governorship! Mehmet Gormez: I don't know, such a tool was bought in the house! Michelle Demishevich: Trans woman Gülşen's health condition is getting worse and worse! Arda Turan: I do not swear allegiance to anyone! The ex-minister is looking for a job online! Halit Ergenc made a mess! Transparent race at MET Gala! The food basket has been sold! Pet bottle torture for parrots! Design flaw in The Sims 4! Men get pregnant. Look who is the man playing in the AKP advertisement! New York Times: Bomb from Turkey to ISIS! Guardian: Is Istanbul being turned into an amusement park? He took part in Berkin Elvan's video, he was fired from TRT! The most talked about parties, politicians and topics in April! ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in the USA! The beach football tournament held in Barcelona was the scene of colorful images! The amazing resemblance of Rüzgar Erkoçlar and his friend! The TV in the room was destroyed! He was fired when his students found the porn movie! Accidental like move from Instagram! Özgür Altunbilek, who was stabbed on 1 May: The police looked at me and laughed! 3 years in prison for cat killer Mustafa Can Aksoy! Luxury estate management killed cats? The big danger of young people on Facebook: 72 game! Sedat Kapanoğlu earthquake in Ekşi Sözlük! Great news for Facebook users! Construction collapsed: There are workers under the rubble! Deniz Gezmiş and his friends were commemorated at their graves! Operation in Okmeydanı! God determines the price of oil! He escaped from prison and was caught after 56 years! You don't have to be married to have sex! Mortar attack from ISIS to the Kurds! In Macedonia, the police shot the young man! People are on the streets. Germany caught 4 people planning to attack Muslims! 15 years of having sex in public! He died from chewing gum! Armed attack on the Director of National Education! He beat his grandfather because of money! He was strangled with a bag strap! Demolition stopped at Camp Armen! Fructose in fruit increases the feeling of hunger! He was stabbed to death in 20 places by his ex-wife! Hezbollah: We will attack Al Nusra! Lost and Fugitive robbery, the court said stop again! I got my first date request from a girl! The woman who made a victory sign at the AKP rally was beaten! Torture of prisoners in Silivri Prison! Ortaylı: Tansu Çiller is the worst politician I have ever seen in my life Christianity is required to be the official religion in the USA! Aziz Yildirim: Ak... that's how the ministry, the state... It is forbidden to investigate Syrians! Thought to be alien, microwave oven is out! He harassed the woman, the revolutionaries punished him! DHKP-C move from Germany! Walking Magazine banned... On the evening of June 7th they will see what is super! He burned the puppy for 50 bucks! 4 years in prison... Sleepless's new cover: I'm at equal distance to all parties! Beren Saat confused the killers! One of the animals... gunfire on London Bridge; closed to traffic She was the first victim of the porn ban! Protest from the Conscientious Objection Association to the arms fair! An indictment has been prepared against Furkan Zıpıncı, who killed Şebnem Şirin: He took a note of the murder on his phone. They disappeared for 2 days for the game! Meteorology: Heavy rain expected! Electricity will be cut in Istanbul! Ethem's family was acquitted! Türkiye will enter Syria tonight! iPhone 6s will not be waterproof! Refusal to the objection of party members arrested while seeking justice! Governor to worker: I'll bury you here! Municipality scoops in Abbasağa Park! Vegan Tattoo from Taste Of Ink Tattoo Studio! They raped the woman in a coma! Tracker application on WhatsApp! Punishment for the female prosecutor who beat the harassers! $84 crying room for women! How to find lost cell phone! The garage belonging to the Speaker's boss is being demolished! The Sex Party was closed before it could enter the elections! She was raped by the female guards! Karadayı team crushed the cat! Important development in the Value Deniz murder! Is he the murderer? MHP complained about AK Party advertisement! Is Turkey entering Syria? Can Yücel game is banned! New Travel action! Gathered in Abbasağa Park... Unplated TIRs going to the Syrian border were displayed! They left the injured horse to die by torture! Galatasaray went on the attack for 2 players! +18 limitation to the solarium! Levent Üzümcü has been referred to the Disciplinary Board for his political views! How many minutes can you withstand the cage test! Paying for sex is now a crime! The animal cops are on their way! 16 months salary for the unemployed! Smart Alasya lost her life! I was going to bring him food, He was half of me, I'm gone! Kadir İnanır: His face was very yellow, I couldn't tell... Our party sent us instead of medicine. I had a stroke, I learned from TV! "Stay Muslim, do not vote" advertisements in England reacted! Fire opened in the air at the AKP meeting! Who killed these dogs that were thrown into the river? Galatasaray is the leader again! The murder suspect of Değer Deniz was caught! Anders Lindström charged with theft! Are you aware of the creatures living on your face? Lacy underwear after men's thong! Kanal Istanbul website is published Gamze Özçelik has been unemployed for 2 years! Cell phone that displays parasites in blood samples! iPhones can now charge without plugging in! They forcibly sold me to Galatasaray! The plane crashed! 4 dead... Constructions without precautions are dangerous! Puzzles with infidel content are being collected! When he drank too much alcohol, he fell to the ground! State of emergency in Iran! People are on the streets for Ferinaz Hosrevani... Can the doctor touch that area during the examination? Zuhal Olcay was summoned to testify for her music video with Berkin Elvan Cold shower from STRONG PSM to the gay choir! Will Syria intervene? Davutoglu announced! 2.5 million people are missing from the voter lists! 2-month-old baby found next to garbage in Fatih Hadith board for schools: A believer is not bitten twice! I'm about to go crazy! He had sex with his 13-year-old student, resigned! Plane crashed in Spain: There are many dead! Rebellion broke out in prison! 36 dead.. Kenan Evren has gone crazy! Which man is better in bed? He said, 'Who is passing by?' He was taken into custody! Mall fire in Antalya! French Hodja instead of Hamza Hamzaoğlu! The Coca Cola advertisement starring Sıla got a reaction! Selahattin Demirtaş: They are on the side of the bosses, we are on the side of the workers! Bahadır Grammeşin was stabbed to death! Statue of prince taking selfie from Amasya Municipality! Former president 3 years in prison for corruption! He brought money in a bag and distributed it with a bundle! Leave the coffins, become a tree after you die! Actions started again in Abbasağa Park! Irrigation workers started hunger strike in Elazig! The vigil continues in Kamp Armen! If AKP does not come to power alone, I will resign! HDP's municipalities are filthy, garbage! Doğa Derneği: Migration routes cannot be changed! Armed conflicts in Macedonia! 12 years in prison for the accused who added drugs to the patient's serum and raped her! Aslı Aydıntaşbaş shared pepper, it became the subject of ridicule! A penis came out of the ballot box! Water will be cut off in Istanbul! Gossip is the reason for dismissal! Eye color changed after Ebola! Kenan Evren is dead! Zaytung: Kenan Evren made me laugh this time! Kenan Evren is dead, but Erdal Eren is alive! Medical student dies from coronavirus Bulent Arinc and his wife caught coronavirus Asena changed her name twice in 5 years! Scandal in the department of pathology in Cerrahpaşa! Animal libertarians hit Kim Kardashian's autograph day! Protest and tension before Erdogan's visit! Tired of people coming to take pictures! They broke the phone of the prince who took a selfie! Zeki Alasya was bid farewell to his last journey! Police kicked the Ferinaz protest in Taksim! Extortion with Kalashnikovs and uzis! Dirty Kurds, get out of here, go to Kobanê! Chief of General Staff: Two people were kidnapped! Not a single person from us will attend Kenan Evren's funeral! These moms are grieving on Mother's Day! Eczacıbaşı women's volleyball team is the World Champion! I was sold 20 times, my hymen was sewn 20 times! Kenan Evren is buried with a state ceremony! He raped the donkey, had his photo taken! If Alevism is to love Ali, it cannot be an Alawite from me! Hasan Şaş got sick on live broadcast! It's the end of Windows! Times: Humiliating end! They arrested 3 children saying we are saving a child! Even my father couldn't believe that I missed that goal! Ertuğrul Özkök defended the coup, he felt sorry for Kenan Evren! Attack on Syrians in Istanbul! Did he drown while eating at GATA? Tormenting the horses by Selahattin Demirtaş! Students undress to pass the class! Turkey's first Christian TV channel! Sat-7 Turkish... He had sex with the person next to him on the plane and was sued! İBB: 4 metro stations will be closed from tomorrow The shocking truth in the escort raid! How is homosexuality received in Turkey? He wanted HDP votes, he was dismissed! Statement about the Turkish ship attacked by the USA! We built very beautiful palaces, but we couldn't get justice! MIT finger claim in Reyhanlı! Subtle reference from Şahan to Cem Yılmaz! Has Barbaros Şansal been arrested? Did Lucescu send Emre? Will the iPhone 7 look like this? Credit card victims are increasing! Earthquake in Nepal! 7.1 Why do women cheat? Porn instead of lovers! A competitor is coming to Whatsapp! Condolences to Kenan Evren from Fenerbahce! When he coughed, a fly flew out of his throat! Fuat Avni action from AKP! Sex in the middle of the street! Türkiye is the second country that consumes the least alcohol! Turkish people love gossip and conspiracy! Statement from Emrah Serbes about the arrest warrant! Saturday Mothers: Kenan Evren, sleep well! 4 people were arrested in connection with the murder of Bahadır Grammeş! Police shot an 8-year-old boy in Cizre! Abusive police could not escape from the citizens! We strongly condemn this! The thinnest waist woman in the world! Kelly Lee Dekay... We are against Erdogan taking the streets with the people's money! Galatasaray did not lose the leadership! Why do flies rub their hands? What will the election threshold change? Bulent Ersoy has turned! I do not give my right to Kenan Evren... Josett Latrice became famous after NBA player liked his photo! The smallest and cheapest computer in the world! 9 dollars... Forbidden love collection! Suspicion of rape in the Value Deniz murder! When my daughters saw the police, they got scared and started crying! What happened after the Soma disaster? Playboy rejecting Margot Robbie on the set of Suicide Squad! Önal Ramadan, who tortured the cat with a dog, was fired! 7 people, including 6 children, froze to death in Van! Emine Şenlikoğlu was detained He stabbed his ex with a bread knife! Police traces 'insulting Erdogan' on Facebook! Bus scanned in Pakistan: 47 dead! He died while taking a selfie! Vatican recognized Palestine as a state! Devlet Bahçeli: I am calling out to these bastards! Solarium ruined addiction! Merkel asked who Atatürk was! If HDP does not exceed the threshold, I will quit my job! Two more trans women were attacked! The surprise of the couple making love on the balcony! He has been waiting for the woman he loves in the same place for 20 years! The disgusting competition where the Japanese eat bugs broke the rating record! Gay theme at traffic lights! A new attack on the Fenerbahçe bus! Is the number 2 name of ISIS killed? Police attack at Istanbul University! If the judgment continues like this, we will search these days with a candle! CHP sold mosques, HDP terrorist organization extension! Red bulletin decision for Green after 23 years! Fenerbahce's grandstand closure penalty! Johnny Depp threatens to 'kill his dogs'! Is there anti-HDP propaganda in the media? Censor Picasso's work! 'Do not wear conspicuous clothes' warning! Would Türkiye vote for an atheist prime minister candidate? Emre Belözoğlu'na attack statement! Traitor and whore... He cuts off his penises and takes them home! Cevahir Can: We beat Emre, we're going to Akhisar! Julia Starykh: I knew it was a mistake when you told me to 'undress'! Yeni Akit targeted Zakkum! Marauders... They killed and burned his wife and lover! Metrobus driver was stabbed in Şirinevler! These foods burn fat! When there was no participation from Van to the AKP rally... She hugged her student's crying baby and taught a lesson! The claim that Lindsay Lohan became a Muslim! Metin Şentürk: I set out without a party or a congregation behind me! PKK camp in Qandil was bombed! This rhino has protection! Sudan, the last white rhino in the world. Sex at the soldier's monument got a reaction! Massacre with poisonous minced meat at Ege University! Writers from Sarıyer will meet with their readers at Literature Days! Court: Freedom of the press is restricted! Burundi putschists arrested! MoNE supported jihad call! The couple making love in the park was kicked out of the park! CIA agent: I killed Marilyn Monroe! Panic attack was stabbed when he joked to his wife! He threw his child off a cliff to avoid paying child support! A belly challenge from women to men! Fire in the mine in Soma! HDP members were attacked with guns! The mystery of that dress has been solved! He will be the first prime minister to marry gay! TOFAŞ workers also stopped production! When I saw Erdogan, I fell in love! ISIS has captured the government building! Sex lesson for children aged 8-12 received a reaction! Baby found in cemetery with legs and tail cut off! Servet Tazegül became the world champion! Attempt to attack HDP building in Tekirdağ Saray! Islam will be banned in 2017! Human robot advertisement crashed sites! Excessive sex reduces happiness! Courtney Stodden porn leaked online! Money was scattered at Atatürk Airport! The allegation that Suphi Altındoken was lynched in prison! The number of atheists is increasing! Statement from the Karaman Governorate regarding the allegation that an idealist group attacked students singing in Kurdish Good news of execution proceedings for debtors! You've never seen Hazal Kaya like this! Duygu Çetinkaya was caught in a prostitution operation, she said, and she was sued! Police attack on municipal workers! The 5th opening ceremony of the solid waste facility! They died of starvation in the middle of the sea! Fuat Avni: Erdogan's biggest regret is Ahmet Davutoğlu! Another scandal at KFC selling animal corpses! Let me resign before I enter the election with proof! The bus tumbled into the abyss! 35 dead... Who was eliminated on Here's My Style? This time, fake money came out of the shoe boxes! Will you beat me, Akif?' When Berrak Tuzunataç was caught with her little lover, she panicked! Russia Today: Attack on Turkish military base Don't ask for the top of the animal corpse gold! Travel statement from Hüseyin Avni Mutlu: There are things I cannot talk about... Whatsapp has changed! What's new in it? We didn't cut, we pruned! Sneijder plays his 100th game Unknown about porn! Galatasaray reported Luyindama to KAP Cem Yılmaz ended the night in the trunk! Football coach jailed for 136 years for child sexual abuse! RTÜK: Erdogan violates election laws! Ivana Sert caught with her young love! 60 people protection for Melih Gökçek! The claim that 2 thousand TL disappeared due to the news of Cumhuriyet! 'What is Fatmagül's fault' reaction from Iran! I had the project prepared by Davutoğlu! Death penalty for Morsi! She got pregnant from her son's 15-year-old friend! Gay prime minister got married! Warning to users from Periscope! 10 thousand chickens were killed due to bird flu! I can't fulfill my woman's duty, is it a sin? Do not consume them while hungry! He memorizes the districts of the provinces he will attend the rally! After Renault, Coşkunözü also stopped production! RTÜK: Erdogan is violating broadcasting principles! AKP gets votes with the song Dombra! They found giant squid, trapped in the tub! Abu Sayyaf, leader of ISIS, was killed! Erdogan will not be sent to the death row! Direct enforcement proceedings cannot be initiated for debts! US woman, mother of three, joined YPG! Galatasaray's starting 11 against Gençlerbirliği! I'm 20 years old and I want to have sex 3 times a day! Rola Takizawa quits porn for £5 million! Turkish warplanes hit Syrian aircraft! His first commandment is read; steal, rob, not steal! The thief who stole the phone was caught when he took a selfie! Conscientious objection statement in Taksim! Meat products consume the brain! Hazal Kaya's thong is on the agenda of social media! Demand for arrest of soldiers who stopped MIT trucks! 6 people executed in Egypt! Will Kenan İmirzalıoğlu play Deniz Gezmiş? They will say 'Close the Slaughterhouses' again! Statement about the attacks against HDP from 3 parties! Thong reaction from Hazal Kaya to social media! ISIS executed 503 people! They raped the person who raped their own son in prison again! Zahit Atam wrote! We had a culture minister, he used to sleep at events.. Loli is waiting for your help! March against homophobia in Ankara! We will win by making love... Mehmet Topuz was taken to the hospital! We must all stand together! The game of the provocateurs did not, and will not! Who is replacing Bilic? Shamil Tayyar claimed that the PKK did the attack! Bomb attack on HDP buildings! Airplane hacked! Pirated Windows users will not be able to switch to Windows 10! Google 'buy' button! He died after being in a coma for 42 years! Saudi Arabia has started to attack Yemen! Women earn the most from the porn industry! The HDP letter on the animals received a great reaction! HDP: You cannot intimidate us with attacks! Barack Obama on Twitter! Photo of Jewish and Arab man kissing from Madonna! Caught raping a sleeping man! What is a swinger? What do swinger couples do? Hurriyet's harsh reaction to Erdogan: It is dishonorable to imply that he will be executed. If I end up like Morsi! Did Ahmet Hakan write Hürriyet's reaction to Erdoğan? 23 out of 100 women watch porn! Attack on animal liberation activists at Ege University! The minibus hit the cyclist! Kicked miner blacklisted! Porn ban from Twitter! He broke internet bans and earned $63 million! You are washing your face wrong! He committed suicide by jumping in front of the train! Building fire in Baku: 16 dead! When I saw my niece in the toilet, my sexual feelings were heightened! The police shot the 2-year-old boy in the head with a gas bomb! A deputy should not serve in the military! The doors he knocked for help did not open! Kurdish league is being established! Flooding in Colombia: 61 dead! Teachers without lessons will attend the rally! If HEPP is built, they will disappear! These habits suck your energy! Weren't you the one who said he couldn't even be a mukhtar? He burned his lover with boiling water! Darth Wader or Bulent Ersoy? Erin Heatherton is coming to Istanbul! I had sex with my students! Let them prove it, I resign! Rain alarm in Istanbul! Celebrities in the drug case request prison! He ordered the death of 400 people! He had his girlfriend's name engraved on his hip! Food discount for those who wear mini skirts! Support for Özgecan Law from celebrities! Barrier-free internet from CHP! They stoned Yalın for the azan at the concert! Healthcare workers went on strike! This is how you can get rid of the smell of sweat! Abdi İbrahim received a permit for the production of Covid-19 vaccine He went to ask for his 10-year-old student! He put a hidden camera on his son's collar and watched his father! Erdogan was not allowed to rally in the election square! Unless HDP exceeds the threshold! He wiped the board with the student's head! Can Dündar: Cumhuriyet does not report with malicious intent! The RTÜK President is like the AKP provincial president! Erection problem solved! Kenan İmirzalıoğlu will lose weight for the role of Deniz Gezmiş! The couple who had sex in the car died! Surprising sexual content search results on the Internet! Gökhan Değirmenci is coming to Galatasaray! Palalı attacked the police this time! Are you from DHKP-C? There is no click in the men I come across! Ahmet Davutoğlu: The person who attacked HDP buildings is from DHKP-C! The election poster with a glass of raki brought resignation! Aquariumists took action to stop the dolphin slaughter! Nearly 10 million Twitter accounts will be deleted! If the HEPPs continue, there will be no gazelles! Reaction to puppy meat sale in China! ISIS commander killed the boy with a bazooka! Kendall Jenner's minute is 10 thousand TL! Selahattin Demirtaş will be assassinated! He left the program he was presenting on live broadcast! Discovered on Facebook, became a player! DHKP-C: You will give an account for every lie that comes out of your mouth! Detention decision for 80 businessmen! Bin Laden's porn collection found! Low-cut race in Cannes preceded the event! Two healthcare workers died due to coronavirus Live broadcast fight moved to the court! ISIS has captured the border gate! Türkiye ranks 3rd in income inequality! Workers stuck in Edirne! Sex partner site hacked, information scattered around! When she didn't want to wear a wedding dress without losing weight, she lost 39 kilos! Cell phone charging bot made! A pregnant woman and her husband hanged from a pole in Ukraine! The person they call DHKP-C is from ISIS! No Chedjou in the derby! Prohibition claim from the Governorship to Cumhuriyet.com.tr! This road is only for ducks! Duck way... Soldier committed suicide by sharing a note on Facebook! Surprise name for Bilic! Criminal complaint against Hakan Fidan and Abdullah Öcalan from the Vatan Party! The burqa is banned in public! Soldier who killed 13-year-old boy with 17 bullets was found not guilty! Thank you DHKP-C! Galatasaray is preparing for the derby! If we pass the dam, the AKP will be divided! 10 ways to detect a lie! Greek communist Dimitris Kuçubas is coming to Turkey! MHP should join AKP! Who is this patient? His name is unknown! Keriman of Shattered: They call me sexy! Meral Akşener: They cursed my dead mother! I'll save my virginity for my husband! Attack on HDP in 3 regions! One person was injured with a line. Engin Ardıç wanted a brothel from the CHP! The ceasefire ended when 26 FARC members were killed! The legend of Fuat Avni is over! Arabia, Qatar and Türkiye united, we can fight! Murat Karayılan: I think HDP will not be able to pass the threshold! Attack on Ferhan Şensoy's game! Our religion was insulted... Paramparça's trans actress Ayta Sözeri was not allowed into the venue! Breastfeeding mothers raided McDonald's! The allegations are false, I'm not a virgin! I wish you had hair and you could drive too! Kılıçdaroğlu: HDP must exceed the threshold! HDP women played a football match to protest! Attendance at the HDP rally in Izmir was surprising! The gay couple found out that they are brothers in the TV show! The dormitory problem has not been resolved for 13 years! Knife attack on AKP candidate Ramazan Demir! Ireland approves same-sex marriage!'); INSERT INTO `gazisoft_news` (`title`) VALUES The PKK will not take action until the end of the election! HDP is running for election to overthrow AKP! Geese chased AKP members who were doing election work! Altan Tan: Atatürk could not cope with this people! Galatasaray 2-0 Besiktas! The fourth star is coming... TRT canceled DHA subscription! Molotov attack on HDP office! They will kill Chaos! Striptease with Pentagon money! The hand of the one who masturbates becomes pregnant in the hereafter! Kılıçdaroğlu flag in HDP election tool! Nude photos leaked from the hacked dating site! I don't think the socialists voted CHP! Sırrı Süreyya Önder: Don't talk, don't talk! Argentine football player died on the field! Traveled the world, died in Turkey! Reuters: The economic recession before the election is hurting the AKP! DTFC is confused! Faculty is on vacation... Another selfie statue has been erected! Not everyone will be able to work in these jobs anymore! Gökçek has pierced the ban, social media is confused! He killed the goat and cured homosexuality with his blood! Nurgül Yeşilçay: Ex-husband, ex-husband's new wife.. Reward for those who find bald ibis before ISIS! Bank robbers caught in Avcılar! All polls and possible election results! Police attack on those who want to enter Hasan Ferit trial! It's a cowardly lie that I am an Egyptian citizen! HDP is a Robin Hood movement! Animal libertarians protested at the Swedish Consulate for Chaos! Erdogan: If I were given the Nobel Peace Prize, I would not take it, they gave an award to the terrorist Umrah gift for those who quit drugs! New York Times, who are you? You will know your limit... He killed his mother, brother and father! ISIS burns woman who denied extreme sexual acts! Boko Haram killed 10 people by smashing them with machetes! The head of the fight against drugs is in custody for drugs! Armed attack on AKP bus! Fenerbahce's new coach has been announced! 430 people died from the heat in India! Important statement from WikiSocializm! Carriage protest in Kadıköy! Champion Galatasaray! Miley Cyrus: I don't feel like a woman or a man! He opened an exhibition of his Instagram photos and made a fortune! Investigation on the physiotherapist who had intercourse with his patient! Hamzaoğlu: I hope my father sees it too... Nasrallah: 'Don't hesitate, fight ISIS! Erdogan told me he was going to jail! Death threats to the Eurovision winner! The whole village watched the rape for 7 years! Those who sing and listen to these songs go to hell! The statue with the big penis has been removed! Fuat Avni's identity has been revealed! He's been making fake news for 20 years! What should people who steal their phone do? Iraq is preparing to strike ISIS! I haven't watched TV since 1990! We have finals, don't make any noise! They shot the father of Beşiktaş football player! İsmail Saymaz: The bullying of September 12 is more consistent than AKP! Heavy rain is coming! You are Maho Agha, and Bilo is circling around you! Coca Cola executive detained for ISIS membership! 3 years in prison for being gay! Father and son are getting married! 14-year-old Turkish citizen sentenced to prison in Austria! Goalkeeper scored while drinking water! Sexual diseases increase in summer! The operation against ISIS has begun! The debt of the tradesman is cleared! Corruption raid on FIFA! He abused both of his own daughters! There will be no tax on pads and tampons in Australia! Angelica Kenova, the barbie of the Russians! Hürriyet responded to Erdoğan again! The death toll from extreme heat in India has exceeded 1000! 100 lira road money for those who go to the job interview! Resistance at Renault is over! An emotional farewell speech from Bilic! CNN Turk employees were injured in the tram accident! MHP posters are being collected! School canceled after police attack at DTFC! He took a clip, he was detained for incitement to immorality! The teams that will participate in the European cups have been announced! Torture the baby! Fraud in Minecraft game! Election bans start tomorrow! He's not born with a penis! I will not come to Turkey without 6 guards! When he took a selfie with his dying father, the reaction rained! Rammehar Punia can use his shoulders like rubber! Ecstasy will be used for therapeutic purposes! Conscientious objectors can vote! Does IMM poison dogs? The deed of Kamp Armen has not been returned! Kim Kardashian is back from the dead The group was strangled to death while having sex! Hadise's photo became an event on Instagram! Did Ronaldo cheat on Irina? Abuser: I lost my balance, I accidentally lifted the skirt! Turkish Hack Team hacked New York Times! Mahsun Kırmızıgül: I have never seen such an unfair election! Davutoglu can be sacked! Alevis are infidels, if they convert to Islam, we consider them our brothers! Whatever the country has suffered, it is the head that equates leftism with irreligion! 430,000-year-old trace of human violence has been found! Twitter to Erdogan: We will not make you roll dough! Torture the horse from the ministers! They are trying to fill the asphalt melting from the heat and live! They were summoned to testify for making DHKP-C propaganda! iPhone error locks phones! Trans model: I adore the God you say rejected me! We are ready for attacks from jihadists affiliated with the Turkish state! He donated the money he earned from Nihat Doğan! George Clooney: I apologize for my role in Batman! Those who do somersaults to get votes from the right should not look to the left! Obligation of students from every school to the conquest ceremony! If Türkiye develops, the minimum wage will increase! HDP won Kazlıçeşme! I'm not dead, I'm sitting at home! 267 grams of bonsai came out of underwear! The penalty for joining ISIS is 183 TL! He started kissing while wrestling with his teacher! The President is creating a state crisis! Mira in a wedding dress in Yaman's arms! The woman who survived the execution committed suicide! Charlie Riina is in front of the lens for water ads! Man's close relative found! The Prosecutor's Office opened an investigation against Cumhuriyet! The punishment of the woman who had sex on the beach was clear! They did that too! Gold plated vibrator... Nouma: I'm not dead, I'm sitting at home Fuat Avni: AKP wants to steal 3 million 480 thousand votes! He skinned the monkey for the tourists to have fun! Canan Karatay has aged well! Eat animals, we are all animals... Erdogan: The closing time of businesses such as cafes and coffee houses has been extended to 24:00 Calendar newspaper interviewed wood! Bomb attack on mosque! A criminal complaint against Erdoğan for treason! ISIS killed 100 civilians on the Akçakale border! Shame on Galatasaray from Melo! Apple admitted its mistake on the iPhone! Former ECHR Judge Türmen: The UN can step in! Armed fight between HDP and HUDAPAR supporters: 2 dead! Can Dündar: For whom was it supposed to be kept secret? People? ISIS? MYTH? If the Republic does not remove the documents, access will be blocked! It is not a crime to alienate people from military service, it is a humanitarian duty! Fenerbahce has parted ways with İsmail Kartal! TMSF seized Bank Asya! He sold the Nobel Prize for $765,000! I stopped getting my hair 9 years ago! They read the Quran while raping! The news of MIT trucks has been removed from the Republic! DHKP-C raided a coffee house in the 1 Mayıs District! They had sex in the sea! Without the AKP, they would have cut the Kurds to pieces! Happy ears and free tails festival! Hande Yener will star in the movie! Lawsuit against miners in Soma for damage to property! They're stripping against the fur! Statement on suspicion of 'new coronavirus' in Aksaray Impudence from the court to the vegetarian mother! Feed your son an animal... There's a rag called The New York Times! Mini shorts are back in fashion! Turkish and Atatürk flags at HDP rallies! Future Newspaper employee Ufuk Erhan has been arrested! The park is closed! Davutoğlu's prime ministership to Hz. Mohammed did! The claim of illegal floor to the historical artifact! Do not break the glass in case of danger! Grup Yorum Concert in Bahçelievler! Cycling action from HDP! TIR statement from Erdogan: Helping our brothers in Syria... What happens in the trucks is nobody's business! Flu vaccine prevents heart attack! Allegation of armed attack on the Military Unit! Journalist and historian conversations 3! What are 90s celebrities doing now? My 15-year-old has destroyed your reputation! Assad repelled the attack! 17 dead, 30 injured... Aurelien Chedjou dyed her hair blonde-red! Real estate taxes increased because the shopping center and the road were built! Kılıçdaroğlu for MIT trucks: Humanitarian aid should be done in front of the world! When we come to power, women will be free on the street! Rüzgar Erkoçlar shared his topless photo! John Kerry broke his hip! Attack on HDP rally! Downpour is on its way! Swordfish got its revenge on the fisherman! They poisoned dogs in Adana! Selcuk Benli: Directors and bosses who don't know where the play button is! The person who made the news will pay a heavy price! Nurgül Yeşilçay's make-up-free state surprised those who saw it! Sabri's son: I saw 3 championships when I was 4 years old! Then I will resign! Strong response from Can Dündar to Erdoğan! Gas explosion in Istanbul! The area has been evacuated! Meteor stolen in Argentina! Kim Kardashian is pregnant! We have sex 500 times a day... We will raise youth who will establish 2053 and 2071! 92-year-old woman broke the marathon record! Lawsuit against 87 people on the anniversary of Gezi! Passengers got on the subway and ferry for free! Hijab permission to the judge, the prosecutor! Eliah Wood: I love you, I adore you Selda! The woman who drowned her baby in the bathtub: My son is a harbinger of doom! The teacher who allowed sex in the closet was fired! Severe warning from Murat Bardakçı to Ekşi Sözlük! The computer he threw in the trash was sold for 200 thousand dollars! Fazıl Say: The HDP threshold must be passed! They attacked the statue of the baker looking for Berkin! Half wolf sign from Ozan Doğulu! She got a reaction when she posed naked in the forbidden city! Attack on Berkin Elvan statue in Kadıköy! The attackers say there is no penalty for killing a fag! Free Windows 10 is coming in July! Beşiktaş reported its first transfer to KAP! Conversations between a journalist and a historian-4 Selahattin Demirtaş was going to be executed! Is ISIS coming to Turkey? Terrorist investigation into workers' strikes! The reason for inflation is women wearing jeans! Minister of Finance: I would like to go to work by bike, but there is DHKP-C! The process doesn't end until Öcalan says it's over! They raped her because she broke up with her friends! They threw the Galatasaray flag into the sea! Election holiday for university students! ISIS bans beard cutting They commemorated Hüseyin Cevahir at his grave! Duygu Bal will star in the movie Cem Yılmaz! Insult lawsuits have become the paranoia of the Erdogan family! 2 weeks in prison for making noise while having sex! Animal libertarians killed Lili! Criminal complaint from Tayyip Erdoğan against Cumhuriyet and Can Dündar! Another ancestor of man has been found! Megaupload redirects to porn! Take me to the pavilion! Demet Akalın's song broke the record! When 100 people came to the rally, they went to HDP! Can Dundar demand life imprisonment! FIFA President Sepp Blatter resigns! Mini-skirt reaction to the page 'Be a man, don't let your girls walk your women open'! Two people raped a 15-year-old girl on the street! Serenay Sarikaya denial by Burak Özçivit! Galatasaray tied Bilal Kısa to his colors! Detention for those who do not collect their legs! Fuat Avni gave a list saying 'vote theft will be done'! Here is HDP's final vote rate! People of 68 rejected HDP! Don't fall into this trap... Skype crashed! She had sex with men and had her boyfriend killed! Go to bed naked warning! Women eat less during ovulation! ISIS recruited 500 children! Police raid on Walking Magazine! I will harass the woman even if she is punished! Big mistake from BBC reporter! Queen Elizabeth died... Islamic advice from Facebook founder Marc Zuckerberg! The advertisement with the weak model is banned! Atheists will complain about the US dollar! ISIS attacked on the Turkish border! Jennifer Lopez concert turned into an action calling for the minister to resign! Two new actors for Cem Yılmaz's new movie! Balcony speech preparation in AKP! The case of 'dismissal from military service' to Askeregityiz.com! Case against Sabah from Cihan News Agency! We will save you from these fascist Kurds! Melo and Sabri got into each other! Chicken killer is suing KFC spider chicken claim! HDP's election van driver was found dead! He told me that my breasts are real, with a video! Galatasaray did not get enough of the cup! Sevilay Yükselir surprised: HDP must pass the threshold! Heavy rain is coming! Yıldız Asya was sentenced to prison! If we ensure the safety of the ballot box, the dam will not be a problem! I resigned for Gezi Park! Employers cannot prevent their workers from voting! The real hard days begin for Erdogan! Mukhtar rape of the woman who was subjected to violence by her husband! Religious abuse sentence for Fadıl Akgündüz! They resigned from AKP and moved to HDP! The Turk who blackmailed foreign models was caught! Çelik, who passed from AKP to HDP: "Kobanê will fall" has cooled the words! I will show the Prophet Muhammad cartoons on TV! More than 30 bullet marks were found on Hamdullah Element's body! No report can be kept for those who do not join the military! Surprise for the June 7 elections from Facebook! Hülya Avşar: TV8 is my channel! The death toll in China rose to 65! 300 Euros for working mothers from SSI! Kenan Bıyık: Identify those who did not vote for AKP letter has been sent! Gas station exploded in Ghana: 78 dead! Male-female travel ban in wagons! When I typed Google into Google, it came out! Warning to HDP supporters: Hüda-Par's intentions are not good! Amrabat goes to Trabzonspor! Artificial nose for a baby born without a nose! Euro found 3.07! Can Dündar's departure to London was the subject of discussion! Kangaroo can bend metal buckets! Christian is growing his hair out for cancer patients! Should toilet bowls be installed for those trapped in elevators? Octopus intelligence: The first invertebrate that can use tools! Ahmet Davutoğlu in Muse clip! They killed the endangered lynx and tied it to a tree! Military wife who had sex with a 14-year-old boy was imprisoned! Starch-based sugar makes you fat! KONDA: HDP exceeds the threshold! The easy way to lift hips! The goal of the USA is to establish an Islamic state in Iraq and Syria! Noah Köklü's murderer is asked for a life sentence! He keeps the memories alive by making a scarecrow in the abandoned town! A custody case from a lesbian double trans father! Test your nose, find out how long you will live! More than 3,000 Syrians entered Turkey! Published without animals being tortured! The magpie who does not leave the family that heals him! Yeni Akit: HDP logo says PKK! Armed attack on Politics Magazine! We rape you. Why don't women want sex? prof. Dr. Orhan Şen: Istanbul has 60 days of water left 26 women died in May! He broke his penis while having sex! Support from intellectuals to the Republic! Fenerbahce is meeting with 6 people for the transfer! Public transport in Izmir is free for 4 days! Erdogan and Davutoglu are in a frenzy! From Hakan to Yılmaz Özdil: Ebleh fascist! Özgür Mumcu's prison sentence of 5 years for insulting Erdoğan! New York Times: Which leader has a 1150-room palace? Guardian: Erdogan is tense, he declared war on the media! The rains are back! 360 thousand lira per month for Beren Saat in the series! The police attacked those who saved the chicks from the meat grinder! He tied the deer to the car and dragged it on the ground, the court found it right! Women's viagra is allowed! Yeni Akit: Beren Saat, the actress of the infamous TV series interpreted as prostitution! The beards of Rüzgar Erkoçlar are now on the agenda of social media! He was found guilty for defending himself while beating his wife! They beat the naked man and handed him over to the police! ISIS: O Lord, grant us the conquest of Istanbul! Gonca Vuslateri's new hairstyle surprised! Advance on credit card debt is obligatory! Is the vegan menu victory at Hacettepe University or... The Twitter accounts of the National Channel have been suspended! He burned his 14-year-old pregnant girlfriend! He took the phrase 'going through the director's bed' to ti! porn trap for iPhone! Teacher: Take a selfie with your parents' sex toys! Kılıçdaroğlu: I condemn the incident in Diyarbakır! They cried because of compulsory military service! He tortured his 13-year-old child! Metrobuses collided, there are seriously injured! Gas bombs for HDP members fleeing the explosion! Lynching attempt on a HDP citizen on the ferry! Davutoğlu: We will investigate the transformer or the assassination! The world's first skull transplant from the USA! Minister of Energy: The explosion is not caused by the transformer! Davutoğlu was detained after tearing up his posters! KCK: Those who carried out the attack received instructions from the AKP! I didn't want to be dependent on a man! He strangled the man he had sexual intercourse with! Esra Elönü: You blew yourself up! Altan Tan: The purpose of the attack is to postpone the elections! Illuminated protest against the rally attack! Atilla Tas and Uğur Işılak had a fight! She robbed her husband's lover naked in the middle of the street! Erdogan: If anyone should apologize, it's you! Mehdi Eker: Cell phone mechanism and TNT were used in the attacks! Gülen will die in 2039! Taking a selfie while having sex got a reaction! I adored Erdogan! Serenay Sarıkaya's snot was discussed at Beyaz Show! Media outlets took the joke of the parody survey company KOMSAR seriously and reported it. Attack on the march of homosexuals! Hilal Cebeci: I will vote for HDP! DHA hacked! Şafak Sezer: Our brother is clear! Sezen Aksu voted! Election day power outage! Alleged HDP observers were beaten! When will the election results be announced? Ümitcan Uygun, who beat Aleyna Çakır, who allegedly committed suicide, was linked to the broadcast 'My mother would see that Fatih kissed me on the lips, she would not react' He's sitting at the ballot box without an attendant! DHA: We deliberately did not want to vote for HDP, slander! Demirtaş: Please protect your votes! She came to vote in a wedding dress! Fuat Avni: AKP will cheat on the election! Beren Saat has voted! İbrahim Tatlıses suffers from memory loss! Those injured in the Diyarbakır rally voted! Ballot counterfeit response from Bağış to Demirtaş! I can orgasm 50,000 people! Hadise porn scandal on Youtube! Tires of vehicles without license plates are blown in electoral districts! Doğu Perinçek's son appointed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Burhan Kuzu: Ask your grandfathers about us! Has Cihan News Agency been hacked? Minister of Finance guards battered the lawyer of the Bar Association! The vegan festival and the anti-abattoir march coincided with the same day! CHP Deputy Chairman: Deflate the tires of the vehicles without license plates! AKP deputy: Go home, your husbands will vote for you! Armed attack on the colonel who killed the Mahirs! How many chests were opened? Parties under the dam and their votes! When his family didn't want the dogs, he started living in the park! First statement from AKP: We did not deserve this painting! Sırrı Süreyya: Our party will definitely not celebrate today! Will Davutoglu resign? Öcalan in Parliament! Can Dündar: You weren't going to detonate that last bomb! Fuat Avni: Erdogan was stuck in his chair, he could not pray! We will not embarrass those who voted for us! Fuat Avni: They are destroying the documents in the Prime Ministry! In memory of the trip: Penguin documentary as Davutoğlu talks! 7 million people did not vote! One and a half million votes were invalidated. They can form coalitions with all parties except the MHP! CHP-MHP-HDP coalition is the only option! New York Times: Erdogan ran aground! The Guardian: Erdogan has been humiliated! Flash TV even danced at election time! Don't cry when your son is martyred! Deputy Prime Minister: The most remote possibility is an early election! Melda Onur: Being a deputy is being alone among 80 million people! Arinc: The results show that the HDP is the success! Barış Atay: What the hell are you interested in licking... Alina Boz: I was going to play Cansu! The person who attacked the HDP rally claims to be an ISIS militant! The carriage took life again: 2 dead! We are a tribe, what are you doing with your married and divorced! A prosthetic leg that can feel was made! Where is the HDP on the animal rights issue? MKP claimed responsibility for the attack on the colonel who killed Mahir Cayans! Lightning struck the animals, they were upset about their money! Abdullah Gul: It is necessary to try to form a government together! HDP deputy: You will get the hell out of this country! Official cannabis church in the USA! The death toll in the explosion increased to 3: 17-year-old Civan Arslan... Cumhuriyet: Türkiye is listening! Electricity will be cut in 10 districts! Ayşe Arman: I voted for HDP! Serenay Sarıkaya: Thanks to my director who didn't cut that scene! Police raided the pool party and dragged the woman on the ground! Misconceptions about condom! Gökhan Özekin could not become a deputy! We will not be in a coalition option with AKP! He made art with menstrual blood! Ecem Shining: The Soviets were wrong, the war continues! Pepsi's failure to deliver the won products received a reaction! Let CHP-MHP form a coalition, HDP support! Kenan Evren street was named Erdal Eren! MHP's 4 conditions for coalition with AKP! Ahmet Davutoğlu submitted his resignation! It tells about the experiences of women in the porn industry! What a low person you are! Why can Demirtaş be killed? Demirtaş is a hippie-looking murderer with blood on his hands. Earthquake in the Mediterranean! With whom does the AKP want to form a coalition? Early election waste of time! Spy ring for cheating spouses! The men approach to the bottom of us, but you do not see! Important coalition statement from MHP! It was claimed that there were VIP coronavirus patients in Ankara Arrest regarding the bomb attack at the HDP rally! The cause of the earthquake is naked tourists! The presidential debates are over! Engin Altan became a courthouse while sitting in a cafe! Sex next to the couch thrown into the street! Fine for tourists walking around naked! He woke up with bruises all over! Deputy Chairman of AKP voted for HDP! He said he drank because of ISIS and could not escape punishment! Şükran Ovalı, Derya of the Honor Matter, posed for Gq Magazine! If there is an early election, AKP's votes increase! He's waiting to get his head cut off! It is forbidden for women to have fun after 11 pm! CHP rejected AKP, called MHP and HDP! The people said #GeziCoalition Establishment! Nihat Doğan took a photo with Kendall Jenner! The war between Hezbollah and ISIS has begun! 35 thousand lira fine for those who write 'murderer' on AKP election vehicle! Miley Cyrus: I'm vegan, animal rights activist! 5 years in prison for kicking Zarrab's car! Condition of coalition from CHP to AKP: Get rid of Erdoğan! The murderer of Baran from Hüda-Par is not the PKK! You have brought together a few captives and overthrown the power! Smart bikini is produced! The stones of the CHP-AKP coalition are being laid! I was going to give them a minimum wage of 5 thousand liras! Court: It's not a crime to call it the crazy sultan of the Fugitive Palace! A call to ban ear piercing in children! They're going to shoot porn in space! Çağla Akalın: If they have a gold toilet, I have a gold sink too! Binali Yıldırım: There was a small malfunction in the Metropolitan on March 31, we will fix this malfunction on June 23 Atheism Association distributed soup to the homeless! Erdogan: A government should be formed in our country as soon as possible! From İhsan Eliacik to Erdogan: There is not the slightest self-criticism! Police caught him having sex in the car! The Netherlands fires the rector who says "HDP votes will support homosexuals and Armenians"! Hazelnuts reduce the risk of premature death! Beren Saat: I grew up in poverty in a family of 9 siblings! Forest Water Works: Our animal rights violation e-mail address has been put into service! Apologies to the newspapers that included the voice recording of Hatice Kaçmaz! Özgecan's killers are going to court tomorrow! Bulent Ersoy's arrest warrant! 37 judges and prosecutors were dismissed from the profession! Six cut tubes were found in Diyarbakır! Even not sleeping for one night makes you old! 15-item statement from HDP! Halk TV dismissed Baykal for criticizing him! The Ministry of Finance was occupied in Greece! Baransu supported Can Dündar from prison! I am responsible... Vegan menu in public and private establishments! Warning to iPhone users that your password may be stolen! RTÜK punished A Haber for its biased broadcasts! 50 CD giant album from Metallica! Uğur Işılak's tweet got a reaction! Israel has closed its biggest slaughterhouse! 227 pieces of metal came out of his stomach! Raped and videotaped for 4 hours! The second book of Fifty Shades of Grey has been stolen! Ecem Çırpan, the most beautiful woman in Turkey! Erdogan will be the wedding witness of Yavuz Bingol! The Özgecan Aslan trial has begun! 50 detentions in the financial police operation! Today it will be called 'Close the Slaughterhouses'! Emine Erdogan lost her case! The patient who has a successful penis transplant will be a father! Attack on trans musician Stephanie McCarthy at her own concert! A workplace was scanned in Diyarbakır! HDP called for coalition! 'Somebody with mental illness sends death threats and insults' Blackmail from the police to the woman staying at the hotel with her boyfriend! You're not dizzy and you're fat! The woman injured in the HDP rally congratulated the passing of the dam! If we had not passed the threshold, the opposition parties would not have left their rooms! Esmersoy: That's why we can't see Arda! LGBTI protest canceled Iggy Azalea's concert! His wife Jelena Karleusa was spoken more than Beşiktaş's transfer, Tosic! Approval for children under the age of 14 to work! We can't even tweet, they say traitor! Torture the turtle! Photo of Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner has been talked about a lot! Women think about these during sex! He didn't hug his murdered mother! 3 years in prison for the mufti! Sümer Tilmaç lost his life! A signature campaign has been launched for the trial of the AKP girl! Al-Shabap claimed responsibility for the attack that killed 81 people: We targeted the Turks The windows of the fur shop in Taksim were broken! One-man action in Avanos... Feyzioğlu: Everyone has the right to march without weapons or violence Will Erdogan take over the AKP? Zeki Demirkubuz adapted his novel Nausea! Genocide in China under the name of a festival begins on June 21! The future of fashion: genderless! When her private photos went viral, the queen's crown was taken from 'immorality'! New disease from social media: FOMO! Sinan Akçıl: Reading the Quran gives me a lot of peace! Koala never left his mother's side in surgery! The USA's fight against ISIS is a lie! Governor Mutlu will pay Dilan Alp 10 thousand TL compensation! Farewell from Cem Davran: Goodbye, super veteran... Does Survivor have a sex life? 5 years in prison for animal experimenters! Bare protest against environmental pollution! They killed the animals that escaped from the zoo! It wouldn't be cheating if he had sex with money! The elephant held in captivity asked 'humanity' to account! The free brothel announcement caused a stampede! AKP is after proxy transfer, the money will come from Qatar! Why is no one calling me except Erdogan! Halicarnassus Disco has opened the season! They're pressing the dogs in the garbage truck for the Copa America! 5 phrases that show your friend wants to have sex with you! This is how the dog was killed in the pet hairdresser in Bostancı! TRT program of Sibel Tuzun, who said 'Everything will be fine', was canceled Detention in student dormitory for insulting Erdogan! Let Versin Bilal take the power! Rescued from the shelter became a movie star! Erdogan: Channel Istanbul will be built whether you want it or not 2 ISIS militants who crossed the Turkish border surrendered! The claim that Tel Abyad is under the control of YPG is not true! Knife attack on HDP members! The commander of the ELN was shot! The road was built for those who text while walking! Beren Saat: Here is my coalition! New keys are coming to computer keyboards! Women players drew attention in FIFA 2016! Penalty to ING Bank for 'encouraging young children to talk to strangers'! I also told Erdogan's face that he had a finger on the cassette counter! The second man of al-Qaeda was killed in Yemen! Travel compensation of 10 thousand TL to Elisa! There is genocide behind this calendar! Cercei Lannister's walk of shame scene was talked about a lot! One prison sentence, one execution for Morsi! Sorry, but you are so incompetent! Fuat Avni: Determined to get Turkey into Syria! Alien cat debate on social media! He raped and killed his mother! Berkin commemoration in front of the White Palace! 9 high school students in custody... TSK published these images for the first time! Lastpass hacked! Change your password warning to credit card holders! The suspect who attacked HDP headquarters with a gun has been released! The murderer's mother spat on Tuğçe Albayrak's photo! Pudding's debut album Pakize has been released! The sitting position of the Greek finance minister is on the world agenda! Cat case against communist president Nurullah Ankut! Okmeydan is confused! Süleyman Demirel is dead! Imams will prevent the absence of students! How can we be in the same bloc with the terrorist organization? Palm oil fight between France and Italy! YPG's success against ISIS is the success of all humanity! The rhino's bodyguards are killing the hunters! He drank 10 cans of Coke a day and became this! When the National Anthem is sung on the beach! Let the AKP go, this geography will improve in 1 month! Treatment scandal at Istanbul University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine! Fine for swearing in WhatsApp! The crow cleaned people's trash! Sandstorm broke out in Ankara: 6 injured He died when detergent was given instead of wine in the bar! Deniz Gezmiş's older brother: I can't remember Demirel with goodness! The villagers were sued because the gendarmerie's jop was broken! Jealous of his wife's attention, he raped his dog! 4 ISIS members caught crossing the border in Kilis! What is the average penis length? Karayılan: AKP-MHP coalition means war! He died while saving the turtle! Sex in the mall got a reaction! You are Mine series starts on Friday evening! Young people join ISIS for sex! Internet is getting slower! General Staff: A mortar attack was made! Raped, drowned, thrown into the creek! İHD: 50 ISIS militants crossed from Tel Abyad to Turkey Demirtaş: If the AKP accepts our principles, we will support it! Mustafa Kemal is burning in hell! The vehicle of the mayor who organized the bullfights was burned! Fatih Municipality: We did not paint that portrait! The coalition doesn't look easy! 3-year hunting ban on henna partridges! YSK announced the official election results! Fight Club 2 is coming! They killed and hung on the bridge! Beren Saat: You are helpless because you consider yourself lucky! Breastfeeding ban on tattooed mother from court! Ahmet Necdet Sezer was taken to the hospital! Now the hairs on his legs are on the agenda! They put dynamite on it and executed it! Blood-curdling execution from ISIS! The showcase of prostitution: the Red Light District! I get death threats for making rap music! TV remote that works with brain waves! If the HDP threshold had not passed, the opposition leaders would have resigned! Tuğçe Kazaz: I mourn Deniz Gezmiş and his friends... Muslims raided the set because they are not fasting! Women have no right to live in this country! The White Palace is being handed over! Kılıçdaroğlu: Let's form a government together, be the prime minister! Threat to Atilla Taş: We will execute your daughter! Response to the prime minister's offer from MHP! Football players filmed the group sexy video! Tsipras: If I agree with the IMF, my wife will leave me! Yıldız Tilbe had an accident! They put a prosthetic leg on a flamingo in the zoo! Racist church attack in the USA: You must die! Tragicomic statement from HEPP employee... Don't throw garbage, we can't generate electricity! Caught masturbating with a toy horse! Lauren Wasser lost her leg due to tampons! They watched the torture of animals laughing! Renewable energy record broken! Vagina statue attacked! Shattered Hazal shaved her hair! His family left when he was born wrinkled! 90 thousand sites banned in Turkey! Porn redirection in ketchup brand! Anonymous became a rival to Facebook! MHP and AKP almost agreed on the coalition! Perfume from the smell of the dead! Choices and livelihoods! You can buy Wikipedia for 500 thousand dollars! These images fell into the newspapers! This movie has no sound and no subtitles! A fly bit him, his life turned black! University student Feride was rescued! I didn't see any soldiers at the border, it's easy to cross into Turkey! Coach: Türkiye cannot afford early elections! ISIS is in Turkey, God bless you! Innovation from Facebook! The suspects detained in the murder of Cansu Kaya were arrested! Sex work in the sahur got a reaction! Penalties are at the door for those who send SMS without permission! Atatürk would not fast! Is the AKP-MHP coalition okay? The body stunt of Game of Thrones! Van Cleav... Money rained from the sky! The extinction rate of living species has increased 100 times! Kardashian's dad: I started living when I changed gender! Mr. Kemal, enough is enough! Power outage in Istanbul! Bed images of two women created controversy! SYRIZA investigation against HDP! Gülben Ergen: I do not find the reproaches made on the screen sincere! Turabi is fasting in Survivor! He will be prosecuted for giving blowjobs to the dog! Bahçeli: We are not chasing small accounts! When he went to the toilet frequently, the tumor in his brain appeared! The dog breastfeeds the lion that his mother rejected! Google took action for revenge porn! 4 months in prison for gay people kissing in Morocco! And now the hunters have killed the animal guards! What is the owner of that pose doing now? Environmentalist clip from the group Disturbed! I'm going down to your childhood, Melih! The police who shot the dog shot the 4-year-old boy! 80,000 jihadists crossed into Syria via Türkiye! Investigation against Hürriyet reporter Tolga Tanış for insulting Erdoğan! Grup Yorum gave a concert in Izmir! Frightening earthquake in the Mediterranean! Women sleep more than men! The way she sleeps betrays the relationship! Youtube's reaction to insult the prophet! From being a waitress to a model.. Ayşegül Erciyas! Coalition means fusion! There is no Kurdish corridor! There has been no news from the missing soldier for 10 days! Cansu Kaya's murder suspect Özgecan is in action! AKP MHP coalition is impossible! Tragicomic smoking penalty from RTÜK! Is it possible to bring a dead person back to life? The state will pay compensation to Hacer Arıkan, whose face she burned! Ibrahim Toraman left football! He died while torturing horses! Karolin Fişekçi complains about the Ramadan drum! youtube access ban We forgive you, repent! Keep that mind to yourself! Very important warning from the Bar! TÜRGEV ​​has reached out to universities! You can't speak for university students! The EU is meeting for the Greek economic crisis! The Yulin Genocide has begun! What is the situation in Turkey? KCK: HDP's passive politics... We don't take MHP seriously! He cursed by calling 112 for 6 years! The life of Arda Kural, who was treated for schizophrenia, turned into a nightmare! He made people drink urine by saying 'Money opens every door'! Demet Akalın: I'll throw myself off the third bridge! Greenpeace: People's right to clean air is being usurped in Turkey LGBTI flag in the US Consulate! Is Fethullah Gulen dead? Davutoğlu will go and Abdullah Gul will take his place! Oath day in parliament! YPG captured the military base! Syrian influx to Bodrum! It reached hundreds of thousands with the virus song! CHP will be decisive in the coalition! Hannibal season 3 has been cancelled! Precipitation warning from Meteorology! The radiation storm has reached Earth! He was released, stabbed his lover in 5 places! Operation in Okmeydanı again! Threats to the youth who removed the expression "Islam" from his identity! Question to Zarrab's leak floors! It's getting on me! Women's Viagra works! They used lamb for the photo shoot! They put the monkey in the trunk and kidnapped it like this! His sitter threw him out of the car, he ran after him! Murat Dalkılıç's photo received a reaction: Nasty! Selahattin Demirtaş accompanied the National Anthem! The first headscarved to take the oath in the history of the Parliament! The Governor's Office denied the allegations of harassment! 700 people died in Pakistan due to the heat! All of them are in the parasitic plant class! The execution of ISIS was chilling! Those who do not fast can be beaten! Explosion near the Turkish Embassy in Somalia! Missing academic found dead! Large-scale YDG-H operation! Animal rights defenders warned Fatih Terim! Neighbors took care of Terim... Acquittal for the slogan of dictator Tayyip! Faruk Celik did not look at Ocalan's face! Night requirement for erotic e-book sales! A sex slave gift for those who memorize the Qur'an! Private school registration has been stopped! Iron Maiden broke his silence with the 'Book of Souls'! She went to bed with the women's underwear she stole! 9 months in prison for the upskirt pervert who pulled his tenant! Gmail revolution! Emails sent can be retrieved. The governor's office asked the municipality: Who is Erdal Eren, what are his services? They closed the Syrians in the garden because the tourists were disturbed! Porn released from the giant screen in the city! Virginity check under the name of family medicine application! Nationalist president: Shall we go on an Armenian hunt? Man made his humanity again... The bear was hanged from the tree! How can I be a dog hater? Gökhan Kaya: Don't brag Fatih Terim, you're not that superior! Yanet Garcia raised the channel's rating! Interesting censorship on Turkish Wikipedia! These threads have been blocked... ISIS is sending Kurds into exile! The table itself is 5 thousand liras including VAT! ISIS female snipers killed! ISIS has re-entered Kobane! There are dead and wounded... Condom project that changes color when disease is found! Niran Ünsal: I only show my halal places! Alparslan Kuytul, who was released yesterday, was arrested again Satisfied the sexual desires of militants! The main opposition party MHP or HDP? Google crashed! İrem Derici: I pissed myself, I'm not ashamed! Dangerous fashion trends! Fine for 'sexy revolutionary' news! He forced abusive sex with me! Grup Yorum is in a sit-in against the ban on concerts! They left the blind donkey hungry and thirsty! Is Gulseren moving to the mansion? YPG: Our forces killed 30 ISIS members! It is not possible for us to take part in a coalition with the MHP! Robin van Persie killed fish and shared it on Instagram! They cut their toes so they can wear high heels! Kiwi rebellion of Facebook users! US Human Rights Report: Erdogan openly attacked journalists! Double raise for retirement! Osman Karadeniz statement from the General Staff! Those deputies will receive 70 thousand TL! Daily Telegraph: Is Erdogan's hatred of Assad enough to lead to support for ISIS? Blue screen error on iPhone! Vegan diet reduces menstrual pain! 'Strong will, terrific bulge' news fined! The non-commissioned officer kidnapped by ISIS has been expelled from the army! The elder brother of the missing soldier: TAF's explanation is unacceptable! The Syrian army continues its resistance! 32 months in prison for the book 'We Walked in Parallel, On These Roads'! Call from the Atheism Association! The death toll in Kobanê rose to 146! He complained saying 'he hurt while making love'! Candle smelling pepper spray in memory of Gezi Park! Esra Erol will receive 50 thousand TL per day! The trial of the woman who strangled eight children in France has begun! They cut off his head and hung it on the door! Call to Abbasağa Park for Kazım Koyuncu! Dog massacre in Kütahya! That murderer named Yüksel Kuanç was caught and released! Hotel attack in Tunisia! 27 dead... iPhone 6 exploded! She claimed she was pregnant from a pig! Same-sex marriage is legal in all US states! Grup Yorum has won the case for the concert! Is the Turkish army entering Syria? The woman who published porn images gave time to Facebook! reveal your identity.. She has been struggling with scoliosis since she was 9 years old! Anonymous hacked animal porn sites! Bahçeli: I ignore HDP! ISIS claims Tunisia massacre: Brothel! A Mall on the Ancient Roman City! Deputy Commissioner shot a dog, took annual leave! Clocks go back 1 second! Conscientious objector Onur Erden is brought to the prosecutor's office! Vegan prisoner Osman Evcan won the fight! Yeni Akit has outdone himself: He's the parallel... his children! Police Department in Pride Parade! Sex on the red carpet in Cannes created controversy! 'Do not go to Grup Yorum concert' banner from the police! Alaattin Çakıcı's stepson made the young woman this way! Your life may be turned upside down on July 1st! What is the couple in that photo doing now? Half makeup trend on Instagram! Did the word porn derive from Pornai Street in Sultanahmet? 12 ISIS members caught in Turkey! The veiled woman was not taken to the city bus! When will TEOG results be announced? They set us all on June 7th! Police attack on LGBTI march in Taksim! Yesterday Mabel Matiz in Avcılar, today is Ezgi's Diary! Defending the rights of homosexuals is not being gay! Carrion crows taking care of someone else's wallet! Scandal from CNN: ISIS flag in LGBTI march! Lady Gaga reacted to police attack at Pride Parade! This is how the police attacked the trans woman on the ground! ISIS is preparing for war with Türkiye! Sticks appeared in the LGBTI march! They took a selfie on the beach where ISIS massacred them! When the announcer presented the news without underwear, he got a reaction! When his girlfriend's wife broke the house, he jumped out of the window! Operation statement from Davutoğlu to Syria! Why do women like to wear tights? His head and paw were cut off, his skin was flayed! Hijab ban lifted in Germany! Rita Ora took the stage with the LGBTI flag! From nationalists to LGBTI people: Eat my goddamn motherfucker! Ezgin's Diary was in Hunters! Joan Baez surprise at Grup Yorum concert! Rainbow formed during the intervention! This is how the Istanbul Governor's Office announced the attack on LGBTI! 30 monkeys escaped from the torturers! ALF suspect. Israel intervened in the Freedom Flotilla! YPG: We will make ISIS pay dearly for this massacre! Banks in Greece are closed for a week! Signs are placed on the door of Alevis! The travel doctor died! Bazaar: Don't be silent in the face of oppressors! He got a rubber bullet in the Pride Parade, he can go blind! Mystery in Egypt is on Mars! A dangerous virus is spreading on Twitter! Bitter reaction from women to Star newspaper! Apologize... He drank an energy drink and died! Due to economic problems, a newspaper will not be able to be published tomorrow! He hanged himself after sharing a suicide note on Facebook! Fuat Avni: Yazid is determined to seize Doğan's media! Facebook: We couldn't find the porn uploader! Do not enter Syria! We are open to cooperation with Greece! Ferhat Encü: mules are slaughtered, houses are being swept! He set himself on fire on the fast train: 2 dead! Syria killed 691 ISIS members in two days! 10 months in prison for insulting Erdogan! Dog killers punished in Yulin! '#menleryerinibilsin trend' statement from AK Party KADEM: We condemn and reject this situation They launched a heinous attack on my photo in red pants! Forced her boss into intercourse four times! He won the case... ISIS and Erdogan cover from Leman! Where are you my love... 4 people were arrested for alleged TİKKO membership! The smoking ban made the prisoners revolt! If HDP declares its support for Baykal, we will not vote for Baykal! If Türkiye enters Syria, it will find us against it! Women were raped and burned alive! ISIS cut off the heads of two women! 2 soldiers drowned in Şemdinli! HDP: We stand by the people of Greece! Dr. Murat Kınıkoğlu donated the income of his book to the shelter! Interesting social media flow from the Japanese! The world stopped for 1 second! Making an ISIS cake in the USA made a mess! 1200 people, including al-Qaeda members, escaped from prison! ISIS: We will root you out! A first in history! Greece could not pay its debt. Criminal complaint against Pride Parade attack! Chemical-laden ship ran aground in the Dardanelles! Morsi will be executed soon! Reuters pointed to early elections! He died after not going to the toilet for 2 months! Selahattin Demirtaş: Good luck to the MHP! Interesting censorship of the headscarf on the TV channel! He lives with 300 mice! They booed the naked rape scene! Thinking a Japanese woman is Chinese... 3-year-old girl, whose parents died, took care of her 2-month-old sister for days Google apologized after tagging black couple as 'gorilla'! He said 'Do not exaggerate' to women who were subjected to violence in the sahur program! TRT will shoot a TV series for Erdogan! Kobane's 30 tons! I better cut off my arm! Akit: Perverted bitch LGBTIs! BBC lays off 1000 people! The car entered the house through the roof! Foie gras banned in Brazil! In Belgium, euthanasia patient with depression! They were found starving to death in the nursing home! He told the police 'let the poor eat, not you', an investigation was opened! Arinc: Become naked in broad daylight! Students' social media posts are a reason for discipline! Boko Haram killed 145 people! Criminal complaint against Minister, Governor, Chief of Police from LGBTIs! Turnstile to Caddebostan Beach! Sea mercenary... Conscientious objection statement for killed mules! New tattoo fashion! Ebru art... Die Zeit: Hitler emulated Atatürk! People with low intelligence are liberal or conservative, racists are stupid! Syria statement from Davutoğlu! Frightening earthquake in Balikesir and Xinjiang! Possible choice ahead! Police raid on hunger strikers for Hasan Ferit Gedik! Religious marriage is on the rise due to Muslims in England! Decision to demolish Rıza Sarraf and Ebru Gündeş's illegal mansion! Presidential Mosque opens today! 17.7 million people in Turkey are in debt! The university sells its students online! MHP may have to form a coalition with HDP! He couldn't recognize his wife when he lost his memory! Slobodanka Tosic caught for 5 murders! Matti Makkonen, the inventor of SMS, has died! Amberin left Zaman Side! Syria is under occupation! 13 jihadist organizations attacked... 2-year-olds have 100,000 followers! New fashion! Luminous mini skirt... Fatih Altaylı called Galatasaray football players 'dishonest' Fatih Terim 'coward' Artificial vagina case decided! Strong reaction from CHP to Yeniçağ's headline! Only 1 person can access this site! WikiLeaks founder Assange sought asylum! Happy Rock reaction rained on Sibel Can! Coalition virus on Twitter! Secrets of female orgasm! 8 tricks of applying eyeliner! Barn owl cured! The world's most powerful insect is in Hakkari! Again ignorance! The child got sick, the bill was cut to veganism... Metallica can't go on stage due to lack of money! He paints the snails' shells so they don't get squashed! The nationalists attacked the Koreans they thought were Chinese! Riot forces entered the LG factory! We have six months of fuel, four months of medicine stock! Sit on Sancak's lap and have him read this! Riot on Reddit! He died while taking a selfie! A WWII tank came out of your house! The teacher who has intercourse with his student will be prosecuted pending trial! MHP Provincial Vice President attacked animal rights defenders! I loved a Kurd, but divisive! Every woman he meets is pregnant! The shipment of ammunition to the Syrian border has begun! 8 ISIS members detained in Kilis! If Türkiye makes an operation in Syria, it would be a crime! ISIS kills 25 Syrian soldiers in Palmyra! Power outage in Istanbul! Türkiye warning from China to its citizens! Mobility on the Syrian border! Special Forces Commander at the border... I'm so sorry I killed the snake, it had cubs! Warning to the people of China: Do not travel alone! Red meat increases the risk of breast cancer! The nationalists hanged Mao! He threw the clothes he wasn't wearing at people! Description of Happy Rock by Sibel Can! The 'no' voters are ahead in the Greek referendum! Fethullah Gülen's live broadcast caused panic! Women regret these during sex! We present the news naked because... The nationalists attacked the Chinese restaurant again! The claim that ISIS has captured the town of Ayn Isa! ISIS or Daesh? We will help Greece if necessary! Chinese companies refuse to come to Turkey! HDP will not nominate Öcalan! Spouse change festival got a reaction! Who deleted me on Facebook? Akit: Society is getting sullen! The journalist who made the news of Fatih Terim's 'Throw the dogs' was fired! Google is a political, deep and illegal operation! Arda Turan is in Barcelona! He walked around the street with the ISIS flag! The model joined the YPJ to fight ISIS! Breast censorship protest on Facebook! No alcohol in 5 out of 10 disinfectants examined Queue to be an extra in Game Of Thrones! The White Palace has become a complex! Vatan Party at Adnan Oktar dinner! Fidel congratulated Tsipras! Amy Winehouse documentary broke the record! We will hit ISIS leaders and their facilities! Player of the Year Muslera! Death threats against LGBTI people on Ankara walls! I drugged the women I wanted to have sex with! Why are we late to our destination? The famous doctor of the screens accused of child pornography! HSBC fired employees who made ISIS jokes! Nude photos were taken in Eiffel, detained! Soldiers attacked deputies and journalists! "The smell of Chinese blood smells in our nostrils!" Gay boy photo created controversy! I'll give 10 grand to anyone who finds me a girlfriend! 2015 KPSS results announced! The world's blackest baby is on the agenda of social media!'); INSERT INTO `gazisoft_news` (`title`) VALUES He won compensation when his penis remained erect for 6 days! The increased prices of smartphones have been announced! He bit the arm of the man who didn't want to have sex! She was with her 3 male students! 22 years in prison... Ban on 'looking sexy' for girls in Germany! Wolf sign and metal sign look alike, Korean and Chinese... 6 million young people are unemployed! Women do not go to school and work. He committed suicide at the age of 13! The scorching heat is at the door! Description of the operation in Syria! When foreigners see the Palace, they say this is a great state! 'There are CIA agents in the Vatan Party' 60 caretta caretta puppies died by being trapped under the walking belt put up by the hotel! We hear that AKP deputies are meeting with Öcalan! This is how the soldiers beat the HDP deputy! A Zencani item on the end! 7500 TL fine for Barış İnce! I don't pay... Barcelona started selling Arda Turan jerseys! 45 ISIS members died from poisoned iftar meal! They are trying to drag Turkey into the war! Fine for those who catch a rhino beetle! They raped Cemile! These condoms are the most sold in Turkey! There is no ban on fasting in the Uyghur Region, no cruelty to the Turks! Alleged attack on the USA! Planes couldn't fly, the stock market stopped... The truth about the black doll has been revealed! Penis and vagina crisis in high school! Death penalty for ISIS militants! Journalists attacked by soldiers filed a criminal complaint! Heavy words from the club president to Arda! One-day divorce ban! Hotel management placed cameras and filmed couples having sex! Bad news for iPhone users! How do they sleep and stay fit? Coke addict Volkan: I can't stay still if I can't drink 7.5 liters a day Is sex addiction cheating? What does the law say... Called 911 to complain about Chinese food, detained! Soldier pointed a gun at me! Tarık Akan is asked to jail for 4 years! Scary earthquake in Burdur! Animals were infected with plague and ebola, tortured! Press Freedom Award to Can Dündar! The people who kept the apartment door turned out to be usurper! 3 years in prison for Berlusconi! Banks will not open in Greece! Sexy clip jail sentence! Arda Kural started to live on the street, the municipality took action! They forced their daughters to have sex for money! Demirtaş: Know that you are not alone! ISIS member: We cut off his neck as Allah said! The putschist Tahsin Şahinkaya died! Selahattin Demirtaş: Come on! They pulled the hair of the woman they thought was Chinese! Shots were fired at the shopkeepers who took action in Ankara! 1 dead... When he said, 'I'm glad my father died', the argument broke out! Pregnancy test from your mobile phone! Only God can judge the love I had with my uncle! He beat his wife, took her naked with a banner on the street! She found her baby's father through an internet posting! People with mental disabilities who interpret it as support for the AKP! Gender discrimination in the toilet is removed! Is this funeral Green's? Statement from high school: It's a penis, not a vagina! The bear tried to escape by breaking the window in the zoo! He tied the dog to the tractor and dragged it! Honor killings! They raped before they killed! Civil police terror in the public bus! Taylor Swift's music video has been watched 1 billion times! 6 diseases caused by unprotected sex! Most searched for Kim Kardashian porn on porn site! Shattered Cansu with her real brother! The move that surprised Ece Erken from her husband! Kılıçdaroğlu is my choice! Images about Uyghur Turks are lies! The mystery of beach brutality has been solved! He studied with the light leaking from the shop! Arda Kural: I would marry someone in my life, but... Ramadan holiday has been extended! Electric bus fleet is being established in Izmir! Suicide attempt on the Bosphorus Bridge! ISIS operation in Istanbul! Smokers can get schizophrenia! New Contract: There is no need for war, Aleppo and Damascus are already ours! This is how cows are raped! 6800 mink saved from death! Sare Davutoğlu: Saying violence against women makes the issue bigger! Rape and strangle young men! Greece now uses Turkish Lira! Female directors and their favorite movies! When will retirees receive their increased salaries? He knocked out his girlfriend for casual game play! They bring it from the mountain and sell snow! ISIS bans Eid prayer! Herbal nutrition reduces the risk of hip fracture! ISIS learned the propaganda from Mexican cartels! Dark was from AKP, he joined ISIS! Metallurgists are happier! A skyscraper will be built from Beyonce's body! Thailand has closed its representative offices in Turkey! They threw the cat into the creek! Syrian child labor exploitation is on the rise! Chinese media: Uighur refugees would join the jihad! Serdar Ortaç's ex-wife: He hasn't paid alimony for 5-6 months, thank you This is how the HDP bomber entered the field! Disciplinary punishment for the police who had sex at the police station! Will the people with sheets be punished for the crime of "face-covered action"? Blame the owners of that poster! He hit pedestrians, got off and looked at his car! Zeynep Kılıçdaroğlu: I bought the flat with a sweat! Arçelik, who threw the workers, paid 2.5 million to Beren-Kenan! The torrential rain is coming! Smoking increases the risk of schizophrenia! Stay away from this plant! The sex worker thinks Bonnie is the cleaner! The journalist dismissed by Terim spoke! What Emperor Allasen? Photos are not hidden on Facebook! Dangerous plan of ISIS! Bahçeli's words became the agenda in Korea, which was waiting for an apology! This is how Reza Zarrab's 1.5 tons of gold was caught! Reform proposal in Greece approved in parliament! They fell in love with the same person! The raise is coming! Strong words from the Communist Party of Greece to Tsipras! This is how states work with hackers! Sexual assault lawsuit against actor Kevin Spacey I deserved that beating! A defamation lawsuit was filed against Survivor Sahra! The murderer of 26-year-old Berna: God willing! He ran over the florist! The latest version of Ece Çeşmioğlu surprised! These roads are free during the holiday! My wife said "do you mind if I have a girlfriend"! Horror censorship from Facebook to horror movie! The Temple of Satanism was the event! You can't touch the Quran during your period! When he said 'advanced oral sex', the server went into crisis! Nadira Kadirova's brother: I gave an interview to the newspapers, they did not publish A child waited to be rescued next to his deceased father in Bolu Hobbit houses are being built in Sivas! The people mourned the death of the dead raccoon! We dream of a world where children flying kites are not killed! Sinem Öztürk: I like being coquettish and sexy! Sex worker: When I hitchhike, my money stays with me! Obama learned the fate of Jon Snow! Demirtaş: HDP bomber received support from the state! Investigation into sex on the roof of the court! Number 1 of ISIS was killed! Governor, who is the Governor? I am the people! The child who fell snow on him died! She passed out when she dressed on top of each other to avoid baggage allowance! The sick-spirited policeman who shot the dog was suspended! MHP says I'm going to sleep on my side! Sırrı Süreyya: We're all escaping tomorrow! They're watching their partner make love to someone else! The Great Hunter committed suicide with a gun! Alina Boz: People who see me on the metrobus are surprised! Chinese tourist died Benefits of masturbation for women! Kaya Çilingiroğlu: I am an AKP supporter! Ceren India has declared war on dogs! ALF scandal in Pet Scandal! Bulent Turan to Kılıçdaroğlu: Bitanesin Those who pray and fast are decreasing! TRT documentary: Atatürk ate, drank, vomited, robbed the villager! Yeni Türkü concert in Avcılar on one side, rebellion on the other! Tuğçe Kazaz killed a pig and shared it as if she had done it! Gay imam: "Punish homosexuals is not written in the Qur'an! I can't get hard because you're fat! He said, 'How will you account for this?' Wonder Hunter: I said I accidentally shot myself! Agreement between Colombia and FARC! The police found the place by listening to the Gezi protester's phone! KCK: The ceasefire is over, the dams are at our target! The queen's panties are 50 thousand liras! ISIS rapper claim in Turkey! Lover finder app by heartbeat! Let's not look, do not be disturbed, fake! Agreement reached in the Greek crisis! Baby for sale from the womb on the Internet! Critical negotiations for the coalition begin! Bad news for retirees! The drug gang leader escaped through this hole! Working conditions on Facebook are very bad! Porn film acquitted in graduation thesis! We are at the most tense stage of the process! Church for sale by owner is in Parliament! Because of his illness, his leg weighed 18 kilograms! The weightlifter who lifted 106 kilos fainted! Facebook does not allow fake profiles! Two leaders of ISIS killed! Women in miniskirts were tried for immorality in Morocco! Congregation won the classroom trial! They will find me! People come to this forest to commit suicide! (+18) Ceasefire is over, PKK alarm with emergency code in 81 provinces! Murat Karayılan: I find HDP's politics inadequate! Digiturk has been sold to Al Jazeera Group! $5 million in damages in 50 Cent's sex tape case! 'Advanced oral sex' is on the Swiss agenda! Fenerbahce's stadium name is changing! Arrested for Facebook photo! The idealists were victorious in the fight of Ülkücü, Hülya Avşar! Woman masturbating in traffic had an accident! 'Gezi resister' CHP destroyed Kavaklıpark! We will seize power by returning to factory settings! Leman Sam was acquitted in the 'victim massacre' trial! Çilem Karabulut, who killed her husband, was taken to a mental hospital! Thinner attack on Yedikule Animal Shelter! The seizure has begun.. The dentist beat the patient! ISIS: Erdoğan 'who does not rule', Demirtaş 'apostate'! Erdogan: Give up on weddings in this period ISIS circumcised 104 women! Cübbeli Ahmet was saved by the woman whose work he called a sin! He went to Arizona to rape the horse! Selahattin Demirtaş: The PKK should definitely lay down arms! An international animal rights court is being established! The candidate who passed from CHP to AKP was caught with 91 kilos of drugs! 50 Cent is on the verge of bankruptcy! Fazil Say: Excuse me, I'm sorry... Dancer plays in the Alevis Cemevi! The probability of an early election is 75 percent! Hidden camera in the women's restroom! YPG: ISIS' connection to Raqqa has been cut off! Erdogan's villas are being demolished! Operation in Diyarbakir! 17 detentions... Law proposal to remove the 10 percent threshold! ISIS has an agreement in Turkey, it does not take action! Davutoğlu did not propose a coalition; HDP said 'if there is an offer, we will consider it'! Speciesism caused 81 Muslims to be oppressed! The director's skull was stolen! Where did you find out that oral sex is haram? They work with a mask one day a week! Kenan İmirzalıoğlu started preparations for the role of Deniz Gezmiş! To Sinem Kobal, one of her followers: You are walking from lap to lap! Why do we laugh? His hip exploded while he was doing sports! Is Whatsapp banned? They're planting marijuana in the parks! Başay Okay had to resign from TRT because he was an atheist! They did not leave their friends alone in the grave either! If the person admits his guilt, 5 years imprisonment will be reduced to 1 year! Will AKP and CHP form a coalition? Does adulterer leave religion? Ahmet Hakan: Are you God? Adnan Oktar: Their bodies are so beautiful! Always on my mind... Harassment from female teacher to female student! Nevşin Mengü got angry when the broadcast for Persie was cut off! MAK Research: MHP remains below the lowered 7 percent threshold The forest burned because of a cigarette butt! Hakan Arslanbenzer attacked BirGün! We are in the traffic action! Surprising antiselfie pose by Mehmet Günsür! The second wife finder application from Russia! Syndicate.org: We're getting threatening phone calls! 2 million cats will be killed in Australia! I shot my tormenting husband, my children are entrusted to you! Why do people kiss? She couldn't meet the Pope because she wasn't wearing a bra! How did İmirzalıoğlu go to Erdoğan? Salt Lake turned red! Demirtaş: We are not the enemies of the AKP, nor are its opponents! 5 months in prison for saying 'no to cyanide'! Barcelona is considering hiring Arda Turan! Game of Thrones is nominated for 24 Emmy Awards! Sexual harassment from DISK member Michelle Demishevich! I know cops who took out their dick and told me 'put it in your mouth'! Early elections in Greece! The Gezmiş family did not want İmirzalıoğlu! Erdogan: You have ties to the separatist organization! Hazal Kaya complained about her harassing fan! Explosion in the market place! 49 dead 70 injured... 7 moves to get rid of cellulite! They had sex in the dressing room and took a video! His pedi fell off while he was singing! You should be ashamed... Lynch attempt on woman trying to steal a baby! Deep Web, the dark side of the internet! The crook called Reza has taken me to court! PSY had a traffic accident! British model Nicola Rocco in Turkish TV series! 'The increase in the number of patients in Van has almost doubled compared to the last month' CHP: Consensus has been formed for coalition with AKP! Ebru Şancı: Their cars did not stop so that there would be no blood! Cudi burns, Turkey's environmentalists look! Thousands of lives lost in the Bodrum fire! Wonder Hunter: I could be in the morgue right now! Erdogan made his private doctor the rector! Yüksekdağ: Did you have a holiday now? ISIS led Eid prayers in Istanbul! Adriana Lima made a gray wolf sign and howled! Release in the murder of 'Satanism'! Murat Dalkılıç went to ask for Merve Bolugur! Demircan: Adulterer, gay, lesbian, erotic site owner! They hanged the 14-year-old boy for being gay! Kidney for sale, little used by the owner! They locked the Seferihisar Shelter: Animals are hungry! Queen Elizabeth gave the nazi salute! When they had sex on the street, they were uploaded to the porn site! The security guard pulled a gun on those who didn't press the akbil! Would you like a caliph? Google's driverless car crashed! ISIS used chemical gas! His penis was cut instead of the umbilical cord! Mehmet Metiner: The US's land army is the PKK! Bare action against tree massacre! Have consent to sexual intercourse application! I won't go to the management's dinner, which is the murderer of 8 people! From our Lord to the Gülen Terrorist Organization! The secret Gulen report of the state... The body of the newly married woman was found wrapped in the carpet! If pain takes over you, you will see the negativity in your life! Barbecue pleasure from Shark in South Africa! Wanted couple caught for having sex in the dressing room! Avşa Island is also on fire! The fire spread to the olive groves... They watched the torture of animals in Muğla, laughing! Riza Sarraf: He immorally attacked me! Tsipras' mother; My son does not eat or drink! Survivor Serenay: Sex did not cross my mind! It was not understood that the cafe staff were naked! Body found in Demi Moore's pool Canan Karatay intends to kill us from cholesterol! 2nd round of coalition talks! Earthquake in Bodrum! Rıza Sarraf: I will take everyone to court! AKP: Let the election threshold be 7 percent! He opened fire in the middle of Istiklal Street! She killed the baby she gave birth to in the toilet with her sister! Children aged 8-9 are marketed to businessmen! Caretta Carettas have started to hatch from their eggs! How does a human hair sound? The number of deaths due to coronavirus exceeded 5 million Fetullah Gülen's nephew detained in Ümraniye Snow warning from Meteorology President Erdoğan attended the family photo shoot at the G20 Leaders' Summit Erdogan's landing on the squares made the AKP lose! Landslide panic in Küçükçekmece! Charlie Hebdo: You can find faults in Islam in other religions too! He took a selfie with the corpse! 19 photos before and after weight loss! The blind can now see! Ahmet Hakan: Don't run away, Reza! Matchmaking site hacked! We publish fantasies... He got a reaction when he watched porn at the concert! 8 ways to extend the phone's charge! ISIS trains children on "beheading"! Abdullah Çatlı's daughter is after 'insulting' her father on the internet! Another power outage in Istanbul! FARC declared a ceasefire! Hakan Hatipoğlu: I will give the good news soon! Cemil Bayık called on the people to take up arms! Atheism Association: Religions are not needed for good! Explosion in Şanlıurfa: There are many dead and injured! After the explosion, Nurgül Yeşilçay's share received a reaction! ISIS reaction to the governor of Urfa! Before the explosion, the youth were targeted by al-Qaeda! Sit-in protest in front of Galatasaray High School! The names of those injured and killed in Suruç have been announced! Felicity who died in Suruç: We see our freedom in the Rojava Revolution! Demirtaş: Our people have to take their own safety! Lynch attempt to youth with ISIS banner! Çarşı: Our hearts are broken, we will not welcome Quaresma! They did not leave each other! Is there a place to be helped in Turkey but Kobani is left? Erdogan: I condemn those who committed this atrocity! Dev-Genç: We will ask for his account! Fire was opened at the police station in Gazi Mahallesi and Sarıyer! Revolutionaries die, revolution lives! SGDF: We are the children of Gezi! Vehicles in Diyarbakır and Şırnak were set on fire! Gun sounds.. Animal liberation activist Alper Sapan also lost his life! KCK: The murderer of these young people is the AKP government! Suruç Massacre was taken off the air when eyewitness criticized AKP! Gaziantep is also confused! Live bomb on camera! Police attacked Suruç protest in Kadıköy! Demirtaş: You are glad that ISIS killed us! Davutoğlu: Suspect detected in Suruç attack! Abdurrahman's mother: He did not say what he was doing! Live bomb Sheikh Abdurrahman Alagöz claim! They cut off the woman's head as a 'sorcerer'! He lost his eye in Gezi, his leg was broken in Suruç! Anti-homosexuals will protest naked! Suruç reaction to Tatlıses: You weren't going to go crazy with that bullet! Report that my 5 daughters fled to ISIS! Conscientious objector Polen Ünlü, who was injured in Suruç, passed away! The father of the young man who died in Suruç: Long live socialism, long live the revolution! Syrian child selling handkerchiefs beaten by shopkeepers! Clash between soldiers and HPG in Iğdır! A gas canister hit him in the Suruç protest! 14 hours of water cut in Istanbul! Police used rubber bullets in Suruç Massacre protest in Ağrı! Caner Delisu told the moment of the attack! First responder doctor: I looked after the children... Funerals in Gazi were carried with long-barreled guns! Erdogan did not offer his condolences so as not to upset ISIS! CHP deputy İhsan Özkes resigned! AP: ISIS militants are being trained in camps in Urfa! Bomb panic in AKP building! The young man in the images told about his experiences! Legal support to journalists from P24! Twitter ban! Prison sentence for breaking the head of the Lenin statue! Switzerland rejected Islamic kindergarten! The identity of the live bomb has been finalized! I will explode myself and become a martyr! Suruç and HDP bomber are linked! Porn site link from Burhan Kuzu! Erdogan sued the Atheism Association! Scary Mysterious House game in Sivas! 'I wish mercy to the live bomb!' Twitter has been blocked! YDG-H: We killed an ISIS member named Mürsel Gül in Istanbul! Explosion in front of the AKP building! Onur Özbizerdik kidnapped my daughter, he will kill her! He threw his son with Down syndrome into the washing machine! Demirtaş's response to Arınç, who asked why HDP deputies 'did not die'! Milliyet fired the writer who criticized Erdogan! Hüda-Par'lı was found dead in his house! ISIS attacked in Adana and Konya. Air attack in Haseke! HPG: We punished 2 police officers who cooperated with ISIS! Is the Suruç bomber's teahouse an ISIS office? Greece is confused! People are on the streets... Clash in Diyarbakır, Mardin and Batman! CHP deputy İhsan Özkes announced the reason for his resignation! DHA called the jihadist 'martyr', then deleted it! ISIS will target the Chinese in Turkey! 'Civilian martyr' decision for those who lost their lives in Suruç! Yavuz Bingöl won 240 thousand liras from the torture of horses! The woman who said 'I'm going to blow myself up' was caught before the explosion! Deniz Gezmiş's lawyer, Erdoğan Gençel, lost his life! Clash in Tunceli and Van! Sex in the phone booth saw the reaction of families! Confidentiality decision from the court for Suruç! Armed and bomb attack on HDP building! The allegation that ISIS executed world champion Valdet Gashi! The professor said goodbye to the competition in the second question! His life was saved when his mobile phone was stolen in Suruç! CHP deputy: You are talking about ISIS, be careful! Cübbeli Ahmet: Murder is obligatory where ISIS is seen! Armed attack on police in Diyarbakır! 1 dead 1 injured... ISIS member is on vacation in Bartın! Lawsuit against soL for 'DHKP-C propaganda'! Alleged clashes between ISIS and soldiers! AA published a photo of the body allegedly belonging to ISIS! Attack on the grave of Ece, who was killed in Suruç! It is forbidden to test cosmetic products on animals! The claim that the PKK burned our vehicle! DHKP-C: All employees of the AKP government are our target! DHKP-C members hung a banner with bombs in Okmeydanı! İhsan Eliacik is very confused! I am not against ISIS. Animal hostility from Muhtar Soner Eker! Vegan revolution is at hand in Israel! 3 earthquakes in a row in Çanakkale! Gunay Özarslan lost his life in the conflict in the operations! Netherlands sentenced Turkish jihadist to 6 months in prison! If he is a soldier, he will die of course! TSK hit Syria! Latest images of Sheikh Abdurrahman Alagöz! Olga Kuzkova's title was revoked for her Nazi poses! France: Paris murder is the work of MIT! People's Law Office: They don't let us in! The ripped heart of the cocaine addict beat for 25 minutes! Explosion in Elazig! There are many injured! The harasser on the plane has become this! Bomb panic in Star Newspaper! The building has been evacuated... Are there any children left in Kobani but they are taking toys? Reaction to the doctor who took a selfie during childbirth! Erdogan: If the PKK does not lay down its arms, it will bear the consequences! MP Perez breastfed her baby in parliament! University placement results have been announced! Star called Abu Hanzala 'parallel victim'! Dog barking ban in Italy! CHP youth goes to Kobane! Real bodies of female game characters! Günay Özarslan's funeral was not given! Truck overturned in Kayseri: 10 thousand dead! Nuclear leak in Fukushima affected daisies! Imaginary news from Sabah Newspaper! People's Law Office: There was no conflict, Günay Özarslan was executed! Attack on HDP building! Announcing a 'live bomb' to the police in Kocaeli! Police attack on Suruç commemoration in Kadıköy! Metrobus services stopped! Suruç suicide bomber is under surveillance! PKK kidnapped 1 policeman, 3 paramedics and 1 ambulance! The claim that 'police scanned the park' in Yüksekova! Sound bomb attack on Government House! ISIS: Türkiye will be punished sooner or later! Turkish warplanes took off! 250 whales killed in Denmark blood lake... Bomb attack on police in Şemdinli! Bomb attack on police station! 6 injured... Why do people hiccup? I ordered an operation against ISIS and PKK! Neonazis attacked refugee tents! I think sex is very important for everyone! 11-year-old Syrian boy found dead with head smashed with stone Kemal Türkler's wife died! Arinc: Demirtaş says it's stupid, I'm just forwarding it to him! The Governor's Office did not allow the 'Great Peace March'! Helin Avşar: Our religion is so beautiful... Şanlıurfa Governor: Is there no ISIS in Urfa? Of course there is! Blast beyond the border! HPG: The ceasefire is meaningless! Extraordinary meeting in parliament! Murat Boz's 'my vote for HDP' statement! Live bomb Sheikh Abdurrahman Alagöz's phone was tapped! Police opened fire in Okmeydanı! Cihaner: AKP wants to win on the battlefield what it lost at the ballot box! A child was injured in the air attack against the PKK! The police stepped on the reporter! Sharing 'You're so beautiful when you explode, Suruç' is in the judiciary! Hezbollah hit ISIS! Today, he is a single ISIS member! Police attack on CHP deputy Ali Haydar Hakverdi! The claim that ISIS hijacked an ambulance in Istanbul! Order the cops! Prepare your weapons... 2 missiles fell on Suruç! Gunshots in Gazi District! Earthquake in Muğla! Bomb attack on AKP building! Police vehicle and police station scanned! Ambush in Diyarbakir! 1 dead 5 injured! Conflict between the Syrian army and the Turkish Armed Forces! Sarah White treats her patients by undressing! Sude Eldem: 'I can't help but wonder if it hurt Alper Sapan!' Attack on the city bus! He made the baby drink bleach as food! Suruç massacre protested in London! Gülçin: Not all of them concern me! PKK operation in Diyarbakir! The people fed the pigs that came to the city from hunger! Selahattin Demirtaş denied the news of Akşam on Twitter! Is Abdullah Ocalan dead? Underwear reaction to Çağla Şikel! Conflict in Gazi District: 2 injured! 5 foods that make you lose weight! The Guardian: Will Türkiye give up its secret relations with ISIS? The doctor who feels the pain of his patients! DBP: Lice is burning, no intervention! Yemek Sepeti distributed $27 million to its employees! Armed attack on the Police Department! A criminal complaint against Bülent Arınç's words about Evrensel and Özgür Gündem! AKP: HDP can be closed! Hezbollah: Turkey added Kurds and leftists to its side so as not to hurt ISIS! This is how the Suruç bomber entered the area! Ankara called NATO to an extraordinary meeting! ISIS has started digging trenches on the border! Emrah Serbes announced that he quit writing! Police opened fire in Gazi District! Muhammet Fatih Sivri passed away Bus dog run over! The woman brought to the police station slapped the police! Police car fired in Van and Mardin! Assad: Revolution when we are hit, terror when they are hit! Rocket attack on police lodgings! Fuat Avni: DHKP-C member worked at Ak Saray for 10 months! Times: Turkey's attack on the PKK is insane! Demirtaş: We have no palaces to lose! Bomb warning for subways in Istanbul! Meteorology: Air temperature rises 8 degrees Attack on the district governor: 2 policemen injured! Armed attack on the Police Department! Abu Hanzala was arrested and sent to prison! 6 police officers were dismissed due to the attack! Earthquake in the Mediterranean! 'Insulting the Prophet' detention! Description of Arda Rule from Yıldız Asya! We are afraid... Hamster action in Kadıköy from ALF! We dedicate it to Suruç... After Inna Üsküdar, she shot a clip in the Grand Bazaar! The hospital in Şırnak opened fire with long-barreled guns! He died on the escalator! Here are those moments... The stewardess fell from the plane! 1050 people were detained in the operations! The sex and drugs party that rocked England! Police report: Günay Özarslan did not shoot! Scary sunburn in children! Scaffolding collapsed at Vodafone Arena! There are people injured... Armed conflict between the PKK and security forces! Gendarmerie Commander Arslan Kulaksız lost his life! Live bomb warning in 6 provinces! Attack on natural gas pipeline in Ağrı! HDP deputy: The PKK will strangle you with its saliva! The danger of porn on mobile phones! 700 people attended the opening of the Satanist statue! Denmark bans kosher and halal slaughter for animal welfare! Attack on the police station in Erzurum! The claim that 'PKK is digging tunnels for war'! Big earthquake in Indonesia! Yaşar Öztemel, who was taken into custody, was found! Do not go out unless absolutely necessary! Demirtaş: If there was no provocation, I would like to go to the funeral of the police! Twitter removes stolen jokes! Davutoğlu: Everyone should be on their feet! Erdogan: We will demand an account for the blood of our martyrs! Demirtaş: We will petition for the lifting of our immunity! Bomb panic in Kadıköy! He admitted that he would be a live bomb! Beating the woman sunbathing in a bikini in the park! Demet Akalın: She insisted on calling me, she was a lesbian! Attack on ISIS convoy from Damascus Front! Suspicious bag alert in Taksim! Explosion in Cizre: 2 children injured! Investigate the pilot who took the porn star into the cockpit! Arda Rule has disappeared! Armed attack in Istanbul! Conflict between soldiers and PKK in Şırnak! There are people injured.. Kılıçdaroğlu: We have no patience! The claim that the PKK blew up the bridge! PKK kidnapped the police! Note at the baseball game: Your spouse is cheating on you, sorry! Lost and illegal cost 33 billion liras! Undressing reaction to Ayşenur Balcı on live broadcast! Rocket attack on the Police Department! He asked 'Are you dead' and stabbed him many times! Voyeur aircraft scandal at nudist beach! Who does this silhouette on the caterpillar's back look like? It was thrown away because it was hit by a car! Bomb attack from ISIS! Apart from the five flavors, new flavors have been discovered! Death sentence for Gaddafi's son! KCK: There is no solution policy for the Kurdish problem! Murat Karayılan's headquarters was hit! The district governor broke the rolling pin in the head of the police! 12 questions canceled in KPSS! ISIS leader allowed female head to be given as a gift! Police raid on HDP building! 15 ISIS members were released without being brought to the courthouse! It was the stronghold of the left, it became an ISIS camp! Bomb in the ATV building! The soldier standing in the traffic opened fire! Signatures were collected to remove Özge Özpirinçci from the apartment! Mine attack on the police! The 'best butt' race in the city subway was astonishing! Complained by the lawyer who sent the execution message to his relatives Dangerous attack on the oil pipeline! Windows 10 has been released! SoL news portal praised the torture! The Gandhimai massacre will not happen again! 12 years in prison for Güneş's Aydın Doğan headline! Gay couple stripped down against homophobia! The sergeant who was injured in the conflict lost his life! Baydemir: If the parliament says yes, the war will stop within 48 hours! Pınar Altuğ: They can't tell their problems! Halit Akçatepe filed a lawsuit for 60 thousand TL! Live bomb notice in Metrobus! They cut off his penis and ate it together! (+18) Bülent Arınç to the woman deputy: As a woman, shut up! Law student dropped out of school and became a porn star! Bomb panic in Taksim! This photo made me smile! Comandante Selo... British journalist: Rihanna is nauseous! I said it in accordance with parliamentary discipline! Earthquake panic in the Mediterranean! Erdogan to Demirtaş: His brother grew up in the mountains, he can go to him! It was heaven, it's turning into a dump! Acquittal for the parking beating! A bomb was thrown at the MIT building! Mehmet Uyar and Osman Caran lost their lives in the attack in Diyarbakır! Political fight between Tuba Ünsal and Tuğçe Kazaz! Criminal complaint against Rasim Ozan Kütahyalı from Fenerbahçe! The bus was set on fire in Ataşehir! HDP deputy apologized for 'spit'! Diyarbakır Police Chief Halis Böğürcü: I am on my duty! Fire opened in Şırnak! 3 soldiers died. Girlfriend of the deceased soldier: May the homeland be blessed! PETA and Joanna Krupa drew attention to animal slaughter! DİSK members who wanted to make a press statement due to May 1 were detained Here's a selfie! Young CHP member was arrested for membership in 'one of the 4 leftist organizations'! If you hit the papers in a bikini... 8 thousand people will be executed! He reported a bomb-laden vehicle on Facebook and was taken into custody! Airborne attack in Dağlıca! On July 31, the moon will turn blue! When the bomb did not hit the train, the personnel were fired on! 1 dead... Eren Erdem: MHP is AKP's crutch! Türkiye warning from Germany to its citizens! Investigation against Selahattin Demirtaş! Davutoğlu: HDP will be held accountable! Demirtaş to Erdoğan: It is not difficult to go to the mountain! Armed attack on police in Diyarbakır! Hazal Kaya's fan ordered a gun! Belluci: Those who are depressed cannot continue their lives! What would the deputy that Arınç said 'shut up as a woman' would say? Has Canan Karatay been banned from the profession? Why did the SoL news portal praise the torturers? Those who defend even the atheists in the fight against terrorism... Your attitude towards power is not convincing unless it is displayed against the PKK! Erdogan: A minority government is possible, provided that it leads to elections! 'I caught my wife with a doll, what do I do?' Criminal complaint from Demirtaş to Erdoğan and Davutoğlu! Meteorology: Desert heat is coming! Terror investigation against Figen Yüksekdağ! He was blinded by the camera flash! Figen Yüksekdağ: You too, lean on the PYD! She was raped by her brother, committed suicide! Coalition condition: You will step on the Qur'an! Attack on the soldier with a rocket launcher! Diyarbakir bomber: Mom, believe me, I didn't do it! We will completely destroy Kandil! Attack on Police Headquarters! The plane crashed into the car market! Operation in Ağrı! 3 people died... He was detained on the grounds that he called Erdoğan 'claw'! 'Demirtaş's brother was injured' claim! Attack warning in shopping malls! Planes bombed a village! 10 dead... Demirtaş: We did not approve of PKK violence! CHP: The closure of HDP is unacceptable! Explosion in front of the AKP building! Sibel Alaş: Martyrs die, the country is divided! Decision of non-prosecution for attacks against HDP! Kılıçdaroğlu: I will be sad if we cannot form a coalition with the AKP! The soldier who stepped on the mine died! KCK: The people of Kurdistan must stand up against the massacres! Andrea Tantaros: Women should prepare sandwiches for men after sex! Arda Rule found! Street and village weddings banned in Ankara Sex without consent will be considered rape in Denmark He raped the pig, when he was caught, he cried 'I want it back'! Cell phones are preferred to sex! This limit no longer exists! Embellishment to the patriarchy from Nükhet Duru! One night stand is not cheating... Sound bomb to AKP building! This too happened! Miss vagina contest! Have that copy of your newspaper in your proper place... There were no civilians in Zergele Village! CHP Deputy Chairman: MIT brought live bombs to Syria! The condition of the soldiers injured in the suicide attack is serious! The Prosecutor's Office denied the allegations that 'Selahattin Demirtaş was not allowed to meet with his family' The attacker, who said that he would rape the nurse Mansur Yavaş sent ashura, was released! How much do Facebook employees get paid? Criminal complaint against Akit, who wrote Anıtkabir as 'Anırkabir' Court said 'freedom of the press', Lawyer Dön Dilekçi sued journalists for compensation Child missing for 1 month found playing games in internet cafe Assassination claim against Devlet Bahçeli! Police intervention to the march in Diyarbakır! 130 ammunition in Kızılırmak! Alattin Bilgi, who translated Marx's Das Kapital into Turkish, lost his life! Hard statement from TSK! Galatasaray overthrown Inter! 16-year-old Shira Banki, who was stabbed in the LGBTI march, died! The hunter who shot the animal shot himself! Times: Türkiye is close to civil war! Attack on Tatvan Military Hospital! Human intelligence is going backwards! The first reason is nutrition. It will be very hot today! Erdogan: We never wanted Kobani to fall! Mine attack on military vehicle! Bahçeli: Those bastards sitting on the mansion and voting for HDP! Police intervention against KESK members in Ankara! Syrian warplane crashed! Zeki Alasya's wife could not stand her absence! Chest walk from men! Reaction to Bahçeli, who said 'dishonorable', rained down! Demirtaş: HDP received more votes from nationalists who cannot speak Turkish properly! From Türt to İnanır: A zero man in my eyes! They were raped and tied to a tree! He cut off his fingers in the police car! Fire in the ancient city of Bergama! Public bus overturned! 10 injured... Freedom for swinger couples on Twitter! Nusra Front members arrested in Şanlıurfa! Armed attack on the defenders of life in Alakır! They cut off the head of the hitchhiker robot! He got rid of Soma and lost his life in his new job! Porn ban in india! Virtual currency Bitcoin detention! Rocket attack on Silvan Dam! Rocket attack on the police headquarters! Operation in Gazi! Demirtaş: They can dismiss me! Mine exploded in Şırnak, conflict broke out! 3 people died! Power outage in Istanbul! Vatan Budak, who was injured in Suruç, lost his life! Bahceli's advisor: I have a list of 3,000 bastards in my bag! The bus driver vomited blood! The blood-curdling claim in the Ermenek mine disaster! 6 benefits of cycling! Iran has closed its border with Türkiye! Why do men act indifferent? Selami Şahin's assistant hanged himself! Suruç survivor Caner Delisu: Farewell my friend, rest in peace! 8-year-old boy died on the wedding night! Mehmet Baransu lost his child! They burned his penis while circumcised and changed his gender! ISIS's 'price list' of sex slaves revealed! Using a smartphone makes your finger sick! Foreign Affairs denied Iran saying 'We closed the border'! To Eli Açık Bahçeli: Sipping whiskey is better than sipping martyr blood! Newborn baby shock in the toilet! Yazidis: Why isn't the world saving our girls? Early election statement from MHP! Killer: It's legal for me to kill a giraffe, it's ridiculous to be accused of my hobby! Hande Yener's stage costume surprised! Bomb attack in Şırnak! 2 soldiers wounded... Rihanna Crop Over Festivali'nde dans etti! Humans will soon have sex with robots! Apology to tourists for beggars in Sweden! Mehmet Selim Kiraz case against 18 journalists! Do not answer this number! HDP made a call to MHP! State intervention in tattoos and piercings! Bomb attack on the police station in Diyarbakır! Selahattin Demirtaş denied the report of the Financial Times! Female image on Mars! Suruç bomber is in the graveyard of the orphans! Bodrum concert by Ece Seçkin! The open forgotten damper hit the overpass again! Train crash in India! 27 dead... Meteorology: Showers are coming! HDP visited the injured in Zergele! Times: TSK started a fire in Lice! Poetic response to Uğur Işılak from CHP! The police took out the eye of the neighbor who was feeding pigeons! Chemical leak in Istanbul! Fezleke of 'terrorist organization propaganda' about Figen Yüksekdağ! Shame on Gaddafi's son! Attack on those who stand guard against animal slaughter! Yalçın Doğan's articles in Hürriyet have been terminated! Scandal again in Avcılar! Electricity, water and gas were cut off! Yılmaz Özdil supported Bahçeli, who said 'dishonorable'! Offside rules have changed! Duran Kalkan: The PKK has not yet put its hand on the trigger! Uşak Municipality committed a massacre out of 'carelessness'! 50 dead... 'The most beautiful butt' candidates are on the streets after the subway! Ahmet Hakan: Damn it, such an honor! Meteorology: Storm is expected! Syrian Lilaf: He wanted me to have sex with the men in the vehicle! Draft law for conscientious objection from HDP! Ax attack on movie theater in the USA! Suicide attack in the mosque! 17 dead... Airlines will not carry hunted animals! Esra Elönü: HDP should not be closed! Visit to the family of the soldier who died from HDP! The condom advertisement in the Fenerbahce match angered FEMEN! The bus driver touched his hip under the pretext of shifting gears! First message from Öcalan to HDP! The head of the Islamist association was arrested for 'rapeing 4 boys'! No ceasefire without meeting with Öcalan! Attack on the police who closed the ditches in Mardin! He sued when he saw his wife without makeup for the first time! Ball and slingshot will count as firearms! Murat Karayılan announced the ceasefire terms! Denim shorts trend on Instagram! Armed attack on the head of the Cemevi! Is the call to 'be vegan' an imposition? Vodafone's umbrella 'remedy' for rape was showered with criticism! Rocket attack on government house, security and gendarmerie! Police searched the neighborhood in Silopi: 2 dead, 8 injured! Attack on the outpost commands in Van and Şırnak! Statement from the condom company that FEMEN reacted to! Pucca announced that she is getting married! Hürriyet also 'terrorism' case! ISIS killed 19 women who refused to have sex! Police scanned the car at the hospital door: 1 dead! One eye was gouged out by court order! Power outage in Istanbul! Pepper spray against lawyers in front of the courthouse! HDP deputies became human shields to the conflict! Angelina and Brad couple in the same movie! HDP has announced the Zergele report! ISIS kidnapped 230 people! The name of the classrooms became 'private education courses'! Ali Babacan hospitalized due to coronavirus Armed attack in Istanbul Zeytinburnu! 2 dead, 1 injured! 20 unknown things about porn! He was arrested for insulting Erdogan on social media! Pie exploded like a bomb! North Korea will create its own time zone! They smashed the secular blogger with machetes! Attack in Ağrı! 2 dead, 4 injured. He got a tattoo for his deaf daughter! HDP delegation is going to Silopi! Overpass collapsed! Atatürk's lost wills have been revealed! Notaries can not be processed! Obama: Turkey's target should be ISIS, not the PKK! Is the Kama Sutra a feminist work on erotic love? The Spice Girls are back! 9 names are not in the squad in Galatasaray! Cüneyt Özdemir's duty in Kanal D news was terminated! She lived with a baby in her womb for 60 years! The dog tied to the balcony with a leash drowned! 10 things that trans women should know! 'Remove indecent gay posters' reaction to Mango! The 'talent contest' with a striptease got a reaction! This summer's fashion is Slashkini! Bomb attack in Adana! 2 separate explosions in front of the Police Department! Attack on the heads of Alevi associations! Demirtaş: The PKK should take its hand off the trigger immediately! İkbal Gürpınar's wife: He was rubbing against men in Umrah! Mustacheless Burak Özçivit surprised! Sex research from DTK International! Women's fantasy... Tradesmen shuttered in Silopi! Razor attack in girls' dormitory! Naşide Göktürk got cancer! Life imprisonment for Batman killer! The police released images of the couple having sex on the train! Tuncel: HDP should not go to İmralı, Öcalan should come here! Uncle takes care of Cecil's puppies! New money making door! Veganism... Reply to Demirtaş's breakfast offer from Meral Akşener Threat from ISIS to Turkey! Ahmet Hakan: AKP can call 7 June with a candle! TRT turned down Demirtaş's voice! An investigation has been started regarding these images! The grandmother who disrupted the experiment spoke! The claim that he had his Satanist lover killed himself! Attack on Special Operations battalion in Ağrı! Adnan Oktar: I look at your pictures, they are really beautiful! Hammer attack on Galatasaray bus! Big reaction to the young women dancing in the temple! Police killed black youth who said 'I don't want to die young' in the USA! Galatasaray condemned the attack with stones! Rocket attack on the military arsenal! Attack on police car in Mardin! 2 policemen seriously injured... Attack on AKP Provincial Presidency! Attack on Alevi rulers again! Yalçın Akdoğan: Those who shoot the children of the nation are doomed to lose! Galatasaray will play with Real Madrid! Fikret Otyam lost his life! Some roads are closed today! The 'charm gang' caught the men in their net! 5 people were taken into custody! Everyone reported each other, the salaries of 20 thousand people were cut! Suicide attack in Afghanistan: 22 dead I made my egos lego, I'm a master at bed sports! Kristanna Loken: Some women are more fulfilling than men! Surprise names joined Paramparça! HDP bomber: I feel sorry for Suruç, I'm thinking of committing suicide! Syrian woman: They didn't sell water, we started prostitution! An 11-pound tumor came out of his stomach! Arda Turan: When mine tells me! Mother of the deceased soldier: Forgive me son, I did not have 18 thousand liras! Ziynet Sali: You don't need a man to be happy! Attack on workers with the slogan 'Black Sea will be a grave for Kurds'! Massacre in Texas! 8 dead, including 5 children... Peace Bloc: AKP wants war, we will build peace! Yüksekdağ: Türkiye has been supporting ISIS for 3 years! Bahçeli: Our door is open to AKP! Elizaveta Bulokhova got cancer while pregnant! Selahattin Demirtaş: Peace is not just the silence of the guns! Attack on TRT and Türk Telekom transmitters! Journalist criticizing the football player was beaten to death! Many seagulls lost their lives in the fire on Çarpanak Island! The way of the greenway protesters was cut off! Davutoğlu and Kılıçdaroğlu meeting has started! Explosion in Istanbul Sultanbeyli! Molotov attack on the municipal bus! Statement from the Police Department after the explosion in Sultanbeyli! Attack on armored vehicle in Silopi: 4 policemen lost their lives! The police put the barrel of the gun in my mouth and said 'bring martyrdom'! Hatice Aşık carried out the attack on the US consulate! Call to politicians from Kılıçdaroğlu! KONDA: AKP cannot be in power alone! Water will be cut off for 30 hours in Istanbul! The police put their gun in my anus! European countries will not give PKK and DHKP-C members to Turkey! A very popular clip from Gülşen! This is how the world saw the attacks in Istanbul! Hatice Aşık protest in front of Şişli Etfal! Detention at the funeral of lawyer Ebru Timtik, who died on death fast PKK exploded bridge: 10 villages cannot be reached! Arrest warrant for Zekeriya Öz! ISIS put 10 Afghans on the bomb! Knife attack at IKEA: 2 dead! The identity of Mehmet Gul came out from the Sultanbeyli attack! Bomb attack on police service in Şırnak! Desolate torture from Cemal Hünal! DHKP-C claimed responsibility for the consulate attack! ISIL's mother: I kicked Suruç bomber out of my house! 'Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ had a coronavirus test' Shakespeare wrote his plays using marijuana! I got an erection while the sex scene was filmed! He watched his daughter drown, saying 'Male lifeguards should not touch'! Fire was opened to the public in Silopi! 1 injured... KCK announced the conditions for the weapons to be silenced! Why do people have sex? 'Autonomy' was declared in Şırnak! Sultanbeyli attack was undertaken again! Times: The situation in Turkey is getting out of control! Akif Beki: The polls for the AK Party do not look encouraging! Your phone may explode! Enes Kanter supported Zekeriya Öz! Suruç tweet of the soldier who died in the police station attack: I am ashamed of being human! Reaction to Casper ad that humiliates women! His father is dead! Bull's horn stuck in his groin... Kılıçdaroğlu: I think there will be no coalition! We say stop to military operations and PKK actions! Dawn operation in Küçükçekmece! There was a fire in Mecidiyeköy! Attack on military vehicle! 3 injured... There will be a caretta massacre by the state! Syrians in Izmir will be sent to the camp! Erdogan: More than a hundred network members fled abroad! They gave their last water to their children and died! The Taliban reacted to the ISIS executions! Caught selling clothes with ISIS symbols! His homeless father, whose photo he took, came out! Why does a cheated woman forgive? Public bus and tram collided in Istanbul: There are injured Meryem Uzerli hides her daughter's face! Kurt Cobain's home recording album is out! Pregnancy proof nude selfie from Kim Kardashian! Attack in Diyarbakir! 4 soldiers wounded... The reason for the eye movements in the dream has been explained! We don't know if the escaped prosecutors are here! Protest from the filmmakers to the Istanbul Film Festival management! Ebru Şallı: Women do not show that they are cheating! Bomb panic in Taksim Square! Criminal complaint against the professor who said 'HDP supporters should be removed'! 5-year-old boy found dragged with lifebuoy Yiğit Bulut: Doğan Group supports terrorism Notebook is becoming a series! ISIS announces that it killed a Croatian hostage! He protested Japan by burning himself! Yalçın Akdoğan: They will give an account! Erdogan: They will come and give an account! Berat Albayrak: 85.2 of every 100 TL tax is used for the welfare of the society USA: We will continue 'train-equip'! Ban on entry to Izmir! 2 regions have been declared as special security zones in Yüksekova! Twitter removed the character limit! İbrahim Burkay was taken to the hospital! They killed the dog and left a note "we beat it to death"! 'A poster of Öcalan was unveiled at the peace rally, CHP left the area!' Director of national education branch died due to coronavirus The death toll is rising in China! 17 dead, hundreds injured... Today is World Left Handed Day! Bomb attack in Baghdad! 60 dead... Rocket attack on the police station! Küçük: Ekrem Dumanlı is preparing to escape, precautions must be taken! Nil Karaibrahimgil: We are on loan and we are happy! KCK: Disarmament will definitely not happen! Selvi: AKP's vote rate increased by 2 points, CHP's by 1 point! Selvi: If Erbakan were alive, he would have applauded Erdogan and kissed him on the forehead Inflatable doll user: Vagina was garbage, it went away in one use! Ariel: On the show, they worked hard to hide the size of my breasts! Before you tell the people you made a mistake, think about it again! Does public bread cause cancer? HDP: We will not make you president again! The mother of the murdered child: When the conflict broke out, they hid in the woodshed! Kılıçdaroğlu: Türkiye missed a historical opportunity! Muhammet, who was a shepherd, won medical school Tatlıses: Am I in favor of a fight or not having peace? Dog Uggie dies at 13! ISIS member: I'm getting closer to Allah by raping you! House raids in Izmir and Istanbul! Attack on the police station in Bingol! The claim that Demirtaş's brother was shot in the operation! Birol Unel lives on the street! To your opponent in the match: He slept with your girlfriend! Military salute from Pascal Nouma! Happy Rock is walking now! World's first female anti-poaching patrol established! Tuba Büyüküstün's hair was astonishing! Mert Cömert, who was injured in Suruç, lost his life! YSK announced the early election date! An investigation has been launched for the children killed in Ağrı! Greece voted on the new agreement! Abortion ban for the girl who was raped by her mother's lover!'); INSERT INTO `gazisoft_news` (`title`) VALUES Doctors published open heart surgery on Twitter! Facebook is no longer for individuals, but for companies! NASA: Aliens prevented the outbreak of nuclear war! Father of the deceased soldier: Homeland is unimportant after our children die! BBC presenter: It's not nice for fat moms to open their breasts! The toothpick sold for 356 TL in Beymen created controversy! From Demet Akalın to Alişan: Another door! He was punished when his baby died while making love to his neighbor! Anti-harassment guide from Ankara University! Syria: We are ready to meet with the real opposition! HSYK member shot himself! New tax on electricity! Ömer Güney was referred to the court! Are the Adriana Lima porn rumors true? 11 unknown facts about Alfred Hitchcock! Forest fire in Muğla! He asked the whale killers for help! Demirtaş: I do not believe that the USA betrayed the Kurds! Discussion of my man to the fullest on the screens! Explosion in Istanbul! A bird landed on Erdogan's head! Posed answer to the divorce question from Halle Berry! Rising Star Türkiye Who is Alina Chernysh? The bar, where alcohol is taken by skin breathing, is opened! Kılıçdaroğlu: We do not support early elections! Access ban to news sites is in the AYM! Accident in Istanbul: 1 dead, 13 injured! Photograph of Serenay Sarıkaya and Kerem holding hands 200 thousand! Erdogan: I do not address Bahceli, he has exceeded the limits of decency! Mystery in the Mayan pyramid! He found and imprisoned a spider with a human face! Armed attack on police in Siirt! 2 injured... Your TV may be watching you too! Don't blame Selda Bağcan for Teoman! Whoever does this wins the election! You park like a jerk, you please don't breed! The mystery of the Egyptian Pyramids has been solved! Those who saw naked Paula Brindisi on the road were surprised! The man who can make love for 90 minutes without ejaculation! Erdogan: Turkey's administrative system has changed! ISIS killed 22 people and burned the hospital! Explanation of being shot by Mehmet Topal! Fenerbahce won the first match of the Super League! Fatih Tezcan: The electoral system should be changed against HDP! Taner Yıldız: We are ready to be martyrs for this country! Lightning struck the apartment: 1 person jumped from the balcony 2 people were crushed by the stampede! Topless photos of Burcu Esmersoy hacked! He raped her with a knife and said 'sorry'! Figen Yüksekdağ: I am Turkish too, they have defiled our name! Barış Arduç: The sexual life of those who talk about sex is not good! ISIS leader Baghdadi raped US hostage! Bomb loaded vehicle in Silopi! The White House has released Obama's playlist! 9-year-old Şiar was burned to death by her mother and her lover Court: sacrifice is not worship! Attack on HDP building! Syrian gay: Istanbul is heaven for LGBTI! Daily Telegraph: PKK is negotiating with the USA for a ceasefire! We do not give intelligence to the PYD against ISIS! When he refused the offer of sex, he killed her and buried her in his room! Belly statement from Ceren India! Milli Gazete censored Survivor and This Style is Mine! Mother of murdered Hasan: We do not know Erdogan! PKK prisoners started a hunger strike! Crying surprise from Murat Dalkılıç! The couple woke up and found a naked person in their bed! Bomb attack in Bangkok! There are dead and wounded... Teacher forced children to rape animals! Who is Elçin Sangu, the Defne of Rental Love? The media served the killers as sexy beauties! Davutoğlu: I will return the task! State of Emergency and curfew in Diyarbakır! CHP to Davutoğlu: He must return the task immediately! Do they really make love in the movies? Police violence on Istiklal Street! Bahceli: Türkiye has faced repetition of elections! Animal-hater Fazil Say could not control his arrogance! Erdogan: We buried all terrorist organizations in tunnels Explosion in Syria: 2 dead, 12 injured Police raped a woman in a team vehicle in Istanbul Istanbul Deputy Chief of Police arrested for murder! HDP's Bercan Aktaş has been detained! Curfew in Silvan too! How much does each party get in case of early elections? The name of Fenerbahçe's new stadium has been announced! Bangkok bomber on CCTV! ISIS has released the video of conquer Istanbul! The identity of those killed in Varto has been revealed! CHP's Tekin: We will cancel the military service of the paid ones! Batman died in a traffic accident! The plane killed the stork herd, the media felt sorry for the plane! Connection lost in Semdinli! Conflict in Silvan: Electricity and telephone cut off! 13 people lynched a 13-year-old boy! A person who threw a plastic bottle at the military barracks was shot! Pirated games will not be played on Windows 10! Fahriye Evcen's fake mustache to Burak Özçivit! Barış Atay has been taken into custody! CHP: If there is no HDP, we are not in the election government! 6 months in prison for the pilot who drinks before the flight! ISIS killed 5 Turkmen! The claim that the village was burned in Lice! Curfew in Lice! Merdan Yanardag said goodbye to Yurt, writers also resigned! Soldier and police left Silvan! Mandatory statement about Fazil Say news! Davutoğlu returned the task! 10 million dollar offer for Kylie Jenner porn movie! Violent explosion on the Syrian border! The police who shot the dog now killed the woman! Security zones in the East exceeded 100! Metropoll: HDP may be Turkey's third party! 32 million people who cheated on their spouses were deciphered! Saying we are members of a community that opened 1400 schools... Taner Yıldız: My aim is to be a martyr! ISIS cut off the archaeologist's head and hung it on ancient Roman columns! The shopkeepers from Bursa, from ISIS, said to conquer Istanbul! The first transgender employee of the White House! He was expelled from the festival when he did not express an opinion on Palestine! Kamlesh Vaswani: Porn is a threat to national security! Muslims pick up where Hitler left off! Yilmaz Erdogan and Belcim Bilgin are getting divorced! Experts have announced the ideal sex age! Danger in milk! Eğitim-Sen: Coronavirus cases detected in 80 schools Funny comments made by Facebook users! From Minister Soylu to Abdullah Gül: Shame on you! Selahattin Demirtaş: We defend autonomy! Veterinary Police established in Izmir! You will either side with the terrorist organization or with the state! Stuck in the washing machine! Armed attack on Dolmabahçe Palace! Investigation of the officers who had sex in the ambulance! Attack on military vehicle in Siirt! 8 soldiers lost their lives... Demet Evgar: My cat Redo is missing! 60 people who escaped from Boko Haram drowned! Bomb attack on the governorship! Haluk Koç: Let your palace sink to the ground! $28,000 bounty on the head of the Bangkok bomber! Bomb alarm in Mecidiyeköy! State Bahçeli's call for martial law! Ayberk Demirdöğen and Güven Usta carried out the Dolmabahçe attack! Attack again in Siirt! Fire was opened on the Brigade Command! YSK has determined the election day! The dollar found 3 TL! The world must prepare for collapse! 39 people were detained in the DHKP-C operation! Emrah Serbes: Behzat Ç.'s script is ready, channels are not broadcasting! A Turk named Zeynel Uçlay, the pervert of England's upskirt, appeared! Investigation launched on the street where Çakıl was killed He posed after killing the woman with a sword! Harassment fire at the police station in Batman! War between South Korea and North Korea! They locked the baby in the steel safe! ISIS bans satellite dishes! Sevim run to 22 people, there is a thief case! Killing 5 bears is 50 thousand TL! Davutoğlu: HDP's parliamentary list is being prepared on the mountain! BBC's documentary PKK got reaction! Sıla: I don't want to say thank you for the homeland to anyone! Attack on the police station in Diyarbakir! 1 soldier wounded. Police chiefs of 4 regions have changed! Tsipras resigned with Nazım Hikmet's poem! Sabah used the image of the Öcalan rally in the Macedonian news! The human brain was created! Left Platform parted ways with SYRIZA! Women's right to vote and to be elected in Saudi Arabia! It is forbidden to change religion without permission from the state! Armed attack on traffic cops at Mahmutbey toll booths! The funeral of the mafia confused Italy! A naked person paralyzed the traffic in Beşiktaş! Haji Mutazz, number two of ISIS, was killed! Cross-border operation bill in Parliament! He bought food for Syrian children, left without paying! 9 people commit suicide every day in Turkey! According to Metropoll, HDP's vote rate surpassed MHP! The killing of animals for money has been moved to The Hague! Sending Bulent Arinc in Rental Love! Earthquake in Rize! YSK does not have a decision on November 1st! He killed his neighbor who was watching loud TV! The most interesting sex records! Car bomb alarm in Istanbul! From Melih Gökçek to Sıla: We are ashamed of women like you! Police operation in Sur, which declared self-government! A ceasefire call from Demirtaş to the PKK! 359 years in prison for child rapist! BBC PKK documentary responded to the reactions! The name of the lost and illegal cost has been changed and the load has increased! Mayors declaring autonomy are at the courthouse! The porn actress undressed in court, saying that she was beaten by the police! The number of martyrs is exaggerated, more people died in the lake! Sur and Silvan mayors have been arrested! Mutlu Kaya: I hate Sibel Can! Reaction of 40 young girls from Sakık to the Governor of Ağrı! Attack on military convoy in Diyarbakır! Sibel Can's response to Mutlu Kaya's "I hate" statement! Why should my brothers die for Erdogan's war? Taner Yıldız: Kandil is calling the spirit of Gezi! Person evacuated due to pandemic battered his wife HDP building was stoned during the Curse on Terrorism march! Hard police intervention in Gazi District! A prisoner dies in 38 hours in prisons! Earthquake in Hakkari! Why do those who said a solution until now call it war? Will elections be held with the provisional government? Armed attack on police in Mardin! He killed his abusive wife, he was released! Fenerbahce, who scored an own goal, returned with 1 point! I will keep cutting heads! Bahceli's warning to organizations not to provocate! Davutoğlu: I take ministerial proposals to the names I see fit Mustafa Denizli: Shame on you! Cemil Bayık's response to Demirtaş's call to lay down arms! Some AKP members demanded that the lieutenant colonel be discharged from the army! Every cop will carry gas with him! Zekeriya Oz has requested asylum! Presidency sources denied the claims that the White House did not give Erdogan an appointment! He makes thousands of dollars a month writing notes on potatoes! Attack in Semdinli! 2 soldiers died. They took out pocket money from gas capsules! If I had been the Speaker of the Parliament, the coalition would have been formed! Arrest warrant for PKK executives! Hadise is on vacation with her secret love! HDP and DBP executives detained! The temperature will rise again! Curfew in Silvan again! Cem Yılmaz: The National Anthem does not belong to me! Tayyip Erdogan puts Kurds in the refrigerator and takes them out every day! The Deputy Chief of Police, who killed the young man on the motorcycle, is released! Arrest three kids from berets, braces and books! 500 dogs rescued from slaughterhouse in China Fazil Say announced the party he will vote for! 8 people lost their lives in the flood in Artvin! He burned the penis of his girlfriend who cheated on him! Greece reinforces its troops on the Turkish border Condolence message from Demirtaş to Artvin! Galatasaray:1 Osmanlispor:2 Atromitos shift in Fenerbahçe! Windows 95 turns 20! Criminal complaint to the government from the close of the military! It is not right to make such statements! Erdogan appointed Davutoğlu as Prime Minister! We do not respond to Israel, we fight their henchmen in Syria! Gray wolf description from Adriana Lima: I've been tricked! Şeyma Subaşı: A business person from Qatar wanted to be an investor and open branches for my cafe. Truck overturned! Soldiers scattered... UN gathered for LGBT! The first published images of the Kızıldere massacre! Press card regulation has changed! ANAR: There is no way to stop HDP! Action against the torture of horses in Eskişehir! Levent Üzümcü was dismissed from his post! 15 cents discount on gasoline! HDP delegation is going to Hopa! Teacher appointment dates postponed! The claim that the soldier committed suicide in Sivas! Devlet Bahçeli: The reason for the early elections is Erdoğan! Election date is November 1st! 15-year-old Melisa Gucoglu is missing! Drugs detected in the blood of the person arrested for the death of Duygu Delen Alcohol beating from the police to the shopkeepers! Güneş carried Ahmet Hakan to the headline: Are you God, you bastard! Is İbrahim Tatlıses helping Mutlu Kaya? PKK loaded on HDP! What has HDP accomplished? Porn actress Angela Aspen: Don't do what I did! Volunteer police wanted! The curfew in Silvan is over! He smashed his girlfriend with a chainsaw! Emma Watson: The hardest role of my career! Most sex accidents happen in this position! The image of Yıldız Tilbe upset her fans! Sırrı Sakık will send his monthly salary to Artvin! Unpublished images of Deniz Gezmiş! HDP district head and 2 people were arrested in Nusaybin! Nicole Trunfio is also a black lover! Facebook has closed the page that is hostile to plus size! The most accurate method in the treatment of vaginismus! Bergüzar Korel: I will stay away from TV for a while! Children of school age received maturity education! Maitland Ward went in front of the lens! Prisoner exchange agreement between YPG and ISIS! The flood in Artvin will be protested in Taksim! Early election poll from Metropoll: AKP has no chance of ruling alone! I believe that November 1 will solve the trouble caused by June 7! Description of Levent Üzümcü from City Theatres! Photo description with bag from Tuğba Özay! Demirtaş: If we get 50 percent of the vote! Blood-curdling images from ISIS! Financial Times: Erdogan's election gamble! Disciplinary investigation of that lieutenant! Cem Yilmaz becomes a writer! Look who is the Irish boxer who beat Aksaray tradesmen alone! Live broadcast feature to Facebook! He was born with 3 penises! When screams came from the grave, the grave was opened and... Images of the bloody 1 May 1977 are in the AP archive! 'Coronavirus vaccine will not work in obese people' US journalists killed on live broadcast! We didn't fool Adriana Lima! The proposed MHP member of the Ministry resigned! Reply to the ministry proposal from Deniz Baykal! Tuğrul Türkeş said yes to the offer! MHP supporters were surprised. Türkeş, who says yes to the offer, can be expelled from the party! The friend who was punched can't go out on the street! Body merging proposal from Burger King to McDonalds! The bodies of 50 immigrants were found on the boat! Warning to fans from Fenerbahçe! The person who shot the journalists live in the USA turned out to be a former employee! He took the dog that saved him on the street with him! Hamzaoğlu: I can say that the transfer is over! When he couldn't get any drinks on the plane, he drank it all! Ertuğrul Sağlam went into world football history! The world's most famous child star is 35 years old! Bahceli Turkes has been uploaded! Inheritors cannot comprehend. Attack on the Hizan Gendarmerie Command! Hopa action in Taksim! Rocket attack on police vehicle in Osmaniye! Curfew in Yüksekova! Independent: Irish Alawite who beat the shopkeepers of Aksaray! Zahit Atam wrote: His personal glory and the Kurdish problem! 2 people, including a child, died in Cizre! Violent clashes in Yüksekova! Sümeyye Erdogan's answer from Kılıçdaroğlu! Will Öcalan make a peace speech on September 1? Baykal rejected the ministry offer by letter! Davutoğlu: They can't get between us and Erdoğan! Kyle, 17, who shot protesters in the US, was arrested Armed attack at Esenler bus station! Ministry proposal statement from HDP's Levent Tüzel! Galatasaray: We don't take it seriously! Kurdish women are more unemployed! This week's covers of Sleepless, Penguin, Leman and Gırgır! Gas explosion in Gaziosmanpaşa! The series starring Yavuz Bingöl and Deniz Uğur has been cancelled! Significant progress in accusing soldiers of porn! Sow has been sold! Fenerbahce reported to KAP... Milliyet fired 3 journalists! Sümeyye was detained on Twitter for insulting Erdoğan! After the boat, 50 dead were found in the truck! 'Adil Öksüz came to visit me while I was in prison' Galatasaray's rivals have been announced! Power outage in 5 districts of Istanbul! Animal slaughter for sexual power! KCK: The HDP government will not change the situation! Protest against Türkeş who accepted Davutoğlu's offer! Italian cheesemakers sued the porn site Pornhub! ISIS cyber jihadist killed! Financial Times: Angry Kurdish youth take up arms! Saudi army enters Yemen! What would the world be like without humans? Türkiye is the third most unhappy country in the world! Burhan Kuzu: It would be better if HDP deputies did not come! 2 bodies under the bridge in Şırnak! The General Staff denied the cemevi allegations! The lawyer of the Irish who beat the tradesman: Alcohol defense was produced later! Tuğrul Türkeş: I didn't resign, they can't fire me either! It is forbidden to enter the Hagia Sophia with shorts, low-cut, headscarf Alkan: Anything can happen where the Chief of Staff is accused of terrorism! Knife attack on campers in Burgazada! Voting for HDP ended the resolution process! Türk-İş: The 'cost of living' of a single person is 2 thousand 891 liras per month and 65 cents While trying to own an apartment, the number of people defrauded has increased! 70 judges and prosecutors have changed! 200 people died in the Mediterranean! CHP building was raided! Mobile phone application that stops smoking! Garbage confession from Hopa Municipality: We threw it away once or twice! No festivities, concerts or celebrations on August 30! They could not agree on combining the corpses! The number of people who entered Facebook on the same day exceeded 1 billion! Ahmet İrtegün lost his life in the conflict in Şırnak! British journalists detained in Diyarbakir! The bar where the naked women were on the plate got a reaction! The expert said take a bath with bleach, it's good for eczema! Police barrier to march in Taksim! Rocket launch attack on security in Tunceli! Will this handkerchief solve Atatürk's cause of death? The 63rd government was formed! Russian journalists were in İstinye Park! Medical Association: We said that the figures we received and the figures explained in the table were different. Devlet Bahçeli: The death penalty will be able to deter the commission of heinous and primitive crimes Turkey's first headscarved minister Prof. Dr. Aysen Gurcan is the best! Thousands marched in Cizre and Yüksekova! Victory Day statement from the Istanbul Governor's Office! Look, Mr. Davutoglu! If they are leftists, I am Castro! Altaylı: The health system is about to collapse; nobody blame the state MHP is my father's party! HDP ministers will not use red plates! Bomb attack on AKP District Presidency! iPhone 6S price announced! Hurricane Erika in the USA! 20 dead... Reuters: Yılmaz will take over the task vacated by Babacan! We face threats! Earthquake in Marmara! Google decided to stop flash in Chrome! Child abuse took the people to the street! The Nazi train has been found, the treasure fight has begun! ISIS kidnapped the Kurds! HDP District Chairperson Murat Özçelik has been arrested! Rüdaw: Öcalan will call for a ceasefire! Hande Erçel: I do not accept triple love! Bülent Arınç handed over his duty to Türkeş! The Moon is approaching the Earth... The power of social media! Support poured in to the father who sold pens... Rüdaw's Imrali denied the news! I didn't say those words... Military units are being dispatched to Şemdinli! The person with the largest penis in the world asked for help! Is the Bangkok bomber Turkish citizen Adem Karadağ? Attack on the Alevi neighborhood! 10 dead... They pay money to the state during menstrual periods! PKK kidnapped AKP District President! Demirtaş: It is a sign that we will rule this country in the future! These women are not allowed to have sexual intercourse! Galatasaray returned with 3 points from Izmir away Tunceli Governor's Office decided to close the road! Operation in Ağrı! There are many arrests... My girlfriend said bring out the whore inside! Erdogan protest in front of the White House | Watch video His advisor awarded İmamoğlu an award Fırat Simpil, 13, died in the explosion in Silvan! Türkeş called, Bahceli was busy! Niran Ünsal: To open up is to serve the devil! Rocket attack on television and GSM transmitters! In the attack, 2 policemen lost their lives, 4 policemen were injured! Attack on the police house in Silopi! 1 policeman died Selahattin Demirtaş: There is no autonomy with a gun! TV8 changed the day of We Are Together Even If We Separated! Erdogan: This country is not the land of looters and terrorists! Delete, enter and print screen keys are gone! Power outage in 7 districts of Istanbul! Leman Sam: I will leave the country! Wes Craven is dead! Attack on animal rights defenders! 9 injured.. Conflict in Kiev: 1 dead, hundreds injured! Lucy, rescued from the factory farm, has died! Demet Akalın: Let this woman shut up! Salih Muslim: We can train the FSA! Two more people were fired at Milliyet! Demirtaş: I curse the murder of Yunus Koca! Coronavirus: Education gap between poor and rich students widened Arrest statement from Vice News! After the elections, he returned to the mountain and declared war! The latest movie of Demirkubuz is Nausea! Galatasaray sold Melo to Inter! Ali İsmail Korkmaz's family's house was robbed! Peace does not come by shouting from where you are sitting like this! Reaction to Superonline's internet service! Public appointments have been suspended! I'm going to go down the field and give the referee two slaps! Explosion at a fireworks factory in Spain! 5 dead... Erhan Çelik's new address is TRT 1! Unmelted ice cream is made! Yalçın Güzelce passed away! CHP will say yes to the Syria resolution! Peace call from artists! Investigation against the student who participated in the Pınar Gültekin protest Rape story in children's book got backlash Medical marijuana to be given to elephants in zoo The man who chased his divorce-seeking wife with a shotgun was arrested AKP review to RTÜK! International Symposium on Conscientious Objection in Beyoğlu! Soylu: At 04.30 at night, my phone rang, 'Is that you, the minister? He said, 'I have been in trouble. İlber Ortaylı: When our oath was lifted, these people remained silent, such a napkin in ablution Orange coded warning in 6 provinces and yellow code in 50 provinces from Meteorology AFAD: 5.1 magnitude earthquake occurred in the Mediterranean A man killed his father with a knife in Bursa. FIFA 16 Turkish demo game is out! Simge Fistikoglu joined the cast of NTV! Spokesperson writer Demet Cengiz was harassed! Ahmet Altan: Erdogan will not be president even if he kills us all! Kanal D is ending two series at once! Yıldız Tilbe wrote the song But You Are Married to her! I won't allow a wine concert! Strong response from Emrah Serbes to feminists! He brought his wife and lover together, it was a mess! Deniz Akkaya was subjected to violence, took shelter in the police station! Fethullah Gülen's reaction to the Akın İpek operation! There is no condition to choose in the East! Altan Tan: We may lose all we have! Foods with detox effect! Shock claim about Ahmet Davutoğlu! Ali Sunal: I'm not dead, you made a mother cry! Best movie of the year, Mad Max: Furious Roads! I was raped by a Turkish soldier! He left saying he'll get air, he didn't come back! He stabbed his ex-girlfriend in 27 places! I want boys and girls to study in separate classes! Refugee child body washed ashore heart wrenching! I lost 32 kilos with brain power! Engin Günaydın: I quit acting! Who is Fuat Avni? Time writer explained.. The 72nd Venice Film Festival has begun! He died while taking a selfie with a gun in the mirror! Investigation into HDP's Tuğba Hezer, who was carrying the PKK coffin! Help from Emrah to Mutlu Kaya! Caught drunk, the driver offered a blowjob to the cops! A signature campaign has been launched for captive elephants! You are a scoundrel and a disgrace! Karayılan apologized for the murdered doctor! Smoking break ban for municipal employees! He broke off his nipple while widening his ear hole! Clash in Silopi Vehicle attack in Muş! Release for Ahmet Şahbaz, who killed Ethem Sarısülük! Did the AKP deputy show his gun in the parliament? Get those names out! Barzani statement from Aydın Doğan! He is looking for the father of his child on Youtube and Facebook! Mehmet Lütfü Özdemir: The Road to Peace! Investigation of a soldier for raping a Syrian woman! Attack on the police station in Dersim! There are dead and wounded... Tuğrul Türkeş: As the Deputy Prime Minister, I made the MHP power! He died as a result of police torture at Atatürk Airport! Independent started a petition for asylum seekers! Investigation against Ekrem Dumanlı for insulting Erdoğan! Harry Potter is actually a madman in a mental hospital! Özgü Namal's son appeared! Armed message from Gülşen! The soldier who went on his trail committed suicide! Power outage in 12 districts in Istanbul! 11 Commandments from ISIS to Christians! Answer from Galatasaray to Fenerbahce! When will pensions be paid? The vehicles of open-dressed female drivers will be confiscated! Vegan activist Tahir Yazgılı announced his conscientious objection! CHP deputies are going to Baghdad to rescue the kidnapped workers! Curfew in Cizre! Attack on Commando Battalion Command! Bahçeli: Why do you always ask about Tuğrul Türkeş, are you his friend? The lecturer took a photo of women upskirt! The curfew in Cizre was protested by taking to the streets! AKP candidate: The Caliphate will rise again from Turkey! 40 migrants lost their lives off the coast of Libya! Call me retarded, don't call me AKP, he was a candidate from the AKP! Deletion penalty for 7 clubs from the Football Federation! 2 people were killed in Mardin and Şırnak! Attack on the cemevi! Özkes: The mentor of the CHP is Ahmet Hakan! Özkes: The mentor of the CHP is Ahmet Hakan! Barış İnce left his job at BirGün! Türkeş was expelled from the MHP! The circle is shrinking for jihadist John! The pervert who took the upskirt photo forgot the flash on! 30 people were injured in the pillow fight! Here is the penis size preferred by women! Tunceli Police Chief: You will die in the mountains! The sounds of guns and bombs do not stop in Cizre! He raped a woman live on Periscope! Zahit Atam: The consequences of political crises in Turkey! His penis was broken during sexual intercourse! Erdogan Fidan meeting in Tarabya! HDP applied for the security of the elections! Toys distract children from science! Racist sharing with Aylan's photo A child was injured by snipers' bullets in Cizre! Accident like a massacre! 5 dead... Fireworks are forbidden! He was a very good football player but a big egoist! He burned the restaurant by saying that the account is too much! HDP deputies stopped at the entrance to Cizre! Illuminated protest against the curfew in Cizre! The government will not be formed again in the election! Kurdish, Turkish hug each other! Attack on Camp Armen! Daily Telegraph: The biggest blow to the PKK! I believe that people will ask for their account at the ballot box! Venezuela will receive 20 thousand Syrian refugees! Nusaybin co-chairman was dismissed! Burhan Kuzu: Terrorists are uncircumcised! Figen Yüksekdağ: The ones responsible for suffering are those who put the solution in the refrigerator! Rocket attack on Government House! Tension in Ataşehir! Investigation about Selahattin Demirtaş! Her boyfriend of 2 years is a woman! Attack in Tunceli! A person has been arrested in connection with the attack on HDP! Miranda Kerr: Don't give up! Ülkü Ocakları: We did not attack! House arrest for insulting Erdogan! Cizre is Turkey's Kobani! Attack statement from Hürriyet! Her marriage is over from the photos she shared! Curfew in Yüksekova! 51 years in prison for Kutsi! Crane accident in the Kaaba! There are dead and wounded... Tea with Atatürk bust kissed: Being a Kurd requires this! Video of kidnapped Turkish workers has been released! Women applied for military service! Davutoğlu: The state of both Kurds and Alevis is Turkey! Kim Kardashian's dad: I don't understand why girls wear bras! Kitties: None of us have aesthetics! Şırnak Governor's Office: That person's hand was severed from a handmade explosive! Attack on trans women in Beylikdüzü! If we do not reform, the 2023 targets will be a dream! Türkiye will not return to Zincirlikuyu Cemetery! I have no help for the Syrians! He was detained and found dead in the trash! The ballots have been announced! The Labor Party is a threat to our security! Hande Ataizi will adopt a Syrian child! Ogün Sanlısoy: Did those who said to cancel their concert shut their doors? Çıray: While there were 28 deaths in Malatya alone, 18 deaths were reported across Turkey. Femen raided the Muslim conference! Sultana: Men's minds and ideas are sex! MEB took action for gender equality! Maybe I can forgive that trip! Curfew lifted in Cizre! Curfew in Sur is in the judiciary! Raid on Nokta magazine! Tourist convoy thought to be ISIS was hit! Türkeş objected to his expulsion from the MHP! Attack on police in Diyarbakir! Open and close democracy is practiced in Cizre! If Öcalan remains silent, there is no agreement! Vatan Şaşmaz and Yasemin Adalı got married! Fight between Number One and Power TV! I swear they're going to topple! Koray Çalışkan resigned from Boğaziçi University! The sergeant, who did not stop at the identity check, was shot! AKP was aware of the Hürriyet raid! Ceausescu had built a magnificent palace, but the people destroyed it! Meltem Cumbul was taken to the hospital! We do not recommend violence to Kurdish youth! Istanbul is the 9th most dangerous city in the world! Murat Capan, the Editor-in-Chief of Nokta, has been released! Nikita Klaestrup celebrated her follower count with underwear photo! Police launched legal action against that photo! New album from Radiohead! Is sex or romance more important to teens? These roads are closed for 3 days! The woman who had sex in the parking lot: I wanted it! Artillery shots in Yüksekova! Why did Twitter crash? Attack on police car! 1 policeman injured Demirtaş: There is no need for a gun, we are here! Temple bomber in Turkey! Cemile's mother: That night, I slept with my daughter's body in my bosom! The female barber who shaved her customers naked was arrested! Ahmet Hakan: If you want, supply switchblade or something and come! They are trying to show the security forces as aggressors! Prison request for Gülten Kışanak! What will HDP discuss with İmralı? I promise I won't do it again! Facebook's dislike option is coming! Response to the separation allegations from Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ! Here's a raise for Ivana Sert in My Style! Star writer: Big blow to the community! He watched ISIS video and killed his mother! Russia: We do not have a military base plan in Syria! Baker from Cizre: The state distributed bakeries, not bread here! Mafia leader caught having sex in jail! Gonca Vuslateri: I don't share the photo of the martyrs because... Why does Turkey keep immigrants who want to go? Kılıçdaroğlu: I have not witnessed a wealthy person go and become a martyr! The man who believes that he will die if he cuts his hair has not washed his hair for 80 years. Pepper spray and water cannon to Syrians who want to cross the border! Gun in one hand, reed in the other! He took the woman's dress down on the live broadcast! Presenter Ezgi Sertel is back from the dead! Molotov attack on the bus in Kasımpaşa! A human-sized hairball came out of his stomach! Fikret Orman was not admitted to Kemal Stafa Stadium! SONAR: AKP fell to 38 percent! Frightening earthquake in the Mediterranean! The arms fair in which Turkey took place was protested! Attack on the prison in Bitlis! Can Dündar should have been taken into custody! Suspicious package alert in the White House! 8.3 earthquake in Chile! He's not unconscious, he's dead! Strong reaction from Erdogan to Nokta magazine! Emre Belözoğlu had a traffic accident! Seba and Hakan had a fight on the live broadcast! Tsipras: The Turks understood us! Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, is Sinem Kobal getting married? KCK operation in Şanlıurfa: 24 detentions! Pucca got married! Rasim Ozan testified in Kütahyalı Hendek Courthouse! Interesting information about sexuality! Pope: Seductive women! Access to Nokta Magazine's site is blocked! There was no such thing as a solution process! Tuğçe Kazaz: Soldiers become martyrs because they die! Suzy Favor Hamilton became an athlete, became a sex worker! Three-eyed skull found! Conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan has been released! What is Taghut on the walls of Istanbul? Do his writings belong to supporters of ISIS? KCK: We are ready for a bilateral ceasefire! Support message from John Malkovich to Levent Üzümcü! Nickelodeon will air 90s cartoons! The female boxer died after a knockout! Lana Del Rey's new album 'Honeymoon' has leaked online! Man's body found in the park! Soldiers seized power in that country! He was speechless when he saw his cheating wife in his lover's bed! Dogs died of starvation in the shelter of the Metropolitan Municipality! Fethullah Gülen demanded up to 34 years in prison! A criminal complaint from Aydın Doğan! Investigation against Hasan Cemal because of his letter! This image shook Europe! Rize poem from the child: If you make him angry, he will pull the knife! If this war continues like this, there will be no elections! Offer from Spain to the tripped Syrian asylum seeker! Explosion during the passage of a military vehicle! Gul: Not only Turkish, but also Kurdish families are crying! He sued his girlfriend who used fake penis! Waste bins banned in Diyarbakir! Syndicate.Org reporter kidnapped! Tuğrul Türkeş resigned from MHP! Black news for İbrahim Tatlıses! Today, its writer Gültekin Avcı has been detained! Mother of 35-day-old baby killed in Cizre: Was my baby a terrorist too? Credit card installment period doubled in Giresun Tuğrul Türkeş is a candidate from the AKP! Will Leyla and Majnun start again? 'Tuğrul Türkeş' statement from Oktay Vural! Armed attack on HDP! Hamzaoğlu left Emre Çolak out of the squad! Has Faruk Çelik resigned from AKP? A petty officer was kidnapped in Tunceli! If I went to the tavern, they would love me! Investigation at the shelter on claims of animal abandonment! It's raining complaints about inappropriate content on Facebook! Hülya Avşar is on the HDP list! O Ses Türkiye is changing the jury! Enver Aysever's press card request was rejected! Trans woman Eylul's mother: They said that if it doesn't happen willingly, I'll make it work s.ke s.ke! Person who used 'Elif Sarı' account was arrested 21 regions were declared banned! From Ahmet Kekeç to Ahmet Hakan: You are immoral! He raped the young woman by drinking alcohol! Detention of mobile pollsters! Human sperm produced! 83 people are in custody! There are HDP mayors among them. Megan Fox: I'm not flushing the toilet! Will Abdullah Gul establish a new party? Self-management statement from Ahmet Turk! Bad news for Arda Turan from FIFA! Fuat Avni: They even took the risk of starting a civil war! Description of silence from Beren Saat! The burning corpse in the pit in the forest! He will not be able to get close to his lover Deniz Akkaya for three months! Attack on military unit in Hakkari! Halil Sezai talked about his marriage that ended in 15 days! Erdogan is going to Russia! The IETT bus carrying the police hit the overpass! The boat carrying 46 immigrants sank! Blowjobs for free beer at the nightclub! Meteorology: Heavy rain is coming! Melih Gökçek has the General Manager of Ankara Public Bread Factory write 'woof woof'! Political humor never ends in this country! Astronaut: Sex in space is so hard! Defne Samyeli: I'm not far from guns! The provocative banner received a reaction! We have plenty of bullets too... Syrian immigrants have been stopped! Mobile announced the results of the new survey! Gultekin Avci has been arrested! Let Öcalan be free, then we'll sit at the table! Akbil in Buse Terim's bag of 1800 TL! The cat he said he wouldn't see here was found dead! Divorce statement from Halil Sezai! From Demet Akalın to Demir Demirkan: Man, sorry man! The eyewitness of Bünyamin, who was killed at the age of 15 in Cizre, spoke! 7 people died from coronavirus while waiting in line for intensive care Midibus carrying refugees rolled over! Erdogan: Pretty boy, who are you kidding? The case against Tele 1 from the Ministry of Internal Affairs Guardian: Turks threaten refugees! "Women exposing themselves on Periscope!" AVG: We sell your personal data and make money! Burak Özçivit was taken to the hospital! One out of every 10 men who go to the gym has 'bigorexia' disease! What is the percentage of AKP's votes in the consensus poll? There will be no ballot boxes in 3 neighborhoods in Cizre! Skype crashed! Investigation into Atilla Taş! İlber Ortaylı can kill me! Tsipras took his oath! He got angry with his girlfriend and pedaled all the way to Africa! WhatsApp infected with virus! Bomb attack on police car in Mardin! 48,687 voters will be moved to Cizre! The General Staff accused MIT! Ahmet Hakan: 7 reasons why I am hairy to Fuat Avni! Earthquake in Kütahya! Fuat Avni: Any vote they want will enter the system! Last week for GSS premium debt restructuring! Davutoğlu's hand is in the air! Reverse handcuffs to the lawyer who collected signatures for his brother! The new trend is rainbow eyebrows! Mother killed her daughters, father killed his wife! 19 years called his child! Cübbeli: Nişantaşı cheeses and Beyoğlu things should be deprived of citizenship! Davutoğlu will meet with Obama in the USA! Hezbollah: We will no longer participate in attacks in Syria! Clip from Lady Gaga against rape in college! Fire in HDP building! HDP ministers resigned! YSK rejected Sevan Nişanyan's application for deputy candidacy! We could go back to the Moon by 2030! Grup Yorum's lawyer: All of them were detained under torture! Harassment of the woman who came out of childbirth! Announcement of resignation from the Prime Ministry! General Staff: 24 soldiers were injured in 2 attacks! The Independent: The only way to defeat ISIS is to support the Kurds! Reaction to the Islamist magazine: Fear Allah! The dog, who fell into the pit, did not leave the head of his friend for a week, saved his life! Thailand banned the New York Times! Sezen Aksu: 'I regret not forming a coalition! YSK Chairman: Governors cannot carry ballot boxes! ISIS leader and al-Qaeda bomber killed! Syrian refugees: We will crush the border! CHP's request to ban the AKP's 'Bismillah' election song! Sezen Aksu condemned the inability to form a coalition! He gutted the woman who said another man's name while having sex! The flood took lives in Bodrum! 1 dog died Tatlıses: I hope I'm in the parliament this time! Clash in Siirt! 2 soldiers wounded... The AKP's election song is banned! He had a heart attack at the age of 3! Military shipment to Şırnak! Whatsapp execution from ISIS! Kylie Jenner's photo got 1 million likes! Gul: Syrians need to upset us all! Meryem Uzerli's series begins! Hajj disaster! 753 dead, 886 injured... Yusuf, who lost his hand and foot in Cizre: Nothing will be the same in my life! Gasoline hike Sacrifice reaction from Harun Kolçak: If you put up fake rituals with greed for money... The bull who escaped in Kurban entered the house with the door open! Imam to refugees: You cannot raise your children as Muslims in Europe, return to your lands! There will be no ballot boxes in 9 neighborhoods in Batman! Erdogan: It is not a risk for HDP to fall under the threshold! Let's give money, keep the Syrians there! Jarablus operation is coming soon! Mass grave of 1500 people found in Japan Statement from the Turkish Armed Forces on the Şırnak attack! Service for men and women wiping tears for money! "I was watching porn 8 hours a day!" Genco Erkal deleted the speciesist expression against animal slaughter! HDP deputy: Special operations forces swept everything in front of them in Beytüşşebap! Demirtaş: The PKK responded positively to our calls, but the President does not! The prisoner allegedly tortured in prison lost his life! The resigning minister will return his 6-month salary! Governor warned! Do not enter these areas... He killed the cop while playing with his gun! Former football player Uğur Dağdelen committed suicide! Saudi prince arrested on sexual assault charges! Topless protest to Facebook! Murat Ülker: We sold Cola Turka because... Curfew declared in Bismil! Boat carrying immigrants sank: 17 dead! Clash in Gazi District! Explosion in Kobani! 8 children injured! Putin: Those who fight Assad are terrorists! Parents can now follow their children! General Staff: 11 points destroyed! He beat his pregnant girlfriend on live broadcast! Beşiktaş became the winner of the derby! 8-year-old Elif Şimşek died from a mortar! Bismil statement from the Police Department! There will be a bloody eclipse on the Moon tonight! He killed his neighbor who didn't want an animal body! Zeki Demirkubuz: I am not from HDP, but I have to vote for HDP! Ayşe Özyılmazel wrote about the harassment she suffered! I'll throw it as I hold it by the ear! Enough is enough, people are dying! Fenerbahçe: They chopped us up tonight! Jennifer Lopez sex tape allegation from her ex-wife's partner! Women cheat more! Lost contact with Kandil! CHP, HDP and peace circles should be able to present a democratic government to Turkey! ISIS is increasing its secret activities in Turkey! Nobody wanted to carry the body of the young man who committed suicide! Attack on the army house! There are people injured... Cursing from Alişan to Fernandao! Pakistan blocks access to Tinder 8,500-year-old human skeleton found in Bilecik If the ballot box merges, we can boycott the election! Cop who raped Russian woman is free! 200 people were poisoned by the chicken corpse! Curfew lifted in Bismil! 179 thousand liras were defrauded in the virtual relationship! Like a joke! They laid kitchen marble in Aspendos... Riot in London! AKP deputy candidate called the journalist 'whore'! An invention that will change labor pains! NASA Mars tweeted! Is the mystery solved? Communication with signals from brain to brain! Because I support Assad! From Sedat Peker to Erdogan: Almighty God knows, I love him! Selahattin Demirtaş did not send his children to school! His schoolmate denied the claim that Davutoğlu was beaten by leftists! Armed attack on the mayor of Şanlıurfa! Police raid on Dicle News Agency: 32 detentions! We have the funeral of the expert sergeant whose funeral was held by the state! Facebook crashed! 2 policemen lost their lives in the attack in Adana! Tank shipment to Diyarbakir! prof. Kanadoğlu: Carrying a ballot box is against the Constitution! The bank manager who tried to kill the quail died! Handcuffs to Aydın Doğan from Güneş newspaper! Demirtaş: PKK does not represent us! Sırrı Süreyya Önder: The election can be canceled! Don't go to the military because the first hearing of his case has been held! The person who fell on the sofa died! The journalist who made the news of harassment was harassed! No one is fighting against ISIS except Assad and the Kurds! Nikita Klaestrup: I'm with older men because... The curfew in Diyarbakir Hani is over! A booklet from ISIS not to be caught in Turkey! Harun Tekin said goodbye! Erdal Beşikçioğlu lost his mother! Marble description from the Minister of Culture! Pope: Evolution and the Big Bang are real, God is not a magician with a magic wand! Anatolian Palace of Justice is paralyzed! The referee pulled a gun in the match! 19-year-old Onur Altuntaş lost his life while testifying! 2 soldiers lost their lives in the conflict in Şemdinli! They went to the field with dogs! Pinar Altug's sad day! Winter time application has been postponed to 8 November due to the election! Twitter says goodbye to 140 characters! USA has stopped its Train-Equip program! Serenay Sarıkaya was harassed on the street! Rape on public bus in Istanbul! Tsipras met with Davutoglu! They buried the pregnant dog underground! From Metiner to Aydın Doğan: We know how to pull out his nails and teeth! Divorced his wife Özgecan's murder suspect! Alperen Ocakları: Our vote is for AKP! Russia warned the US not to fly in Syria! Nur Sürer: May Allah curse them! Russia: All organizations in Syria will be hit! Casualty hotline established! The person who killed and ate the cattle was killed! Massacre at college in the USA: 15 dead! The 'disabled road' was laid between the poles! These words do not belong to Atatürk! There was no decision yet in the Uğur Kurt case! Will NASA be able to touch the water it found on Mars? Interesting Russia statement from the USA bombing children! Military vehicle overturned in Edirne! The governor was rewarded for killing quails! According to Cumhuriyet, Erdogan is guilty of the attack! Demirtaş: Erdogan will not end the war on November 2, either! Why do you take so many photos! HDP's election slogan has been announced! Curfew in Silvan! The coach learned from Facebook that he was sacked! Davutoğlu also thanked the PYD! US fighter jet crashes in Afghanistan! Journalists protested the attack on Ahmet Hakan! Hawking: Aliens will destroy Earth! 2,000-year-old rock tombs are used as warehouses! Hadise became a fashion designer for 2.5 million TL! Russillo: My boobs are interfering with my career! Aziz Yildirim and Fenerbahce were the most talked about! Zeytinburnu Municipality Ice Hockey Team opens to Europe! Game of Thrones is becoming a movie! There was a fire in the subway bus! The lawyer demanded punishment by mistake instead of acquittal! He stabbed his wife with a knife in the middle of the street. Arabic question from HDP! Eyewitness of the disaster in Dikimevi: The driver seemed to have gone mad! prof. Dr. Refik Çaylan died due to coronavirus Ahmet Hakan had surgery! Those who attacked Ahmet Hakan were expelled from the AKP! Fascism by Özlem Tekin: Cut off those disgusting beards! Executive files reached 24 million! Fuat Avni claim from Star newspaper! Attack on the gendarmerie in Giresun! He was discharged, died in front of the hospital! From Anadolu University security to students: I'll cut you off! Interesting fashion show at Paris fashion week! I can have a relationship without falling in love! Police attack on the villager who does not want to give his water! Working hours in Sweden are reduced to 6 hours! The porn revolution on mobile! TSK announced the number of personnel! Davutoğlu: It is almost certain that we will be in power on November 1! Red notice about Gülen! Ankara is the province with the highest income! Dawn operation in Istanbul! They committed suicide with a single bullet in Istiklal! Fuat Avni: Fake attacks are planned against AKP members! first... Melih Gökçek: Unbelievable! He stabbed the older sister of the woman he was in love with 4 bodies found in the sea in Bodrum! He went blind of his own accord! Google sold for $12! The claim that the attacker of Umpqua University was 'targeting Christians'! Türkiye is getting worse, I'm getting off the screens! When he couldn't rape, he crushed his head! They tried to take advantage of me! Kılıçdaroğlu visited Ahmet Hakan! Is ablution with water on Mars valid? Star writer Cem Küçük will testify in Ahmet Hakan attack! The match was canceled because of kokorec! Tuba Büyüküstün is beyond recognition! Figen Yüksekdağ: It is impossible to leave HDP under the dam! I don't have to be pro-government! Discriminating hashtag on Twitter: Girls don't drive! I had a gay relationship! The priest in charge of the Vatican announced that he is gay! US planes massacred in the hospital! 9 dead... Curfew in 6 regions! Another Turkish transfer to Barcelona! Armed attack on HDP building in Izmir! Sputnik: ISIS shot down in Raqqa has relocated the Turkish soldier it kidnapped! Refusal to carry ballot boxes from YSK! Bahçeli announced the MHP's election manifesto! Black man who was fired 8 times by the police remained paralyzed Students caught watching porn on the smart board! Russian jets hit the 'capital' of ISIS! Priest who declared that he is gay was expelled from the Vatican! Landslide in Guatemala! 30 dead... HDP announced the Women's Election Declaration! Musa Orhan has been released! How did 26 August World Dog Day come about? Scientific Committee Member: The second wave happens with the cooling of the weather like October AKP's Syria plans fell through! General Staff: PKK kidnapped 2 of our soldiers! "The police tried to force the detainees to shout 'How happy is the one who says I am a Turk'!" My girlfriend cheated on me! Hospital bombed in Afghanistan: 16 dead! HDP MPs are in Silvan! HDP deputy's brother-in-law died in Şırnak! UN: US committed war crimes in Afghanistan! The bus carrying the jihadists overturned in Hatay! Obama: Train-equip failed! Muharrem İnce to Erdoğan: Putin deceived you too! Bad news from the couple who committed suicide in Istiklal! YPG: The description of our commander is distorted! Mustafa Sarısülük: I am a HDP candidate because Gezi is HDP! DİHA reporter detained in Silvan! Putin: What is the moderate opposition, can someone tell me? She filed for divorce because she was spending time on Facebook! Netherlands: Let's work four days a week! Hacı Lokman Birlik, who was killed in Şırnak, was dragged by a scorpion! Birds turned 400 TOKİ houses into occupation houses! Erdogan: The statement “Kurds are fighting against ISIS” is a wrong determination! Killed his sister for 'crossing her legs and texting' Experts warned: 'I will use WhatsApp' do not be afraid! Earth Freedom Association: We are not celebrating the 4th October World Animal Day! The American-flagged ship was lost in the Bermuda Triangle! Davutoğlu: We provide free internet service to young people! HDP deputy: There is a shortage of food and food for children in Nusaybin! He distributed the money he earned from İddaa as haram! Accident in Ankara! 12 injured...'); INSERT INTO `gazisoft_news` (`title`) VALUES My dad used to force me to give blowjobs! Assad: Erdogan and Davutoglu cannot advise anyone in the world! Investigation into the photo shared by Demirtaş from the Ministry! The killer opened the door! YKS placement results announced Statement from psychiatrists and psychologists: We are watching the political course of our country with concern! İlber Ortaylı: Good children do not grow with artificial robots Tuba Büyüküstün: I feel more beautiful with my short hair! Faysal Sarıyıldız: The government should answer this photo! Oral sex fight in the parliament! Beware of quit smoking scams! One of those who attacked Ahmet Hakan turned out to be an ex-cop! Statement from the Ministry of Interior regarding the photograph of Hacı Lokman Birlik! Porn actress Katt Lee gave sex lessons to students! Ahmet Güler was arrested for the attack on Ahmet Hakan! Melania Trump: Sex on the plane is another! Police opened fire in Diyarbakir! 2 dead... Davutoğlu: We cannot approve of the images! According to Sabah, dragging a corpse on the ground is a routine practice! Why is there Atatürk in the Argentine Peso? Actress Tomris Incer passed away! ISIS is in panic! Collective events banned! The curfew in Lice is over! Passenger who had a heart attack died on a THY plane! ISIS blew up the arch in the ancient city! The machine broke down while cutting the skull! HDP is suing the finance! The statements of those detained in Istanbul ended! School holidays in Istanbul! Russian plane violated Turkish airspace! Precipitation warning from Meteorology! In the Hasan Ferit case, Emrah Serbes was asked to be removed from the hall! Demirtaş: Imagine what those who do it to the dead can do to the living! They became sex workers at the age of 10! Davutoğlu: Action will be taken against those who violate the borders! Border violation statement from Russia: Navigation error! Breast cancer event at Boğaziçi University! Cosmic Chamber prosecutor caught with fake ID Pre-service teachers: We want to be appointed before we die! LeBron James: We live in fear in America The new image of Rüzgar Erkoçlar attracted great attention! Injured worker: Stretcher sucks, no need! Friend of Ömer who was killed in Diyarbakır: Why did you kill him? Women answered: Should men have epilation? Head of Space Sciences: A UFO fell in a village in the Aegean! Those who attacked Ahmet Hakan were given 25 thousand TL per person! The lifeless body of a 6-month-old baby washed up on the shore! He placed an explosive device on the door of his ex-girlfriend with the words 'my wedding gift for my love'! Massacre in Yalova! 25 dead... Silvan District Governor: Artillery was fired, civilians were shot! Attack on military vehicle in Diyarbakir! Bad smell in Istanbul! Leyla Birlik: The director of TEM Şırnak is responsible for the execution of Hacı! 80% of Aras Cargo belongs to Austrians Russia violated Turkish airspace again! General Staff: We are uncomfortable with tanks against civilians, soldiers should not be in the city! The curfew in Nusaybin was lifted on its 6th day! Kerry: Türkiye could have shot down the Russian plane! The helmet number of the police, who blinded the citizen with a gas canister, is not in the records! Binali Yıldırım: He hits his face... Russian presenter: Suitable for aerial bombardment in Syria! He shot the puppy with a rifle because he didn't show it! Cüneyt Özdemir's Twitter account was requested to be banned! He earned 1.5 million TL by lying for 17 years! Protest against the curfew in Silvan! Shota was attacked in Georgia! Sedef Kabaş was acquitted of the tweet! Warning for Istanbul! Don't go outside for 3 hours. 226 thousand natural gas subscribers received unfair fees! Facebook will provide free internet from space! The first tweet from Ahmet Hakan after the attack! The prosecutor objected to the release of the attackers! Bears were slaughtered, humanity took selfies! Haci Lokman Birlik statement from the President of Religious Affairs! Police left 4 bodies in the hospital in Bismil! 9 police officers detained in Hrant Dink Case! Important decision from the court for Facebook users! CHP chairman: If I wasn't old, I would take it to the mountain! After the call to use electricity illegally, the call to not tax! Belgian press: Emine Erdogan has closed the store! Clash in Bismil! 4 dead... YTU students were not admitted to school, they were handed over to the police! Russia: Türkiye made a joint work offer! Erdogan: He violated our borders, we cannot be patient! The driver who crushed Florist Mehmet Emin surrendered! Rihanna: Sex is important to me, I don't sleep with anyone! Will Hakan Fidan leave MIT? ISIS printed money in Gaziantep! Ali Babacan caught coronavirus Haci Lokman Birlik tweet from AA correspondent: Is it illegal to walk a dog? Sertab Erener: There are men who can't keep their plates! A letter from Çilem Doğan, who said, 'Let some men die'! Akit: Because they slept with fags, 'gay' has permeated their souls! Dead fetus inside a 4-year-old! İlker Başbuğ: Clash with the police! The dollar fell to the lowest level in September! Signature campaign against the attack on Ahmet Hakan! She entered the competition in this outfit! Aziz Sancar from Mardin, winner of the Nobel Prize: I am very surprised! Cem Yılmaz: I don't find it moral for them to use my name! Curfew in 7 neighborhoods in Silopi! Erdogan spoke to businessmen in Japan! Blue collars invest in gold! Conscientious Objection Association: We support families from Cizre not to send their children to the military! İbrahim Tatlıses was the most talked-about name in September! Kılıçdaroğlu: He cheats, but he can't even do it! Let those Qurans be burned! Invaders Russia shoots Assad from the air! Erdogan: We are angry with Russia! 35 journalists were detained in September, one was arrested! A new feature from Twitter! Heart attack shock before Erdogan's program! Minimum wage for dangerous work! Good news for teachers! Released for rape in the service in Istanbul! 400 of our buildings were burned, there is only one investigation, about me! TFF will be punished for 5 years, Fenerbahce will be relegated! Your phone can be tapped by message! Istanbul will be plunged into darkness on October 10! Mustafa Balbay was fired from the Republic! AP: 1313 people died in the hajj disaster! Reaction to the picture that humiliates refugees! Albayrak: The availability of natural gas will be reflected on the bills as a discount Times: Coca Cola paid scientists to reject the sugary drink-obesity link! Selena Gomez has Lupus! US, UK and Germany coup attempt in Venezuela Hakan Şükür testified for insulting Erdoğan! He drowned while he was going to kill fish with a spear! Dr. Kınıkoğlu: Meat makes diabetics! Davutoğlu made a hand gesture while speaking! From Davutoğlu to the worker: He is a subcontractor, but he has a phone! Doctors forgot the trowel in the abdomen of the operated woman! Kılıçdaroğlu: Cancel your Digiturk subscription! Swinger sex scene in American Horror Story! Uğur Dündar is sentenced to prison! Explosion at the peace rally! There are dozens of dead... She cut off the arm of the female worker who escaped the harassment of the landlord! Gang leader Sedat Peker is at the 'curse against terrorism' rally! Sırrı Süreyya Önder: There were 3 explosions, there are dozens of dead! Can Dündar: This is a new Suruç! Demirtaş: We have dozens of funerals, who can run an election campaign? Erdogan, Kılıçdaroğlu and Demirtaş canceled their programs! DISK: A direct attack by the police! EMEP: 6 of our members were killed! 'Attack' statement from the Ministry of Health! Sedat Peker said yesterday that "blood will flow"! Eroğlu: We saw the same movie in Diyarbakır, don't get gassed! Medical Association: The death toll is over 50! HDP istanbul provincial building has been evacuated! The names of those injured in the explosion have been revealed! The ministers who came to the region where the massacre took place were fired! Crash in hospital construction! two workers died, two under the rubble! Times: Türkiye is the sick man of Europe! FT: Türkiye-Russia economic relations are fraying! Yeni Şafak: Russia is driving ISIS to Turkey! Khaleesi has been voted the sexiest woman alive! Amphitheaters at Istanbul University have been emptied! Şahan Gökbakar: Why is the world walking for Charlie Hebdo not walking for Ankara? Father of Helin killed in Sur: Police shot my daughter! She wore a headscarf, her friends stopped talking! Syrian army killed 34 jihadists, 3 of whom were Turkish! Kırca: I want my people at my funeral, screw the rest! He killed the bird that he caught and photographed! Playboy won't publish nude women's photos! Stand up in the countries you are in! It's between the bloody square refrain and the bomber pulling the pin... Searching for 21 suicide bombers of ISIS! 280 thousand TL from the ECHR to the soldier who lost his eye! The identity of the bombers has been revealed! Levent Kırca was bid farewell to his last journey! HDP 128 apologized for the death statement! The Japanese blew up the internet! They burned the mayor alive! Ahmet Hakan: If you don't prove it, you are a coward! Women undressed for awareness! If I were a dictator, you wouldn't be asking this question! Twitter rejected Turkey's request for information! Misunderstood sex myths! The state is not a murderer, it's a serial killer! 18 people from a family died in the Ankara massacre! Earthquake in Kütahya! Live bomb Suruç bomber's brother! Nihat Hatipoğlu caught coronavirus Tayyip and Bilal Erdogan on the streets of London! Description of the cancellation of the rally from the CHP: The government does not ensure the safety of the society! Deniz Akkaya: Same-sex marriage is better than forced marriage! I was both scared and sad! There will be a new attack on HDP! Ekrem Dumanlı wanted 4 years in prison for insulting Erdoğan! Carnation reaction from Penguin to Ankara massacre! The father of the Ankara bomber complained about his son, the police released him! He opened an exhibition of photos he took on porn sets! ISIS forced me to tango! Adhan was read from the police car in Diyarbakır! Why is internet slow on mobile phone? The identity of 4 more people who died in the massacre became clear! The 3rd Nuclear Power Plant will be built in Igneada! Intense doses of drugs were found in the live bomb! Is it harmful to cross your legs? Broadcast ban on Ankara Massacre news! Scandalous comment from TRT announcer to Ankara massacre! There is a 360 degree difference between the Islam in the minds of DEASH and the one we defend! Drunk driver: My dog ​​was driving! PKK is not a terrorist organization! They stripped for cancer! The municipal employee who said he would kill the animals living on the street one by one, was dismissed BirGün Newspaper: We do not recognize the publication ban! Instagram's new trend: Fish Gape! The teacher who cursed the massacre was suspended! The perpetrator is not unsolved, the famous perpetrator banner was collected! Before the match, he shared the score, goal scorer and minute on Twitter! Figen Yüksekdağ: There were injured people who died from gas in Ankara! The gendarmerie cut the front of the MHP convoy! 'Ankara' censorship on Instagram! Signals from aliens may have been found! They killed animals to avoid accidents! He was fired from Penti when he became a candidate from HDP! AKP's Elvan: Twitter will be shut down if necessary! No porn can be watched in the hotel room! This nurse was a phenomenon! Sedat Peker's rally was not allowed! Police killed the bear who entered the mall to find food! Give me a knife, I will cut them in the way of Allah! The latest survey of Mobile Research: AKP 40.8! 820 liras per month for the relatives of those who died in the massacre! Tony Toutouni's photos got a reaction! Suspended Justin Bieber paints a wall! I spoke to the live bomb! Be careful when posting your child's photo on Facebook! The net will be stretched to prevent those who commit suicide on the Golden Gate bridge! The name of the square where the massacre took place has been changed! Curfew declared in 21 neighborhoods! Bomb alarm in Beşiktaş! HDP: Who is the 'Asadullah Team'? It's free to watch porn at lunchtime at this company! BHH member Serdal Gul has been arrested! Baby body found in cemetery! Psychologist İbrahim Eke explained: What does it mean when ministers grin after the massacre? Are you an infidel, we will shoot and bury you! People of Sur: People here are not the police of the state, they are like ISIS members! Efkan Ala: Criticizing the President is political poverty! Barış Atay: Süleyman Soylu is a gang leader People of Sur: People here are not the police of the state, they are like ISIS members! YPG's prisoner suicide bomber: ISIS is not as described! Demirtaş: The safest thing is to be a live bomb! The teacher who was injured in the Ankara Massacre lost his life! Protection from the Police to Sedat Peker! 90's through the lens of Sadık Güleç! Erdogan: Let a stone fall on your head as much as a fugitive palace! The decision of the Ministry of Forestry to suspend the execution of the massacre tender Immigrant boat capsized! 12 dead... 'Ankara massacre' protest in New York! ISIS member caught preparing to attack Taksim Bikini cleaning chemical waste has been produced! SONAR: There is no power alone! Ahsen Tv: Soldiers are more important than dead people! Demirtaş: If we act like the President, there will be a civil war! Foam parties banned due to coronavirus They killed cats and birds too, were they terrorists too? Demirtaş: God forbid, ISIS even attacks AKP! Wonder Hunter: I shot myself because... If there is a discourse that we are leaning our backs on the PKK, we will resign! The claim that the Palestinian young man seized the e-mails of the CIA Director! While there are 57 Islamic countries, you will flee, did you find the Vatican? Passenger who missed the plane committed suicide! Altan Tan: I condemn the cartoons that attack Islamic values ​​on billboards! They stole a female body for a ghost wedding! The number of people arrested for tweeting is more than ISIS prisoners! 6 months in prison for woman who does not comply with quarantine in Australia Namik from Ankara committed suicide! Demirtaş: Where will the PKK leave its weapons? Broadcast ban on Ankara massacre lifted! Blood-curdling execution by ISIS! Tahir Elçi, who said that the PKK is not a terrorist organization, was taken into custody! Armed attack on HDP representatives! Bar Association: Detention of Tahir Elçi is against the law! Homosexuality is a virus in the mosque in Sweden! Clash in Silvan! Did Namık from Ankara die of bonsai? The pool is beautiful... Will PYD open an office in Russia? 1 year in prison in the case of insulting Erdoğan and Samyeli! Demand for Tahir Elçi's arrest! Facebook: Yes, followed! UAV crashed in Hatay! AKP president found dead! Event sharing from Hadise! I feel your love... Reuters: Turkey is ready for the Assad transition process! Canan Karatay's ban from profession became clear! Demirtaş: We are ready for coalition with AKP and CHP! He broke his nose while opening his leg! 'No coup d'etat or attempted is legitimate' Invaders in Syria want Stinger missiles! Confessions of the hostesses! We don't flirt... Erdogan cover from Penguin! Abdullah Gul denied Taraf! Hungarian cameraman tripping the refugee is suing the man he dropped! The flag of Kurdistan in the erotic clip was criticized! Torture and harassment compensation from the ECHR to Turkey! A woman committed adultery with me, is she guilty? Noah Köklü's murderer: My psychology is broken! The riot vehicle overturned! Green's grave has been opened! From Demirtaş to Davutoğlu: I want you in the trunk of that white taurus... Garden: 1 kilo of dust 1 Taurus, 5 kilos of dust 1 bus! Woman thought to be 'dead' opened her eyes at the funeral home Ministry: Health workers should not wear the clothes they wear in the hospital outside Sarin gas victim: Al Nusra attacked us! Twitter's founder will transfer his shares to his employees! The treatment bill was issued for the victims of the Ankara Massacre! The funeral of Aziz, who died while fighting against ISIS, has not been given for 33 days! From Greek fans to Atatürk: Kemal was gay! Davutoğlu: If your family cannot find you when you say you need a spouse, you will apply to us! In the last 10 days in Turkey, the number of active cases increased by 3 thousand, the number of severe patients increased by 128 THY canceled 25 flights! Bilal Erdogan on social media: I scored a goal with the goalkeeper in PES! The USA took action to stop Putin in Iraq! Kılıçdaroğlu: Let the bomber write me a letter! Confidentiality decision in Dilek Doğan investigation! Money makes you sick! He jumped from the balcony to get rid of the rape! He held a rally in the empty square! 100 thousand Syrians are marching to Turkey! It's not an illusion, it's real! Is Ebru Gündeş's marriage over? 4 suicide bombers on the Turkish border! ISIS alert in 81 provinces WHO: Salami, sausage and sausage are the same with arsenic! Vegan activist Murat Tiriç announced his conscientious objection! The trustee did not let the journalists in! Let's tell the Doğan Group, you have nothing to fear! Demirtaş: We will pass the MHP and become the 3rd party! Mahçupyan: There is no government without AKP for at least 10 years! Freedom of the press is not freedom of insult! He was detained for attracting the attention of women! I've had sex with every proposer... Guardian: The media is under pressure before the elections! Ahmet Hakan: If you give me my money, I will tell you where Gülen is! Porn actress Vladislava Zatyagalova, known as Sofi Goldfinger, sued her family! Statement about the attack from Cumhuriyet! I'm in custody app for mobile devices! Tuğçe Kazaz: Ahmet Hakan scoundrel! Did Lindsay Lohan refer to Cem Yılmaz and Yılmaz Erdoğan about the AKP? He asked for votes from the AKP Conscientious Objection Association! Green card to ISIS suicide bomber! Cat custody case between grandmother and grandchild! You didn't make me president, I didn't say anything! Last minute survey from KONDA! Ertuğrul Özkök: I'm secretly gay! Distribution of coal 1 day before the election received a reaction! Kader İrgi killed the cat and shared it on Instagram! A broadcast ban was imposed on the plan to attack the Republic! Mayoral candidate Valeria Prokopenko asked for votes with an erotic video! Ahmet Davutoğlu: We will have a democracy feast from the balcony tomorrow! The death news of Deso Dogg, who joined ISIS, has been confirmed! Reuters: ISIS shot down Russian plane! The scary truth about nail polish! Vote and Beyond decision from YSK: They can watch the election! Criminal complaint about Fuat Avni account! Russian passenger plane crashed! No survivors... Approval of the use of fake names from Facebook! Naked clip from Rihanna! The owner of Metro Turizm wanted to vote for AKP! The number of women deputies entering the parliament has decreased! First statement from the President of YSK! Davutoğlu: Let's join hands for a libertarian constitution! Arinc: I wasn't expecting more than 300! Sırrı Süreyya Önder narrowly entered the parliament! There is no victory for the AKP! Will Kılıçdaroğlu resign? Guns exploded in front of CHP Headquarters! Binali Yıldırım: We are in power alone! Vote rates of parties throughout Türkiye! Shamil Tayyar: Demirtaş was looking for goods! Yusuf Yerkel tweeted after 15 months! Post-election explosion: Many injured! Selahattin Demirtaş: Nobody should worry AKP president: There will be no more martyrs! HUDA-PAR celebrated AKP rule! Confession from the survey company! We failed... Facebook found a solution to game invites! Air operation from Turkish Armed Forces to Northern Iraq! Clash in Yüksekova: Two people lost their lives! Ayşe Arman: We were all bruised on November 1st! Trustee dismissed 58 journalists! Syrian female speaker was killed! Bad news in acid attack! Fatih Portakal answered the most talked about photo! Those who voted for AKP in the Netherlands, go to Turkey! The mistake that made you laugh in the series Remember Gönül! Don't hide your breasts while breastfeeding campaign! He killed his wife whom he caught while having sex! Prison sentence for insulting Ali İsmail Korkmaz! 2 people burned to death on the highway! Presidential anthem from Niran Ünsal to Erdoğan! Hearty likes on Twitter! Ali Nesin: CHP is destined to be the old man's party! ISIS was going to shed blood in Istanbul! Is it harmful to have sex during menstruation? Galasaray was defeated by Benfica away! KCK: November 1 is a coup, AKP will escalate the war! Twitter's like change was not liked! ISIS attack in Kirkuk! 4 dead... 346 women were killed in 10 months! 'Respectable attitude' discount for the rapist who knocked him unconscious with a stone and got him pregnant! Power outage in 6 districts of Istanbul! MHP's Acar: There is no nationalism without a nation! Why are they dividing us? What did you lack? Karim Benzema detained for sex blackmail! HDP: We stand behind the promise of 'We will not make you president'! Russian plane crashed again! 40 dead... Is Ahmet Hakan leaving the country? Israeli Minister: Exile the stray cats! Poet Gülten Akın passed away! He carried the sleepless selections to its cover! Value Deniz's killer: He touched my manhood, I killed him! Conflict in Hakkari: Two soldiers lost their lives! Lady Gaga: I can go to bed with you every night! Deniz Akkaya disgraced the follower who called him cross-eyed! PKK call to CHP to 'join HDP'! Resignation earthquake in MHP! That party was forgotten on the election ballot! When will the 1300 lira minimum wage be taken? Turkey's November 1st report card! 2 people died due to poisonous mushrooms! Curfew in Lice and Hani! Housework man is better in bed! New fashion for women: Beard shaving! Halal KFC opened in Iran was closed after three days! Sex is everyone's right project! HDP: We are not against the US system and the presidency! Because I am impressed by Adnan Oktar! Lawsuit against father who arranged sex worker for his 14-year-old son! Tsipras: Refugees must be dispersed from Turkey to the EU! Devlet Bahceli: I did not thank the palace minions! Erdogan's life is becoming a movie! Head... Why do we cry while chopping onions? Court: Thief-killer Erdogan means freedom of expression! Tarantino: I'm not afraid of the threat from the cops! Referee penalty to Trabzonspor! Independent: Ya Erdoğan, ya chaos! A fire broke out in the metrobus in Zeytinburnu The information of the dead can be accessed with a smart phone! Bayık: Without the PKK, the HDP would not have received even 5 percent of the vote! Identity cards will not write 'single'! Priest who believed the coronavirus was fake, died from Covid-19 He lost his children in the fire, lives on the street! The number of women deputies dropped to 81! Investigation against 26 journalists for 'making propaganda for an organization'! Prevent food sent to vegan prisoner Osman Evcan from prison! KCK: The unilateral ceasefire is over! Alcohol ban has been extended! Producing and using cannabis is now legal! Musa Orhan expelled from Gendarmerie General Command Erdogan: We will block this bloody road from being a lawyer to terrorism Students returned to school in Wuhan, where the coronavirus started Fraudsters took the physics professor's 265 thousand liras Phone apps share your private information! The punishment of jockey Halis Karataş, who punched the horse, has been announced Woman battered by harassers: My psychology is not good Imam who was sentenced to wash bodies with coronavirus dies Redhack: RT Fuat Avni and we will be disappointed! I was a porn actress, but... You will be able to save any message you want on WhatsApp! Erdogan's bodyguard Necmi Çakır died in the conflict! Ertuğrul Özkök demanded prison! ISIS fighters at Atatürk Airport! CNBC-e is ending its broadcast tonight! When will the clocks go back? Kılıçdaroğlu: If there is a presidential candidate, I will pave the way! Arrested for killing his wife, autopsy report said 'cardiovascular disease' He made a collection of female genitals! Azan is banned in TRNC! Hugs men for $35! Nur Yerlitaş: It's like I stole a bracelet from the store! Türt: That's enough, but I can't explain my party to my mother who gave birth to me! Mehmet Lüftü Özdemir wrote: Whoever kills a human is as if he has killed a whole humanity! Tahir Elçi demanded 7.5 years in prison! Binali Yıldırım: My and my wife's Covid-19 test is positive Kılıçdaroğlu: Erdogan tore Syria apart 8 positions where women orgasm comfortably! Turkey's national income is equal to the value of Facebook and Google! Abidin: Let the cat cruelty not go unpunished! Threat from the police to journalist Beyza Kural! We will teach you... The dollar rose again! Women share their menstrual information on Twitter! Anonymous shared the information of Ku Klux Klan members! Sedat Peker's son is in the TRT series! Community operation to TUSKON! The cleaning worker delivered the 75 thousand liras he found in the toilet! Who will be the new leader of the CHP? Medicis Foreign Literature Award was given to Hakan Günday! 7.5 years in prison for Sırrı Sakık! He burned his wife with boiling water! I call Ahmet Hakan ibis for a long time! Behzat C. It's Walter White! Did someone else write Fuat Avni's tweets? Digiturk has been sold to Qataris! Why do women feel bad in doggy style position? Case camps for imam hatip high school students! Toothpastes can also be used for these purposes! What did Baykal and Kılıçdaroğlu talk about on the plane? The police found the evidence as if they had put it by hand... Right to compensation for those acquitted in the Jitem case! 3 people were arrested for irregularity in KPSS! 39 years of rape on the public bus! Atilla Taş became a member of CHP! Accident on the metrobus road! 7 vehicles collided... Armed attack on singer Berkay! Power outage in 8 districts of Istanbul! US warplanes at Incirlik! Öcalan: PKK and HDP did not listen to me! The police shot the 6-year-old boy with 5 bullets! Suspicious death in Beylikdüzü! 30 hours of water cut in Istanbul! AKP deputy: Bahçeli's attitude affected our success! CHP Chairman Candidate: Kılıçdaroğlu is good, but his environment is bad! Familiar faces in Nuri Bilge Ceylan's new movie! Documented religious marriage from the imam in the mosque! Atheism Association: We don't have to be buried! Alanya Municipality sold the donated clothes for those in need with a tender Sırrı Süreyya: The state desperately needs Öcalan! İBB: Health workers will benefit from public transportation free of charge until the end of the year Second coronavirus wave panic in nudist city in France Izmit Bay is full of fish and other dead animals! They demanded the compensation of the severed arm back by execution! JITEM message from the police: Green is here! Russia's reaction to Charlie Hebdo: I'm not Charlie! Demirtaş: What's wrong with the Constitution? Yeni Akit: The liquidation within the AKP will begin! Police intervention in Silvan: 23 detentions! Did Türkeş file a lawsuit to return to the MHP? The person who allegedly insulted Erdogan turned out to be the Chief of Police! The police who dragged Hacı Lokman Birlik on the ground will testify! The woman journalist who shared Nouma's photo was beaten by her boyfriend! Did you turn your clocks back? The man who bit the animal is sentenced to prison! Shocked when he wanted to block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook! Tsipras is angry with Turkey! Come and let me know! Tuba Büyüküstün received an award from the Vatican! They hit the dog's head with a shovel! Calling the bank manager, Erdogan closed a family's debt! Mysterious object panic in the USA! Ahmet Hakan: The leader is Tayyip Erdogan! Berrak Tüzünataç: There is no actor without aesthetics! In the same frame with the murdered journalist killer! They confused Sabiha Gökçen with Safiye Soyman! There is only a power that carries out an operation, we do not recognize it! Explosion in Şemdinli: 2 children were seriously injured! Deniz Akkaya exposed, got depressed! Snow is coming tonight! The defense of the father, who arranged an escort for his son, surprised! Atheism Association: Let the legal status of the atheists be recognized! Journalist, threatened by the police, Beyza Kural: It is important for journalists to be together! A group from CHP is moving to HDP! Allegations of rape in AKP made a mess! Are we going to divorce, make a decision! Turks and Kurds are inseparable! Tested with Iphone 6S racing engine! New sitcom from Gülse Birsel! Bomb attack on police in Mardin! 4 injured.. What is searched about porn on the internet? From Sırrı Süreyya Önder to the writer of the Republic: It's ridiculous! Bonsai came out of her underwear! Pegida: Quran is poison, don't eat kebab, don't go to Turkey! ALF rescued 50 pheasant captives on their hunting farm! Strong earthquake in Indonesia! Akit targeted the kindergarten teacher! Life imprisonment for the owl who hurt people! Electricity cut in Istanbul for 4 days! Altan Tan: Let autonomy be declared in Diyarbakır too! He was a Yeşilçam player, now he shines shoes! The claim at the door of the great war! Serra Yılmaz: Being Turkish is not my fault! Model's soloist kicked and slapped in Cihangir! Fethullah Gülen cursed again! Scientists: Using Facebook makes you unhappy! Muharrem İnce announced his candidacy for the Chairman! From Mine Kırıkkanat to Sırrı Süreyya Önder: He said it like honey! The number of credit and credit card debtors is increasing! Elçin Sangu asked for 1 million liras! Karayılan: Erdoğan and Davutoğlu say they will attack, in kind... 'Passionate extreme love' discount for murder! The 86-year-old professor was called into the army! Death penalty for those who killed two children by torture! Rocket attack on police in Silvan! 2 people arrested for insulting Erdogan! Taxi driver died in clash in Silvan! Discussion of Deniz Akkaya appeared on the screen with a garter? Why is brain daydreaming helpful? Distance education for students with chronic diseases during the pandemic Uğur Dündar: I ran away because I was scared! Lena Dunham: There's no man left who can't see inside my vagina in that show! Erdogan wanted that CHP member to be imprisoned! Atatürk would not die of cirrhosis, but from the anger of the CHP! Müge Anlı scolded her team live! Children of religious families are more selfish! Freed: It is necessary to pour concrete on the guns! HDP deputy: Police searched the coffee shop in Silvan, we have evidence! Football lessons will be given in primary schools! ISIS shot 200 children! Gökhan Kaya wrote: A perception operation: HDP's game fell in the trenches! Silvan stood up for everyone, no one stands up for Silvan! ISIS uses cats as suicide bombers! The cardigan worn by Kurt Cobain was sold for 140,000 dollars! He sent flowers to a married woman, he was sentenced to prison! Prosecutor's 'harassment' request for the rape case prevented by the cat! 8 bullets to the owner of that restaurant! There has been no news from Damla Kekeç for 15 days! Cockfighters were fired upon: 12 dead! Scandalous sharing: 'Ankara cleaning, not Ankara massacre!' Avea and TTNET are becoming history! His brother attacked Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and watched! Ankara massacre: 102 victims booed which is abnormal! Selcuk Tepeli replaced Fatih Portakal This toilet got a big reaction! Vladimir Putin: We are ready for war! Rabia statue on Erdogan's desk! Melike Koçak won the reemployment lawsuit she filed against Notre Dame de Sion! Fethullah Gülen has a double? The country where oral sex is most common has been announced! Why doesn't your partner want to have sex with you? Edin, whose photo was thought to be Atatürk and shared: It's like a joke! Davutoğlu: If Türkiye is abandoned, the operations will end! Leftists united in Portugal and overthrown the government! Erdogan: We cannot put the Ottomans aside while defending the Republic! Criminal complaint to Akit for Atatürk broadcast! Bahceli: I won't quit my job! Silvanlı: We run out of food at home, yet we want nothing but peace! Court: Gas and water service vehicle used by the police! Nazi Beate Zschaepe will speak! Neslihan Atagül: I am not an exhibitionist, but I will undress! ECHR: Holocaust denial is not freedom of thought! Freedom to Earth Association: Animals in the shelter in Silvan went hungry! Bra crisis in parliament! The Japanese made a keyboard from a human arm! Gamze Özçelik: Being Turkish is an honor! Demirtaş: There is a city war in Silvan involving the army! Funny punishment from RTÜK to Akit! Recep Sert's wife: It's easy to speak out! Flash resignation CHP! Will my husband know when I'm having anal sex? Tahir Elçi aspires to pay the fine of CNN Turk! Big strike in Greece! Valeria Lukyanova, a model nicknamed Barbie, is coming to Turkey! New discovery in the solar system! Tuba Büyüküstün became her husband's mother in her new movie! Peshmerga launched an attack on ISIS! Iran: Zanjani's coins are in Sarraf! They looted 2 billion euros... He listened to Germany, France and the USA! When she took her child to the doctor, she learned that she was raped! Dollar continues to fall! The persecution is over! Akit TV was closed to access on Facebook.. Apple apologized for racism! Father and son want to marry each other! Tracy Kiss rubs sperm on her face to get better! Sebahat Tuncel has been detained! Who is Ayşenur Balcı getting married to? Raid the NTV and DHA building! She was raped for 4 years! Gas bomb to Figen Yüksekdağ! Raped a 6-year-old boy while he was sleeping! Schools are off tomorrow! Akit: Yüksekdağ's blow dryer is broken! Journalist Fatih Yağmur has been detained! The father who published the topless photo of his daughter received a reaction! Operation in 5 districts of Istanbul! Another person died in Artvin due to floods and landslides! Kurdish forces: ISIS defeated, fleeing! Strong reaction from Demirtaş to Akit! The HDP delegation was fired upon! Smartphones are affecting your sex life! Operation Shengal: The supply line of ISIS has been cut! CHP: No one can be superior because of the headscarf! He becomes a doctor to the hospital he cleans! He shared his wife's poses in bed! Doctors condemning the Suruç massacre are sentenced to 'profession ban'! Al Nusra killed a soldier and called his mother! Military candidates will not undress, homosexuals will be able to get reports easily! People are leaving Silvan! ISIS claimed responsibility for Beirut massacre! Raki Festival ban in Turkey is in the Swiss press! ISIS: Soon, blood will flow like oceans in Moscow! Zeybekci: The minimum wage of 1300 TL will bring a burden! Ankara Police: ISIS may attack! Ahmet Hakan: He should apologize to uncovered women! Muslera caught the drone in the air! Criminal complaint against the Governor of Manisa from the Bar Association! The Governor of Manisa refused to apologize to the uncovered women! 87-year-old woman Nazi sentenced to prison! Kılıçdaroğlu: AKP declared war on democracy and our rights! Erdogan: They say that Syrians should drown in the Aegean and the Mediterranean! Silvan call from İHD, HRFT and Medical Chamber to the international public! Davutoğlu: Governor of Manisa has exceeded his aim! Melek Baykal's 'hijab' investigation! I love Kalashnikov like my mother, I've been sleeping together for years! Van Gogh's severed ear travels the world! The new name of smartphone addicts: Smombie! From Mahsun Kırmızıgül to Alişan: I'll have you strangled with saliva! Firefighters rescued thousands of trapped fish! We are not lovers, you burned us brother! Barbaros Şansal has been arrested! Written by Special Team Silvan! Grup Yorum members were detained in Germany! When the voice of Allahu Akbar came from the grave, the truth came out! YouTube will now be paid! ISIS committed a massacre in France! 160 dead... This is how the French newspapers came out on the morning of the massacre! Hollande canceled his visit to Türkiye! They also rejoiced in the Paris massacre! He told about the massacre on Facebook: They are cutting everyone! Burhan Kuzu's Paris messages received a reaction! Eyewitness from Turkey: Everyone tried to pretend to be dead! Severe earthquakes in China and Japan! Paris statement from HDP: 'You are all partners in this crime' A new sexual disease is spreading! The person who did not want to vacate his shop in Avcılar opened fire in the air. Electricity that has not been cut for 5 months due to the pandemic will be cut off this month. Milliyet declared ISIS militant a martyr! Birol Ünel, known for his movie Against the Wall, passed away They painted the street-dwelling dog like a tiger Dangerous Türk Telekom pit in Avcılar Assad: France experienced the terror that Syria has been experiencing for 5 years last night! Twitter agenda: Muslims are not terrorists! Special application from Facebook to France! 'feminine dignity' penalty for marriage program! The curfew in Silvan was lifted after 12 days! The identity of the Paris attacker has been revealed! Gunshots again in Paris! After the Paris massacre, this post received a reaction! 12 children under the age of 15 died due to coronavirus Akit: RTÜK, who is silent about slutty serials! Clashes broke out between YPG and ISIS! Fethullah Gulen answered the allegations of dating! Support from McDonald's to Azerbaijan Grup Yorum has been expelled! High-speed train accident in France! 10 dead... Lady Gaga: I tried to be that bitch! Obama came to Antalya! Corruption allegation in FEMEN! The broadcast of the Milky Way channels has been interrupted! Metrobus services are back to normal! Ali Koç: Capitalism must end, the problem is capitalism! ISIS alarm in European countries! 700 live bombs... Can Yayınları, who forcibly sought a child in Tüyap, apologized! Images that match the battle scenes in Cizre! Police intervened in the G20 protest! Would you date yourself? Ottoman Hearths: Erdogan is our honor, we risked to die! Ankara Massacre suspect suicide bomber detonated himself! France hits ISIS targets! Selamet Yeşilmen was killed in front of the door in Nusaybin! ISIS: We will hit Washington! An informant offer to your employees today! HDP demanded the cancellation of the November 1 elections! A note was written on the bombs dropped on ISIS! Balcı Ekrem İncel was detained for fraud! Charlie Hebdo: We don't need any more religion! Squeezed sperm with a water gun to children! Davutoğlu and Tsipras will watch the match together! I'll be a suicide bomber, I'll kill a thousand people, I'm depressed! Bomb threat at Harvard University! Is the big Istanbul earthquake at the door? The student called the harasser wanted to die! Sasha Gray: I entered the porn industry because of my abused boyfriend! The Eiffel Tower has reopened! Why was the practice in Paris not implemented in the Ankara attack? Bomb panic in Ankara! 29-year-old man is pregnant! Special operations police brought takbir! Bahçeli: The name of the country where women wearing headscarves are handcuffed is Türkiye! Access to the lesbian dating site is blocked! Demirtaş had surgery! The boat sank in Greek waters! 9 refugees died Ottoman Hearths: If it is not taken down, we will take action! From ISIS to Anonymous: Fools! The teacher of the Paris bomber: He didn't listen to music because it was haram! The world's first vagina beauty contest was held! Prison sentence for CHP president! Comedian Atilla Arcan passed away! Ahmet Davutoğlu: I won't let that man into the party! Leyla Zana said 'the nation of Turkey' at the swearing-in ceremony, Deniz Baykal declared her oath invalid! Kanaltürk has finished all its programs! Google is looking for employees in Turkey! From Akit to Aydın Doğan: Shut down Hürriyet completely! Firefighter's face remade! 14-hour water cut in Istanbul! The mother who escaped by leaving her baby in the toilet was found! Paris cover by Charlie Hebdo! Deputies stuck in Nusaybin could not attend the swearing-in ceremony! 22-year-old person in Antalya took his mother hostage with a line The police beat him to death in the middle of the street! Bone fragments in Taksim Square! Nurgül Yeşilçay: I don't always feel sexy! Leyla Zana: I will not swear again! Türkiye Greece match has started! Germany Netherlands match canceled for security reasons! Operation for the perpetrators of the Paris massacre! Conflict broke out... ISIS changed its name! Here is the new name. Police shot a black man in the back in the USA, protests begin A new blow to the community! A trustee has also been appointed to Kaynak Holding... Öcalan and Bahçeli were seen in the same frame! Zana's Kurdish words entered the minutes as 'X'! My back hurts, I injured myself beating you! Yeşim Salkım's response to the claim that he beat his daughter in the toilet! ISIS member: Turkish intelligence was giving MC Donald's hamburger to militants! Charlie Sheen: I'm not ashamed of being HIV! His nose bone fell off when he sneezed! Lions warned people entering their habitat! I will kill a Muslim every week! Journalist who laughed at the Paris massacre was fired! Dogs will be burned on New Year's Eve in Vietnam! Blackmailing Shakira on a sex tape! Visit from Tsipras to HDP! Did something happen to Fuat Avni? She disowned her daughter because she has a tattoo! He reacted to ISIS, he was dismissed from his office! Do antidepressants make you gain weight? Google: We found it open in Chrome, update now Kulat, owner of MAK Research: 83 percent think that the economy cannot be managed Acid attacker skewered in prison? Diesel died in a live bomb attack! Hadise: I don't want excess on me! Tsipras: We are watching HDP with admiration! ISIS: We killed two more hostages! He hugged random people in the market and said 'You have become a coronavirus' Eneramo: They became my family! ÖSYM wiped Şırnak off the map! She was thought to be pregnant, 3 kilos of tumor came out! France said "Yes" to the extension of the state of emergency! Greetings from the president to the middle finger of the citizen! Are you going to fork Leyla Zana too? Lost leakage fee will be refunded! He killed her and put her body in the closet! He criticized the inability of Syrians to enter the USA and was suspended! 62 percent of teachers are mentally ill! Engin Akyürek has been nominated for an Emmy Award! Denying from HDP to Cumhuriyet! Vocal cord was produced in the laboratory! Türkiye ranks 130th out of 145 countries in gender equality AKP to Leyla Zana: This is already a primary school graduate, sorry! They tied the disabled child and left him in the coal bin! Nude selfie of female suicide bomber appeared! Netherlands: We will send weapons to the Kurds! Famous actor sentenced to prison! I'm prostitution when I don't have money! Trustees are coming to community universities too! Soylu: The dead body of another person was found in the flood disaster in Giresun 10 sexual concerns of men! PYD is a party like HDP! The fronts against Bahçeli are growing in the MHP! Erdogan lost the golden toilet case! He drove over his ex-wife with whom he had sex in the car! On the day of the murder, 6 officers were watching Ogün Samast! The birth of the new planet has been viewed! The world's second largest diamond has been found! Tensions of favor between Murat Boz and Gülşen! The world's first virtual child rape case! ISIS: We will blow up the White House! 7 hostages rescued from the raid in Mali were brought to Istanbul! Funnel protest from nurses! Happy Rock: Without thinking, he pulled out the gun and shot it in my head! New era in driver's license exam! Two Syrian children were beaten to death with a stick! Children of Silvan: We do not want to die! Çakarlı attacker Muhammet Enes Uysal was arrested Help jihadists with trucks from Sedat Peker! 10 civil disobedience movies! I felt guilty during the first sex scene! Türkiye cut off the water of Cyprus! Scandal on live broadcast! That... the plow... He was arrested for raping his two daughters! They were arrested for allegedly swearing at the soldier! The police just pushed! Prayer on the street in Osmanbey in the school yard in Pendik! Fatih Terim: Do we want our National Anthem to be whistled? HDP Deputy Lezgin Botan in prison for 6 years! Help Muslims who are afraid to leave their homes from Satanists in the USA! Mass pee action threat from Indian women! Wilma Elles: I will teach my children about Islam! Yeni Şafak: Return to your prayer rug, O disciple! Saka from AKP: Amnesty can be brought to Öcalan! Is Tuğçe Kazaz going to be the CHP Chairman candidate? Guardian: Erdogan is responsible for the Paris massacre! Reaction from Fatih Portakal to the bottom of the news! The woman attacked the referee with her penis! Silan Özçelik, who wants to join the PKK, is imprisoned! The discoverer of the Paris Massacre was caught in Antalya! Rain of goals in Galatasaray Antalyaspor match! Selahattin Demirtaş: We are not against discussing the presidential system! The southeastern Anatolia hit Istanbul! IDO flights are cancelled.... Announcement for the harem in Ankara! 'Asadullah' circular from the police: It harms our reputation! The sect selfie of the footballers became an event! From Ardıç to HDP deputies on hunger strike: Die and let's see! ISIS alert in Brussels! HDP's parliamentary presidential candidate has been announced! Kösem Sultan made my child say not to touch! BKM players got married! The woman who took 3 tons of garbage from her house tried to commit suicide! 9 things you didn't know about the penis! Former French Prime Minister Fillon sentenced to 5 years in prison They threw the paralyzed cat into the garbage container! A book of Manners, which humiliates women, was distributed to students! Racist and homophobic singer removed from Eurovision! Alperen Ocakları declared war on Syria and Russia! Esra Erol became a mother for the second time! Yasemin Allen loved the dog with the animal body on it! Anonymous: We don't know about ISIL's plans for attacks! He opened fire on the person he had a fight with, wounding 5 people! Punishment for the woman who killed the dog and cat in Samsun! The students watched while the principal and the teacher had sex in the classroom! New trend: mental orgasm! A corpse hanged on an iron was found in Cihangir! Celal Şengör bullshit again: Feeding people faeces is not torture Acquittal of the minibus driver who threatened Özgecan! Your data in the flash drive can be stolen! Assad: Türkiye is the artery of ISIS! McDonald's is on the verge of bankruptcy! The reason may be the Food Inc documentary... Ahmet Hakan: I applaud Erdogan with my palms exploding! Jihad documentary on TRT! Slavoj Zizek: What should the left do after the Paris attacks? Live bomb attack in Telabyad! 7 dead... He protested the death of the cat as a result of rape with a poster! Perverted neighborhood... Baykal rejected HDP supporters Davutoğlu applauded! Challenges of being a woman in public transport! The Alevi enemy of Freedom declared jihadists martyrs! Foreclosure from Erol Köse to İbrahim Tatlıses! IDO and BUDO canceled some of their flights! They ate baklava in front of the hunger striker deputies! Same frame again! His tiny body washed ashore... Strong earthquake in Afghanistan! Bath tubs banned! A marriage proposal from Cihan to Gülseren in the 42nd episode of Shattered! Assassination statement from the Governor's Office to Demirtaş! Another woman, mother of five, was shot in Nusaybin! Those who do not follow the rule will pay 602 lira! FSA and Al Nusra are being hit, not Turkmens! Assad: The Syrian army is advancing on all fronts! Forest fire in Bursa! Davutoğlu: If there is an attack that will lead to an influx of refugees, we will take measures inside Syria! Parliament decided to lift the immunity of HDP member Çelik 520 lira compensation lawsuit against Murat Dalkılıç! Curfew lifted in Yüksekova! Gun attack in the USA, at least 16 injured! The signing day of Celal Şengör, who loves to eat feces, has been cancelled! Flood in Albania! 3 dead, 4 missing... His ex-wife's sex tape came out, she wanted compensation! Turkey brings the 'attack on Turkmen' to the UN agenda! Jihadçı: We are waiting for the AKP's decision! Turabi: It's not a phenomenon on the internet, it's the girl who makes menemen in the kitchen... A move from Adele that will upset her fans! He made everyone watch the body in the stream with 3G! HDP's Doğan: Leyla Zana should not occupy the agenda, that oath is a constitutional requirement! Reaction to nurses being shown as sexual objects! The doctor who fed the stool spoke! The deepest wave of hostility towards the Kurds... The murderer of one of every two women killed is his wife! 8 pen batteries came out of his stomach! Up to 2 years in prison for Mustafa Sandal Dead girl revived during funeral preparations They are waiting to be resurrected in the ice! The call of the Turkmen Mountain from the al-Nusra sheikh! Jon Snow message on Game of Thrones season 6 poster! Aşut, who was injured by a police bullet in Cizre, lost his life! Red Crescent: 700 thousand more Syrians will come to Turkey! Mustafa Denizli, the new coach of Galatasaray! Akit: There will be plenty of beds and strife in Kösem! Heidi Van Horne had sex with 23 men on her birthday! I liken myself to a pressure cooker! ITU students: Denizler to power, Celaller to the sewer! İnce: They will drop the CHP into a trustee! Gigi Hadid's nude photos hacked! Animal liberation activists and anarchists explain their conscientious objection! Şenay Akay: They kissed and kicked forcibly! They dressed her in belly dancer outfits and tortured them with a vibrator! High security protection to the kitten killer! Stool was left in Celal Şengör's room! Stunning claim about the Kismetse Our program! I learned to read and write from my father! Putin: We were stabbed in the back! After the plane, the Russian helicopter was also shot down! Russian journalists were shot! From the Russian Newspaper to Turkey: The cowards with a f*cking face hiding on the outskirts of NATO... Statement from Syria about the Russian plane shot down by Turkey! Eda Taşpınar ate the ants and shared them as if they were ingenious! Muslera's translator sat on the agenda of social media! Hostage shock in France! There are people injured... Erdogan: What if we sent weapons with MIT trucks? Trans woman found dead in Maltepe! They did a striptease for iPhone! The first death from coronavirus occurred in Turkey, the number of cases increased to 98 Kosachev: Stop all contacts with Türkiye! Muslim: Russian planes were shooting jihadists! Obama: Turkey has the right to protect its airspace! Russia can increase its support to the Kurds! They burned the Rose Bookstore, aid campaign was not allowed! Description of Russia from Yüksekdağ! God forbid... Russia: One of the pilots is in the hands of Syria! Recruitment scandal at Rem Ofset! Because you're a woman... They support the passengers of hope! Restriction on 65 years and over in Samsun Russia hit Turkish trucks! There are dead and wounded! The woman wearing heels wants to have sex! Spectacular Türkiye sharing from TIME! Demet Akalın: I can't take it if Brad Pitt comes! Cem Yılmaz's video has been watched by nearly 2 million people! Case against Murat Dalkılıç by Cezmi Ersöz! Wet sock treatment in the fight against the flu! Artificial vagina made from pubic skin! Saying that Aysun Kayacı kisses very sensibly, Yerlikaya became the head of RTÜK! Description of the Russian plane from the Turkish Armed Forces! AKP spokesman Ömer Çelik: We will equip the Turkmen! Warplanes took off from Diyarbakir! The new dress discussed on social media! Chinese men prefer inflatable dolls over sex! Fine for chadors and veils in Switzerland! ISIS killed women with a hammer!'); INSERT INTO `gazisoft_news` (`title`) VALUES CNN: Russia will close the sky! Earthquake in Iran! Russian fans opened the Traitors banner in the Beşiktaş match! Good news for Fenerbahçe fans from Facebook! Hakan Peker became a grandfather! The curfew was lifted in Nusaybin after 13 days! Obama: Disappointed! USA: We hit it by mistake! Investigate the lawyer who said that the police tortured him! Record heat is coming! Beer makes men strong in sex! She got breast cancer at 8 years old! Harassment on the way to Zeytinburnu girls' dormitory! Can Dündar is at the courthouse to testify! 50 chimpanzees tortured in the experiment retire! Rüzgar Erkoçlar: I broke up with my girlfriend! Tuğçe Kazaz's movie has been canceled! How much is the Christmas jackpot? The announcer appeared on the news bulletin with a bruised eye! Davutoğlu: Send me the photos you took and I will reward you... Cem Küçük said to fire him, Hürriyet fired him! Levent Gök: We will witness how the heaviest tenders are handed out! Cemil Bayık: Russian plane was shot down for ISIS! Russia: Turkey is trying to protect armed groups in Syria! Strong reaction to Serdar Ortaç, who wanted to sing Ahmet Kaya song! Russia has increased sanctions against Turkey! Russia is preparing to bombard! Mustafa Denizli signed for Galatasaray! Reaction to Nevşin Mengü's Islamization message rained! Can Dündar and Erdem Gül have been arrested! Soloist who survived the Paris massacre: I want to be the first person on stage! Murat Boz: I'll be a Ferris wheel for Fahriye! Bahçeli: MHP will not leave AKP without support! He shared his wife's body on Facebook! Scandalous Erdogan photo on the Russian channel! He had a nervous breakdown when he saw his rapist! Erdogan: I called Putin, but he did not answer! The information of 45 thousand members who watch child porn has been reached! Police officers who used violence against women in Kadıköy were suspended from duty Hollande: Together we can fight against ISIS! 9-year-old Yazidi freed by ISIS is pregnant! From USA to Russia: Don't shoot us! Russian Foreign Spokesperson: What Fuat Avni wrote is very interesting! They rented your house and filmed porn in it! Can Dündar: Can we trust the law against this statement? Nasuh Mahruki: Let Putin make the AKP pay for the attack! Can Dündar's last tweet! IPI condemns the arrest of Can Dündar and Erdem Gül! If those who make news, not those who commit the crime, are arrested.... WhatsApp penalty for 413 drivers! Can Dündar has been arrested, the courtroom is confused! Can Dündar was arrested on his wedding anniversary! How did the newspapers see the arrest of Can Dündar? Computer for 15 TL! Conflict in Diyarbakır: 3 injured, 1 dead... The psychologist who shared Aziz Güler's photo on Facebook was arrested! Russia: We didn't shoot those trucks! He mocked the disabled reporter! Dollar continues to rise! Syrian army captures Khirbet Samar village: 15 jihadists killed! Davutoğlu: Russia should focus on the common enemy ISIS! Fell in hot water while having an epileptic seizure, waiting for help Two-headed sea turtle found! Neslihan Atagül and Kadir Doğulu got engaged! Microsoft made a deal with the hacker! Erdogan to Russia: Supporting the Assad regime is playing with fire! Küçükkaya: Everyone is arrested in this country! Sharapova: Putin should tell the Turks! Model Katie Price's father is on trial for rape! Heavy rain coming tonight and tomorrow! Intervention on those marching for Can Dündar and Erdem Gül! Kick and slap attack on those who distribute Cumhuriyet newspaper! ETHA editor Namenaz Ergun has been detained! The straw model of Erdogan was burned! The human garden! To see women's buttocks... The woman who refused her sex request burned her friend! Bülent Ersoy: I'm not afraid of animal lovers! Friday imam in Iran: May Allah grant success to Russia! Brad Pitt: I grew up in a very religious family, so I became an atheist! Tahir Elçi, who said the PKK is not a terrorist organization, was killed! TÜBİTAK Abolished The Theory of Evolution! Tahir Elçi statement from Erdogan! Who is Tahir Elçi? Nihal Bengisu Karaca, who gave false information on the live broadcast, was disgraced! British Ambassador: Tahir Elçi was my friend, I'm in shock! Ertuğrul Özkök demanded 5 years in prison! Germany is preparing to invade Syria using ISIS as an excuse! Attack on the Turkish Consulate! The Turkan Elçi lie of the pro-media did not last long! Glamor after gaffe from AKP deputy! Uğur Dündar said to Can Dündar! Russian security raided the dormitory of Turkish students to work in Akkuyu! 26.5 years for the police who shot Dilek Doğan! Cemil Bayık: We don't want to fight anymore! The horse was executed for being gay! İlber Ortaylı: Ahmet Hakan attacked me! Tahir Elçi knew that he would not die in his bed! 19-year-old teenager harassed 20 women in 10 days! Hakan Albayrak's duty was terminated! Russia banned the transfer of football players from Turkey! Syria: Türkiye gives weapons to jihadists in exchange for oil! A campaign has been launched for the release of Can Dündar and Erdem Gül! The air temperature drops 6 degrees! What is a penis iron? People are leaving their homes in Nusaybin! Recep Tayyip Erdogan: We came for condolences, don't clap! Tens of thousands bid farewell to Tahir Elçi! Şahan Gökbakar became a father! Poyraz's son could not hold back his tears! Helin Avşar: I find myself sexy, not beautiful! CHP Cutter: The downing of the Russian plane is the right decision! Description of Tahir Elçi murder from the Attorney General! No one mentioned dead animals! The body of the Russian pilot was sent to Russia! Action in front of the prosecutor's room, who wants to arrest the ambassador! Hayko Cepkin headbutted the woman like this! KCK: The brown-clothed policeman in the video that killed Tahir Elçi! Maradona was kicked out of the hotel for dancing! Gunshots again in the street where Tahir Elçi was killed! At the ministry event, Sedat Peker was awarded the title of Khan of Turkishness! Syrian dissidents came out of Istanbul MHP! Neighborhood headman: I beat the girls walking around in the evening! Why do women like in sad masochistic relationships? Mehmet Barlas: Türkiye is preparing for European Union membership Cansu Taşkın's scenes started to be talked about before the movie started! Transfer ban to Beşiktaş! The scene where the brothers have sex created controversy! Explosion in the car of the Russian deputy! HDP's Demirel: Neighborhoods are being scanned with helicopters! The dog locked in a shop in Kadıköy has been hungry and thirsty for days! Selahattin Demirtaş: It is certain that the bullet that killed Tahir Elçi came from the gun of the police! Putin: Türkiye shot down Russian plane for oil shipment! Can Dündar wrote from prison: I am a spy! Can Dündar's son Ege Dündar: Until I saw my father between the wires... 22-year-old policeman was found dead in his home! Times: Russia is establishing a new military base in Syria! Tahir Elçi would not have died if the old woman had not come! Anonymous: US company CloudFlare is protecting ISIS! They pissed in front of the praying couple! Employees of the Birgün newspaper The Thief, the murderer Erdoğan appeared before the judge with the headline! Spain caught a Moroccan preparing to join ISIS! Let the Ülkü Ocakları be considered a terrorist organization! Erdogan: We are not so dishonest as to buy oil from ISIS! Fire in the Quran course! 6 children died The decision to force Leman Sam! Life defenders took action for vegan activist Osman Evcan! Scientific Committee member: There is a 100 percent increase in the number of active cases Meeting with Erdogan, Obama: Tensions with Russia should drop! Prison sentence for Atilla Taş, who did not remain silent about the dog massacre! Davutoğlu: We will shoot fruit and vegetables at Russian customs! HDP deputy: A gun was pointed at my car, they would have fired if I hadn't stepped on the brakes! Diyarbakir Bar Association denied the attack claim! She walked topless until she got home! Gigi Hadid Zayn Malik is the same! What is AIDS and how is it transmitted? Founder of Facebook became a father! 14 unknown things about Pulp Fiction! Assad: Russia broke Erdogan's nerves! Gun found in the courthouse toilet! Burger King admitted to using horse meat! Metin Hara: Our house was entered, our cars were hit He was caught with 5 thousand liters of fake raki! I'm drinking myself... Support to Can Dündar from Femen! Sezercik is in prison! There is a possibility that Russia will cut the gas! Guardian: Erdogan on the left! Davutoğlu: Anything can be done to a Turk, not blackmailed! Pig beached due to construction in the northern forests! Armed raid on Merinos factory in Russia! Trans woman was stabbed to death in Haramidere! Sending Isil Alben to TBF! 1 day snow break for schools! Hadise: I have news with people I don't know! Rhino injured Türkiye rejoiced! Ministry of Interior will pay compensation to Dink family! The bullet core was sent to Ankara! Tuğrul Türkeş became the temporary prime minister! Putin: We cannot ignore Turkey's aid to terrorists! Walk to the forbidden neighborhoods in Nusaybin! He got angry with his girlfriend, cut off his genitals! Can Dündar and Erdem Gül cover from Penguin! Turkey's first helpful search engine! The Özgecan Aslan case has been decided! The killer who kicked and killed the cat in Üsküdar was viewed like this! Prison for Öcalan's cake! Curfew in Dagkapi Square! Fight Club has come true! In the Tahir Elçi investigation, 4 police officers were asked to be arrested! ISIS threatens journalists in Turkey! Nevşin Mengü: I will not be on the air! No compensation for Okan Göçer injured in Gezi Ebru Gündeş was taken to the hospital! You insult women now! Erdogan: 15 thousand of our soldiers are ready with their tanks and cannons! Clash at Istanbul University! Turkish Airlines killed another dog! The press was upset with the air traffic! ISIS is spreading flesh-eating bacteria! Can a pacemaker be hacked? Molotov attack in Cairo: 16 dead! Meral Akşener's SMS made a mess! Yusuf Yerkel has deleted the history of Ekşi Sözlük! This feature in Whatsapp is fed up! Journalism award for 'Aylan Kurdi' photo! Statement for the news from Burger King! He couldn't deny the horse meat... Why don't the people we love fall in love with us? ISIS claims responsibility for US attack! Fire on oil platform in Azerbaijan! 32 dead.. Davutoğlu: Özgecan's decision did not cool my heart! The body of a Syrian person was found in Eyüp! Police attack on activists in Aksaray! Figen Yüksekdağ: We were expecting assassination of politicians! Öcalan: Go tell him I'm not a peasant! Discount for customers with mini skirts! The bad guys of the cinema came together with the chicks! Robed: Mention the name of Allah and blow on the genitals! Ahmet Hakan: I want the presidency because... He thought he was an artist when he stuck dead fish on his face! Curfew in 4 neighborhoods in Nusaybin! Muharrem Usta became the new president of Trabzonspor! İbrahim Hacıosmanoğlu, who said that a man does not cry, cried! Demirtaş: The USA wants the continuation of the solution process! Cem Küçük: Ayşe Arman will also be on trial! Russia: The USA wanted the plane to be shot down! Guardian: Erdogan's dreams are very dangerous! Deniz Seki in prison played in the series! Toshiba stops selling computers! Why do young men like mature women? Caught her 3-year-old son cutting his penis! Which country cheats the most? Mustafa Ceceli angered the Alevis! Russia: Communication with AKP is impossible! He was hospitalized by headbutting the referee who showed a red card! CNN made Obama President of Venezuela! It teaches men to flirt for 10 thousand liras! The corpses of dogs that were raped and decapitated were found in Sakarya! A body was found in the sack of the paper collection truck! Stop Muslims from entering the USA! The proposal of the CHP to let the journalists be tried pending trial! Erdogan's humiliation hurt our pride! AYM: Removing news content is a violation of press freedom! ISIS made its own mobile app! The decision to bring Nazlı Ilıcak by force! Zaman newspaper started broadcasting in Kurdish! Kani Beko: Let the minimum wage be 1900 TL! Kursunlu Mosque claim from Figen Yüksekdağ! Scorpion Nalan was taken to the hospital! A child was wounded in the head with a gun in the protest in Diyarbakır! Fireworks were fired at the pro-ISIS group in Beyazıt! The announcer who fainted on the live broadcast died! Bulent Ersoy is getting married! The date of the increase in bread has been announced! Slaughterhouse trucks stopped in India! Letter from Can Dündar to FEMEN! Has Ahmet Hakan resigned from CNN Turk? Lavrov: ISIS militants are being treated in Turkey! I'm crushed inside, I'm losing my sense of belonging! Curfew lifted in Nusaybin! Medvedev: We could have declared war on Turkey! Facebook fit 2015 into 2 minutes! Gülşen's clip broke the watch record on Youtube! The couple who had sex in the mall got a reaction! Where did Fuat Avni disappear? Türkiye campaign that created surprise on the official website of the White House! Gökçek: I have a surprise for Ahmet Hakan! Strong reaction from HDP supporters to Selahattin Demirtaş's words! Drug mafia declared war on ISIS! We have a hydrogen bomb! ALES results have been announced! Get back the 10 TL you paid for Istanbulkart! Alaattin Çakıcı and his men beat the principal and guards in the prison! Fire opened on the Military Hospital in Diyarbakir! 45 years to the father who raped and impregnated his daughter! HDP delegation met with Mesut Barzani! Gay imam: Islam allows gay marriage! Memories of the Wind opens tomorrow! Rihanna: I only had sex with Benzema and Hamilton! Bomb-laden vehicle attack from ISIS! Eleonora Verbitskaya found attractive, fired! Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg from Recep Tayyip Erdogan! What should be the ideal vagina shape? According to the opinion of men's penis, if a woman has sex, it stings! 11 months in prison for the headline of BirGün! He hasn't bought anything for a year! Penalty from Turkey to Twitter! Mustafa Ceceli apologized to Alevis! Has Fuat Avni been detained? Gmail is obsolete! Upskirt scandal at the mall! USA: ISIS oil goes to Turkey! Images of torture during Gezi protests emerged! What happens if you put an apple next to a potato? Armed attack on the gendarmerie vehicle in Nurtepe! HDP deputy's Mercedes seized! 271 bottles of fake raki seized in Izmir! Canadian prime minister welcomes Syrian refugees! Sadr: Turkish invasion is at the door! Extramarital affair civil servant's private life! Yavuz Bingöl's love for Erdoğan bore fruit! Anadolu Party is closing! Only humans do this! They hung the animal they killed on the sign... Putin: Destroy every target! He committed suicide, he gave up when he got cold! Tarkan is getting married in Germany! Calendar's photomontage with Demirtaş has been taken to ti again! Mert: When Gökhan's girlfriends left, he would come to me and we would have crazy sex! Vegans started a campaign at Mimar Sinan University! Ahmet Hakan: Faceless Hüseyin Güler! Protest against Bilal Erdogan in Italy! Crying after police who raped 13 women got jail time AKP deputy: There is no such thing as a male-dominated society, the place of women... Stoya: He raped me! Feminism fight in the porn industry... Ali Erbaş: Smokers will not be preferred in religious service exams The son of the former mayor killed his mother! Facebook has increased one-night stands! Cihan: There was an armed attack, Hürriyet: Our windows exploded! The streets are full of corpses in Burundi! Turkey should apologize to Russia! 1200 lira fine for the person who abandoned the kittens! I didn't say kill, I said paralyze! 3 thousand lira suit from Ahmet Hakan to Melih Gökçek! He married the beggar he fell in love with! Turkey's group in Euro 2016 has been announced! Fire was opened on the police vehicle in Bağcılar! Two earthquakes in a row in Van! Power outage in 14 districts of Istanbul! Thousands of people protested Turkey in Iraq! Can Dündar and Erdem Gül are denied membership of a terrorist organization! Disciplinary punishment for torture in the police station! Head and Shoulders leaves dogs blind! Russian warship opened fire on Turkish boat! Important development in the murder of Tahir Elçi! That cop unloaded the magazine... Figen Yüksekdağ: There are no Erdoğanists in the party! Stone-painted attack on Facebook's Hamburg building! Diyarbakir is confused! Curfew in Nusaybin, Silopi and Cizre! Tahir Elçi's last sentence! What is this... He gave water to animals and is on trial with a prison sentence! Ahmet Hakan: Apologize to Bilal Erdogan! Şahin to Akşener: Become a presidential candidate if your heart is enough The USA gave Fethullah Gülen 21 days! Attackers who raided the festival because of alcohol consumption: Our national drink is ayran! Adele comment from Ahmet Kaya's daughter! We cannot accuse him of theft of works. Security alert at the US Embassy! Hüseyin Yıldırım had facial paralysis in prison, his treatment was not allowed! Yaşar Büyükanıt testified! Gökçek: If Ahmet Hakan is fired, I will give him a job! Armed attackers whose national drink is ayran are released! LGBTs marched for equality in Montenegro! Police intervention in the march in Diyarbakır! Star Wars has premiered its new movie! ISIS: Kill disabled children! All schools in Los Angeles are closed! Erotic tape operation at Akdeniz University! Abdulkadir Selvi: The big operation will begin! Confused in the closet! While Levent Gök was talking, the assembly was confused! He made a bomb threat to meet his girlfriend! Turkey switches to Euro in 2 years! Erdogan crisis claim between Selahattin Demirtaş and Leyla Zana! Idealists are like state men ready to murder... Attack on animal rights defenders at Istanbul University! THY starts flights to the USA Baluken: The PKK has 20 soldiers and police, and you don't move a finger! If not Erdogan, the party was held! Madonna scolded the audience! Molotov attack on AKP building! To the detained journalists: Who will shoot you one day? Tense hours in İdil! Police intervened in high school students... Why is Putin walking like this? Scientists announced... Asked about MIT trucks, Türkeş told a joke! A thief broke into Nasreddin Hodja's house... Criminal complaint against Erdoğan and Davutoğlu, families of those who died in Suruç! HDP deputy to soldier: Get out! He killed his wife, whom he married on TV! Ethical torture of animals at Kocaeli University! Yaşar Nuri Öztürk: Putin is spreading the scent of believer! The migrant boat sank again! 4 children died Çakıcı's man shot the prison director's office car! ISIS keeps their sex slaves in these cages! I didn't rape, I fell on you! From students to Istanbul University: We will not cut, we will not kill! Journalist Müyesser Yıldız was arrested, İsmail Dükel was released Celal Şengör, who loves to eat feces: Mahir Çayan and Deniz Gezmiş were bandits! He posed with a rifle, stabbed him to death! They tortured disabled children and laughed! 48 hour access ban to Whatsapp! Can Dündar was acquitted of the first case! Ambassador: If there was an operation in Istanbul, would going out on the street be prohibited? Edim family: Salih Edim is alive! Moore: We're all Muslims! Yoga practitioner Akif Manaf acquitted of sexual harassment! Kaspersky: Change your Twitter passwords! Is Nurgül Yeşilçay leaving Paramparça? House of Cards' new season date has been announced! NATO will control Turkey! The AKP deputy's tongue slipped! We are not saying we are not thieves... Parallel construction operation in Izmir: 34 detentions! The curfew has been temporarily lifted! Hakan Şükür responded to the claim that he fled to America! Raid on Turkish banks in Russia! Altan Tan: I don't find it right for the PKK to carry the war to the cities! Russia opened the black box of the crashed plane live! Syria: The US is violating our sovereignty, what they are doing is illegal! TRT is closing two channels! Police intervention in Diyarbakır Sur! Up to 7.5 years imprisonment was requested for Cem Küçük for threatening and insulting Ahmet Hakan! Leonardo DiCaprio: I want to play Lenin! Demirtaş: Young people are digging trenches, sorry! They shot the dogs in the shelter with a rifle! Assad: If Türkiye cuts financial support, ISIS will end! Bar Rafaeli arrested for tax evasion! Ban resumed in Nusaybin! They threw the trans woman in the men's ward! Murat Karayılan: AKP wants to enslave the Kurdish people! It's a civil war... Vegan prisoner Osman Evcan won his hunger strike! Selahattin Demirtaş: AKP is Turkey's ISIS! Cem Küçük: Ahmet Hakan became an Erdoğanist faster than anyone else! Access to DİHA for the 26th time! Davutoğlu: Let's call those who built trenches edi bese! Paying with sex in the driving school! The journalist who made the news was hospitalized! He offered to drink urine to Obama! Natural gas outage in Niğde when the temperature is below zero! Star Wars has also affected the porn industry! The 'world's shortest interview' from TRT reporter! Okay.. Okay.. Arrest warrant for 3 people who attacked Barış Atay Governor of Kayseri: Workers with coronavirus contact get isolation permit and work in another factory Sect leader arrested for child sexual abuse Erdogan moved to the White Palace! Incorrect invoice of 20 thousand liras from the prosecutor to Ahmet Hakan! They were not forgotten in the clashes in Sur! Selahattin Demirtaş is going to Russia! Hadise, angry at Acun's words, left the studio! I don't regret saying they will harass you if you wear miniskirts! 52.5 percent hike in mobile tariffs 253 workplaces completely burned in Ankara! Nude model: Everyone at school knows my size better than I do! Four-Legged City is on Nor Radio! Police intervention to the HDP group! Ara Güler: I don't care about the Republic! He went out to commit suicide and pissed on the people who gathered! Star Wars stuntman lost his arm! Free costume for the homeless on the walls! Okan Bayülgen: I thought I was bisexual! I cut all of Seda's mini skirts! Nursing Home visit from the Atheism Association! They protested the Christmas tree! HDP deputy: The policemen who dragged Hacı Birlik were not dismissed! DİHA: Two women were killed in Cizre and Silopi! Tension in Okmeydanı! 2 buses burned. Selahattin Demirtaş: Tanks have entered the cities, there is a serious war! Newly produced condoms increase the feeling of union! Putin: The Turkish people are our friends, the administration in Turkey will not last forever! 'No to same-sex marriage' came out of the referendum! Visit from Papandreou to the Republic! We are worried... Lynching attempt against Tuncay Özkan at the CHP congress! Beauty pageant in Iraq after 43 years! AKP spokesperson: The state and people of Israel are friends of Turkey! The Chinese millionaire turned the slaughterhouse into a dog rescue shelter! Saba Tümer: I will give birth as an orgasm! He streamed the swing sex footage live! Karayılan: If you don't recognize autonomy, we'll consider separation too! Ufuk Uras: Erdogan compromised with Ergenekon against the community! ISIS seized tens of thousands of passports! British MPs: Let ISIS be accused of genocide! Where is Crazy Bediş's Oktay now? Demet Akalın: I admit, I was very rude! BBC: The world's largest army is fighting its citizens! Toshiba lays off 7 thousand people! Construction worker arrested for insulting the president! The comedy film crew named Yola Geldik became a police station! The teacher who had sex with his students was fired! Theology period in medicine begins! Dilek Doğan's lawyer: There are more images! Water shortage in Istanbul! 26 fetuses found in the dump! Erdogan: I personally expressed it to Putin! There is no electricity in Gökçeada for 5 days! Anonymous: If the Turkish government does not stop supporting ISIS... This is how animals are tortured for Foie Gras! 5 bucks a smart phone! Nophone... Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens continues to break records! The voyeur who put a hidden camera in the toilets of the cafes was arrested! Two women were shot dead in the operation! IHS Janes: While ISIS is shrinking, PYD is spreading! The country with the most phone calls has been announced! Cüneyt Arkın: Star Wars is a reactionary movie! Semester break goes to 1 month, but... Animal hostility from Ahmet Hakan! Separation statement from Nur Yerlitaş! Pucca and Seda Sayan fight on Twitter! The population of 24 thousand in Sur fell to 2 thousand! Anonymous: We started a war against Turkey, which supports ISIS! Star Wars fan changed his name to Darth Vader! According to the Ministry of Justice, 24 of the imprisoned journalists are terrorists! The toughest directors to drive the actors crazy! Athena Gökhan shaved Acun Ilıcalı! AKP Women's Branch called for mawlid with an invitation with ISIS emblem! The court lifted the sentence of Erdoğan, who called the statue a 'freak'! He drove his car into pedestrians, he will be tried for murder! Nursel Köse: We do not know about the rich of the series! The horseshoe bats survived the HEPP! Demirtaş: The west of Turkey is silent, people should raise their voices! Deniz Akkaya was poisoned! 11 immigrants lost their lives in the Aegean! Brothel patroness Madame Claude is dead! Obama: They're finally going to kill me too! DİHA: Police made the ambulance wait for 4 hours, 2 injured died! School attack by ISIS: 9 children died! Ela: Few people understand that I am transgender! HUDA PAR: The soldier is forcibly entering our homes! The lawsuit against Erdoğan, filed against Evrensel, has been postponed! Police intervened in the summer school protest at Kocaeli University! Sample application for vegan cafes! This cafe opens its doors to dogs... Two taxi drivers who had breakfast were stabbed to death! Nabi Avcı: The semester break will not be extended! The entrance fee of Olympos was increased by 400 percent! Christmas trees and gifts are banned! Porn actress Sara Tommasi becomes football club manager! Isis hit the school! 9 children died ISIS members targeted METU! Meryem Uzerli: I don't feel sorry for her growing up without a father! An investigation has been launched against Selahattin Demirtaş! State of emergency extended in Tunisia for 2 months! Meteorology warns against fog and ice! Explosion in Sabiha Gökçen: 2 injured, 1 seriously! Demirtaş- Lavrov meeting started in Moscow! The most polluted places! Keşan in Turkey, Yenibosna in Istanbul... Kisanak: We are experiencing the heaviest conflict in the history of Türkiye! Fethullah Gulen statement from Bekir Bozdag! Star lost herself: the scoundrels of Yüksekdağ were killed! No follow-up to Abdurrahim Boynukalın in the attack on Hürriyet! Armenia: There is a war with Azerbaijan! Positive response to the meeting request from HDP! 3. The opening date of the bridge has been announced! Course for refugees: Don't force women to have sex! Video calling feature on Whatsapp! Tarkan denied that his songs were deleted! Sex worker found dead! Sezgin Tanrıkulu was tied to Silopi from the podium, a fight broke out! The woman is accused of having sex with her student 17 times! Bomb attack in Iraq: 7 dead! The sculptor, whose work Erdogan calls a "freak": What a pity! The dead of a 50-year-old woman in Silopi has been on the street for 6 days! Police opened fire on those who tried to save the child injured by shrapnel! The Janissary Band played the Star Wars anthem! People from Cizre: We did not receive any help from the government! Can Dündar has been taken to the hospital! The cow that escaped from the slaughterhouse jumped off the roof! Nişanyan: I am honored to be a dancer! HDP is going to the ECtHR to stop the curfew! Woman suspect: I stole a body, I keep it in the fridge! Şirin Öter has 6 bullet holes in her chest and 2 bullets in her vagina! Demirtaş: The whole world should see our demand for self-government! Amnesty: 200 civilians killed in Russian airstrikes in Syria! Erdogan: I congratulate my citizens in the region! Kim Kardashian's Kimoji App crashes the App Store! Why you should buy products for men! 'Do not eat meat on New Year's Eve' protest from vegetarians! Child porn raid on professor! The value of the reserve in the Black Sea is 80 billion dollars, 6 billion dollars are required for its extraction. Sexual harassment of African children by French soldiers! Password-free login transfer from Google! Russia and Armenia united against Turkey! The USA eyed gold in space! The mystery of the object, which archaeologists could not solve, was solved on Facebook! Mother dog saved 4 puppies from drowning! Ertuğrul Kürkçü: Davutoğlu's words explain the reason for the operations! DİHA: A young man named Mesut Seviktek was killed in Sur! He sued Google for defamation, won 100 thousand dollars! Interesting report to the police: He shouted 'ISIS is great' while having sex! Curfew lifted in Nusaybin! Kılıçdaroğlu: Demirtaş's visit to Moscow is untimely! Davutoğlu: Demirtaş's words are a total betrayal! Even my wife does not believe that Cem Garipoğlu is dead! Güler: I'm not going to shoot the President, I'm going to shoot punks like you! Binali Yıldırım blamed METU for the cyber attack! Bank systems crashed, transaction cannot be performed! Nazlı Ilıcak, who was fired from Kanal D, made a statement! The USA tried to find a way to overthrow Assad! Figen Yüksekdağ filed a criminal complaint with Star newspaper! New Year's Eve celebrations are banned in 3 countries! The horse killed the torturer who whipped him! Diyanet: There are young people in METU who are on the wrong track! Demir Demirkan got married! Offer to the woman who participated in the beauty contest from the porn company! Russia to Erdogan: Are you ready to resign? Trump to Clinton: Be careful when playing the woman card! They crushed the heads of 14 endangered carettas with stones! Discussion between YouTubers and 'traditional singers': '1 million views, sold for approximately 25 thousand TL' The police who killed Dilek Doğan: Her brother pulled the trigger! The Supreme Court decided to return the 10-year lost illegal amount! ISIS: Organs of infidels must be taken for Muslims! Maltepe Municipality built a hut for animals living on the street! Eating in front of the mirror weakens! Celebrating the New Year is a Turkish tradition, Santa Claus is also Turkish! Kıvılcım Ural: Is this how you orgasm? Gigi Hadid: I'm Palestinian and proud! The photo 'Muslims are being persecuted in METU' turned out to be a lie! Can Dündar and Erdem Gül's release requests were again denied! 13 pen batteries came out of the prisoner's stomach! Retirement was raised like a joke! Teoman: Headscarf and being Turkish makes me sick! Snow comes down in Istanbul! Şahin from AKP: HDP would have been closed down if it was in another country! Attack on the passenger who did not print a card in the Ankara Metro! Gossip was helpful! Ali Ağaoğlu bought the island! Deputy Prime Minister: Did Demirtaş go to Putin to play the instrument? Demirtaş: There will be a reality of Kurdistan! Congratulations from Cem Küçük to Doğan Group! Retaliation from Turkish hackers to Anonymous! Erdogan: We conquered, not plunder! Journalists march for Can Dündar and Erdem Gül in Taksim! 5.2 magnitude earthquake in the Mediterranean! 300 Euro fine for those who throw butts on the ground in Italy! Ahmet Davutoğlu's appointment with HDP has been cancelled! The players of the Super League team decided not to play! USA: Türkiye must stop cross-border artillery! Beyazit Ozturk testified! Turkey massacres protested in Beyoğlu! Slovenian woman cut her hand with a saw to get insurance money In 60 years, 500 thousand wastes have accumulated in the orbit of the world! A 3-month-old baby and his grandfather died in the middle of the conflict in Cizre! TOKİ President: Buildings suitable for the historical texture are built in Sur! 31 journalists were killed in Iraq this year! Mosaics from the Roman period were found at the construction site! Rocket attack on the governor's house! A British woman wearing a black chador was detained in Diyarbakır! New Year's ban from the General Staff! Feyzioğlu: Holding Davutoğlu's hand is a national duty! When will the minimum wage be 1300 TL? Object resembling an 800-year-old mobile phone has been found! Tension again at the CHP congress! 37 thousand books were burned in the attack on the cultural center! Star Wars hits $1 billion! Are monkeys and chimpanzees living in the stone age? TAK claimed responsibility for Sabiha Gökçen attack! Carlos Latuff drew Erdogan who 'prevented suicide'! Yıldırım: Kurds are determined in self-government; ready to pay the price! Istanbul Strait closed to ship traffic! Gürpınar: I think Gülen was killed and cloned! He cut his throat and penis and wrote 'for honor' on his leg! 40 thousand lira compensation from Gülşen! Leyla Tuğutlu: I got a stomachache from the tension in the lovemaking scene! Support action in Istanbul for Venezuela, where the US attempted a coup d'etat It rained mud in Istanbul Adanalı who kicked the bomb: I would do it again! Rejection of the curfew application from the Constitutional Court! The file of the pregnant woman who was raped and killed has been closed! Ministry of Justice: No studio was created for Deniz Seki! Yavuz Bingöl: Ahmet Hakan shouldn't have done that! Gündoğmuş: I can be his wife if the President of the Republic sees fit! Approval for the second child in China! Saturday Mothers: Sleep well when children die, Türkiye! What is Tokio Hotel doing now? 4 thousand special operations police will be taken! Money was requested from the soldier who was paralyzed by an accident bullet! Devlet Bahçeli warned on Twitter! None of my co-workers... Cem Küçük: Fethullahists may have shot down the Russian plane! 'I will be his wife' statement from AKP municipality: Twitter account stolen! Police intervention in the Roboski commemoration in Çanakkale! Explosion in Sirnak! 3 soldiers lost their lives... 7 students who went on a school trip turned pregnant! They poisoned dogs with pesticides in Bodrum! Meteorology: There is snow for 3 days in Istanbul! Cemil Bayık: The civil war in Turkey will intensify! Miray's uncle: Stop the war before other babies die! Syrian journalist who shot ISIS documentary was killed! Increase in cigarette fines! Hazal Kaya: Do not take Isa Karimi to Turkey! What do the Russians think about the Turks? Bank employees sold customer data to auto dealers and real estate agents Davutoğlu: Let them go and drink illegal tea with Kandil, we will declare their place! Is Delibal's script stolen? Drying clothes inside the house is a cause of illness! One of the global problems: 9 ways to reduce food waste! Why are houses decorated with holly at Christmas? Russia sent 9 tons of pepper back to Turkey! Top 10 pirated TV shows of 2015! 'Autonomy' statement from the presidential spokesman! Afghan militias decapitated ISIS militants! Davutoğlu: It is not right for me to address the HDP! Rainbow colors observed on Pluto! Soon everyone will be using Type-C! Shattered series came true! Babies mixed in hospital... Nazım Hikmet's untranslated poem has been revealed! Sezgi Sena Akay: I feel like a man! Conflict at Süleyman Demirel University! 4 injured, 43 detained... Eyewitness: They left the person who tried to commit suicide on the bridge in a private vehicle! Wolf came out of Ülker chocolate! Kürkçü: Erdogan himself, who commits constitutional crimes every day! 18-year-old youth shot in the head in Izmir died Boxer Ünsal Arık became a vegetarian! I will not ignore the tortures... Parachuted into the wrong country! The idea of ​​building a hotel in Phaselis was a dream! DISK, KESK, TMMOB and TTB are quitting business today! Russia: We will expand sanctions on Turkey! 2 children died in the fire caused by the overturning of the stove! Video call era on Whatsapp! Peace watch in Avcılar! He's paying for it, he's killing animals! Erdogan: We have fulfilled our promise not to crush our people with inflation Motörhead star Lemmy Kilmister has died! Reuters: ISIS establishes ministry for 'spoils of war'! Child body in the Bosphorus! HDP type management in CHP! Co-presidency.. Description of the 'Kurdish Bible' from the TAF! Can Dündar wrote to the Guardian: It's not the state's secret, it's Erdogan's secret! Broadcast cut off when Big Brother kissed at home in Türkiye! Erdogan: What the co-chairman did is betrayal, it is a provocation! Leader: We are on the brink of war, the gentleman's solution is to burn dung! Twitter launched a fight against jihadists! Heat resistant chocolate has been produced! Two children aged 5 and 16 were killed in Cizre! He threw a Molotov cocktail at his ex-wife's house! Bel-Sen: We don't want a union that ignores women! The foot of the student who was transported at the school was stuck in the safe! A vegan dieter saves 4,000 liters of water, 20 kilos of grain and an animal! Gay referee expelled from TFF won the case! Poinsettia seller: My hands are callused, sore! Snow warning from the governor's office: Do not go out unless you have to! Campaign Christmas Danger book by Cübbeli Ahmet! Singer who got 6 bullets in ISIS attack, clings to life! Yüksekdağ: Since June 7, 360 of our civilian citizens have been killed! Police pointed a gun at a deputy in Batman! Sex in the minibus with credit card installments! 3 people were detained... Cumhuriyet newspaper closed its Izmir office! Caught ISIS member: Türkiye was lightening our burden! Erhan Yazıcıoğlu said goodbye to City Theaters! If you give 50 thousand TL, I will give up on your daughter! Apple executive transferred to Twitter! Palmyra arch exposed to ISIS attack will be erected in London and New York! Refugees cut their hair so that they do not weigh on the boat! The ban on Sur's Gazi Street has been lifted! Türkiye and Saudi Arabia are establishing 'Strategic Cooperation Council'! To Ahmet Hakan from METU: We will not return like you! New Year's Attack Plan from ISIS! Davutoğlu: The state did not kill any civilians! Parliament is closed to the press! Bomb attack in Syria! 16 dead... Turkey's aim was NATO-Russia war! Court: Children cannot be vaccinated by force! Iranian missile landed next to US ship! SAS commandos joined the operation in Cizre! THY canceled its 142 flight! They sent me to not be a presidential candidate! Operation from cops to cops! Fatwa of 'sex slave' from ISIS! Davutoğlu called the family of the murdered baby Miray! Group sex investigation at the police station! Figen Yüksekdağ: We put the head on the seat, we will not go back! Trump will spend $2 million a week on his campaign! Hürriyet: Would you give jobs to homosexuals? Earthquake in the Mediterranean! Life imprisonment for China's 'most handsome rector'! Minister Nabi Avcı: Students should read Karl Marx! Two suicide attackers caught in Ankara! Leonardo DiCaprio rejected Star Wars! They immediately demanded peace for the children! Tan who burned HDP minibus: Turks are Kurdish brothers! The health worker who went to pick up the wounded in Cizre was killed! Russia: We hit 20 tankers carrying ISIS oil to Turkey! Snow holiday announcement from universities! Rough police intervention in the Roboski memorial! New Year's protest in Beyazıt Square! The Sexism in Education Report has been announced! The Syrian army took back Sheikh Miskin! Record penalty to Apple for tax evasion! 6 foods that prevent bad breath! The minimum wage has been determined! Karayılan: If Leader Apo stays in the dungeon... What is Stockholm Syndrome? Gerard Depardieu will play Stalin! Demirtaş: All the ignorant intellectuals of the world have gathered in our country! She fell asleep in her neighbor and was raped! After Migros, BİM brings the 'exorbitant price' penalty to the judiciary The Editor-in-Chief of Yeni Akit passed away! Alina Boz: Playing Hazal is an advantage! Snow will continue to increase in Istanbul! From Radikal correspondent to Hasan Karakaya: I'm not upset at all! New movie with Huppert from Michael Haneke: Happy End! Ahmet Altan: Why are you blind and unscrupulous when Kurdish babies die? Students sell the given tablets online! Ataturk Airport returned to the hotel! Balloons were flown into the sky for imprisoned journalists! Animals entered 2016 hungry and cold! Campaign launched… Snow thickness has reached 50 cm! Electricity hike! Hitler's book will be published in Germany 70 years later! WhatsApp crashed! Statement from Memecan, who was allegedly expelled from Sabah! Power outage in 6 districts of Istanbul! New Year's Celebration in lingerie in Adana! The allegation that the police who killed Kortak said, 'We knocked out his carcass'! Snow hike on fruit and vegetables! 31 journalists entered the new year in prison! What time is the best time for sex? 6.4 magnitude earthquake in China! Hundreds of flights were canceled again! Metin Akpınar: Self-government is not wrong, it should be discussed! Slavoj Zizek: State terrorism is the most dangerous! From MHP to Bahçeli: The White Stockings Movement! Erdogan to Demirtaş: They have to pay for this! The ECHR demanded defense from Turkey: Why can't they go out on the streets in the East? Gülşen: I'm always assertive in my clothes, also in my songs! Can Dündar: There is no gift I can give my son other than this article! He went to the roof to commit suicide, he couldn't get out of the cold! Arevalo, who received a porn acting offer, spoke for the first time! Canan Kaftancıoğlu: They wanted to make a game at the ballot box that night, we broke their game Fatih Portakal is on FOX TV for the last time today: He will tell you why he left Barsik, the mayoral candidate, surpassed his human rivals! Israeli airstrike on Gaza 47 people executed in Saudi Arabia! He went out to call his wife for help, he froze to death! Avalanche warning from Meteorology! TSK: 261 PKK members were killed! The Bosphorus has been closed! Halis Karataş, who tortured the horses, was hospitalized! Did Mayor Murat Treasure torment the horse? JINHA reporter: They wanted to do a nude search in Silivri! I can't stop Yılmaz from feeling anything for Monica! It's time for cigarettes! 'academic' harassment at Dokuz Eylül University! Risk of premature death in those who have erection problems! Halis Toprak lost his life! Times: Erdogan wants to be Turkey's Hitler! Investigation initiated Sözcü wished Erdogan a long life! Mexican President was killed on the second day of his term! Citizens and tradesmen feed the hungry pigeons! PKK: We are discussing intervention in cities! Blackmail a popstar contestant with a sex video! Rıdvan Dilmen: I will send all the players mentioned! They said, 'The jinn escaped into it' and left the dogs to the shelter! Dr. Kınıkoğlu: When you have the flu, it is harmful to go to the doctor immediately! Nurgül Yeşilçay statement from Erkan Petekkaya! Ahmet Hakan: May your hands looking for Akit not be troubled, Kemal Bey! Two neighborhoods were evacuated in Silopi! Dogs that were cold in Eskişehir took shelter in a heated cafe! A mortar shell hit the house in Sur! 1 woman died Police intervention in HDP protest: 10 detentions! Star Wars creator apologizes to Disney Description of 'Viagra' from Yeni Akit! IMDB has ranked the 10 most popular actors of 2015! Death reaction in Iran: They set the consulate on fire! The woman living in a tent in Çanakkale froze to death! Burak Abatay: Socialist struggle and speciesism! Trump: Obama and Clinton created ISIS! Video of the execution of five ISIS spies! DBP Co-Chairman arrested! Orhan Gencebay: I was one of those who said "May Allah be pleased with September 12"! Actors of Aşk 102 series caught coronavirus 'Escort' claim in Diyanet! 2 people were expelled The new unemployment benefit has been announced! HDP's 'self-management' rally! Öngel: The government will make the laborer pay the price of 1300 TL! Davutoğlu: Those who work for Friday prayers will be allowed! Tanrıkulu: Those who say that there is a legal basis for the curfew are ebleh! Law proposal to abolish TRT share in electricity! Özdağ: The PKK is planning to start a city war everywhere! Russian journalist Oksana Baulina dies in bombing in Ukraine Allegations of 'preparation to assassinate Ekrem İmamoğlu'